Volume 4

Covering the fourth series (2004-2006) and up to 2011…

The second series was primarily written by Andy Diggle (6 issues) and Joshua Dysart (21 issues) before being abruptly cancelled. This era also saw a large number of crossover events take place within the DC Universe, and Swamp Thing was revealed as a major character toward the end of the ‘Brightest Day’ crossover.   The ‘Flashpoint’ event ran concurrently and resulted in Swampy and other Vertigo characters being reincorporated into the DC Universe, paving the way for the big ‘New 52’ reboot of 2011.

Appearances that I consider to be fairly minor are indented. The below titles were published on the Vertigo imprint unless otherwise noted.

Swamp Thing #1
“Bad Seed, Part One”, May 2004
Andy Diggle [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
Constantine meets the reanimated corpse of Alec Holland in its resting place near the old laboratory in Louisiana.  Constantine explains that the Holland-mind was separated from Swamp Thing (possibly in Hellblazer #193, April 2004).  Swampy is dangerous without its human consciousness, so Constantine has placed the Holland-mind back into its original body temporarily.  In Colorado, Abby climbs a mountain so she can converse with Swamp Thing.  Tefé travels to the former site of the Parliament of Trees and speaks with the local animals, who warn her that Swamp Thing will try to kill her.

Swamp Thing #2
“Bad Seed, Part Two”, June 2004
Andy Diggle [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
Tefé inhabits a fresh corpse in Germany and travels to the Black Forest, where she believes her father’s power is weakest.  She is led by the animals to the home of Sargon the Sorcerer (last seen in #150, Jan. 1995).  He gives her the Ruby of Life so that she can use it to be elevated to the level of a God.  On the mountain, Abby speaks with Swamp Thing who still retains power over all elements and no longer identifies as human, even though he retains a human shape.  Swamp Thing is angry with Tefé because she transformed the Green into something resembling a human city (in the last series).  Meanwhile, Constantine hypnotises some local police to drive him and the Holland-corpse to Colorado. 

Lucifer (2000) #49
“The Widow: Wire, Briar, Limber Lock II”, June 2004
Mike Carey [w], Peter Gross, Ryan Kelly [p]
Elaine Belloc and Mazikeen meet up with Mona, Gaudium and Spera, who have all been working to clear the area of immortals, but Elaine feels bad about what they have done. The group is attacked by trees, so Elaine seeks out the guardian of the Green. The guardian, unable to leave the area like the other immortals, understands that it must die, but Elaine retains a cutting so that the guardian might one day live again. The final immortal that must be vacated is Kera Theodmet, Mazikeen’s mother. Meanwhile, the Heavenly host visit Lucifer, who warns them that Yahweh’s name is disappearing from the gateway and their realm will soon be destroyed.
The guardian of the Green resembles Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing #3
“Bad Seed, Part Three”, July 2004
Andy Diggle [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
Sargon tells Tefé of “the Red” (the force that connects all animal life) and enables Tefé to enter it, showing her more of her powers.  Constantine meets Abby in Colorado and introduces her to Alec.  Swamp Thing appears in the fire and warns them to stop meddling.  Constantine, Alec and Abby travel to Germany, while Swamp Thing appears and attacks Tefé and Sargon.

Swamp Thing #4
“Bad Seed, Part Four”, August 2004
Andy Diggle [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
Swamp Thing disables Tefé and informs her that she has three days to surrender her power of flesh over to him.  Sargon tries to prepare a reluctant Tefé for war against her father, instructing her to take the Ruby into herself to be protected from Swampy.  Abby meets Tefé, and Tefé turns into a monstrous flesh elemental to fight Swamp Thing.

Batman Adventures (2003) #16
“The Flower Girl” (pp. 30-36), September 2004. DC Comics.
Ty Templeton [w], Rick Burchett [p]
A plant creature visits Alec Holland at his lab and explains that she was once the human Pamela Isley but experimented on herself to become more plant-like. She dies before Alec can help her.  Alec consults with his co-worker Pamela, who explains that she created the plant creature to keep Batman and Harley Quinn occupied while she hid in the bayou.
A short backup story, outside of continuity.

Swamp Thing #5
“Bad Seed, Part Five”, September 2004
Andy Diggle [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
Swamp Thing appears and Tefé attacks him, even though Swampy believes it has been over a year since they last spoke and wishes her no harm.  Tefé blocks out the sun with strange animals filled with hydrogen, but Swampy destroys them with fire.  Constantine confronts Sargon, who reveals that he is using the Ruby to tap into Tefé’s power.  He also created the “Swamp Thing” of the previous issue to start a feud between Tefé and the real Swamp Thing.  Alec confronts Swamp Thing after seeing that he has killed Tefé, so Swampy destroys him too, unwittingly setting the Holland-mind free to inhabit Swamp Thing again.

Swamp Thing #6
“Bad Seed, Conclusion”, October 2004
Andy Diggle [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
Having now gained the power over flesh, Swamp Thing removes the Ruby from Tefé and resurrects her.  Sargon continues to leech Swampy’s elemental powers, chasing him into the Green.  To stop Sargon, Swamp Thing sheds his human consciousness and his elemental powers, allowing Abby to knock Sargon unconscious. Constantine takes the Ruby of Life.  Abby and Tefé leave, and Swamp Thing is reborn in the swamps of Louisiana.

Hellblazer (1988) #200
“Happy Families”, November 2004
Mike Carey [w], Marcelo Frusin [p]
Constantine celebrates his wedding anniversary with Kit, with whom he has a son named Adam.  After Adam’s babysitter dies mysteriously, and a man Constantine owes money to is murdered, Constantine realises too late that Adam and Kit are behind the deaths.  Constantine wakes up and finds himself in a life where he has a son (Saul) to Zed.  Saul has grown an amazing garden, despite other crops in the area failing.  Constantine learns of the disappearance of Abby Cable in Scotland, and his niece Gemma warns him that Saul is torturing the Green.  Constantine finds Swamp Thing held captive in the greenhouse and discovers Abby’s body, before Constantine is killed by Saul.  Constantine awakens again and finds he is married to Angie.  Their daughter Maria is expelled following her involvement in several violent incidents at school.  Constantine begins to suspect that he is trapped in another dream, and then finds Maria and her friends torturing and killing a man.  Constantine soon discovers that Rosacarnis is behind the visions, and has mated with Constantine in order to bear his three children (Adam, Saul and Maria) and gain power over him.  Constantine finally wakes up into reality, having lived three lifetimes within his dreams, but the entire events having taken just one day of his real life.
Swamp Thing and Abby are a focus of the second story and both make brief appearances.

Swamp Thing #7
“Missing Links, Part 1”, November 2004
Will Pfeifer [w], Richard Corben [p]
Cryptozoologist Coleman Wadsworth seeks out Swamp Thing but Swampy wants to be alone.  Hunter Max Ramhoff and his assistant Dekker track Wadsworth to the swamp.

Swamp Thing #8
“Missing Links, Conclusion”, December 2004
Will Pfeifer [w], Richard Corben [p]
Dekker was cast out of Heaven for arguing that humanity was an elemental force.  After Arcane told him of the plant elemental, Dekker sought out hunters of the Swamp Thing such as Ramhoff, believing that whoever killed an elemental would become an elemental too.  This would prove that Dekker was right and allow him to return to Heaven.  A woman named Columbia overhears Tefé talk about her father, and seeks out Swamp Thing.  Ramhoff and Dekker also meet Swamp Thing, who explains that he is no longer an elemental.  Columbia and Ramhoff leave, but Dekker is frustrated and kills Wadsworth before disappearing.  Columbia and Tefé return to the swamp the next day and find Wadsworth’s body.  Tefé looks for her father but Swampy evades her.

Swamp Thing #9
“Love in Vain, Chapter 1”, January 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
Tefé tells Abby that she’s been skipping school to look for Swamp Thing, but Abby asks her to leave her father alone.  Abby is dating a musician named Jake.  Tefé, who is now without powers, kisses a girl named Zaina after taking mushrooms.  Ten years previously, Swamp Thing met a Cajun girl named Sallie and gave her a strange flower as a gift.  In the present day, Sallie’s mother dies so she decides to use magic to create a man for company, incorporating one of the strange flower’s seeds in her spell.  Sallie’s summoning brings forth a demon (Arcane), which passes through the Green and makes Swampy and Tefé violently ill.  Arcane then brings its master Josephine from Hell, who possesses the corpse of Sallie’s mother.

Swamp Thing #10
“Love in Vain, Chapter 2”, February 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
In the Green, Swamp Thing meets the Holland-mind, who guides him into creating a new body.  Swampy comforts a terrified Sallie and leaves her in the care of an old man, while Abby visits an unconscious Tefé in hospital.  Bounty hunters Worm and Walker, who take the appearance of a man in a trenchcoat, track Arcane and Josephine.  The miasma of Hell has followed Arcane and Josephine’s to the human world causing the swamp to become infected with Hellish creatures.  Swamp Thing meets Arcane, who explains how Sallie managed to summon him.  Arcane then takes possession of Swampy and fights Walker and Worm, who reveal themselves to be worm-like in appearance.

Swamp Thing #11
“Love in Vain, Chapter 3”, March 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
After disabling Swamp Thing, Worm Walker continue their search for Arcane and Josephine, who have killed and taken possession of a man and his dog.   Worm Walker come across the house of Elaine and Bart, an elderly couple who are taking care of Sallie.  As the miasma of Hell spreads over the swamp, the couple witness horrifying visions, including an recurring re-enactment of the death of their daughter.  Meanwhile, Tefé regains consciousness, and Abby and Jake are momentarily terrified when Swamp Thing dramatically interrupts them at the hospital.  Arcane and Josephine attack Tefé.  Arcane is disappointed that she no longer has powers, and explains how he has fallen from Heaven (after his apparent redemption in #171, Oct. 1996).

Swamp Thing #12
“Love in Vain, Chapter IV”, April 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
Worm Walker meets Sallie and uses a seed in her possession to track Arcane to a church in Houma where he and Josephine hold Tefé.  Josephine has taken the form of a number of dogs fused together.  Worm Walker confronts them but Arcane overpowers them, gaining strength from the church after learning to wield the power of light while in Heaven.  Swamp Thing and Abby arrive, and Arcane casts a spell that gives him possession of Swamp Thing’s body, while Swampy’s mind is trapped with Josephine in the dogs-body.  Arcane makes a deal with Worm Walker to take Josephine back to Hell.  Sallie is killed after managing to insert the seed into Josephine’s mouth.  Swampy is then able to manipulate the seed to grow a new body, and causes Arcane to be dragged into Hell with Josephine.  Jake and Zaina arrive at the church and are reunited with Abby and Tefé, while Swamp Thing buries Sallie.  Arcane and Josephine are fused together Hell and are expecting to give birth to a third creature.

Swamp Thing #13
“A Measure of Faith, Chapter One”, May 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Timothy Green II [p], John Totleben [c]
While in Sallie’s cabin, Swamp Thing is visited by a creature from Hell who tells him that the portal to Hell has been blocked but that Swampy still needs to repair the Green.  Residents of Houma try to cope with the horrors they have recently encountered.  Jake is haunted by visions of Swamp Thing and asks Abby for further information about what he experienced, but she wants to be alone.  Jake’s father joins the congregation of a new preacher in the swamp.  He admits to the preacher that he feels guilty for beating his wife, Louise.  He is shown a positive vision of Louise, who then convinces him to submerge himself in the swamp waters.

Swamp Thing #14
“A Measure of Faith, Chapter Two”, June 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Timothy Green II [p], John Totleben [c]
Jake and his sister talk to the police about their missing father.  The police believe the preacher may be behind the disappearance but are not able to locate him.  Jake asks for Abby and Swampy’s help in locating his father, and Abby explains her relationship to Swamp Thing.  Swampy explains that the preacher has hidden the congregation using magic, but he manages to locate them and converses with the preacher telepathically. When the preacher sends Elaine into the swamp waters, Swamp Thing follows her and finds many people still living and breathing under the water.  Swamp Thing learns that the preacher is a creature from another dimension, who is feeding on the beliefs of others in an attempt to get home.  The preacher urges the remaining believers to enter the water, and they join together in a giant ball that rises into the air.  Swamp Thing manages to grab Jake’s father and return him to his family.

Swamp Thing #15
“The Emotional Hostage”, July 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
Professor Schiller works on a research ship (‘The Pelican’) that is investigating a Dead Zone in the ocean where nothing lives.  Schiller has recently had a stroke and now experiences visions, to the concern of his co-worker Terry.  He reminisces about his past as an academic when he taught Alec Holland and dated Linda.  Schiller leaves the ship and decides to go further into the swamps, finding a cabin.  There he becomes possessed by the Holland-mind, who has guided him to that location.  Holland (as the Professor) tries to convince Swamp Thing to help the world again.  Swampy enters the Green and finds it heavily polluted.

Swamp Thing #16
“Where the Rushing Waters Go”, August 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
In the Green, Swamp Thing battles and defeats an industrial monster, seemingly controlled at its centre by a foetus-like creature.  The Holland-mind tells Swampy to heal the Dead Zone, and Swampy gradually understands that the Holland-mind is the knowledge he lost when he shed his consciousness in #6.  Dr. Merrill (who is in possession of a foetus-creature) arrives on board The Pelican, and the crew warn him of something rising underneath the water, which Merrill understands to be the Dead Zone consciousness.  Meanwhile, Terry asks Tee-Tonti the Cajun to take him to Professor Schiller as Hurricane Erika bears down.  The Professor wants the Holland-mind to continue to show him images of his past life with Linda, and Schiller recalls his jealousy when Linda and Alec first met.

Hellblazer (1988) #209
“Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go Part 3”, August 2005
Mike Carey [w], Leonardo Manco [p]
This story recounts the events of 17 years’ earlier when Zed is chosen by Heaven to give birth to a messiah, but is later deemed unfit after having sex with Constantine while he was infected with Nergal’s blood (Hellblazer #8-10, Aug.-Oct. 1988). Nergal talks to his daughter Rosacarnis about his plans to have Constantine father a messiah for Hell but he is destroyed by the First of the Fallen before he can carry out his plan. Nergal’s servant Duroth informs Rosacarnis of her father’s death and warns her that her uncle Stercorax is plotting against her. Rosacarnis holds a feast for her uncle, and Stercorax is rendered unconscious after eating the performers (who have been poisoned by Rosacarnis). Rosacarnis then plots how to fulfill Nergal’s plan to create a messiah using Constantine.
In a magic mirror, Constantine is shown meeting with Swamp Thing in the context of creating a child that will both fulfill the Resurrection Crusaders’ prophecy and serve as a host for the Sprout. This discussion would have occurred in issues of Swamp Thing and Hellblazer in around Aug./Sept. 1988, though exactly what issue this scene is taken from is unclear.

Swamp Thing #17
“While Sinking”, September 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
In the past, Schiller is visited by Matthew Cable, who represents the company Mantosan and wants to learn about Alec Holland’s capabilities as a scientist.  Schiller also remembers Linda leaving him for Alec.  In the present, the Dead Zone creature attacks The Pelican, while Merrill wears the foetus and babbles about eco-sorcerers.  Swamp Thing causes Tee-Tonti’s boat to crash near the cabin, where he and Terry find Schiller possessed by the Holland-mind.  Swamp Thing absorbs the Dead Zone creature (leaving it captive inside an abandoned husk) and then investigates what may have created it in the first place.  In the Green, Swampy finds more industrial monsters, before uncovering a strange place in a different dimension.

Swamp Thing #18
“Seeding Madness”, October 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p]
Tee-Tonti finds a number of local residents appealing to Swamp Thing for help during the hurricane, so he invites them to take shelter in the cabin. Schiller continues to reminisce, recalling his anger towards Alec and the last time he saw Linda. The Holland-mind tells him that Linda is now dead, and shows him the events that turned Alec into Swamp Thing. Meanwhile, a captive Swamp Thing learns that he is in the nursery of the eco-sorcerers and speaks with the flying head of Dr. Merrill. Merrill explains that he was researching the Dead Zone when he became controlled by someone called the Seed Gatherer, and then became responsible for protecting the Dead Zone for the MGC corporation. The Seed Gatherer explains to the MGC boardmembers that their organisation now has control over nature. Swamp Thing manages to destroy the foetuses (who are used as pilots of the industrial creatures) and the Seed Gatherer, and escapes into the Green. He returns to the cabin, where the Holland-mind explains that Schiller took a piece of Swampy’s consciousness within him during the events of #6.
It’s revealed that MGC stands for Montosan Genomics Corporation (or ‘Mantosan’, as Cable refers to it in the previous issue). This is a not-so-subtle reference to the controversial, real-life agricultural biotechnology company Monsanto.

Swamp Thing #19
“The Holland Mind”, November 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Ronald Wimberly [p], John Totleben [c]
An aspect of Alec Holland’s personality (his ‘carefree sensibility’) has taken the form of a young boy, and is visited by a cartoon character named Willie the Crow.  Willie explains what happened during the “Great Release” of issue #6, when Swamp Thing shed his powers, ideas, feelings and memories.  The “Great Release” caused many positive events around the world, but also caused Schiller’s stroke when a part of Swampy’s essence entered the Professor.  Much of Swampy’s consciousness then began to re-form in the Green as the Holland-mind, and Willie urges the young Alec to rejoin this.  Alec then finds himself as a grown man preparing to move to the swamp to work with Linda.  He finds a copy of Swamp Thing #1 (Oct./Nov. 1972) and sees eerie connections to his life, before reliving the explosion and creation of Swamp Thing.  Willie appears and explains that this powerful memory has infected all aspects of Swampy’s personality, and Alec later agrees to merge with the Holland-mind.  Meanwhile, the Holland-mind has also retrieved the essence that took refuge in Schiller, but Swamp Thing continues to resist reintegration with the Holland-mind.

Swamp Thing #20
“Little Runaway”, December 2005
Joshua Dysart [w], Richard Corben [p]
Survivors made homeless by Hurricane Erika continue to camp around the cabin in the swamp, but Swamp Thing avoids them by growing into a tiny version of himself.  He becomes smaller than even a quark in an attempt to find a peaceful place, but suddenly finds himself in a bar with (a symbolic representation of) Constantine, who serves as a warning that he cannot travel further.  “Constantine” shows him a vision of chaos that chases Swampy back to the world.

Swamp Thing #21
“The Bleeding Raconteur, Part One: Storyteller Down”, January 2006
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p], Eric Powell [c]
Tee-Tonti and an old woman named Marcel find Marcel’s ex-husband Billy Dupuis telling stories to a construction crew.  The hurricane-affected area around Billy’s house is being developed, and Marcel and Swamp Thing are unable to convince Billy to sell his house.  Later that night, Billy is murdered by somebody on behalf of the developers, causing Billy’s stories (each an aspect of his personality) to be set loose upon the world.  One of the characters, King Toad, threatens to attack the humans who are encroaching on the swamp.  Meanwhile, Schiller is met with a vision of Linda, while Abby visits Swamp Thing on her 50th birthday.

Hellblazer (1988) #215
“R.S.V.P. Part 2 of 2”, February 2006
Mike Carey [w], Leonardo Manco [p]
A depressed Constantine asks Swamp Thing to leave flowers on Cheryl’s grave, and Gemma and Angie witness the flowers spontaneously grow while at the funeral. Constantine arrives at the Tate Club in time to give a drunken speech, chastising the magicians in attendance and summoning a seraph who reminds them of their damnation. Upon leaving, Constantine is visited by the ghosts of those he has killed.

Swamp Thing #22
“The Bleeding Raconteur, Part Two: A Hair-Trigger Heart”, February 2006
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p], Eric Powell [c]
Swamp Thing and Abby have sex but Swampy is concerned that he doesn’t remember all of his past with Abby because he has rejected the Holland-mind.  Abby reassures him that she doesn’t care about their past and wants instead to create a future together.  When Abby leaves, Swamp Thing follows her and witnesses her transform into Schiller’s Linda.  Swampy learns that she is another of Billy’s characters: Hagar the Unloved.  Swamp Thing becomes upset, causing many strange plants to grow.  Meanwhile, Marcel is visited by King Toad and the other stories, who have avenged Billy and proceed to feed Billy’s corpse to an alligator.

Swamp Thing #23
“The Bleeding Raconteur, Part Three: Letting Go”, March 2006
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p], Eric Powell [c]
Swamp Thing encases himself in a giant seedpod.  He is haunted by visions of the monsters he has recently encountered and is afraid of accepting his older memories and remembering past horrors.  He finally decides to merge with the Holland-mind and emerges from his seedpod.  Meanwhile, Schiller is willing to accept Hagar, but his love is not enough for her and she retreats.  King Toad and his followers (the Bayou Boys) slaughter the construction workers.

Swamp Thing #24
“The Bleeding Raconteur, Part Four: Emendation”, April 2006
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p], Eric Powell [c]
Hagar has been cursed with the inability to ever find what she seeks most.  Swamp Thing still refuses to love her so Hagar attacks him.  Swampy releases the Dead Zone consciousness and it grabs Hagar, who agrees to accept this creature’s affections at least temporarily.  Swamp Thing then imprisons King Toad and the Bayou Boys, but Sissy Bob evades capture and is instructed by King Toad to find his brother Nerk.  Swamp Thing visits the real Abby for her birthday.

Infinite Crisis (2005) #6
“Touchdown”, May 2006. DC Comics.
Geoff Johns [w], Phil Jimenez, Jerry Ordway, George Perez, Ivan Reis [p]
Batman, Jaime Reyes (the new Blue Beetle) and other heroes destroy the Brother Eye satellite. A number of magical heroes gather at Stonehenge to summon the Spectre for help.  After Earth-Two Lois dies, the Supermen of both Earths reconcile. Alexander Luthor experiments with the new Multiverse, combining worlds in an attempt to create a perfect Earth. Superboy and Nightwing free a number of captured heroes, and they all fight Superboy-Prime and Luthor. During the battle, the tower is destroyed and the Multiverse is condensed back into one ‘New Earth’.
‘Infinite Crisis’ was large crossover and a seven-part limited series.  It saw the return of a number of characters who disappeared at the end of the original ‘Crisis…’, namely: Earth-Two Superman and Lois Lane, Earth-Prime Superboy, and Alexander Luthor from Earth-Three. It is soon revealed that these heroes are behind a number of recent disasters and had been capturing heroes from pre-Crisis worlds in an attempt to bring back the Multiverse. As was the case with the original ‘Crisis…’, many characters are killed and histories rewritten, though Swamp Thing’s continuity remained unaffected. Swampy’s hand is visible at the Stonehenge scene.

Swamp Thing #25
“Meanwhile…In Houma”, May 2006
Joshua Dysart [w], Dean Ormston [p], Eric Powell [c]
Swamp Thing stays the night with Abby and Abby wakes up to a beautiful garden.  She goes to work at a women’s centre, where she tries a help a girl named Candy by offering her a place to stay.  The captive King Toad instructs Sissy Bob and Nerk to attack Houma, and there they recognise Abby as a friend of Swamp Thing and attack her.  The creatures manage to kill Candy before the police arrive and chase them away.

Swamp Thing #26
“Burying the Bones”, June 2006
Joshua Dysart [w], Mark Simpson [p], Eric Powell [c]
Upon leaving Abby’s house, Swamp Thing conceals the bodies of the murdered construction workers.  Swampy learns about a baby boy that went missing when he was rampaging and, upon further investigation, finds that he has caused the baby’s death.  Swampy absorbs the baby and experiences its memories.  Swampy grows a fruit that contains the child’s happy memories and offers it to the mother, who appreciates the gesture.

Swamp Thing #27
“The Prison Tree Chapter I”, July 2006
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p], Eric Powell [c]
Swamp Thing moves many of Billy’s stories downriver (except for the imprisoned King Toad and the Bayou Boys) and discusses the future of the Cajun community with Tee-Tonti.  Tefé finds Abigail in her strange garden, upset about the events at the women’s centre.  Nerk and Sissy Bob murder more Houma residents and begin blowing up the town using explosives found in a construction yard.  Meanwhile, a number of strange wooden insects resembling Woodrue appear in the swamp and encounter King Toad.

Swamp Thing #28
“The Prison Tree Chapter II”, August 2006
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p], Eric Powell, Martin Breccia [c]
With Houma ablaze, Swamp Thing goes to the rescue of Abby and Tefé and begins fighting the fires.  He finds Jake and his father before being set upon by Nerk.  Nerk blows himself up but Swampy prevents further human causalities.   Swampy reunites with Abby and Tefé at Zaina’s house, and Abby expresses her desire to move back to the swamp.  Meanwhile, the tiny Woodrues seek Swamp Thing’s help to be one complete being again.  Unable to find Swampy, they set King Toad free.  On their way to meet Swamp Thing, they encounter some Cajuns and the many Woodrues form into one large Woodrue.

Swamp Thing #29
“The Prison Tree Conclusion”, September 2006
Joshua Dysart [w], Enrique Breccia [p], Eric Powell [c]
The Cajuns fight King Toad and his followers, causing Woodrue to become upset and kill Tee-Tonti.  This attracts Swamp Thing’s attention.  In his excitement, the Woodrues climb all over Swampy, frustrating him.  Woodrue realises that he always fails to do good despite his intentions.  King Toad escapes the fight but is killed by Sissy Bob, who is traumatised by everything he has recently witnessed.  Swamp Thing leaves Woodrue and reluctantly kills the surviving Bayou Boys.  The army begins to move into the swamp to seek out whatever caused the destruction in Houma.  Despite the dangers, Abby and the Cajuns decide to stay in the swamp with Swamp Thing.

The All New Atom (2006) #3
“My Life In Miniature: Part Three – Binding Energies”, November 2006. DC Comics.
Gail Simone [w], John Byrne [p]
The Atom (Ryan Choi) encounters M’Nagalah, who tries to force The Atom to take his side in the battle between magic and science. Choi escapes, only to be attacked by tiny alien creatures. He destroys one of the alien vehicles and shows the alien technology to Dr. Kettering and Panda. On the way to class, Choi is asked on a date by fellow teacher Professor Zuel. At the drive-in, Zuel is revealed to be an agent of M’Nagalah and captures The Atom in a Petri dish before swallowing him. Meanwhile, the serial killer Dwarfstar appears in Panda’s dorm.
Swamp Thing appears in a flashback when M’Nagalah recounts his encounter with Swampy. Swamp Thing is also depicted in a low-budget horror movie that is shown at the drive-in titled ‘Terror in Tunnel Thirteen’ – a re-enactment of the events of Swamp Thing #8 (Jan./Feb. 1974).

Ambush Bug: Year None (2008) #1-4
“Hey, You Sank My Battle-Ax!”, September 2008. DC Comics.
“Five Million Elvis Impersonators Can’t Be Wrong!”, October 2008. DC Comics.
“A Ton of Bricks, A Jug of Whine– And Thou!”, November 2008. DC Comics.
“The Guignol Age of Comics”, December 2008. DC Comics.
Robert Loren Fleming [w], Keith Giffen [w, p]
Ambush Bug is involved in a series of typically nonsensical events, including getting married to Dumb Bunny, fighting Go-Go Chex, and being pursued by Argh!lye.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel of each comic in a running gag that involves him saying “What was that all about?”

Action Comics (1938) #884
“Captain Atom: Chapter Six”, February 2010. DC Comics.
James Robinson [w], Carlos Alberto Fernandez Urbano [p]
Captain Atom and Mon-El travel to the JLA satellite and meet with Starfire. Captain Atom has partial memory loss and doesn’t remember being Monarch, but he is confronted by other members of the JLA who remember the destruction he caused.
Swamp Thing appears in a panel in this backup story when Captain Atom reminisces about his life.

‘Brightest Day’ crossover

‘Brightest Day’ follows on from the ‘Blackest Night’ crossover, in which Nekron creates a Black Lantern Corps of deceased superheroes.  The seven Corps unite and a White Lantern Corps emerges to defeat Nekron.
In ‘Brightest Day’, twelve resurrected heroes and villains are assigned tasks by a disembodied White Lantern Entity.  Boston Brand (formerly Deadman), the only hero with a white power ring, is tasked with finding a saviour that will take the place of the dying Entity.

Brightest Day (2010) #23
“Rise and Fall”, June 2011. DC Comics.
Peter J. Tomasi, Geoff Johns [w], Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Norm Rapmund, Oclair Albert [p]
As natural disasters threaten human populations, some of the resurrected heroes appear at the Star City forest. The Dark Avatar arrives in the form of Swamp Thing, who is infected with Nekron’s consciousness in place of Alec Holland’s. Firestorm, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkwoman and Hawkman appear as the respective elemental forces of fire, water, earth and air and fight the Black Lantern Swamp Thing. The heroes protect the tree marked with the White Lantern symbol, which is the foundation of the Parliament of Trees. The tree causes the resurrection of the corpse of Alec Holland, who is revealed as the saviour.

Green Arrow (2010) #12
“The Changing of the Seasons”, July 2011. DC Comics.
Jeffrey T. Krul [w], Diogenes Neves [p], Josh Middleton [c]
Jason Blood bonds with Etrigan, imprisoning the demon once again. Green Arrow leaves the forest to help civilians who are being attacked by plants. He witnesses the fight between the elemental heroes and the Black Lantern Swamp Thing, who is ultimately defeated by the Alec Holland Swamp Thing. Green Arrow comforts Galahad, a man so stricken by grief over the death of his daughter that he had a nervous breakdown and believed himself to be an Arthurian knight. Then Green Arrow leaves the forest permanently to reside in the city.

Brightest Day (2010) #24
“Brightest Day”, July 2011. DC Comics.
Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi [w], Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Norm Rapmund, Oclair Albert, et al. [p], Rod Reis, Gary Frank [c]
The Entity instructs Captain Boomerang to attack Dove, but Boston is killed instead. His death allows Alec Holland’s corpse to be properly resurrected. The Green then merges with Alec to become a White Lantern Swamp Thing, who then fights his Black Lantern counterpart. Bolstered by extra powers granted by the elemental heroes, Holland Swampy defeats the Nekron Swamp Thing and rejuvenates the planet. The elemental heroes then reappear in their usual forms, with the exception Hawkwoman who is missing. The White Lantern explains that all of the resurrected heroes have completed their tasks, except Hawk. In the aftermath, Aquaman realises that the Xebels who launched an attack against humans were using Atlantean weapons, while Ronnie and Jason learn that the Firestorm matrix has been damaged and will soon detonate. Swamp Thing kills a number of men in a boardroom who are discussing covering up evidence of their environmental mismanagement, while Constantine later arrives to survey the crime scene.

Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing (2011) #1
“The Search for Swamp Thing Chapter One”, August 2011. DC Comics.
Jonathan Vankin [w], Marco Castiello [p]
Constantine is concerned that the murders Swamp Thing has committed are out of character. While at the Botanic Gardens, Constantine is attacked by plants but escapes with just an infected hand. He decides to visit Batman, who is investigating a related murder. Constantine takes Batman on a journey into the Green where he is again attacked by Swampy. Constantine is revived by Zatanna, who is unable to heal his hand. Constantine is concerned that Alec Holland has been resurrected and has claimed back his consciousness, leaving Swamp Thing a mindless monster.

Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing (2011) #2
“The Search for Swamp Thing Chapter Two”, September 2011. DC Comics.
Jonathan Vankin [w], Renato Arlem [p]
While flying into Metropolis, Constantine is again attacked by plants but is rescued by Superman. Constantine reveals that his hand is becoming plant-like and Superman takes him to the Star City forest. There Constantine summons Swamp Thing, who reveals that it wants to absorb Constantine’s consciousness. Superman comes to the rescue using his heat vision, and Constantine uses this to burn the infection off his hand. Constantine explains that he wants to track and kill Holland so that Holland’s consciousness returns to Swampy. Meanwhile, the resurrected Alec Holland is greeted by a scientist and taken into his old lab in the swamps, which is now the property of LexCorp.  Alec is confused about his identity as he retains memories of Swamp Thing’s life.

Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search for Swamp Thing (2011) #3
“The Search for Swamp Thing Chapter Three”, October 2011. DC Comics.
Jonathan Vankin [w], Marco Castiello [p], Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes, Ulises Arreola [c]
Constantine seeks help from Madame Xanadu and Deadman, who confirms that Alec Holland is alive. Constantine is still affected by the Green and receives a vision of Holland’s whereabouts. Constantine approaches the lab but is captured by LexCorp security, then rescued by Batman. Constantine takes Superman into the Green and together they ease the Green’s suffering and stop its violent outbursts. Meanwhile, the LexCorp scientist has created a version of Swamp Thing using an advanced bio-restorative formula, but needs Holland’s consciousness for LexCorp to be able to control it. Holland refuses to allow his consciousness to be mapped but he is strapped to a machine anyway. Constantine, Superman and Batman enter the lab and foil the procedure, and the scientist is revealed as a non-human creature (possibly Cranius, one of Arcane’s Un-Men). Constantine decides to let Holland live.

Flashpoint (2011) #5
“Flashpoint, Part Five of Five”, October 2011. DC Comics.
Geoff Johns [w], Andy Kubert [p]
In the ‘Flashpoint’ crossover, Barry Allen (Flash) awakens in a reality in which his mother is still alive but a war between the Amazons and Atlanteans threatens to destroy the world.  In issue #5, the Reverse-Flash explains that Barry caused history to change when he travelled back in time to prevent his mother’s death. There is a large battle during which Reverse-Flash and Batman (Thomas Wayne) are killed. After saying goodbye to his mother, Flash travels back in time and prevents himself from saving his mother. A mysterious figure (Pandora) explains that he must unite three timelines (the DC, Vertigo, and Wildstorm Universes). Flash awakens and tells Batman (now Bruce again) what happened and gives him a letter from his father Thomas.
Swamp Thing appears when some of the Vertigo Universe characters get incorporated into the ‘New 52’ DC Universe.

The All New Batman: The Brave and The Bold (2011) #12
“Trick or Treat”, December 2011. DC Comics.
Sholly Fisch [w], Ethen Beavers [p]
On Halloween, Batman and Zatanna investigate a break-in at the House of Mystery. Abel has been transformed into a tree but Zatanna restores his form. Batman and Zatanna travel back to Gotham to fight Doctor Destiny, but he is not behind the break-in. Neither is Mr. Mxyzptlk, who briefly turns the heroes into balloons. After some further reasoning, Batman and Zatanna realise that Klarion the Witchboy is posing as Cain. Klarion summons a number of Batman’s enemies, while Zatanna calls on some magical heroes for help. Batman defeats Klarion by giving him a ‘treat’, which stops him from playing any more ‘tricks’. Zatanna then turns Klarion into a frog, and finds the real Cain.
Swamp Thing appears on a couple of pages when Zatanna’s heroes fight Klarion and his villains.

[w] denotes writer, [p] denotes penciller, but I have included both penciller and inker if both are credited equally as artists. [c] denotes cover artist, but I have mostly only included the last in instances where Swampy is illustrated by someone other than the inside penciller.