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This is a place for current and historical news and rumours relating to Swamp Thing films and television series.

Joel Silver film

Dec. 10 2003: The website MyPDFScripts hosted a 113 page Swamp Thing film screenplay written by Len Wein.  The screenplay is dated December 10, 2003 and is property of Silver Pictures (Joel Silver‘s production company) and Warner Bros.  MyPDFScripts is no longer online but the screenplay can be found elsewhere on the web.

Aug. 28 2009: In a press conference for the film Whiteout, Silver is questioned about 3D films.  He replies: “I’m developing a picture now that I’d like to do… I’ll hopefully do Swamp Thing, which is a movie we’ve had for a long time. We think that would be great to do in 3D.” [Source: Collider]

Oct. 19 2009: In an interview, writer/producer Akiva Goldsman mentions his involvement in the film: “We want a film with real Southern, dark horror overtones, a little bit like a classic Universal horror film.” [Source: LA Times].

Apr. 7 2010: At WonderCon, Vincenzo Natali expresses interest in adapting the Alan Moore version of Swamp Thing into a film.  [Source: MTV].

Aug. 2 2010: At San Diego ComicCon, Len Wein gives an update on the production.  He mentions that Silver is producing and Goldsman is reworking Wein’s script, but there are some issues with the rights. [Source: ComicBookMovie; originally reported by MovieWeb].

Nov. 5 2010: Natali provides an update on the status of the project: “Joel Silver was going to do Swamp Thing, and he actually had a couple of scripts in, only to discover later on that the film rights were held by another company …  And it’s even more complicated than that, I’m told. So unfortunately, it’s not going to happen any time soon.” [Source: MTV].

While I don’t see any evidence that suggests that Natali was ever formally tied to the film, he obviously had some knowledge of, and interest in, its production.  In June 2015, he posted to Twitter the first 4 pages of a Swamp Thing script that he had written.

Justice League Dark film

Nov. 13 2008: When prompted, Guillermo del Toro says that he would love to make a Swamp Thing film.

Nov. 1 2012: Guillermo del Toro is involved in developing a film with Warner Bros. starring some of DC Comics’ supernatural characters.  The name of the project is reported to be Heaven Sent. [Source: Latino Review].

Jan. 7 2013: Del Toro mentions that the project now has the working title Dark Universe and mentions some of the characters who will be involved, including Swamp Thing, Constantine, Zatanna, Etrigan, Deadman and the Spectre. [Source: IGN].

Mar. 30 2013: At WonderCon, del Toro reveals more details about the plot, which will involve Constantine recruiting other heroes to stop a threat that has something to do with Jason Blood, Merlin and Arthurian legend. [Source: SuperHeroHype]

Nov. 25 2014: Del Toro reveals that he has submitted the script to Warner Bros.  I don’t believe he has yet revealed who the writer is. [Source: Forbes].

Apr. 1 2015: Del Toro reveals that a revised script has been submitted, and that he may not necessarily be the director. [Source: IGN].

June 29 2015: It is reported that del Toro is no longer involved with the film. [Source: Hollywood Reporter]

Oct. 8 2015: Scott Rudin is rumoured to be the new producer, and that the plot involves “a series of ancient tomes stolen by a madman hellbent on the destruction of humanity”. [Source: The Tracking Board].

Aug. 24 2016: Doug Liman is announced as the new director, and Michael Gilio is the writer. [Source: Variety].

May 23 2017: Doug Liman leaves the project due to scheduling issues. [Source: Variety].

Aug. 29 2017: Gerard Johnstone is hired to polish the script. [Source: Deadline]

Streaming TV series

May 2, 2018: DC Comics announces that a live-action Swamp Thing series will be coming to their soon-to-be-launched streaming platform, DC Universe.  James Wan is announced as Executive Producer.  The official plot summary is as follows:

When CDC researcher Abby Arcane returns to her childhood home of Houma, Louisiana, in order to investigate a deadly swamp-borne virus, she develops a surprising bond with scientist Alec Holland—only to have him tragically taken from her. But as powerful forces descend on Houma, intent on exploiting the swamp’s mysterious properties for their own purposes, Abby will discover that the swamp holds mystical secrets, both horrifying and wondrous—and the potential love of her life may not be dead after all.

[Source: DC Comics]

May 28, 2018: The casting breakdowns reveal further details about the main characters and plot:

[ABBY ARCANE] Female, 30s, smart, private, professional, something of a loner, Abby works for the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, which has sent her to her hometown of Houma after ten years away to check out the worrying “Houma Flu.” After losing her mother at age 8 and bouncing through a series of foster families, Abby suddenly left Houma after high school to study medicine. Abby is good at her job but currently in the doghouse with her boss. Struggling with a secret that’s prompted her leaving and now the need to pop pills when necessary, Abby is apprehensive about going back home to Houma, and things are indeed awkward with her high school ex, Matt, who remained in Houma and became a cop. Abby hits it off immediately with a Sunderland Corporation researcher, Alec Holland, but soon discovers that her own efforts, like those of Alec, are considered suspect by the townsfolk, who aren’t happy with her feeling that it’s best to shut down the swamp (where the locals make their living) as they investigate the flu. Abby has her hands full with a potential epidemic, a town full of hostiles, and a strange but alluring “Shape Of Water” romance with a creature borne from the swamp. SERIES REGULAR.

[ALEC HOLLAND] Male, 30s, smart, a bit of a hot-head, determined, passionate about his work, Alec works for the Sunderland Corporation (which is apparently building a hospital in Houma) as an independent researcher, where he’s discovered a connection between the swamp and the Houma flu. Alec hits it off immediately with CDC researcher and Houma native Abby Arcane, and the two of them are much alike, each wanting more out of life, interested in science, and not having much of a love life. Alec is not a big hit with the rest of Houma, however, who view him with suspicion if not open hostility. Alec is determined to persevere despite the town’s hostility, but it’s clear that the Swamp has its own plans for Alec when he undergoes a strange transformation into a swamp-based creature with abilities he could never imagine. SERIES REGULAR.

[Source: DC Comics]

Aug. 27 2018: Some further details are revealed about the plot of the pilot episode. [Source: Splash Report]

Aug. 28 2018: Soon after, Len Wiseman was announced as the director of the pilot. [Source: Splash Report]

Sep. 6 2018: Crystal Reed has been cast as Abby Arcane. [Source: Deadline]

Sep. 7 2018: Maria Sten has been cast as reporter Liz Tremayne. [Source: Deadline]

Sep. 7 2018: An interview with screenwriter Gary Dauberman reveals that the show aims to be a R-rated horror series, and that Swamp Thing will be portrayed by someone in a body suit. [Source: Slash Film]

Sep. 11 2018: Derek Mears has been cast as the actor in the Swamp Thing suit. [Source: Splash Report]

Sep. 28 2018: Jennifer Beals has been cast to play a new character Sherriff Lucilia Cable, the mother of Matt Cable. [Source: Deadline]

Oct. 26 2018: Jeryl Prescott has been cast as Madame Xanadu. [Source: Deadline]

Nov. 1 2018: Virginia Madsen has been cast as Maria Sunderland, a new character. [Source: Deadline]

Nov. 5 2018: Will Patton has been cast as Avery Sunderland. [Source: Deadline]

Nov. 7 2018: Andy Bean has been cast as Alec Holland [Source: DC Universe] and Henderson Wade has been cast as Matt Cable [Source: Deadline].

Nov. 12 2018: Kevin Durand has been cast as Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man. [Source: Deadline].