Animated Series (1991)

This series only ran for 5 episodes (including a pilot) but spawned a successful line of figurines based on Swamp Thing and the Un-Men, and a video game for the NES and Gameboy. As in the films, Arcane is responsible for Alec Holland’s transformation into Swamp Thing and Abby is his stepdaughter.

Len Carlson as the voice of Swamp Thing
Don Francks as the voice of Dr. Anton Arcane
Tabitha St. Germain as the voice of Abby

Swamp Thing protects the swamp from Arcane and his gang of genetic mutants, the Un-Men.


Swamp Thing : Guardian Of The Earth

DVD (88 min.), UAVCO, 2004. Region 1, NTSC (USA/CA).

Collects all 5 episodes. Now out of print.
Swamp Thing : Guardian Of The Earth

DVD (88 min.), Anchor Bay, 2008. Region 2, PAL.

Collects all 5 episodes.
EAN: 5060020700095

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