Another Green World

Hello fellow Swamp Thing obsessives,

It has been a while since my last news update but, as always, I’ve been quietly toiling away on the site this whole time. Since starting up Seeds & Leaves 4 years ago, I’ve been working on summarising all of the issues that Swampy has appeared in. Recently, I finally finished my ‘big Swamp Thing re-read’ and now I’m pretty much up to date. In celebration, I have very slightly upgraded the website – removing the ads and re-christening the site to my original first preference, Another Green World. I think it’s a slightly less obscure name and is a reference to the early Alan Moore issue The Saga of Swamp Thing #23 (the middle of the first Swampy vs. Woodrue arc). It’s also surely a reference by Moore to Brian Eno’s excellent third solo album. I’m not yet sure what other possibilities this upgrade has opened up to me so you may see some more cosmetic changes as I experiment.

In more important news, Swampy continues to make frequent appearances with the new Justice League Dark team and elsewhere. There has also been more news about the TV series and I can’t wait to catch the first glimpse of the suit!  Though the DC Universe streaming service is not yet available outside of the US, the ‘Titans’ series will be available internationally via Netflix (according to Variety) so hopefully something similar will happen for the Swamp Thing series in 2019.

Thanks for reading,


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