Justice League Dark (Vol. 2)

Covering issues #1-19 of the second Justice League Dark series (2018-2020)…

After the events of Justice League: No Justice, Wonder Woman formed a new Justice League Dark group of magical superheroes. The initial roster was Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Zatanna, Man-Bat and Detective Chimp.

At the end of 2018, new Swamp Thing stories began appearing in a ‘Giant-sized’ anthology series available exclusively at Walmart stores.  I have listed those appearances separately here.

Appearances that I consider to be fairly minor are indented, though I have treated as major any appearance where the JLD is a focus of the issue and Swamp Thing is a contributing member of the team. The below titles were published by DC Comics unless otherwise noted.

Justice League: No Justice (2018) #4
July 2018
Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson [w], Francis Manapul [p]
Earth is threatened by the Omega Titans. The superheroes assembled by the late Brainiac survey the destruction of Colu, while the vengeful Vril Dox travels to Earth and helps the Cosmic Trees to grow. Amanda Waller is preparing to nuke the trees when the heroes arrive. Cyborg taps into the data that Waller downloaded from Brainiac and directs the group to pick a fruit from one of the trees. They charge the fruit with all four energies (Mystery, Wisdom, Wonder and Entropy) and fire it into the Entropy Titan. This causes the other Titans to eat their brother. Waller and Vril Dox flee, and a new Justice League is formed. Wonder Woman discovers that the Cosmic Trees have been kept alive, and she decides to form a team to find out why she is connected to the Tree of Wonder and the world’s magical community.
The Justice League Dark (Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Man-Bat and Detective Chimp) appear on the last page.

Justice League (2018) #1
“The Totality Part 1”, August 2018
Scott Snyder [w], Jim Cheung [p]
The Justice League battles a worldwide invasion by six powerful Neanderthal tribes (dubbed Neoanderthals) orchestrated by Vandal Savage. The Earth’s crust begins to break apart and Martian Manhunter is forced to destroy the moon to save the Earth. As the world is being repaired, the Justice League meet. J’onn J’onnz explains that a ball of energy (called the Totality) is hurtling towards Earth from the broken Source Wall. As the group tries to decipher its message, John Stewart prepares to destroy it. Elsewhere, Savage is confronted by Lex Luthor, who believes Savage knows more about the Source Wall. Luthor assembles a Legion of villains and kills Savage, which causes Savage’s knowledge to be imparted upon J’onn J’onzz in the form of a terrible vision of the future.
Swamp Thing and Wonder Woman are seen battling the Neoanderthals at the equator, and Swampy is mentioned as helping to repair the world.

Justice League (2018) #2
“The Totality Part 2”, August 2018
Scott Snyder [w], Jorge Jimenez [p]
Green Lantern John Stewart is transporting a criminal when Swamp Thing grows in his spacecraft from a Blue Moebius flower. He assumes the shape of Batman, who asks Stewart for help, explaining that the Totality landed in Nevada and has assumed the form of a large head. Though Killer Croc was mutated when attempting to enter the Totality, J’onn J’onnz and Superman decide to investigate further, with Batman and Kendra also transported via tiny vehicles within their bodies. Later, Sinestro attacks John Stewart, recruiting him to be a lantern of the Unseen Light (the invisible emotional spectrum) and Stewart attacks the rest of the Justice League. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor explains to his group, the Legion of Doom, that they must unlock the seven hidden forces of the universe if they are to use the Totality. A miniaturised Luthor then stows away within Superman’s body when he enters the Totality.

Damage (2018) #6
“Unnatural Disaster (Conclusion): Beauty and the Beast”, August 2018
Robert Venditti [w], Diogenes Neves [w, p], Tomeu Morey, Danny Miki, Tony Daniel [c]
Damage is attacked by Grodd, Poison Ivy and an army of apes. Grodd disables Damage and senses Ethan Avery’s human consciousness trapped within him. Poison Ivy has a change of heart and decides not to help Grodd. While Grodd is distracted, Damage knocks him unconscious, and all of the apes retreat. Damage sleeps and later awakens as Ethan and meets Swamp Thing. Swampy explains that the Green is preparing Poison Ivy to be the next avatar, and asks Damage to destroy the jungle that Ivy has created. The next day, Ethan travels down the Mississippi on a cruise ship but he is pursued by military agents.

The Flash (2016) #49
“Flash War Part 3”, August 2018
Joshua Williamson [w], Howard Porter [p]
Wally West’s family are trapped in the Speed Force and he wants to retrieve them, but Barry Allen is concerned about what might happen. As they argue, they race around the world causing destruction. They eventually try to enter the Speed Force but unwittingly break the Force Barrier, which frees Zoom. Zoom dons the Flash suit and wields extra Force powers to fight Barry and Wally.
Swamp Thing appears with Zatanna in one panel, concerned by the effects caused by the battle between the Flashes.

Injustice vs. Masters of the Universe (2018) #1-#6
#1: “To Eternia with Death”, September 2018
#2: “The Double-Edged Sword”, October 2018
#3: “City of Darkness”, November 2018
#4: “The Ultimate Battleground”, December 2018
#5: “The Ultimate Battleground”, January 2019
#6: “The King of Castle Grayskull”, February 2019
Tim Seeley [w], Freddie E. Williams II [p]
In #1, Earth’s heroes approach He-Man for help, explaining that Superman has become a cruel ruler but is susceptible to magic. He-Man agrees to travel to Earth, while some of Earth’s heroes remain on Eternia. On Earth, Superman and his allies police the world, judging citizens guilty of thoughtcrimes. In #2, Darkseid and his followers arrive on Eternia, attacking Avion and freeing criminals from Darksmoke Prison. On Earth, the heroes decide to break into Superman’s headquarters, the Black Oracle. In #3, He-Man and Teela, wearing Kryptech armour, fend off creatures from the Rot and disable the Black Oracle’s defences. Earth’s heroes then fight Wonder Woman’s Suicide Squad and free Bruce Wayne, but Damian Wayne is killed. The heroes on Eternia are attacked by Darkseid’s forces, which now include the Birdmen of Avion transformed into Parademons. In #4, fighting continues on Earth and Eternia, and Darkseid breaks into Castle Grayskull to obtain the anti-life equation, which causes He-Man to become powerless. In #5, in an attempt to obtain the Orb of Power, Skeletor attacks Darkseid with a sword powered by the magic of Shazam. To save the universe, Superman intervenes, freeing Supergirl and teaming up with He-Man to defeat Darkseid and Skeletor. In #6, Superman wants He-Man’s help to change the past but realises that his family will eventually die in any scenario. He-Man learns that he now has the power of Shazam and uses this to defeat Superman, who is taken by the Black Racer. The heroes defeat Desaad and the rest of Darkseid’s troops, and Eternia and Earth become at peace again.
Swamp Thing appears mostly in the background throughout, but has a slightly bigger role to play in issues #1, #3 and #5. As in the 2013 crossover (DC Universe vs. The Masters of the Universe), Swamp Thing tends to team up with Moss Man. This series seems to tie into the ‘Injustice: Gods Among Us’ continuity, though Swamp Thing was seemingly killed in Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three #11 (May 2015).

Scooby-Doo Team-Up (2014) #40
“How’s Bayou?”, September 2018
Sholly Fisch [w], Dario Brizuela [p, c], Franco Riesco [c]
Scooby’s gang, accompanied by Shaggy’s uncle Chester, travel to the swamp to investigate the disappearance of several townspeople. They find the missing persons, who have been entranced by the Voodoo Queen and behave like zombies. The gang flees the zombies and Solomon Grundy (who has also been hiding in the swamp) until they are saved by Swamp Thing. Swampy ties up Grundy and the Voodoo Queen, and reverses the effect of the plant-based potion to return the “zombies” back to normal.  Finally, Scooby’s gang are introduced to Abby.
This is the first appearance of Chester Williams since Swamp Thing #170 (Sept. 1996) and the story seems to be set during the 1980s run when Chester and Abby were prevalent in Swampy’s life.

Justice League Dark #1
“The Last Age of Magic Chapter 1”, September 2018
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p, c], Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson [c]
Zatanna’s magic fails during a performance and Diana (Wonder Woman) is forced to intervene when Zatanna is attacked by a monster. Diana argues that magic is broken and tries to convince Zatanna to join her team. Various magicians, including Zatanna and Constantine, descend on Wintersgate Manor where Zatanna’s father Zatara was once killed (in Swamp Thing #50, July 1986). Later, Zatanna finds Swamp Thing at the Tree of Wonder, which has a message for Zatanna. She sees a vision of Zatara who delivers a cryptic warning about the coming of the Otherkind. Wonder Woman travels to the Oblivion Bar and talks to Bobo (Detective Chimp) about her struggle to find recruits. Bobo explains that he has inherited the role of Nightmaster from the deceased bar owner Jim Rook. Wonder Woman takes him to the Justice League Dark base beneath the Hall of Justice, where Man-Bat has been inspecting strangely mutilated bodies. They are attacked by the grotesque bodies, and Zatanna and Swamp Thing arrive to help defend the heroes.

Suicide Squad (2016) Annual #1
“For The Wicked, No Rest”, October 2018
Cullen Bunn [w], Ronan Cliquet [p], Paul Pelletier, Mick Gray, Hi-Fi [c]
At Belle Reve prison, surgeons are not able to save murderer Dennis Gaines, who has been surgically attached to a woman Cadence Laramie.  After Gaines dies, Cadence escapes with the assistance of the violent spirits of Gaines’ victims. Amanda Waller assembles a team of criminals to catch Laramie but many of them are killed by Laramie’s spectres. Swamp Thing tries to protect Laramie, and Waller’s team are now directed to capture both Laramie and Swampy. After Shimmer is killed, Scream Queen kills Laramie, which dissipates the spirits. The two surviving criminals report to Waller but Waller kills Scream Queen as punishment, leaving Merlyn as the sole survivor of the team. Swampy briefly confronts Waller before departing, leaving the ghost of Laramie and the other spectres to watch over Waller.

Justice League Dark #2
“The Last Age of Magic Chapter 2”, October 2018
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p, c], Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson [c]
Diana recalls witnessing a ritual by witches as a young girl, and then being branded by the goddess Hecate. In the present day, the JLD defeat the reanimated corpses and Zatanna relays what she saw at the Tree of Wonder. They travel to Doctor Fate’s tower where they seek an audience with Nabu. Fate explains that primitive sorcerers known as the Lords of Order have attempted to control magic throughout time. He suddenly reveals himself as Nabu and admits that he has summoned the Otherkind to reclaim magic and remove it from the Earth. The Upside-Down Man then appears in the tower. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing investigates the Tree of Wonder and meets Constantine, who criticises him for wanting to retire to the Parliament of Trees.

Harley Quinn (2016) #50
“Destroys DC Continuity”, November 2018
Sam Humphries [w], John Timms, John McRea, et al. [p]
Harley visits Coney Island with her mother, but her mother is retconned out of existence when they begin reading a Harley Quinn comic. Harley is aided by Jonni DC, Continuity Cop, as Continuity shockwaves transport them through alternate versions of comic stories and characters. They eventually find the comic’s author, M. Clutterbuck, who is Harley’s biggest fan, but they are unable to stop the universe from being destroyed. Left all alone with a pencil and paper, Harley creates a comic that brings her mother and the rest of the DC Universe back into existence.
Swamp Thing appears in a couple of panels on around p. 9 when continuity is destroyed and a various characters stream out of the comic book. Swampy later appears as a pirate during a battle between pirate versions of Batman and Superman.

Justice League (2018) #7
“The Totality Conclusion”, November 2018
Scott Snyder [w], Jim Cheung [p]
Hawkgirl fights Lex Luthor, who wants to possess the Totality. The rest of the Justice League work together to prevent the sentient sun Umbrax from consuming the Earth, with Flash using the Still Force to successfully close the cosmic membrane. The Legion of Doom retreat and Hawkgirl brings the Totality to the Hall of Justice. The Justice League want to investigate the Totality to determine whether the design of the universe is ultimately cruel (as the Legion believe) or good. Starman suddenly appears in the Hall of Justice, while Luthor seeks help from the Batman Who Laughs.
Swamp Thing and the rest of the JLD appear at the Hall of Justice.

Mister Miracle (2017) #11
November 2018
Tom King [w], Mitch Gerads [p]
Mister Miracle and Barda try to broker peace with Darkseid by offering him their child. Darkseid is not able to forget the Anti-Life Equation but he plucks out one of his eyes so that he cannot wield the Omega beams. With the deal made, Miracle and Barda ask to say goodbye to their son, but they attack Darkseid with a weapon. Darkseid overpowers Barda and tries to take Miracle’s eye, but Miracle stabs Darkseid in the head with a sword made out of Orion’s body. Once Darkseid is dead, his follower Desaad is revealed to be Metron, who shows Mister Miracle and Barda the wider DC Universe.
Swamp Thing is one of the DC characters revealed to Mister Miracle and Barda by Metron.

Justice League Dark #3
“The Last Age of Magic Conclusion”, November 2018
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p, c], Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson [c]
The Upside-Down Man battles and defeats the JLD, expelling the demon’s blood from Constantine. A powerful magic is unlocked from within Wonder Woman and she banishes the Upside-Down Man and heals the rest of her team.

The Flash (2016) #55
“Faster Than Thought Part 1”, November 2018
Joshua Williamson [w], Scott Kolins [p]
The Flash (Barry Allen) and the Justice League Dark defeat a rampaging Solomon Grundy in Central City. Flash later goes to a bar with Iris and some detectives from the CCPD, and Iris speaks to the bartender Commander Cold (who is from the future) about the new Forces the Flash is experiencing. In Iron Heights prison, Heat Wave spontaneously combusts. When Flash investigates, fire monsters appear in the prison looking for Heat Wave and track him to a hospital.  Heat Wave explodes again, destroying the building, before reappearing transformed.

The Terrifics (2018) #8-#9
#8: “Tom Strong & the Terrifics Part Two”, November 2018
#9: “Tom Strong & the Terrifics Part Three”, December 2018
Jeff Lemire [w], Dale Eaglesham [p, c], Ivan Nunes [c]
Phantom Girl helps Mr. Terrific, Tom Strong, Rex Mason (Metamorpho) and Plastic Man escape from a tree in the Forest of Eternity. Tom explains that each tree in the forest contains a portal to an alternate reality and Doc Dread has thrown his family into different portals. The group splits up, finding themselves transported to the Aztech Empire, Funnyland and Slaughter Swamp. Tesla Strong and Solomon are rescued but the portals close and the heroes are stranded until they are rescued by Dhalua. In Slaughter Swamp, Swamp Thing attacks Mr. Terrific and Tom Strong until they realise they are on the same side. Terrific and Tom travel to the Terrifictech building in Gotham where they are taunted by a robot drone of Dread who explains that he is going to blow-up the building and frame them. Many more Dread drones attack the heroes but, with the help of Dhalua and the others, they defeat the robots and disarm the bomb. Meanwhile at Stagg Mansion, Sapphire rejects Java’s romantic advances and later realises that he is Dread.
Swamp Thing is promoted as the guest star on the cover of #8, but only appears on the last page.  Swampy has a more significant appearance in issue #9.

Justice League (2018) #9
“Good Morning Moon”, December 2018
Scott Snyder [w], Jorge Jimenez [p]
While Batman is receiving surgery, Superman is attacked by Coronavores when attempting to reconstruct the Moon. Superman realises that Batman is behind the attack as part of a scheme to convince Superman to turn the Moon into a defensive weapon. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice, Wonder Woman builds a chapel and discusses living quarters with Aquaman, while Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter spar and discuss what they saw in the Totality.
Swamp Thing and the JLD appear in the cafeteria in the Hall of Justice in two panels.

‘The Witching Hour’ crossover

Wonder Woman and Justice League Dark: The Witching Hour (2018) #1
“The Witching Hour Part 1”, December 2018
James Tynion IV [w], Jesus Merino [p, c], Romulo Fajardo Jr. [c]
Wonder Woman seeks help from the rest of the Justice League but does not reveal her newfound powers. The Justice League are concerned but they are later visited by Hecate who forces their attention elsewhere. In the Oblivion Bar, a number of amateur witches meet as the Sisterhood of the Sleight of Hand. Traci 13 begins to lead an invocation, and Witchfire remembers being branded by Hecate as a child. Witchfire is suddenly possessed and kills many of those in the bar. The JLD meet and are attacked by Hecate, who explains that Wonder Woman is ‘witchmarked’ and is in possession of some of Hecate’s power. The heroes manage to escape to the Oblivion Bar where they find Constantine and a number of corpses.

Wonder Woman (2016) #56
“The Witching Hour Part 2”, December 2018
James Tynion IV [w], Emanuela Lupacchino [p]
The JLD visit Circe for help and she explains that Hecate hid her power within five young women to protect it. Circe fears that Hecate, now twisted with hate, will reclaim her power and control all of magic in order to stop the Otherkind. Wonder Woman wants to try and wield Hecate’s power against her but Zatanna has concerns. Meanwhile, Manitou Dawn, who has also been witchmarked, begins to destroy Nanda Parbat, and Deadman later reports this to the JLD.

Justice League Dark #4
“The Witching Hour Part 3”, December 2018
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p], Riley Rossmo [c]
As Nanda Parbat burns, Hecate (as Manitou Dawn) prepares to fight Rama Kushna. Wonder Woman arrives and confronts Hecate, while the JLD helps Rama Kushna to flee by opening a portal using Detective Chimp’s Sword of Night. Manitou Dawn pursues Rama Kushna while Swamp Thing, who has been holding Nanda Parbat together, realises that the Parliament of Trees is under threat from the witchmarked Black Orchid. Hecate finally wrests control of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman (2016) #57
“The Witching Hour Part 4”, December 2018
James Tynion IV [w], Emanuela Lupacchino [p], David Yardin [c]
Wonder Woman’s consciousness awakens in a place resembling the Moon and converses with Witchfire, who was killed in the Oblivion Bar. At Nanda Parbat, Constantine tells Zatanna that he has cancer, while Wonder Woman wreaks havoc.  Swamp Thing tries to stop Black Orchid from destroying the Parliament of Trees.  Manitou follows Bobo, Man-Bat, Deadman and Rama Kushna (whose consciousness now resides in several monks) to the Oblivion Bar, but Manitou is attacked by the survivors of the Sisterhood of the Sleight of Hand. Constantine and Zatanna cast a spell that severs Hecate’s connection with the women. When Black Orchid and Manitou are freed, all of Hecate’s power rushes to Wonder Woman’s body. On the Witch’s Moon, Witchfire fears that this event may have killed Wonder Woman.

Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman: The Witching Hour (2018) #1
“The Witching Hour Finale”, December 2018
James Tynion IV [w], Jesus Merino, Miguel Mendonca, Fernando Blanco [p]
Swamp Thing is too late to save the Parliament of Trees and it is replaced by Hecate with the Parliament of Flowers. Hecate also rebuilds Nanda Parbat as the Necropolis. On the Moon, Wonder Woman dives deep into a pool and converses with two aspects of Hecate (the Maiden and the Mother) that have been repressed. These aspects explain how Hecate and the Upside-Down Man came into being, and how Hecate gave humans dark magic as punishment for her imprisonment. Circe helps the JLD escape to Aeaea and explains that Wonder Woman must be killed before Hecate takes control of Olympus. However, Wonder Woman regains control of her body and pleads with Hecate. Eventually Zatanna unleashes the Upside-Down Man and the Otherkind, who devour Hecate before the JLD seals them in Olympus. Hecate’s power leaves Wonder Woman’s body and, unbeknownst to the JLD, is transferred to Circe.

Cursed Comics Cavalcade (2018) #1
“The Spread” (pp.1-8), December 2018
Tim Seeley [w], Kyle Hotz [p]
Erin Wagner is a biologist who has experimented on herself in an attempt to turn human cells into plant fibre. From within the Green, she witnesses plants tranform into flesh and attack her. Swamp Thing arrives, healing Erin’s body in the physical world and expelling her from the Green. Swampy explains that her experiment would have turned into a mutant virus that would have transformed all plant matter into flesh.
The whole issue was reprinted as part of A Very DC Halloween TPB in 2019.

Justice League (2018) #11
“Drowned Earth Part Two”, January 2019
Scott Snyder [w], Francis Manapul [p]
Drogue, the Sea God, has transformed most of the Justice League into aquatic monsters but Mera helps Flash and Superman escape to the Tomb of Arion. There they find that Black Manta has taken possession of the Tear of Extinction and he floods the tomb. Elsewhere, Aquaman is tossed into the Charybdo Vortex by the triumvirate of Sea Gods but is saved by Wonder Woman. The heroes travel to the Graveyard of Gods to seek help from Poseidon and to get Aquaman’s powers back but Poseidon impales Aquaman. Meanwhile, Batman and Jarro are under siege in the Hall in Justice when the Legion of Doom burst in.
Swamp Thing, transformed into an aquatic creature, attacks Superman and Flash.

Justice League Dark #5
“The Shadow Pact Part One”, January 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Daniel Sampere [p], Romulo Fajardo Jr., Nicola Scott [c]
Detective Chimp (Bobo) recalls Jim Rook’s funeral and inheriting the Sword Of Night. Zatanna, Wonder Woman, Man-Bat and Bobo travel to Myrra to try and find a way to stop the Otherkind from re-entering the world. They are attacked by a dragon and undead warriors, and Bobo believes that he is to blame for this strange phenomenon. The JLD defeat their attackers only to be confronted by Blue Devil. Meanwhile, Constantine and Swampy face Nabu at the Tree of Wonder, with Swamp Thing using the Tree to attack Nabu. This brings the attention of the Phantom Stranger.

Justice League Dark #6
“The Shadow Pact Part Two”, February 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Daniel Sampere [p], Romulo Fajardo Jr., Nicola Scott [c]
Blue Devil explains that Bobo tried to shirk his responsibilities as Nightmaster and accidentally broke one of the magical laws of Myrra when attempting to bring Jim Rook back from the dead. Now the citizens of Myrra are being attacked by the undead every night, and Myrra’s warlocks want to kill Bobo. Wonder Woman breaks Bobo out of prison, and he helps Zatanna study the magical texts that enable them to successfully stop the undead. Blue Devil reminds Bobo to find Jim Rook’s son, who is the real heir to the Sword of Night. Meanwhile, Nabu and Phantom Stranger fight, with Nabu soon trapping Stranger within the Helm of Fate. Just before he, too, is imprisoned, Constantine instructs Zatanna to “find Mordru”.

The Terrifics (2018) #11
“The Terrifics No More! Part 1”, March 2019
Jeff Lemire [w], Viktor Bogdanovic [p]
Mr. Terrific pursues Java (Doc Dread) through several universes to try and recover a stolen T-Shere. Java has been assassinating alternative versions of Mr. Terrific in each of the universes, and Terrific catches up with him on Earth-23. Terrific is shot out of the sky by a team of villains that Java has assembled called the Dreadfuls. Meanwhile, Plastic Man is rejected by Angel and their son Luke, Phantom Girl is unhappy with her role as duchess on the planet Bgztl, and Rex Mason (Metamorpho) struggles to find suitable work and a life outside of being a superhero.
Swamp-Man, the Swamp Thing from Earth-13, is visible on one of Mr. Terrific’s screens in one panel.

Justice League Dark #7
“Tales from the Otherkind”, March 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p, c], Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson [c]
Man-Bat recounts several haunting stories about the Otherkind. In ‘The Soup?’, Zatanna meets the demonic manager of a private club called the Morning Star, where patrons can fulfill their dark fantasies. One of the Otherkind appears and the manager attempts to set his demons against the creature but finds they have already been transformed into a green liquid. In ‘The Conjoined’, Andrew Bennett is briefly stopped by Swamp Thing and Bobo when hunting vampires and defending the world from Mary, Queen of Blood. Andrew descends into a tomb and finds a number of vampires fused together, calling for him to join them. In ‘The Offspring?’, heroes from S.H.A.D.E. meet Wonder Woman when investigating a submarine wreck in the Arctic. Frankenstein is attacked by creatures that burst from a dead crewman, and he is forced to destroy the ship in a nuclear explosion. Man-Bat discovers another story called ‘The Rip?’ in which a being attacks the world of Sargon and Zatara. Sargon gives his Ruby of Life to Zatara, who uses it to send a warning to Zatanna. Man-Bat then finds the ruby amongst his papers, while the Upside-Down Man watches on.

The Curse of Brimstone (2018) Annual #1
“The Way of All Flesh” (pp. 1-20), March 2019
Justin Jordan [w], Mike Perkins [p], Rain Beredo, Philip Tan [c]
Joe and his sister Annie encounter Constantine on a dark road. Constantine binds the siblings with an enchantment while he determines who they are, but Joe transforms into Brimstone and breaks free. Constantine learns about the curse and offers to assist if they help him stop a cult family from performing a ritual. The cult are impervious to magic so Constantine is helpless but Brimstone’s powers are still effective. The cult summon the God of Carnage while Constantine calls on Swamp Thing, and the heroes defeat all of their enemies simultaneously.

Heroes in Crisis (2018) #5
“Blood in the Way”, March 2019
Tom King [w], Clay Mann [p]
Wonder Woman and Superman speak to the media about the murders at Sanctuary, a therapy centre for superheroes, and about the facility itself in order to assuage the concerns of the public. Booster Gold and Blue Beetle knock out Flash to examine the evidence he has uncovered, and Booster realises that the murdered Wally West was from the future. Batgirl and Harley Quinn interrogate Skeets and uncover Booster’s whereabouts.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel while Superman is making his speech about the world’s heroes.

Justice League (2018) Annual #1
“Multiversal Meltdown!”, March 2019
Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV [w], Daniel Sampere [p]
The Justice League travel to the Source Wall, which they plan to repair using the surviving Omega Titans. Though the Entropy Omega Titan is dead, Starman explains that he can channel its energy through Kendra. She goes to take Entropy’s place in the Source Wall but they are attacked by Brainiac and the Legion of Doom. The villains redirect Starman’s energies and use him to reconstitute Perpetua, who has been trapped behind the Source Wall. Kendra and the other heroes flee before the Source Wall explodes, opening a hole at the edge of space. The Legion of Doom travel back to their headquarters with the unconscious Perpetua.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel with Detective Chimp when the Source Wall is destroyed.

Justice League Dark #8
“The Lords of Order”, April 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p, c], Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson [c]
Zatanna and Wonder Woman seek Mordru, who is able to wield the Ruby of Life. They speak to Felix Faust and Papa Midnight who have both been attacked by the Otherkind. Bobo, Swamp Thing and Traci Thirteen take care of the magical community in the Oblivion Bar. When the Upside-Down Man appears, Bobo helps everyone escape to Myrra, but there they encounter the Lords of Order. At the Hall of Justice, Man-Bat casts a spell and frees Khalid Nassour (who was once Doctor Fate) from Fate’s tower.

The Flash (2016) #65
“The Price Part 4: The Price of Loyalty”, April 2019
Joshua Williamson [w], Rafa Sandoval [p]
Gotham Girl is destroying Central City when she collapses due to the toxicity of the ‘venom’ solution that powers her. Batman and Flash (Barry Allen) save her life before arguing in the Batcave. Iris, who is mourning Wally West, writes a letter to Barry to say she is leaving. Later, Batman and Superman discuss their mistrust of other superheroes.
Swamp Thing appears on a monitor in the Batcave when Batman and Superman discuss investigating other superheroes.

Justice League Dark #9
“The Lords of Order Chapter 2”, May 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Miguel Mendonca [p], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p, c], Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson [c]
Khalid recounts witnessing Nabu (who resided in the Helmet of Fate) take control of Kent Nelson. Etrigan confronts the Lords of Order but he and Jason Blood are separated, which causes Blood to age rapidly. Blue Devil arrives and Bobo helps everyone escape to the castle using the Sword of Night, and they are soon joined by Man-Bat and Khalid. Zatanna and Wonder Woman visit Circe in their search for Mordru.

Doomsday Clock (2018) #9
“Crisis”, May 2019
Geoff Johns [w], Gary Frank [p]
While Superman lays unconscious in the JLA Headquarters, Earth’s heroes travel to Mars to confront Dr. Manhattan but find that they are unable to harm him. Ron Raymond learns that Professor Stein engineered the event that transformed them both into Firestorm. While the Earth is unprotected, villains attack the building where Wonder Woman is addressing the United Nations.
Swamp Thing travels to Mars with the other heroes and appears in several panels.

Suicide Squad: Black Files (2019) #5
“Rota Fortuna Part 5” (pp. 21-40), May 2019
Jai Nitz [w], Scott Eaton [p]
Sebastian Faust commands mental control over some of the Suicide Squad and operates a mechanical giant named Quellzorn. The remaining, magic-aligned, members of the Squad plan how they will stop Faust, convincing Juniper to open a door into the Green. The group are successfully teleported into Quellzorn but Juniper dies from the effort. The group battle their way through the giant and release the rest of the Suicide Squad from their spell. They all confront Faust who threatens to throw Aladdin’s lamp into a fire, but they are interrupted by Juniper who has returned as a giant creature capable of battling Quellzorn.
Swamp Thing is shown when Aladdin explains the concept of The Green to Juniper.

Justice League Dark #10
“The Lords of Order Chapter 3”, June 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p, c], Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson [c]
Khalid explains that Nabu’s plan is to let the Otherkind come to Earth and then destroy the realms that make up the Sphere of the Gods, including Myrra. This will cause all magical beings on Earth to die but the Lords of Order will be able to seal the gate between multiverses with their final act. Khalid and the other heroes prepare to flee Myrra but they are approached by Sister Symmetry who offers to let them live if they surrender their magical abilities. On Aeaea, Circe talks to Zatanna and Wonder Woman, explaining that Zatara planned all of these events before his death, and then organised for Constantine to continue his plan. Zatanna and Wonder Woman leave to await contact from Mordru, while Circe later conspires with the Upside-Down Man.
It is suggested that Zatara and Madame Xanadu are responsible for arranging Swamp Thing’s first meeting with Constantine, way back in The Saga of Swamp Thing #37 (June 1985).

DC’s Year of the Villain Special (2019) #1
“Justice (Chapter 3)” (pp. 15-22), July 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Francis Manapul [p]
Lex Luthor and his Legion of Doom take over the White House and extract information from Amanda Waller’s mind. When confronted by Captain Atom, Lex blows himself up. Leviathan captures Batgirl, Green Arrow and the Dark Archer and asks Batgirl to join him. Damian Wayne confides in Batman that he believes Jason Todd, the Red Hood, is involved with Leviathan. The Justice League prevent the priest Gerrian Myrde from piloting an ark full of people into the void at the end of the universe. Later, the Justice League decide to recruit more heroes to oppose Luthor, who is working with Perpetua, the mother of the multiverse. Meanwhile, Perpetua is growing a new version of Lex.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel when the Justice League decide to recruit more heroes to stop Luthor.

Justice League Dark #11
“The Lords of Order Chapter 4”, July 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p], Ryan Sook [c]
The population of Myrra flee to Kor but, when Myrra is destroyed, the citizens begin to vanish and the Sword of Night loses its power. Blue Devil is turned to stone when he attacks Nobu in anger. Jason Blood accepts Sister Symmetry’s offer on behalf of the group. Meanwhile, Zatanna and Wonder Woman meet Mordru in the Hall of Justice and he powers the Ruby of Life with chaos magic. The heroes accept the Ruby’s power and are transformed into Lords of Chaos.

Detective Comics (1937) #1004-#1005
#1004: “Medieval: Secrets & Lies”, July 2019
#1005: “Medieval Conclusion: Savage Sun”, July 2019
Peter J. Tomasi [w], Brad Walker [p]
#1004: In the Arkham Asylum sub-cellars, Dr. Jeremiah Arkham explains how his daughter Astrid became the Arkham Knight. After befriending the villains of Arkham Asylum and believing that Batman killed her mother during a riot, Astrid trained in martial arts in order to oppose Batman and protect Gotham. In the present day, Astrid commands villains and prepares her defences. In #1005, Batman and Robin attempt an assault on the Observatory where Astrid has set up her base. They defeat Arcane and Dr. Phosphorus, but Astrid unleashes an extremely bright light that renders the city blind. Batman tries to convince Astrid that he was not responsible for her mother’s death.  He destroys the light source and captures her but Astrid escapes while on her way to Blackgate Penitentiary.
Swamp Thing does not appear but Anton Arcane appears for the first time since the 2016 miniseries, commanding his Un-Men to attack Batman and Robin. Here Arcane’s Un-Men appear to be giant, plant-like creatures that are summoned out of the ground.

Justice League Dark #12
“The Lords of Order Chapter 5”, August 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p, c], Raul Fernandez, Brad Anderson [c]
The Lords of Order are stripping heroes of their magic when Wonder Woman and Zatanna arrive on Kor. They transform the Justice League Dark into Lords of Chaos, and the team begins destroying the rules of magic. Khalid confronts Nabu, and Zatanna provides Jason Blood with the power of the Demons Three. Together they free Kent Nelson, Constantine and Phantom Stranger, then trap Nabu’s power within the helmet. Sister Symmetry is transformed back into Madame Xanadu, and the other Lords of Order flee. Wonder Woman uses the Ruby of Life to repair the destruction. She announces that the JLD will protect the magical beings of the world, and then destroys the Ruby.

Batman: Damned (2018) #3
“Book Three”, August 2019. DC Black Label.
Brian Azzarello [w], Lee Bermejo [p]
Batman finds himself buried alive in a coffin before being rescued by Swamp Thing. While Swampy banters with Constantine in the graveyard, the group are attacked by Enchantress. Later, Constantine takes Batman to visit Zatanna, who performs a spell that transports them to Crime Alley soon after the Waynes have been murdered. Young Bruce is being harassed by the Enchantress until Constantine shoots them both, explaining to Batman that his past is now dead and he can move on. Batman goes to the morgue to see the Joker’s body and recalls his final battle on the bridge: after Batman is fatally stabbed, he decides to let the Joker fall from the bridge rather than save him. In the morgue, Batman wishes that things had been different, which seemingly causes the Joker to survive the fall from the bridge.

Justice League (2018) #25
“The Sixth Dimension!: Conclusion”, August 2019
Scott Snyder [w], Jorge Jimenez [w, p]
The Justice League battle future versions of themselves, while Batman (who has sided with the World Forger) implores his friends to listen to him. With Batman’s help, Superman finds his way out of the Sixth Dimension and destroys the Forger’s Crisis Anvil. Batman then convinces the Forger to join with the Justice League as a possible way to save the future. Mera welcomes the Justice League back at the Hall of Justice but explains that Lex Luthor has appealed to the world’s population to embrace Doom rather than Justice. Elswhere, Braniac witnesses the rebirth of Lex.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel when the Justice League discuss different approaches to dealing with Lex’s threat.

Justice League (2018) #26
“Apex Predator Part 1”, August 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Javier Fernandez [p]
At the House of Heroes, members of the Justice League of Earth-0 address heroes from across the Multiverse, and the World Forger asks those assembled to help find his brothers, the Monitors. In the Hall of Justice, other heroes try to find Perpetua and the Legion of Doom, and Hawkgirl leaves the Hall to search for J’onn Jonzz. Various people claim to have been visited by a cloaked figure, so J’onn J’onzz tracks the mysterious person to California and discovers it is Lionel Luthor.
The League of Shadows, including Swamp-Man, briefly appear at the House of Heroes.

Justice League Dark #13
“The Last Lord of Order”; “Secrets & Origins”; “The Witching Way”, September 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Mark Buckingham, Daniel Sampere [p], Guillem Marc, Arif Prianto [c]
When Kent Nelson was young, the wizard Nabu killed his father and then shared all of his secrets with Kent before being transformed into a helmet. In the present day, Wonder Woman tries to convince Kent to wear the helmet once again and join the team, but he believes it is too dangerous. In the Oblivion Bar, Zatanna confronts Constantine about what happened at Wintersgate Manor (Swamp Thing #50, July 1986), and wants to know what Zatara’s plan was, but Constantine is bound by magic and cannot reveal it. Lex Luthor visits Circe and offers to help her in the Witching War.
Swamp Thing only appears on the cover.

Justice League Dark Annual #1
“A Carious Bloom”, September 2019
James Tynion IV, Ram Venkatesan [w], Guillem March [p], Ivan Plascencia, Riley Rossmo [c]
Constantine visits the JLD in the Hall of Justice and informs Swamp Thing that the Parliament of Flowers is choosing another guardian to protect the Green. In Maine, Oleander Sorrel and his wife Natasha are grieving the loss of their child when Oleander is killed by a fire and is reborn as a flower creature. Swamp Thing explains what has happened but Oleander refuses to believe that he is no longer human. Later Oleander is visited by Woodrue, who convinces him to create children out of flowers to make Natasha happy. However, the children soon become drawn to suicide. Swamp Thing figures out what is going on, fights Woodrue, and forces Oleander to read his own journal notes, which suggest that Oleander killed himself. Oleander finally realises that he is no longer human, and that the flower children carry the memory of his suicide. After Natasha watches the children turn back into flowers, Woodrue convinces the despondent Oleander to take root, and Woodrue eats part of his body so that he can connect with the Green. Later, Woodrue is visited by Circe.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth (2019) #2
“Book Two”, September 2019. DC Black Label.
Scott Snyder [w], Greg Capullo [p]
In the past, Batman confronts Joe Chill about the child’s body he found in Crime Alley. In the apocalyptic present, Batman and the Joker’s severed head avoid a Speed Force storm, then witness the Green and Red do battle near Fort Waller. Batman travels to the Plains of Solitude where he is led by a synthetic Clark Kent to Lex Luthor, who explains his role in the apocalypse. Lex challenged Superman to a public debate about good and evil, and the loser (as decided by the world’s population) would be killed. To everyone’s surprise, Superman lost, and now Lex is attempting to save the world by bringing Superman back from the past. Bane and Scarecrow appear, attacking the heroes with Lex’s synthetic Supermen. Wonder Woman arrives to help the heroes, and Lex’s final act is to teleport them to the edge of the plains. There the heroes find Spectre’s cloak, which they use to travel to Limbo. Batman learns that Alfred is dead, having recently been killed by Omega. Batman, Joker and Wonder Woman arrive in Gotham where Omega controls the citizens using the Anti-Life signal. They are met by the Court of Owls, led by Dick Grayson.
Swamp Thing appears on one page, in the sky above Fort Waller.

Harley Quinn (2016) #64
“The Offer”, October 2019
Sam Humphries [w], Sami Basri [p]
Harley reads a comic to her mother in hospital, and she is soon joined by family and friends. In the story, Apex Lex repeatedly offers Harley a chance to become a more powerful villain and join the ‘Year of the Villain’ crossover but she refuses. Harley travels to Gotham and learns that Bane has taken over the city and clothes have been outlawed. Harley then appears in a story where Clark and Lois are working undercover, then in a Justice League Dark story where the team appears as Scooby Doo characters. Sick of his pestering, Harley attacks Lex but stops when he offers to rid her mother of cancer. While Harley is deciding what to do, the Grim Reaper comes and claims her mother.
The Justice League Dark appear on one page in a sequence that parodies Scooby Doo, with Swamp Thing playing the role of Shaggy.

Justice League Dark #14
“The Witching War Part 1”, October 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p], Guillem March, Arif Prianto [c]
Wonder Woman is visited by Zatara in a dream, and he warns her of an enemy who is working alongside the Upside-Down Man. She later speaks with Constantine and understands that the real threat is Circe. The rest of the JLD fight vampires and, afterwards, Klarion bewitches Man-Bat. Klarion and his cat Teekl travel to Jamaica to meet with other villains including Papa Midnite, Woodrue and Solomon Grundy. Circe appears and announces that the final member of the team is Eclipso.

Justice League (2018) #30
“Justice/Doom War Part 1”, October 2019
Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV [w], Jorge Jimenez [p]
Starman shows the Justice League a vision of the future where they are defeated by Lex Luthor and Perpetua, so Superman brings many superheroes to the Hall of Justice to help. Starman explains that the Multiverse is formed out of seven harmonious forces, but in the past it was made up of seven dark energies and governed by Perpetua until she was overthrown and imprisoned. Now Lex has freed Perpetua and can harness the dark energies by wielding part of the Totality. Starman reveals that he too has part of the Totality and suggests that teams travel to the past and future to gather more fragments. Upon reaching the past and future, the teams find that those timelines have already been altered by Lex’s forces. In the future, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman meet Kamandi, while John Stewart and Flash meet the Justice Society of America in 20th Century New York. Meanwhile, Lex and Perpetua gather the world’s villains into a Legion of Doom.
Swamp Thing appears in several panels with other heroes in the Hall of Justice, both in Starman’s vision of the future and in the present day.

Batman/Superman (2019) #1-#3
#1: “Who Are the Secret Six? Part One”, October 2019
#2: “Who Are the Secret Six? Part Two”, November 2019
#3: “Who Are the Secret Six? Part Three”, December 2019
Joshua Williamson [w], David Marquez [p]
In #1, the Batman Who Laughs has killed the Justice League of Earth-22 and is now planning to do the same on Earth-0. Batman and Superman investigate the disappearance of a child and believe that the Batman Who Laughs is responsible. They find BML’s Batcave underneath Crime Alley and realise that he is planning to infect six superheroes with the Joker toxin. They then find a crazed Billy Batson, who transforms into the Shazam Who Laughs. In #2, Superman and Batman fight the Shazam Who Laughs, but Shazam gets away when Batman is injured and is taken to the Fortress of Solitude. They learn that Superman has been targeted by Batman Who Laughs, so Superman infects himself and visits BML in his prison underneath the Hall of Justice in order to find out the villain’s plan. In #3, Batman Who Laughs angers Superman and forces him to blow his cover, so Batman must restrain them both and cure Superman. Batman figures out that Jim Gordon is infected and that there is no missing child. Batman and Superman defeat Gordon and the Batman armour he controls and calls ‘Rookie’. When the heroes take the armour back to the Fortress of Solitude, it transforms into an infected Blue Beetle, who takes over the Fortress. Meanwhile, the Legion of Doom symbol appears in the sky and the BWL knows that he will have a confrontation with Lex.
In #1, Swamp Thing appears with other heroes as one of those potentially infected by the Batman Who Laughs.  In #2 & #3, Swampy can be seen in the Hall of Justice.

Doomsday Clock (2018) #11
“A Lifelong Mistake”, November 2019
Geoff Johns [w], Gary Frank [p]
Lex Luthor shows Lois his collection of photographs of Jon Osterman and Janey Slater, which Dr. Manhattan has been unwittingly leaving at sites he has visited throughout history. Reggie Long, who has now rejected the Rorschach identity, refuses help from Alfred Pennyworth. Ozymandias reveals how he has manipulated other heroes to set up a confrontation between Superman and Dr. Manhattan, and explains that Dr. Manhattan didn’t kill Marionette because her child will one day be adopted by Dan Dreiberg and Laurie Juspeczyk. As the timeline of the universe is altered by these events, Saturn Girl disappears.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel when Ozymandias is describing the DC Universe.

Lucifer (2018) #12
“And He Said Stay Thy Hand”, December 2021
Dan Watters [w], Max Fiumara [p]
Lucifer visits several realms of the underworld, seeking a home for Sycorax. The legendary Samson suffers in Hell as a suicide before being transformed into a wooden shovel and accompanying Sycorax and Thessaly. Now those who come into contact with Samson are infected with a desire to seek vengeance on Heaven. The trio are approached by the archangel Raguel, who asks about the whereabouts of the cherub Diri. Elsewhere, Caliban has killed Diri. Mazikeen forces Caliban to ingest the angel, which makes him mortally ill. Mazikeen seeks help from Lucifer to save Caliban, and Sycorax and Raguel also attend. When Raguel learns of Diri’s murder, he grabs the shovel Samson and expresses the desire to kill the other angels. Sycorax then slays Raguel, thereby declaring war on heaven.
Lucifer approaches the Parliament of Trees in one panel when considering a home for Sycorax. Swamp Thing does not appear.

Justice League Dark #15
“The Witching War Part 2”, November 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p], Guillem March, Arif Prianto [c]
Wonder Woman asks Swamp Thing and Bobo to find Circe, after explaining that Circe is their enemy and posesses the power of Hecate. Wonder Woman talks to Zatanna and Kent about her dream, and shows them magical artifacts that she has hidden underneath the Hall of Justice. She also reveals that Eclipso is trapped within a black diamond, and asks her friends to use this to transport her to the domain of Hecate, the Collective Unconscious (a.k.a the Witch’s Moon). There, she meets Witchfire and is ambushed by Circe. In the Amazon, Midnite and Woodrue travel to the Parliament of Flowers to propose a deal, but they are confronted by Swamp Thing. Woodrue poisons Swampy and, just before he dissipates, he asks Bobo and Kahlid to seek help from Abby. An enchanted Man-Bat injects himself with a serum that turns him into a monster, and Klarion and Grundy travel to Necropolis.

The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid GN
October 2019
Kirk Scroggs [w, p, c]
Russell Weinwright is a half-plant, half-human, middle-school student in Houma who was found in the swamp as a baby and raised by human parents. Russell occasionally goes into a trance and has visions of the swamp and its resident, Swamp Thing, and during these spells he can subconsciously manipulate his plant body. After a few public displays of these abilities, Russell finds that he is being followed by henchmen from Arcane’s organisation. He ventures into the swamp to talk to Swamp Thing and find out about his own origins, but Swampy can offer no answers. A sample of Russell’s body goes missing from the school science lab and Russell learns that his classmate, Nils Canebrake, has turned it into a performance-enhancing serum. The serum causes Nils to become aggressive and turn into a giant swamp rat until Swamp Thing appears and overpowers him. Swamp Thing is set upon by Arcane’s men and another student who has the power to deplete Swampy of chlorophyll, but Russell comes to the rescue and Arcane’s men flee.
A children’s book in which Swamp Thing appears throughout. The effects of the serum on Nils are reminiscent of the effects of the bio-restorative formula on Arcane and his henchmen in the 1982 Swamp Thing film.

Secrets of Sinister House (2019) #1
“Dreamweaver” (pp. 42-51), December 2019
Robbie Thompson [w], Tom Raney [p]
Bobo is investigating the disappearance of the rest of the Justice League Dark when he meets someone claiming to be the demon Gita. Gita explains that the group are trapped within their own nightmares but Bobo realises that this is all a prank played by Mxyzptlk. He releases the group from their spell and Zatanna sends Mxyzptlk back to the Fifth Dimension.

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen (2019) #4
December 2019
Matt Fraction [w], Steve Lieber [p]
Hiding out in Gotham as the irritating internet personality Timmy Olsen, Jimmy Olsen explains his conspiracy theory to Lois Lane. During a stunt for charity, Jimmy recently destroyed a monument built by Lex Luthor’s ancestors, but he believes Lex organised the accident so that he could build a new trainline where the monument once stood. Other people associated with the mishap have mysteriously died, and Jimmy has faked his death and fled to Gotham to avoid being assassinated.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel as a bouncer outside a kinky bar in one of “Timmy” Olsen’s videos.

Justice League Dark #16
“The Witching War Part 3”, December 2019
James Tynion IV [w], Fernando Blanco, Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p], Nathan Fairbairn, Yanick Paquette [c]
On the Witch’s Moon, Circe overpowers Wonder Woman. She explains that Hecate repressed the other part of herself (the Upside-Down Man), and Eclipso was created to keep Hecate’s power in check. Now Circe wants to possess the power of Eclipso. Circe returns to Earth in the guise of Wonder Woman, while Wonder Woman remains trapped in the Collective Unconscious. Bobo and Khalid trap the transformed Man-Bat in a cage of fire in the Oblivion Bar, and Bobo asks Constantine about Abby. The Legion of Doom symbol appears in the sky.
Swamp Thing only briefly appears in a deconstructed, goo form.

The Sandman Universe Presents Hellblazer (2019) #1
“The Best Version of You”, December 2019. DC Black Label.
Simon Spurrier [w], Marcio Takara [p]
John Constantine witnesses a magic war involving an evil, adult Tim Hunter, and tricks Chas into sacrificing himself. Constantine is severely injured and meets the adolescent Tim Hunter who has travelled from the past. Constantine then meets his older self, who offers to save his life in exchange for his soul. After making this deal, Constantine awakens in the Ravenscar psychiatric hospital in 2019. He travels to a London hospital and finds Chas in a coma being harrassed by demons. Chas’ angry spirit talks to Constantine and explains that he is dying of cancer from secondhand smoking. Constantine decides to find Tim Hunter.
At the beginning of the issue, John witnesses events that were first depicted in Books of Magic #4 (Mar. 1991) and mentions seeing Tefé, who briefly appears in that issue. Swamp Thing appears in a flashback on one page.

Justice League (2018) #35-#37
#35: “Justice/Doom War Part 6”, January 2020
Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV [w], Francis Manapul [p]
#36: “Justice/Doom War Part 7”, January 2020
Scott Snyder [w], Francis Manapul, Howard Porter [p]
#37: “Justice/Doom War Part 8”, February 2020
Scott Snyder [w], Jorge Jimenez [p]
#35: In the Hall of Justice, the Justice League discuss Starman’s prophecy and the sigil of Doom that has appeared in the sky across all of the Multiverses. Perpetua destroys Earth-19 (the Gotham By Gaslight, steampunk world) and plans to destroy all worlds that have sided with Justice over Doom. Hawkgirl and Shayne (her son with J’on J’onzz, from the future) try to travel back to Earth but their ship is damaged by Perpetua. Perpetua orders Lex to attack the Justice League.  In #36, Perpetua transforms Brianiac into her throne and captures Cheetah, Gorilla Grodd and Sinestro, feeding their energies to Lex. Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman assemble and address Earth’s heroes in the Hall of Justice, explaining that they need Shayne’s help to telepathically connect everyone on Earth. John Stewart travels in Flash’s car to retrieve Shayne and Hawkgirl, who are being attacked by Mobius, the Anti-Monitor. Lex’s forces assemble outside the Hall of Justice, which transforms into a flying fortress.  In #37, Mobius attempts to take Hawkgirl’s wings to sever her connection to the Totality, but John Stewart crashes into him, freeing his brothers the Monitor and the World Forger. Mobius calls to Perpetua for help and she throws Earth-44 (a world where superheroes are robots) at the group. With Flash’s car destroyed, the World Forger uses the power of Earth-44’s impact to open a gateway and transport the others to Earth-0. During the battle on Earth-0, some heroes are struggling to telepathically connect the people of Earth to positive forces. However, when Shayne and the others arrive, the Doom sigil dissipates. 
In #35, Swamp Thing and Bobo observe the Legion of Doom symbol above the sky in Louisiana, even though Swampy is deconstructed goo when this occurs in Justice League Dark #16.  Swampy appears in a couple of panels in the Hall of Justice in #36, and fights in the battle in #37.

Flash Forward (2019) #4
“Chapter Four: Flash Of Two Worlds”, February 2020
Scott Lobdell [w], Brett Booth [p]
Accompanied by Tempus the Figunaut, Wally West witnesses Earth-13 and Earth-32 being pulled together by Dark Multiversal Matter, which results in a battle between the League of Shadows and the Outlaws of Justice. He wants to use the staff Tempus gave him to destroy the Dark Matter but it is stolen by Lightspeed (Linda Park in this universe), and the two work together to separate the worlds. Later, Wally finds himself on another world where he is reunited with his children, but they must flee a new horror.
Swamp-Man fights for the League of Shadows.

Justice League Dark #17-#19
#17: “The Witching War Part 4”, January 2020
James Tynion IV [w], Javi Fernandez [p], Stephen Segovia, Rain Beredo [c]
#18: “The Witching War Part 5”, March 2020
#19: “The Witching War Finale”, March 2020
James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p], Nathan Fairbairn, Yanick Paquette [c]
#17: In the ancient past, Circe flees the region of Colchis after killing her abusive husband. She meets Hecate, who gives her the witchmark and the power to enact revenge on those who wronged her. In the present, Circe (as Wonder Woman) possesses the black diamond and meets the rest of the JLD, including Man-Bat who has assumed his regular form. Circe is soon exposed and her team attacks the JLD. Zatanna dispossesses Circe of the black diamond and the JLD flee to the vault where the artifacts are housed. In the Collective Unconscious, the real Wonder Woman and Witchfire meet the Upside-Down Man.  In #18, Wonder Woman strikes a deal with the Upside-Down Man, offering to make him whole (rather than merely a mirror of Hecate’s magic) if he will allow her to return to Earth. The Upside-Down Man agrees but bites Witchfire’s throat. Circe and her team break into the vault with the help of the dragon Drakful Karfang, who Circe has reanimated.  In #19, Wonder Woman appears at the Hall of Justice as a triple goddess. She destroys the dragon and confronts Circe, causing the rest of Injustice League Dark to surrender. Circe frees Eclipso who, in turn, possesses Wonder Woman until Khalid (wearing the Helmet of Fate) intervenes. Wonder Woman heals Bobo and Kirk and traps Circe in a mirror, but Wonder Woman allows Circe to possess the power she desires and offers to work with her in the future. Later, Man-Bat interviews Wonder Woman about magic, and the team resolves to save Swamp Thing.
Throughout these issues, Swamp Thing only briefly appears as slime.  He also appears on the cover of #18.  #17 released with a clear, acetate cover.

Batman/Superman (2019) #6
“Infection Aftermath”, March 2020
Joshua Williamson [w], David Marquez [p]
Batman and Superman have been keeping information secret regarding the toxin spread by the Batman Who Laughs. Wonder Woman reveals that she has known about the infection since Donna Troy began acting strangely, and is disappointed with Bruce and Clark’s secretive behaviour. Other heroes also discuss the situation. Batman proposes that he create a database of villains that he and Superman can manage together. They tell the infected Jim Gordon that they will find a cure. Elsewhere, General Zod and Ra’s Al Ghul meet at the Lazarus Pits and propose an alliance.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel as heroes discuss being lied to by Batman and Superman.

Superman (2018) #19
“Truth Part 2”, March 2020
Brian Michael Bendis [w], Ivan Reis [p]
The staff at the Daily Planet discuss what will change at the paper now that Superman has announced he is Clark Kent. Superman learns that he has the support of the people, and of other heroes. Later, an alliance of aliens wish to colonise a planet but are confronted by Mongul. Superman arrives and fights Mongul, but the other aliens bicker and Superman is knocked unconscious in the chaos.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel with other heroes in the Hall of Justice.

Superman: Heroes (2020) #1
April 2020
Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Greg Rucka [w], Kevin Maguire, Mike Perkins, Steve Lieber, Mike Norton, Scott Godlewski [p]
Superman announces to the world that he is Clark Kent and he receives mixed reactions from other superheroes, Jimmy Olsen, his childhood schoolteacher, and the general populace. Lex Luthor gives Lois and Clark information which implicates Marisol Leone, the owner of the Daily Planet, as a Mafia leader and they must decide how to act.
Swamp Thing appears in two panels when Superman seeks the opinions of other heroes at the Hall of Justice.

The Terrifics (2018) #25
“The Adventures You Choose”, April 2020
Gene Luen Yang [w], Dan Mora [p, c]
To stop a magical tree from destroying Gateway City, Mr. Terrific tests a device called the T-Infinity, which allows the Terrifics to explore multiple courses of action and their consequences. In some possibilities, the group meets Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Simon Stagg, and the Justice League of China, but in each case they are defeated by the tree. In another possibility, Phantom Girl leads the group and they find a door in the tree, which leads to an underground city of anthropomorphic crows. They notice a crow who is being bullied and, if they help him, they are gifted with a flower that allows them to understand the crows’ speech. They force their way into the castle and, if they have the flower, converse with Lord Shiga. Shiga explains that Tengu City exists in a hollow in the Earth and is protected by the tree. A neighbouring city had been attacked, so a sorceress cast a spell that allowed Tengu and the tree to become mobile and flee the threat, which resulted in Gateway City being encroached upon. Mr. Terrific offers to help by using the T-Infinity to allow both cities to survive. In one possibility, the citizens of Gateway City escape before their city is destroyed. In the other possibility, the citizens of Tengu flee and the tree is stopped. With Gateway City safe, Mr. Terrific feels uneasy because he vaguely remembers the other possibilities, and he turns the T-Infinity off.
A ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ story. Swamp Thing only appears on the cover.

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[w] denotes writer, [p] denotes penciller, but I have included both penciller and inker if both are credited equally as artists. [c] denotes cover artist, but I have mostly only included the last in instances where Swampy is illustrated by someone other than the inside penciller.