Volume 2

Covering issues #101-150 (1990-1995)…

Doug Wheeler, accompanied mostly by artist Mike Hoffman, continued to write the series for several more issues, primarily focussing on Swamp Thing’s fight with Matango and The Grey.  After Wheeler, Nancy A. Collins, a horror writer who had grown up in the South, wrote the majority of the next 30 issues.  Supported by a number of artists (including Tom Mandrake, Scot Eaton, and a brief return by Tom Yeates), Collins oversaw the title’s move to the new Vertigo imprint from #129.  Following Collins’ run were four issues by Grant Morrison and a fledgling Mark Millar.  Millar finished the remainder of the series as sole writer, with Phil Hester usually supplying the art and Kim DeMulder on inking duties.

Appearances that I consider to be fairly minor are indented. The below titles were published by DC Comics unless otherwise noted.  From issue #129, Swamp Thing mostly appears in issues under the Vertigo imprint.

Swamp Thing #101
“Keepsakes”, November 1990
Andrew Helfer [w], Mike Hoffman [p]
The shaman leaves Abby and Tefé in the swamp but Tefé wanders away from home.  Abby bangs her head and is found by Chester, who is out of hospital but on crutches.  Meanwhile, a quiet boy named Danny becomes attached to a wooden doll that his mother Harriet buys for him.  Tefé meets Danny in the playground and possesses the doll, frightening adults in the park.  Abby and Chester are visiting a doctor when they hear the commotion in the playground.  Danny’s stepfather Jack shoots the doll but Tefé generates new body parts to replace the destroyed ones.  Abby seizes the doll but Tefé’s spirit seems to depart, so the toy is given back to Danny and his family.  When Abby and Chester return home, Tefé and the shaman are waiting.

Swamp Thing #102
“And All the King’s Horses…”, December 1990
Doug Wheeler [w], Mike Hoffman [p], Simon Bisley [c]
Eyam returns to the Parliament, while Swamp Thing brings the spring water back to the swamp house where Abby, Tefé, Najagarjuk and Brenda are waiting.  As the local townspeople prepare for Hurricane Jenny, the branch-creature and his followers spread fungus-infected leaves around and converge on Swampy’s house.  Swamp Thing grows more bodies to try to protect the house from the creatures of the Grey and the hurricane while, inside, Brenda and the shaman use magic to help Tefé construct a new body.  At the last minute, a fungal leaf flies through the window and attaches itself to Tefé, forcing Swamp Thing to wrest Tefé’s spirit from the tainted body.

L.E.G.I.O.N. (1989) Annual #2
“2001!”, January 1991
Alan Grant [w], Mike McKone [p]
A time-traveller named Waverider visits L.E.G.I.O.N. HQ in search of a hero who will one day enslave the universe as a being known as Monarch. Vril Dox captures Waverider, but allows his prisoner to see into his future. In ten years (2001), Dox and Lady Quark lead an oppressive L.E.G.I.O.N. force, while many former members organise a rebellion against them. The rebels discover that Dox and Lady Quark are being controlled by the Computer Tyrants and are planning to take over more of the galaxy. Past and current members of L.E.G.I.O.N. clash and the survivors travel to Cairn to stop Dox, but they are defeated when Dox and Quark fuse together into a new being. Back in 1991, Dox decides to free Waverider and cease his time experiments to prevent that future from occurring.
Swamp Thing appears in the background on one panel as Earth’s heroes fight Monarch sometime in the future.

Swamp Thing #103
“Exodus”, January 1991
Doug Wheeler [w], Mike Hoffman [p], Matt Wagner [c]
Swamp Thing encloses the house with his body to protect the occupants from the hurricane, but Najagarjuk is killed.  Swampy decides to take Tefé to the Parliament where she will be safe from Matango.  On the way through the Green, the pair are ambushed by an agent of the Grey and trapped inside a creature that is slowly dissolving them into fungus.  The agent of the Grey reveals that he was once Alan Hallman, a scientist working with plants, and the plant elemental who preceded the Alec Holland Swamp Thing.  Swampy and Tefé manage to escape.  Meanwhile, Abby and Brenda are attacked by the branch-creature and attempt to hide on an oil platform.  They manage to destroy the creature just as Swampy returns.

Swamp Thing #104
“Matango”, February 1991
Doug Wheeler [w], Bill Jaaska, Mike Hoffman [p], Ian Miller [c]
Swamp Thing and Abby arrive at the Parliament and are reunited with Tefé before Bifa takes them to the inner house.  On the way, Bifa explains why there are two houses.  In #89, the founders of the Parliament had received all of Swampy’s memories up to about 1989.   They also knew that Swampy would meet the Parliament in about 1986.  So that 1986 Swamp Thing would not learn of events that had yet to pass, the founders formed a second, outer house of the Parliament to converse with Swamp Thing.  The inner house (the first 13 elementals) did not share any of its memories with the outer house so that the outer house would develop a distinct group mind and would not know that Swampy established the Parliament.  Bifa (the 14th elemental) only transferred verbal messages between the two houses, but now that all of the memories held by the founders had come to pass, the two houses of the Parliament can freely share information.  Swamp Thing asks the Parliament why Alan Hallman had a similar profession and name as Alec Holland.  The founders explain that as time passed they became concerned that they had done something wrong and so had begun selecting elementals based on their name and influencing them to take up plant biology in order to fulfil the prophecy of the Alec Holland Swamp Thing.  Tuuru helps Tefé to create a body, and also gives Abby some fruit so that she may understand the Parliament speak.  They explain that fungi evolved on a planet in the solar system that no longer exists.  The snake-like Matango was the 13th plant elemental at the time the fungal consciousness arrived on Earth.  Matango volunteered to assume a fungal form, ostensibly to learn more about the organism, but actually because he wanted to form his own Parliament.  Matango was overcome by the fungal consciousness and returned to the Parliament as an ambassador of the Grey.  The Green and Grey coexisted until the arrival of a new race of human (Homo sapiens).  The Parliament tried to contain the new humans and keep them ignorant of their destructive nature, but Matango tempted them with the knowledge in Tuuru’s seeds. The Green and Grey warred until a compromise was made whereby the new race of humans destroyed the Neanderthals, causing the gradual destruction of Green.  Most of the Parliament now want Swampy to remain with them so that the war will not start again, but Eyam believes that Matango must be confronted.  Swampy decides to free the spirits that have been trapped by the Grey since the Battle of Eden.

Books of Magic (1991) #4
“The Road To Nowhere”, March 1991
Neil Gaiman [w], Paul Johnson [p]
Having already been given tours of the past and present, Tim Hunter accompanies Mister E into the future to see what will become of the universe and the world of magic. The pair travel through various eras until they reach the end of time. Constantine, Phantom Stranger and Doctor Occult are concerned for Tim’s welfare and send his owl Yo-Yo into the future, and the owl is killed protecting Tim from the murderous Mister E. Death and Destiny intervene and return Tim to the 20th century, while Mister E has to make his own way back through time. Constantine et al. make Tim decide whether he wants to live a life of magic. He declines and immediately regrets his decision, but is still able to use magic to transform a yo-yo back into his pet owl.
An adolescent Tefé briefly appears when Tim witnesses a battle between good and evil about 15 years into his future.  These events are depicted again in The Sandman Universe Presents Hellblazer #1 (Dec. 2019).

Swamp Thing #105
“Living Sacrifices”, March 1991
Doug Wheeler [w], Mike Hoffman [p], Ian Miller [c]
Swamp Thing travels to Yucatán to find and free Canan Kax, the eighth founder of the Parliament, who was imprisoned by the Grey during the Great Migration away from Eden while trying to establish the site of a new Parliament.  Kax also explains that Mayans brought about their own destruction after eating hallucinogenic mushrooms given to them by the Grey.  Meanwhile, Abby and Tefé find that the indigenous people who protect the Parliament have been killed by ranchers.  Abby and Tefé are taken captive and Abby is shot and killed.  In retaliation, Tefé destroys the soldiers, as well as all other animals and humans in the vicinity, before creating a new body for Abby and bringing her back to life.

Swamp Thing #106
“Dead Tribes and Forgotten Souls”, April 1991
Doug Wheeler [w], Mike Hoffman [p], Ian Miller [c]
Abby is uncomfortable with her rebirth and frightened of Tefé’s powers after its revealed that thousands died as a result of Tefé’s actions.  The Grey begins an attack on life on Earth so the Parliament sends Swamp Thing to the Himalayas to free more elementals captured by the Grey.  There he meets Ohtehrah who was the elemental at the time of Neanderthals.  Instead of joining the Parliament, he brought the last of the Neanderthals to the Himalayas and then made an agreement with Matango to remain neutral in the conflict in exchange for their safety, only for the Neanderthals to die from plague.  He shows Swampy the Chang-Arhkaw: a structure made out of plants and fungi that holds the three elementals inside.  Ohtehrah suggests that the infected Yggdrasil may unconsciously be passing information from the Parliament to Matango, and so the Grey know of the missions to rescue plant elementals.  Hallman and other members of the Grey arrive and capture Ohtehrah and Swamp Thing.

Hellblazer (1988) #40
“The Magus”, April 1991
Jamie Delano [w], Dave McKean [p]
In this reality, John Constantine’s twin (who died in the womb) survived instead of Constantine and became The Magus. He is struck by lightning while practicing magic and, feared dead, his friends remember his successful life. The Magus suddenly awakens and feels guilt towards his deceased brother who has haunted him throughout his life. The Magus meets and converses with the spirit of his brother and they both enter a cave together to become parts of a complete whole. Back in reality, Errol and Mercury discuss John’s disappearance after ingesting mushrooms and are confused to find a memorial for John carved into a rock, accompanied by his coat.
Swamp Thing is shown in one panel when the events of The Magus’ life are recounted in a song performed by Gary Lester.

Swamp Thing #107
“Stabs of a Life Echoing in a Void”, May 1991
Doug Wheeler [w], Mike Hoffman [p], Ian Miller [c]
Abby eats some fruit in order to converse with the Parliament and find out what is going on.  She talks with Yggdrasil who explains that many elementals left the Parliament and have been captured, and urges Abby and Tefé to abandon their physical bodies.  Two other elementals (Misk and Eyam) find that the fruit Abby ate is infected with fungus and she is not speaking with Yggdrasil at all.  Meanwhile, Swamp Thing and other elementals are being held captive in a Pacific Ocean trench that was created by the impact of the asteroid that brought the Grey to Earth.  The plant elementals see a piece of red kelp floating into the trench and Swamp Thing decides to try to use this to grow a new body and escape.

Swamp Thing #108
“Siege”, June 1991
Doug Wheeler [w], Mike Hoffman [p], Ian Miller [c]
Swamp Thing makes a break for the kelp but is attacked by fish.  The other captives decide to give up their attachment to the Green to give more energy to Swamp Thing, who is then able to generate a new body and free some of the plant elementals.  Abby realises that she and Tefé are speaking with the fungal half of Yggdrasil, while their physical bodies and the Parliament are attacked by the Grey. Swampy and the others arrive and learn that Abby and Tefé are trapped in the Grey part of Yggdrasil.  Yggdrasil’s Green half suggests that Swamp Thing investigates the empty body of Matango that resides in the Parliament, so that Swampy can know more about his enemy.

Swamp Thing #109
“Quest for the Elementals, VI: A Descent of Shadows”, July 1991
Doug Wheeler [w], Mike Hoffman [p], Ian Miller [c]
Tuuru takes over as leader of the Parliament and selects elementals to accompany Swampy into the Grey to rescue Abby and Tefé.  A Grey avatar attempts to convert Tefé and Abby by offering them a chalice of fungi but Tefé resists.  Swamp Thing arrives and directs Abby and Tefé back to their physical bodies and then continues towards Matango, finding himself in the Vault of Discarded Selves where the husks of converted plant elementals lay.  Swampy and his group of elementals use these husks for protection, while Swampy forces a chalice full of Matango’s green husk into Matango’s throat, disabling him.  With Matango defeated, Ohtehrah becomes the leader of the Grey and stops the war, while Yggdrasil becomes an ambassador between the kingdoms.  The Shining Knight reappears from his quest to find Swamp Thing (#87, June 1989) and Swampy gives him the chalice to hide.

Swamp Thing Annual #6
“Les Perdu”, July 1991
Nancy A. Collins [w], Bill Jaaska [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Four people are murdered and thrown into the same area of the Bayou Perdu: a child named Tommy who was kidnapped by a stranger; a gay man named Bill who is bashed by Jean Theriot and his friends; a woman murdered by Merle in order to keep her pregnancy quiet; and a drug dealer named Tiger who is betrayed by his criminal associates.  A magical event happens within the river that merges these four bodies with other local wildlife, and a monstrous creature is created.  Labo encounters the monster (later referred to as Les Perdu) and warns Swamp Thing, who travels to Houma where Abby is visiting Chester.  Abby and Chester go to a bar owned by Chester’s friend Jo-Jo, where Carl Vinter is searching for his partner Bill.  Les Perdu finds and kills the murderous drug dealers, and then eats Merle’s hand as he leaves Jo-Jo’s bar.  Jean is also killed by the monster, and Carl recognises that his missing partner Bill makes up part of the creature.  Les Perdu flees just as Swamp Thing arrives, and the police think Swampy is responsible until Merle explains otherwise.  Meanwhile, Liz has been dating a woman named Barb who has now decided to move out of town.

Swamp Thing #110
“Any Deadly Thing”, August 1991
Nancy A. Collins [w], Tom Mandrake, Bill Jaaska [p], John B. Higgins [c]
A preacher named Father Toscin, who has been poisoning his congregations as he travels around the country, arrives in Terrebonne Parish.  Labo’s wife Ada attends the sermon and is poisoned after drinking the wine, but Labo and Swamp Thing manage to save her.  As Swamp Thing attempts to heal others who have been poisoned, Labo confronts the preacher and suggests that he drinks his own wine.  Interpreting this as a test of faith from God, Toscin drinks the wine and dies.  Meanwhile, Chester is concerned that he and Liz are starting to drift apart.

Swamp Thing #111
“Zydeco Ya-Ya”, September 1991
Nancy A. Collins [w], Tom Mandrake, Kim DeMulder, Shawn McManus [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Swamp Thing, Abby and Tefé meet a man called Ya-Ya who tells them of the legendary horror stories of the swamps, including a tale of a family so poor that they cannibalised their children, about feuding pirates Jean LaFitte and Dark Conrad, and of a devil who ate his mistress and her lover.  Finally, he tells the story of musician Augustine Dupin who was murdered by racists, and who came back as a ghost to perform a song that caused his attackers to burst into flames.  As Swampy is leaving, the man is revealed to be Dupin and he warns Swamp Thing of approaching danger, giving him a piece of pirate LaFitte’s treasure to help him.

Swamp Thing #112
“All the Swamp King’s Men”, October 1991
Nancy A. Collins [w], Tom Yeates, Shepherd Hendrix [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Liz leaves Chester and moves interstate to be with the woman she loves, so a devastated Chester decides to stay with Swamp Thing and his family for the weekend.  Democrat Eddie Rome and fascist Republican Ben Barron begin their campaigns for Governor of Louisiana.  A student political group from Tulane University jokingly registers Swamp Thing as a candidate, and Swampy becomes a popular choice, to the anger of the other parties.  Two news presenters (Harlan and Anjelica) travel to Houma seeking an exclusive interview with Swampy.  They hire Merle (from Annual #6) as their guide, who also gets a custom-made gun to replace the hand he lost.  Labo gives Tefé a kitten as a present.

Swamp Thing #113
“Fear and Loathing on the Bayou Trail”, November 1991
Nancy A. Collins [w], Tom Yeates, Shepherd Hendrix [p], John B. Higgins [c]
While at Chester’s house, Abby sees a campaign advertisement on television and learns about Swamp Thing’s candidacy for Governor, before she is accosted by reporters.  Merle and the television crew seek out Swampy but instead encounter the monster Les Perdu, and Merle is killed by an alligator while fleeing.  The television crew attempt to interview Swamp Thing but he refuses to answer questions, instead calling a press conference to announce he will not be running for Governor.  He also threatens Barron for running a negative campaign against his family.

Swamp Thing #114
“Pirate’s Alley”, December 1991
Nancy A. Collins [w], Tom Mandrake [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Many local residents are killed or taken captive by Dark Conrad and his band of monstrous pirates.  John Constantine and the ghost of Ya-Ya Dupin visit Swamp Thing to warn him of the approaching danger, and explain that Dark Conrad is an ancestor of Constantine and an infamous warlock in the service of the Old Ones who want to rule the world.  Abby has the doubloon (give to Swampy in #111) made into a necklace, and she and Tefé are kidnapped by the pirates.

Swamp Thing #115
“Rum, Necromancy, & the Lash”; “Papa Noël, January 1992
Nancy A. Collins [w], Tom Mandrake [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Rum, Necromancy, & the Lash: Swamp Thing and Constantine catch up with Abby and Tefé and use the doubloon to summon the pirate Jean LaFitte, the sworn enemy of Dark Conrad.  Conrad eventually defeats LaFitte, but Swamp Thing grows to an enormous size and destroys Conrad.
Papa Noël: Labo explains to the child Raoul how the Cajuns ended up in Louisiana and that they light bonfires at Christmas to guide Papa Noël (Santa Claus).  Swamp Thing and his family briefly catch sight of Papa Noël after he has delivered presents to their home.

Swamp Thing #116
“The Growing Season”, February 1992
Dick Foreman [w], Shawn McManus [p], Tom Taggart [c]
A boy named Casey, who lives in a trailer with his mother, plants a tuber that he finds near one of Swamp Thing’s abandoned bodies. The tuber grows into an enormous, strange tree that Casey finds comforting. Casey’s abusive father returns after an absence and Casey seeks refuge in the tree, which has sections resembling the internal organs of a human. The father falls into a pool of acid while chasing Casey. Casey and his mother leave town, and the tree is destroyed by fungus.
From now until the end of the series, the letters column at the end of each issue is named ‘Bayou-Rhythms’. This replaces ‘Swamp Things’ – the name of the letter column since issue #1 (Oct./Nov. 1972).

Swamp Thing #117
“The Lord of Misrule”, March 1992
Nancy A. Collins [w], Jan Duursema [p], John B. Higgins [c]
The bartender Jo-Jo, Chester, and Chester’s new housemate Carl Vinter (from Annual #6) travel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, picking up Swamp Thing’s family on the way. Swamp Thing follows the Lord of Misrule, the spirit of the festival, who reveals himself to be Pan, while Carl meets a man named Troy.
Abby again makes a negative reference to the Swamp Thing film (see also #94, April 1990).

Swamp Thing #118
“A Child’s Garden”, April 1992
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Tefé visits The Dreaming in her sleep, is warned of ‘The Bad Man’, and briefly meets Matthew The Raven (previously Matt Cable).  Later, while playing in the swamp, she meets the vengeful Les Perdu monster, which by now consists only of the spirit of the murdered boy Tommy (Annual #6).  A grumpy Tefé kills the kitten that Labo gave to her, which prompts Swamp Thing to consult the Parliament.  The Parliament agree to send someone to help raise Tefé.  Tefé is kidnapped from a shopping centre by ‘The Bad Man’ who had also kidnapped and killed Tommy.

Swamp Thing #119
“The Bad Man”, May 1992
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Abby and Swamp Thing seek assistance from Officer Rawls.  The Bad Man takes Tefé to a house where a boy named Randy is also being held captive, and where The Bad Man has kept the decomposing bodies of his abusive parents.  Swamp Thing and the police arrive but The Bad Man escapes with Tefé, only to be killed by Les Perdu.  After carrying out its final act of vengeance, Les Perdu dies. Tefé’s governess from the Parliament arrives and introduces herself as Lady Jane.

Swamp Thing #120
“Lady Jane”, June 1992
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Abby is unhappy with Lady Jane’s presence, so Swamp Thing makes her ingest a part of Lady Jane so that Abby will understand her story.  Lady Jane was previously Alicia Huston, who suffered a series of misfortunes in mid-19th century Sheffield culminating in the death of her children and her own fiery demise.  Upon her conversion into an elemental, she killed her boss and destroyed the textile factory in which she had previously worked.

Swamp Thing #121
“Laissez Les Bon Temps Rulers”, July 1992
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], Charles Vess [c]
The Bon Temps Rulers (the group of students who ran Swamp Thing for Governor) break into a Sunderland worksite and sabotage equipment.  Otter, Spike and Michelle are discovered by workers and pursued, but are aided by Swamp Thing who sympathises with their cause.  Troy moves in with Carl and Chester, to the displeasure of a bigoted neighbour named Lester.  At Sunderland HQ, General Sunderland’s daughter Connie has taken over the organisation and increases funding for Project Proteus.  She learns of Swampy’s involvement with the saboteurs and vows to get revenge for her father.  She seeks the assistance of an assassin Dr. Neiderman (aka the Needleman).

Swamp Thing #122
“The Eye of the Needleman”, August 1992
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton, Kim DeMulder [p], John B. Higgins [c]
The Bon Temps Rulers are picked up by their Political Science professor Clark Johnson at Chester’s house.  Chester gets in a fight at Jo-Jo’s bar after he is insulted about the people he lives with, causing Lester to call Ben Barron and complain again about his neighbours.  Chester, Carl and Tory wake up in the middle of the night to be confronted with a burning cross in their front yard.  The Rulers hack into the Sunderland computers, but they are discovered and Connie retaliates by calling a hit on the Professor.  Otter finds the professor’s body the next day.  Meanwhile, Lady Jane has been trying to instruct Tefé, but the child keeps creating anthropomorphic, singing daisies.
Includes pinups by Charles Vess and Arthur Adams.

Ambush Bug Nothing Special (1992) #1
September 1992
Robert Loren Fleming [w], Keith Giffen [w, p], Chris Sprouse [p]
Ambush Bug looks for a job, attempts to take Julie Schwartz’s job, and then tries to appear in a crossover, encountering many DC characters along the way.
Swamp Thing appears on page 2 when Ambush Bug applies for a job to be Tefé’s nanny. Swampy also appears on a double-page spread titled ‘Where’s Irwin’ near the end of the book (pp. 62-63).

Swamp Thing #123
“Punctures”, September 1992
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Otter arrives at Swamp Thing’s house fearing for his life, while Carl and Troy move out of Chester’s.  Spike and Michelle go to ask Chester to guide them to where Otter is hiding.  They are attacked by the Needleman outside of Chester’s home and Spike is killed.  Chester and Michelle continue into the swamp, where they are attacked again but saved by Swamp Thing.  The Needleman kills himself rather than being handed over to police, and Michelle and Otter decide to go underground for a while.  Meanwhile, Tefé’s daisies attack a frog.

Swamp Thing #124
“Husks”, October 1992
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], John B. Higgins [c]
In Central America, Carlos and other farmers sacrifice a Sunderland employee in order to summon Swamp Thing (who they call Xipe-Totec).  They explain that Sunderland had introduced some experimental fertiliser to their village, which initially brought increased crop yields but eventually resulted in birth defects.  Swamp Thing assists the farmers by restoring their crops, but soldiers appear and kill all of the villagers.  Swamp Thing learns that the fertiliser was actually a slow acting defoliant that Sunderland was testing.  The soldiers destroy the village but Swampy sends evidence of Sunderland’s wrongdoings to Clark Kent.

Swamp Thing #125
“Family Reunion”, November 1992
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton, Kim DeMulder [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Arcane learns that Lucifer has abdicated (Sandman #21, Feb. 1991), leaving Arcane free to leave Hell.  Ya-Ya warns Swamp Thing but Arcane manages to possess Tefé.  Arcane/Tefé resurrects the Bogeyman (last seen #44, Jan. 1986), Dennis Barclay (#54, Nov. 1986), Father Toscin (#110) and Merle Layton (#113).  Finally he resurrects Matt Cable, who no longer has any personality (presumably because his soul now inhabits Matthew the Raven).  Arcane/Tefé sets the zombies onto Swampy, Abby and Lady Jane, and Ya-Ya is also unable to expel Arcane from Tefé’s body, but Arcane flees when the bounty hunters Agony and Ecstasy appear.  The bounty hunters want to vivisect Tefé to learn where Arcane has fled, but they are stopped by the Phantom Stranger.  Finally, Arcane witnesses with interest as General Sunderland’s cryogenically preserved corpse is moved to a new storage facility.
It is mentioned in passing that Abby’s mother’s name was Anise, and she is shown being burned alive by villagers.

Swamp Thing #126
“The Big Picture”, December 1992
Dick Foreman [w], Scot Eaton [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Swamp Thing reads an article about Johnny Dogg, a 1960s underground comic creator, and reminisces about Alec Holland’s enjoyment of his Freddie Freelode strip.  Swamp Thing visits Johnny to find him jaded and suffering from writer’s block.  Swampy appears to Johnny as one of his characters, Mescalito, and offers him a hallucinogenic vision.  Inspired, Johnny begins creating large-scale artworks in the desert.

The New Titans (1988) Annual #9
“The Red Hand Blues”, January 1993
Paul Witcover, Elizabeth Hand [w], Malcolm Davis [p]
The New Titans are sent to prevent a damaged Dayton Industries Research Station from destroying New Orleans.  With Aqualad’s help, they clean up the toxic spill.  Meanwhile, alien parasites Lissik and Pritor come across a gathering of the Red Hand cult in the swamp and convince them to kidnap humans.  Courtney Mason is fed upon by the parasites and develops superpowers.  Now calling herself Anima, she can drain the power from nearby life and summon a powerful being called Animus.  The Titans and Anima attack the parasites and drive them away.
Part of the ‘Bloodlines’ crossover. Swamp Thing appears in three panels, watching on as the Titans and Aqualad clean up a toxic spill.

Swamp Thing #127
“Project Proteus”, January 1993
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Swamp Thing converses with Lady Jane about life in the Parliament and Abby feels jealous.  Mr. Winter, the manager of Project Proteus, is forced to be a test subject for the Proteus virus and is transformed a monster capable of consuming toxic waste and destroying everything it touches.  Proteus breaks free and travels to the swamp.  Swamp Thing senses the Green’s pain, but does not want to break a promise to Abby, so he grows a second body and leaves it with his family.  Chester tells Abby that he is moving to New Orleans to become a teacher.

Swamp Thing #128
“Toxic Shock”, February 1993
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton, Kim DeMulder [p], John B. Higgins [c]
Swamp Thing discovers and fights Proteus, before Sunderland operatives arrive and kill the monster.  Swamp Thing attempts to restore the environment in the area but then finds that he is too toxic to travel back home through the Green.  Meanwhile, the mindless double he left behind with his family has sex with Abby, Connie seeks assistance from the occultist Dr. Polygon, and Ben Barron reports Abby to the Child Welfare Protection Agency.

Hellblazer (1988) #63
“Forty”, March 1993. Vertigo.
Garth Ennis [w], Steve Dillon [p]
Constantine’s friends throw him a surprise party for his 40th birthday.
Swamp Thing grows from a piece of broccoli to attend Constantine’s birthday, and then grows a large marijuana plant for the partygoers.

Swamp Thing #129
“Swamp Fever”, March 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton, Kim DeMulder [p], Charles Vess [c]
Swamp Thing wanders through the swamps in pain.  He has a vision of Alec Holland who reiterates what Lady Jane has told him: that his desire for a family comes from the false belief that he was once Alec Holland, but his true purpose is to serve the Green.  He has a vision of the Parliament who want him to decide between being an elemental or having a family.  Meanwhile, Connie Sunderland asks Dr. Polygon to revive her dead father General Sunderland.
First issue on Vertigo imprint.

Showcase ’93 (1993) #4
“A World To Conquer (But I Wouldn’t Want To Live There)” (pp. 23-32), April 1993
Gary Cohn, Dan Mishkin [w], Pete Moriarty [p]
Blue Devil resist Blacksmyth and Galaxa, who try to use him to capture the Earth’s worldseed. The Blue Devil is transformed into the human Dan Cassidy, and Nebiros (here incorrectly referred to as Nebrios) escapes from a hellish dimension.
Swamp Thing and other heroes react when Blue Devil gains a greater understanding of his powers. Nebiros is a demonic character who first appeared in Swamp Thing #15 (Mar./Apr. 1975).

Swamp Thing #130
“Home Sick”, April 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], Charles Vess [c]
Swamp Thing continues to walk dazed through the swamp, occasionally hallucinating and accidentally killing a pet dog, and finally comes across a group of strange people.  Abby continues her romance with Swampy’s double, not realising that the body is not fully present with Swamp Thing’s consciousness.  Tefé’s daisies have begun to form a violent society.

Swamp Thing #131
“Folk Remedy”, May 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton, Kim DeMulder [p], Charles Vess [c]
Swamp Thing finds himself in the village of a hidden, magical race who call themselves the Folk.  Auntie Mave helps to restore Swampy and he takes on a new appearance.  He returns home but nobody recognises him, and the double he left at home with Abby is not willing to relinquish its position in the family.

Swamp Thing #132
“Home Body”, June 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], Charles Vess [c]
Ben Barron presents a court order to Officer Rawls demanding that Tefé is taken away from her mother.  In the swamp, the two Swamp Things fight, which causes vegetation to behave strangely around the world.  Chester’s neighbour Lester is killed by plants, as is a social worker accompanying Barron and Rawls into the swamps.  Lady Jane explains to Swamp Thing that the double is the part of him that values family life and so shouldn’t be destroyed.  Swamp Thing incorporates the other body into his own and nature returns to normal.  Abby is furious at Swampy’s dishonesty, is then served papers by Barron, before they all discover that one of Tefé’s anthropomorphic daisies has grown to an enormous size during the fight.

Swamp Thing #133
“Daisy Chain”, July 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], Charles Vess [c]
The giant daisy Thunder Petal kills Ben Barron and destroys Swamp Thing’s house, before attacking a nearby town.  Swamp Thing realises that Thunder Petal is not of the Green, but a plant/human hybrid.  Only its creator Tefé can destroy it, which she does.  Dr. Polygon and Connie Sunderland sacrifice a man and resurrect General Sunderland, unaware that he is possessed by Arcane.  Chester prepares to move to New Orleans and live with Carl and Troy, and Abby asks if she can come with him.

Swamp Thing #134
“She’s Leaving Houma”, August 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], Charles Vess [c]
Jo-Jo tells Swamp Thing that Abby has left town. and the couple fight in Chester’s new apartment.  General Sunderland/Arcane explains to Connie that he wants revenge on Swamp Thing.  Abby gets a job as a waitress in a strip club and finds Constantine in attendance on her first night.

Vertigo Jam (1993) #1
“The Ghost In The Green”, August 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Phil Hester, [p], Glenn Fabry [c]
In the Green, Swamp Thing meets a ghost named Greensleeves, who was once musician Alan Helstrom but was briefly converted into an elemental in the period that the Parliament were trying to find a host for the Sprout (roughly #67-75, 1987-88).  After Helstrom was converted, he was revived by doctors and is now in a coma, but his spirit is trapped in the Green.  As a favour, Swamp Thing kills Helstrom’s body and frees his spirit.

Swamp Thing #135
“Marital Problems”, September 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], Charles Vess [c]
Abby gets fired from the strip club, but Constantine’s friend Don Reynard takes an interest in her and offers her a new job.  Connie’s mother visits Sunderland headquarters and is reunited with General Sunderland, but realises that he is not her dead husband and threatens to expose Arcane.  Arcane causes her car to crash and she is killed.  Arcane also captures and performs surgery on Dr. Polygon.  Upset about Abby’s departure, Swamp Thing retreats to the Green but Lady Jane seeks him out and the two embrace.

Swamp Thing #136
“Cross-Pollination”, October 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Russell Braun [p], Charles Vess [c]
Swamp Thing and Lady Jane have sex, while Tefé is visited by a stranger.  Abby goes on a date with Don but it is interrupted by a reporter, so Abby opens up to Don about her relationship with Swamp Thing.  After the date, Abby is arrested over the disappearance of Barron and for failing to surrender Tefé as part of the court order.  However, the police officer is killed by one of Arcane’s Un-Men and Abby is kidnapped by Dr. Polygon and brought to Sunderland/Arcane.  Don seeks Constantine’s help, and they both visit Swamp Thing only to find Swampy and Lady Jane entwined.  They all notice that Tefé’s face has been transformed and now looks more like Swamp Thing.

‘The Children’s Crusade’ Crossover

The first attempt at a Vertigo crossover, this consisted of five Annuals: Black Orchid (1993) Annual #1; Animal Man (1988) Annual #1; Swamp Thing Annual #7; Doom Patrol (1987) Annual #2; and Arcana: The Books of Magic (1994) Annual #1.  The series was bookended by two Children’s Crusade comics.  In 2015, a trade paperback collected the two Children’s Crusade issues and added a new middle chapter.  Issues in which Tefé or Swamp Thing appear are listed below, in reading order.

Children’s Crusade (1993) #1
December 1993. Vertigo.
Neil Gaiman [w], Chris Bachalo [p]
Avril Mitchell brings a case to ghosts Charles Rowland and Edwin Paine (the Dead Boy Detectives), asking them to investigate the disappearance of her brother Oliver and all the children of Flaxdown.  The Detectives visit an abandoned manor and meet Jumping Joan, who leaves behind a list of powerful children that includes Tefé Holland.  Charles has a dream of a Dark Tower and a voice tells him that he must prevent the listed children from being taken to Free Country.  The Detectives also meet Wat, who explains that all of the world’s children will soon be taken out of the abusive world of adults and to Free Country where they will be safe.  The Detectives decide to find the children on Joan’s list, who may lead them to Free Country and Oliver.

Free Country: A Tale of the Children’s Crusade TPB
“The Children’s Crusade Act Two”, January 2015. Vertigo.
Toby Litt, Rachel Pollack [w], Al Davison, Peter Gross [p]
The High Council of Free Country express concern following Wat’s encounter with the Detectives and decide to bring the special children to Free Country.  Tefé is visited by Peter Puck, while Suzy (Black Orchid) is visited by Junkin Buckley.  Meanwhile, in the 19th century, the poet Robert Browning is visited on his deathbed by a boy who once told him a story of the Pied Piper.  The boy explains that he has since sought refuge in Free Country but is now the guardian of its opposing force, the Dark Tower.

Swamp Thing Annual #7
“A Child’s Garden Revisited”; “Rise and Fall”; “Beauty and the Beast”, December 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Mark Buckingham, Dennis Cramer, Phil Hester [p], Charles Vess [c]
A Child’s Garden Revisited: Neglected by Swamp Thing and Lady Jane, Tefé is visited by Puck and taken to Free Country.  She meets Maxine Baker (Animal Man) and a number of children who have fled horrible lives, including the founders of Free Country who were survivors of the Children’s Crusade.  Maxine and Tefé are asked to save Free Country by recovering a ruby, and they use their powers to defeat Thundermugg.  Afterwards, Tefé passes out and the local children explain to Maxine that the quest was only a game.  As Tefé becomes increasingly ill, her face is transformed and so she is returned to the swamp where she can recover.
Rise and Fall:  This tells the story of the society of daisies after the death of Thunder Petal.  The society advances through a number of eras that resemble periods of human history. Finally, the daisy Mr. H. Atom manages to send his child into space before a shopping mall development destroys their civilisation.
Beauty and the Beast: Lady Jane tells Tefé a version of the fairy tale ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

Children’s Crusade (1993) #2
January 1994. Vertigo.
Neil Gaiman, Alisa Kwitney, Jamie Delano [w], Peter Snejbjerg [p]
The Dead Boy Detectives have been too late to prevent the special children from being taken to Free Country.  Tim Hunter (Arcana), Suzy, the Detectives, and Oliver Mitchell find that they are unable to leave Free Country and are taken by Maxine Baker to the High Council.  Tefé and Dorothy (Doom Patrol) have managed to leave Free Country but not before some of their power was taken.  When the Council tries to take some of Hunter’s power to strengthen Free Country, something goes wrong.  Charles is possessed by a representative of the Dark Tower who explains that Free Country will remain a refuge for children but will not be able to house all the children of the world.  Jack Rabbit is exposed as a slave trader and manages to escape aided by Junkin Buckley.  Tim Hunter and the children of Flaxdown return home, but Maxine, who has already created a duplicate of herself to live with her family in the adult world, decides to stay behind.

Swamp Thing #137
“Dead Relatives!”, November 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Russell Braun [p], Charles Vess [c]
Arcane demands that Swamp Thing brings Tefé to Sunderland Headquarters in Washington where Arcane forces her to grow him a new body. Arcane possesses the new host and Sunderland’s corpse becomes inanimate again. Abby is returned to Swamp Thing but her face has been disfigured.
Includes a pinup by Mike Mignola.

The New Titans (1988) #104
“Chapter One: Subroutine”, Early December 1993
Marv Wolfman [w], Nick Napolitano [p]
The New Titans (and specifically a Prester Jon/Cyborg hybrid) are brought to Technis – a planet made up of a race of computer intelligences. Technis has been slowly terminating since reproducing with Swamp Thing and it is hoped that interfacing with Prester Jon and Cyborg (who exist in cyberspace but have human souls) will prolong its existence.
The story was difficult to follow, but Technis appears in New Titans #103-107, and Zavior (seemingly the offspring of Technis and Swampy) also appears through much of this story as it tries to turn the Earth into one big hard drive. Swamp Thing appears in a flashback that references #60.

Swamp Thing #138
“And in the End…”, December 1993. Vertigo.
Nancy A. Collins [w], Scot Eaton [p], Charles Vess [c]
As Swamp Thing and his friends fight Arcane and the Un-Men, Connie sets the headquarters to self-destruct.  Tefé and Swamp Thing destroy Arcane’s new body, and Agony and Ecstasy take Arcane back to Hell.  The building explodes and Abigail is knocked unconscious, but Tefé revives her and heals her face.  Abby is upset about Tefé’s appearance and leaves with Don.  Connie survives the explosion with help from Dr. Polygon.  Lady Jane speaks to Swamp Thing about their affair and decides to return to the Parliament, taking Tefé with her so that the child’s education can continue.

Black Orchid (1993) #5
“The Mind Fields, Part 1”, January 1994. Vertigo.
Dick Foreman [w], Jill Thompson, Rebecca Guay [p], Dave McKean [c]
Black Orchid and Sherilyn begin their journey to Brazil, and decide to visit Swamp Thing on the way.  They find that Swamp Thing’s mind has created strange physical constructs in the swamp and Black Orchid psychoanalyses these in an attempt to understand what is wrong with him.  They wander through physical manifestations of Swamp Thing/Alec Holland’s philosophies and memories, and then into his unconscious mind.

Swamp Thing #139
“The Mind Fields, Part Two”, January 1994. Vertigo.
Dick Foreman [w], Rebecca Guay [p], Charles Vess [c]
Black Orchid and Sherilyn continue to travel through Swamp Thing’s mind, traversing his Id and libido, and confronting his Superego.  They are eventually able to awaken Swamp Thing, who had sought to merge with the Green in his grief.  Black Orchid comforts him before continuing on her journey.

Swamp Thing #140
“Vegetable Man”, March 1994. Vertigo.
Mark Millar, Grant Morrison [w], Phil Hester, Kim DeMulder [p], John Mueller [c]
Alec Holland awakens in Peru where he has been ingesting hallucinogens in an attempt  to converse with plants.  His friends tell him that he has spent the last three weeks in a fever, and Alec believes his memories of being Swamp Thing is related to his experimentation with mushrooms.  Alec continues his research and tries a psychedelic vine given to him by the shaman Don Roberto.  Meanwhile, Abby is visited by Matthew the Raven, who tells her to flee, and Swamp Thing kills a couple who are staying in Chester’s house.

Swamp Thing #141
“Bad Gumbo”, April 1994. Vertigo.
Mark Millar, Grant Morrison [w], Phil Hester, Kim DeMulder [p], John Mueller [c]
Swamp Thing kills Gene LaBostrie and a number of other local Cajuns.  Abby receives a call from Tefé explaining that Swamp Thing has split into two consciousnesses and is on the rampage, so she flees her house so that her partner Don will be safe.  Alec talks to Roberto about his visions, and is warned that Abby is in danger.  Deciding to travel back to the USA, Alec meets El Señor Blake in a bar who advises him to board the ghostly Soul Train.

Swamp Thing #142
“Soul Train”, May 1994. Vertigo.
Mark Millar, Grant Morrison [w], Phil Hester, Kim DeMulder [p], John Mueller [c]
When the Soul Train stops, a messenger named The Traveller tells Alec that the Parliament of Trees have removed the human consciousness from Swamp Thing as punishment.  This consciousness then grew a body in the image of Alec Holland and created false memories relating to research in Peru.  Meanwhile, Swamp Thing is trying to destroy all of its ties to the human world and follows Abby to a motel in Arizona.

Black Orchid (1993) #9
“The Murmuring of Mists, The Whisper of Flowers”, May 1994. Vertigo.
Dick Foreman [w], Rebecca Guay [p]
In Brazil, Black Orchid enters the Place Within but is warned not to take anything in or out. There she learns stories about older nymphs who have retired there, including the Moss Mother who predated the elementals and Parliament of Trees. The Indian Jiri, enamoured with Black Orchid, enters the Place Within and removes a flower as a gift for her.
When learning of the history of nymphs and elementals, Black Orchid reminisces about a past meeting with Swamp Thing when he gave her some seeds (Black Orchid #3, Jan. 1989). Eyam, a foundational elemental first introduced in Swamp Thing #89 (Nov. 1989), also appears.

Swamp Thing #143
“Desert Hearts”, June 1994. Vertigo.
Mark Millar, Grant Morrison [w], Phil Hester [p], John Mueller [c]
It is revealed that Alec’s Peruvian friends were actually illusions created by Roberto, and that Roberto, Blake and The Traveller are working together to manipulate Alec into taking part in some sort of quest.  Abby is attacked by Swamp Thing in the desert, but Alec comes to the rescue.  Alec and Swamp Thing are burned by gasoline, and a united Alec Holland-Swamp Thing re-emerges.  Swampy hopes that he and Abby can rekindle their relationship but she rejects him and leaves.  In Germany, a Mr. Koestler awakens from a coma, while at Stonehenge, the Parliament of Stones are preparing for Swamp Thing’s visit to the Black Forest.

Swamp Thing #144
“A Hope in Hell”, July 1994. Vertigo.
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Mueller [c]
Swamp Thing, disguised as Matt Cable, arrives in New York on his way to the Black Forest in Germany where The Traveller told him he would stage a final confrontation with the Parliament of Trees.  Swampy meets Father Kelly, who was dragged to Hell in 1979 by a demonic ‘Retriever’ but has now been allowed back on Earth for one hour.  The priest tells Swampy to be wary of the Black Forest, explains that the Sorcerer has returned, and gives Swamp Thing some money to travel.  The Retriever takes Father Kelly back to Hell and gives Swamp Thing the business card of a Linda Holland in Amsterdam.  Meanwhile, the government hires monster hunter Nelson Strong to kill Swamp Thing in retaliation for his massacre of Cajuns, while agents of the Parliament of Trees are also searching for Swampy.

Swamp Thing #145
“Big Game”, August 1994. Vertigo.
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester, Kim DeMulder [p], John Mueller [c]
Nelson Strong searches for Swamp Thing, and has been seeking his head as a trophy since ingesting ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms and meeting a plant elemental in his youth.  Searching the swamp, Strong finds and kills one of the Parliament’s agents.  Swamp Thing (still disguised as Matt Cable) boards a flight to Amsterdam where Deadman warns him to avoid the Black Forest and the Sorcerer.  An agent from the Parliament finds its way onto Swampy’s plane and causes it to explode, and Nelson Strong suddenly knows where Swamp Thing is.

The Demon (1990) #51
“Sons & Lovers”, September 1994
Garth Ennis [w], Chris Alexander [p]
A powerless Merlin visits Jason Blood and tells him of his time spent in Hell, where he witnessed his brother Etrigan impregnate Smegma. Because the child was conceived in the Sunless Sea, Etrigan’s son contains part of the Original Darkness. Jason fears that Etrigan will set the beast onto Glenda, who is pregnant with Jason’s child. Etrigan’s son currently lives beneath a tower in Hell where Etrigan and Baytor reside.
Swamp Thing appears when Merlin briefly recounts the events of Swamp Thing #50 (Jul. 1986).

Swamp Thing #146
“Murder in the Dark”, September 1994. Vertigo.
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Mueller [c]
In Amsterdam, Swamp Thing locates Linda Holland, who is seemingly immortal and works as a prostitute where she is paid to be assaulted by men.  After a distressed Swampy leaves, Linda meets with The Traveller who reveals that she is only a copy of Linda created using magic.  Swampy flees to a violent, nightmarish red-light district and goes berserk in a bar, attracting the attention of Nelson who has travelled to Holland with his soldiers.

Swamp Thing #147
“Amsterdamnation”, October 1994. Vertigo.
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Mueller [c]
Nelson and his men temporarily freeze Swamp Thing, but Swampy manages to kill them all.  Upon his death, Nelson is selected by the Parliament of Stones as an elemental, while his head is mounted in the Games Room with those of the monsters he has killed throughout his career.  Swamp Thing avoids roadblocks and enters Germany.  Meanwhile, in South America, Blake and Roberto are concerned that a being known as The Word is going to foil their plans, so Blake decides to challenge him to a card game.  Also, in 1951 Jim Corrigan/The Spectre meets Alice Holland and warns her that her unborn child (Alec) will one day destroy the world.

Swamp Thing #148
“Feeding Habits”, November 1994. Vertigo.
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester, Kim DeMulder [p], John Mueller [c]
Grace Brady travels to the Black Forest after receiving a letter from her uncle Sargon the Sorcerer (who died in Swamp Thing #50, Jul. 1986).  Grace meets Sargon and returns the Ruby of Life, as nearby fruits and vegetables drip blood and the residents of Freiburg enact evil and violence on each other.  The Traveller and Lady Jane meet in Brazil and speak of the Ordeal of the Bleeding Tree and of Swamp Thing’s journey ahead.

Swamp Thing #149
“The Root of All Evil”, December 1994. Vertigo.
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Mueller [c]
Sargon talks with Grace, explaining that he stole the forbidden apple of Eden from the Vatican and buried it in the Black Forest until it grew into the Bleeding Tree.  After his death, Sargon was trapped with other souls in between the spiritual and physical planes, until he was able to inhabit the body of Mr. Koestler.  He now plans to use the Bleeding Tree to force open the doors of Heaven and allow all souls to enter.  At the Tree, Grace and Swamp Thing are unable to prevent Sargon from making the residents of Freiberg commit suicide, which helps the Tree grow and the lost souls to climb out of the earth.  Meanwhile, Blake and The Word play poker to decide Swamp Thing’s fate.  The Word wants to destroy Swamp Thing to prevent him becoming very powerful and destroying the world.

Swamp Thing #150
“The Illumination”, January 1995. Vertigo.
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Mueller [c]
The Traveller meets the champion of the Parliament of Stones (the Earth Thing) at Stonehenge.  As the souls ascend the Bleeding Tree, Sargon explains that Grace must be banished to Hell both because she is the only thing on the material plane that Sargon cares about, and because somebody will need to stay in Hell after the existing population goes to Heaven.  Horrified, Grace seeks Swamp Thing’s help but, injured by Sargon, he must enter the Green in order to grow a new body.  When Swamp Thing re-emerges, so does the Earth Thing.  The elementals fight, but Swamp Thing is eventually able to dissolve him with acid.  To prevent the souls’ ascension to Heaven, Swamp Thing absorbs the negative spirits in the tree, cleansing it.  Grace is still upset with Sargon, and when he realises what he is doing is wrong, offers himself as a sacrifice to feed the Tree, which prevents him from travelling to the spiritual plane but allows him to achieve illumination.  Swamp Thing travels through the Green to the Melt and meets The Traveller and the Parliament of Stones.  They reveal that he is now champion of both Parliaments, but further trials and clashes with other Parliaments lay ahead.  Meanwhile, Señor Blake loses all of the poker games but asks The Word to look inside his mind, at which point The Word agrees to leave Swamp Thing alone in the short term.  The Traveller returns to his companions with Sargon’s Ruby of Life, while Swamp Thing returns to the bayou.

Batman: Mitefall (1995) one-shot
Alan Grant [w], Kevin O’Neill [p]
Bob Overdog escapes Arkham Asylum and decides to do good. He meets Bat-Mite who asks him to fight Bane-Mite in the Mite dimension. Bob becomes Overbat and defeats Bane-Mite, but he is then tempted to try the drug Toxik (the Mite equivalent of Venom) and dies. The Mite superheroes unveil a statue in his honour.
Bat-Mite rounds up some superheroes of the Mite dimension, including a version of Swamp Thing, to fight Bane-Mite. Swampy (or perhaps Swamp-Mite) appears in several panels.

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[w] denotes writer, [p] denotes penciller, but I have included both penciller and inker if both are credited equally as artists. [c] denotes cover artist, but I have mostly only included the last in instances where Swampy is illustrated by someone other than the inside penciller.