Volume 2

Covering issues #151-171 (1995-96) and up to 2000…

Mark Millar continued as the writer until the final issue of the series (#171) in October 1996, by which point the series had been running continuously for over 14 years.  Swamp Thing and his supporting characters only made a few minor appearances until a new series began at the turn of the millennium.  In this period, there was also a one-shot (Swamp Thing: Roots) that expanded upon the history of plant elementals slightly, but contained no characters from previous issues.

Appearances that I consider to be fairly minor are indented. The below titles were published on the Vertigo imprint unless otherwise noted.

Swamp Thing #151
“River Run Prologue: Flotsam and Jetsam”, February 1995
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], Brian Bolland [c]
Anna, the author of a collection of stories titled ‘River Run’, is stuck in a cycle of death and is continually reborn into one of her unfinished short stories. Anna believes that Swamp Thing is the missing element in each of the stories, and by completing them her soul will be at rest and she will be freed from the cycle. Meanwhile, many residents flee Houma is in fear of the Swamp Thing.  A local cop Casey ventures into the swamp and encounters some of the Cajuns who seem to have been transformed into trees by the maniacal Swamp Thing (in #141).
The stories of the ‘River Run’ arc (#152-157) contain several familiar characters, but are set in alternative worlds of Anna’s invention.

Guy Gardner: Warrior (1994) #29
“It’s My Party And I’ll Fight If I Want To”, March 1995. DC Comics.
Beau Smith [w], Phil Jimenez [p]
Guy Gardner throws a party to celebrate the opening of his bar, Warrior’s, and many superheroes are in attendance.  Tempers flare and there is a brawl.
A very minor appearance: only Swamp Thing’s legs are visible on p. 15.

Swamp Thing #152
“River Run, Chapter One: City of the Dead”, March 1995
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], Brian Bolland [c]
In a nightmarish New Orleans full of zombies, vampires and werewolves, a paranormal investigator named Harry Moon gets a new case.  A woman (Anna) asks him to find her husband Martin who was the victim of a devolution spell and has since been responsible for several murders.  Swamp Thing travels through the Green and into one of Anna’s stories, but is trapped in a jar by locals.  Harry Moon sets him free and Swampy fights Martin, who by now has turned into a walking fish.  Swamp Thing and Anna convince the fish monster to leave town and it soon devolves into nothingness.

Swamp Thing #153
“River Run, Chapter Two: Twilight of the Gods”, April 1995
Mark Millar [w], Chris Weston [p], Brian Bolland [c]
In a world ruled by Nazis, the US president creates a host body out of plants and summons the spirit of the Golem to possess it, in an attempt to harness the world’s psychic power as an alternative energy source.  When Swamp Thing inhabits the body instead, the president reveals that he deeply regrets the Holocaust and actually summoned the Golem to destroy the world.  Swamp Thing witnesses an act of love between the president’s wife Anna and his dog handler Karl and refuses to kill the Earth’s population, so the president sets Swampy free.  The Führer Alois Hitler and his wife Norma Jean visit the US and the president informs them that the Golem project has been abandoned.  However, as the president did not dispose of the host body correctly, it becomes inhabited by the spirit of the real Golem who then destroys the world in revenge for past atrocities.

Swamp Thing #154
“River Run, Chapter Three: The Bad Seed”, May 1995
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
Abby goes to live with her uncle Anton and his family in Iowa.  At night, Anton finds Abby having sex with a scarecrow that contains the spirit of her father Gregori.  Abby is then responsible for the disappearance of her cousin Joey.  Swamp Thing is unable to grow a body in this alternative reality but manages to possess the scarecrow as Abby is preparing to kill her uncle and aunt.  Anton realises that Abby is a soulless homunculus created by Gregori and he attacks her.  Abby tricks Swamp Thing into thinking her uncle is evil, and Swampy kills Anton.  Swamp Thing then leaves, not realising that Abby is evil and has her Aunt Anna tied up in the basement.

Swamp Thing #155
“River Run, Chapter Four: The Secret of Slaughter Swamp”, June 1995
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
In Slaughter Swamp near Illinois, Cyrus Gold is killed by vigilantes after attacking a girl.  In the following years, a number of other people met violent ends in the same swamp and a pale flower grows there for every death.  Laurence and Anna grieve on the birthday of their son Michael, who disappeared decades before.  Laurence is a superhero, granted powers by a mysterious Black Box, and he is summoned to fight Grundy who has recently emerged out of Slaughter Swamp.  Grundy is possessed by Swamp Thing, who manages to stop Grundy attacking nearby humans.  After Laurence appears and disables Grundy, he asks his magic staff to reveal the secret of Slaughter Swamp, which causes all of the dead to rise.  The spirit of Michael appears and reveals that he was murdered by his mother Anna.  Swamp Thing (still in Grundy’s body) explains that he was summoned there by the spirits in order to draw Laurence to the Swamp.  Laurence uses his staff to set the spirits free, then returns to his wife.  They do not speak to each other of their secret, which causes a pale flower to grow in their garden.

Swamp Thing #156
“River Run, Chapter Five: Darker Genesis”, July 1995
Mark Millar [w], Phil Jimenez [p], John Totleben [c]
Alec and Linda Holland work on a bio-restorative formula in Michigan and their child Anna finds a copy of Swamp Thing #1 (Oct./Nov. 1972).  Alec and Matt Cable discover Swamp Thing’s body and bring it to the lab.  The Holland family are attacked by agents of a rival company and are told to cease their work.  Swamp Thing comes alive and also warns the Hollands to leave, but the agents return and kill Matt and Linda before they can do so.  One of the murderers catches on fire and plunges into the swamp.  Swampy expects a monster to emerge but the man simply dies.  Swamp Thing donates his body to scientific research, while Alec and Anna move to Louisiana and meet Abby Arcane.

Swamp Thing #157
“River Run, Chapter Six: Sink or Swim”, August 1995
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester, Kim DeMulder [p], John Totleben [c]
Anna lives a comfortable life in Minnesota with her boyfriend Bobby when she receives a chain letter.  She burns it instead of passing it on and then encounters bad luck: she loses her job, boyfriend, savings, house and sister.  Unable to finish her book ‘River Run’, Anna commits suicide.  Swamp Thing meets Anna’s spirit and informs her that her soul remains tied to the Mississippi.  Anna is suddenly transformed into water and flows down a drain, and Swamp Thing finds there is a seventh chapter in her book.

Swamp Thing #158
“The Parliament of Waves”, September 1995
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
After reading the final chapter of ‘River Run’, Swamp Thing travels to the Marianas Trench in the Philippine Sea to ask the Parliament of Waves to lay Anna’s soul to rest.  The Parliament explain that they drove Anna to suicide so that she could become an elemental but, because she had not finished her book, Anna’s spirit was not at peace and she became a wandering ghost. Anna asks Swamp Thing to take her place in the Parliament of Waves.  When Swampy agrees to become the water elemental, Anna’s soul is freed.  Swamp Thing returns to the swamp where he meets a local Cajun boy who is terrified of him.

Swamp Thing #159
“Swamp Dog”, October 1995
Mark Millar [w], Jill Thompson [p], Tom Taggart [c]
In Scotland, Jerry’s parents have fallen on hard times and they sell the family dog, Scooby.  One year later, there is a meeting of a Gastronomy Society, whose members present strange foods for each other to eat.  Sir Edward brings one of Swamp Thing’s discarded heads, while Sir Norman presents Jerry, whom he has abducted.  The members decide to eat Jerry rather than face expulsion from the exclusive club but, before they can kill the boy, the head of Swamp Thing becomes possessed by the spirit of Scooby, turns into a dog, and kills the men.  Meanwhile, Jerry’s parents go to bed, not regretful of having sold their son to Sir Norman.

Batman (1940) #522
“Swamp Things”, September 1995. DC Comics.
Doug Moench [w], Kelley Jones [p]
Batman follows an escaped Killer Croc to the Louisiana swamps.  They fight, but Swamp Thing helps Killer Croc escape, explaining that he drew the Croc to Louisiana where he can live in safe isolation from humans and where Swampy can keep an eye on him.

Swamp Thing #160
“Ace of Swords”, November 1995
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
Boz and Tark the Barbarian come to Earth seeking ex-rock star Jim Rook who can save their world Myrra from warlocks, but Tark is hit and killed by a truck.  In a bar in Manhattan, Rook meets with a fan named Maggie.  Boz finds Rook, who remembers Boz from the past but believed that his adventures in Myrra were an acid-induced hallucination.  Boz explains that Rook must use the Nightmaster’s sword to defeat the warlocks, who are destroying Myrra and are approaching Earth.  The warlocks are planning to steal Swamp Thing’s powers in order to destroy America, and Boz promises Rook that his ex-wife Janet will return to him if Rook becomes the Nightmaster and saves the world.  Boz and Rook travel to Myrra via a mysterious store named Oblivion Inc.  Meanwhile, Swamp Thing carries a box containing one of Abby’s buttons to try and hold onto his humanity.  Killer Croc wants to know what is in the box, but Swamp Thing repels him using his newfound ability to control water.  Abby visits the swamp and is reunited with Swamp Thing.

Underworld Unleashed: Abyss – Hell’s Sentinel (1995) #1
December 1995. DC Comics
Scott Peterson [w], Phil Jimenez [p]
Alan Scott (the original Green Lantern, who now goes as Sentinel) has become young again, so his elderly wife Molly sells her soul to Neron to become the youthful Harlequin.  Alan seeks the help of the Phantom Stranger and they recruit a number of magical heroes (Zatanna, Spectre, Dr. Fate, Deadman) to travel to the Abyss.  They defeat Dementor, Blackbriar Thorn, Etrigan and Blaze to save Molly, but Alan is captured by Neron.
Swamp Thing appears in the background on p. 12-13 when Phantom Stranger details the evil supernatural forces that are attacking the world.

Swamp Thing #161
“Many Happy Returns”, December 1995
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
Abby explains that she has split-up with Don, has a new job, and now wants to return to the swamp to live, but Swamp Thing tells her it is too dangerous.  He believes that his emotions are becoming more abstract and he is losing touch with his human side.  They also discuss Tefé, who is currently being trained by the Parliament of Earth – the united Parliaments of Trees and Stones.  Meanwhile, Myrra has been overrun and Brochian the Druid has been sent to Earth to take control of Swamp Thing’s powers.  Swamp Thing suddenly disappears, leaving Abby alone with a creature he made out of stone for companionship.  Brochian uses Swamp Thing’s powers to construct a large Wicker Man around a local police station, trapping people inside.

Swamp Thing #162
“Telephone Calls From the Dead”, January 1996
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
Brochian traps Swamp Thing within his mind and takes control of his powers.  The druid burns the Wicker Man, sacrificing the people inside, but this does not exorcise Swamp Thing’s spirit from the Earth as he expected.  Though cut off from the Green, Swamp Thing is still able to access the Blue and manages to dehydrate Brochian to death and put out the fires using rain.  Meanwhile, Abby ingests a tuber and, paranoid, flees the stone creature, but it saves her from alligators and the two talk.  When Swamp Thing returns to the swamp, the stone creature explains that Abby has left him again.

Guy Gardner: Warrior (1994) #39
“Merriment, Mistletoe, and…Mayhem!”, February 1996. DC Comics.
Beau Smith [w], Marc Campos [p]
Guy Gardner throws a party on Christmas Eve but is feeling reflective.  Spectre takes him to see the spirit of his father, who offers Guy some words of encouragement.  Guy is also visited by Queen Olaf, the mother of Ice, who presents guy with a small statue of her late daughter.
Swamp Thing appears inside the Christmas tree on p. 11.

Swamp Thing #163
“Trees of Knowledge”, February 1996
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester, Kim DeMulder [p], John Totleben [c]
On his way to visiting the people-trees, Cajun boy Jules meets Swamp Thing, who is upset that Abby has left.  The boy encourages Swampy to speak with the transformed Cajuns, but the people-trees tell Swamp Thing that the three entities that are guiding him want Swampy to destroy all of humankind.  They also explain that Swampy is losing his humanity as he becomes more powerful.  Swamp Thing meets The Traveller and refuses to help save the world from the warlocks, which is the ordeal devised by the Parliament of Vapors.  The Traveller and Blake decide that they must help the Nightmaster save the Earth, so they make Rook’s ex-wife Janet leave her partner.  The Nightmaster and Boz return to Earth but the warlocks are close behind.  Swamp Thing throws away Abby’s button and tries to decide what to do.  Meanwhile, Rook’s friend Maggie meets El Señor Blake in a bar and he tells her that she will give birth to a special boy.

Swamp Thing #164
“The Parliament of Vapors”, March 1996
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
Fantastic creatures from Myrra begin appearing in Manhattan and cause chaos.  Janet also arrives in the city and meets up with Jim Rook and Boz.  Swamp Thing talks with the stone creature about his conundrum: he can save the world from destruction by warlocks and become the air elemental, but risk being corrupted and destroying the world himself.  Having made his decision, Swamp Thing arrives at the Oblivion Inc. bookshop to lend assistance.  He speaks with the books, and learns that Myrra is a world invented by Jim Rook as an escape from his miserable reality and it has somehow become manifested physically.  As Rook brings himself back to the real world, the creatures of Myrra disappear and Janet is transported back to her husband.  Swamp Thing is brought to the Parliament of Vapors, who inform Swamp Thing that he has passed their test.  Swamp Thing refuses to become their air elemental but these new abilities are bestowed upon him anyway.  Meanwhile, the three entities have collected various gifts to give to the coming Star-Child: a copy of ‘River Run’, Sargon’s Ruby, and the Nightmaster’s sword.

Swamp Thing #165
“Chester Williams: American Cop”, April 1996
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester, Curt Swan [p]
Chester, now a professor in New York, calls the police on his drug-taking friends and then decides to become a cop. He assaults and executes criminals and innocent civilians to become a successful police officer; wins Liz back and is abusive towards her; and is then asked by the government to explain to Swamp Thing why destroying the environment is good for the economy. Swampy says that he is going to build a utopia, but Chester tells Swampy that the world only cares about money and power, and Swamp Thing concedes that Chester is right. Chester then becomes President.
A vicious but humorous jab at America’s right wing, this story is out of continuity.

Swamp Thing #166
“Trial By Fire, Part 1: Golden Days Before the End”, May 1996
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
One year after his meeting with the Parliament of Vapors, Swamp Thing has created and retreated to a kingdom in the swamp, where he is worshipped by a cult that includes Connie Sunderland.  The government are afraid that Swamp Thing and Tefé are preparing to attack humanity, so Woodrue is sent to reason with Swampy.  Woodrue travels to the palace at the centre of the kingdom and speaks with Swamp Thing, who now communicates only telepathically.  Swamp Thing explains that he is awaiting the trial devised by the Parliament of Flames, after which he will destroy all animal life on the planet and create a new ecosystem  His new world will be populated by a new intelligent species, the first of which is growing in the womb of Maggie.  Woodrue also learns that Swamp Thing has taken a non-human form, and the entire kingdom is Swampy’s body.  Meanwhile, Constantine, Phantom Stranger, and Timothy Raven (whose first and only previous appearance was Swamp Thing #5, July/Aug. 1973) meet and are assigned tasks: Raven is to invoke Arcane, Constantine is to obtain wishing matches from El Señor Blake, and the Stranger is to seek help from The Word.  Abby is visited by governmental Men In Black who inform her of the situation regarding Swamp Thing and Tefé.

Kingdom Come (1996) #2
“Truth and Justice”, June 1996. DC Comics.
Mark Waid [w], Alex Ross [p]
Superman and the Justice League return from an absence in order to police a new, irresponsible generation of superheroes.  They begin constructing a prison to house the metahumans that oppose them.  Superman tries to recruit Batman but the two disagree on the best course of action.  Superman also confronts Magog, who was responsible for killing the Joker and sending Superman into retirement.  Lex Luthor, protected by Shazam, wishes to heighten the conflict between humans and metahumans.
Someone resembling Swamp Thing appears in the background in a bar scene where Superman issues an ultimatum to the superhero community. While a very minor appearance, it suggests that Swampy exists in the world of Kingdom Come.  This was once designated as Earth-96 but since Flashpoint (2011) has been known as Earth 22 of the DC Multiverse.

Swamp Thing #167
“Trial By Fire, Part 2: Word of God”, June 1996
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
Lady Jane talks to the Parliament of Trees about Tefé, who is tired of her training and wants to return to her family.  The Parliament cancels Tefé’s training upon learning that The Word is on his way to the Parliament.  Tefé visits the grove of the founders to learn the real reason a plant/human elemental was created.  The Word (the first creation and bodyguard of God) asks the Parliament of Trees to stop Swamp Thing from carrying out his plan.  When they refuse, The Word destroys the Parliament and Lady Jane, who sacrifices herself to help Tefé escape.  Meanwhile, Woodrue provides Swamp Thing with details of the first attack planned against him; Abby and Chester meet in New Orleans and decide to try to reason with Swamp Thing; and Timothy Raven summons Arcane in Louisiana.

Swamp Thing #168
“Trial By Fire, Part 3: The Last Temptation of Anton”, July 1996
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
The Phantom Stranger informs Swamp Thing that Arcane has returned and has possessed the body of Timothy Raven.  Swampy meets with Arcane, who tells him that he has repented after meeting Father Kelly (#144, Jul. 1994) in Hell and now doesn’t want Swamp Thing to destroy the Earth.  Swampy kills a sparrow to illustrate that life does not matter and Arcane realises that he will not be able to convince Swamp Thing.  Swamp Thing creates a new body for Arcane as a favour, so Arcane leaves Raven’s host body (which Arcane has cured of cancer).  Abby and Chester enlist Liz Tremayne to help them reason with Swamp Thing, but Chester is nervous to be around her.  In order to contact Swamp Thing, Liz has brought the flower that he gave to her (#112, Oct. 1991).  Abby senses that Tefé is nearby and finds her hiding in a cupboard.  The Word destroys the Parliaments of Stones and Waves, who refuse to stop Swamp Thing.

Fate (1994) #20
“Convergence”, July 1996. DC Comics.
Len Kaminski [w], Anthony Williams [p]
In a dream, Fate (Jared Stevens) learns that he is a champion created by both the Lords of Order and of Chaos, but also believes that he will bring about the end of the world. He awakens to discover he has slept with Krysten, and teleports away when approached by Charnelle and Phantom Stranger. Without a specific destination in mind, Fate finds himself visiting other mystical heroes, including Jason Blood, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, and Swamp Thing. He eventually encounters Pharaoh, who claims to have been responsible for bringing about Civilisation. Elsewhere, Kent and Inza Nelson (in the bodies of Eugene and Wendy DiBella) bring Raina (here mistakenly referred to as Raiuna) to Nabu, who is trapped in the body of a baby. After regaining his powers, Nabu confronts Pharaoh. Krysten also arrives and reveals herself to be Typhon, Lord of Chaos. Inza possess the wife of Alan Scott to request his help.

Swamp Thing #169
“Trial By Fire, Part 4: The Judas Tree”, August 1996
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
Tefé speaks with Abby, explaining that she was created to defeat The Word, not to bridge the human and plant kingdoms as the Parliament had once claimed.  Tefé wants Abby to help her and Swamp Thing create a new world, but Abby reports her to the government, and Tefé is imprisoned in a box of Woodrue’s design.  Constantine meets Blake and offers to help him in exchange for a place in the new world.  Blake rejects the offer and Constantine leaves Blake’s bar, but not before stealing the wishing matches.  Constantine meets Swampy, who retains the powers bestowed upon him by the destroyed Parliaments and still seeks the power of fire.  Constantine uses the matches to turn Swamp Thing into Alec Holland, who must now face The Word without his powers.  Constantine is upset at having caused his friend’s certain death.

Swamp Thing #170
“Trial By Fire, Part 5: Apocalypse Now”, September 1996
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
Alec Holland and The Word converse and Holland explains why he wants to overthrow God.  Abby and Constantine suspect that they made the wrong choice, so decide to follow their instincts and help Swampy and Tefé. Abby uses the wishing matches to set Tefé free and Tefé destroys The Word using the opposite sound that God used to create The Word in the first place. Holland regains his powers and destroys Tefé, passing the trial of the Parliament of Flames. The final step of Swamp Thing’s journey is to destroy all of humanity.
This issue marks the final appearance of Liz Tremayne, whose appearances began in 1982 at the start of the second series. It is also the final appearance of Chester Williams, who was a major supporting character for many issues beginning with #43 (Dec. 1985).

Swamp Thing #171
“Trial By Fire”, October 1996
Mark Millar [w], Phil Hester [p], John Totleben [c]
Swamp Thing becomes the Earth and meets Mars and the Parliament of Worlds. After achieving global consciousness by becoming everything on Earth, Swamp Thing experiences the hopes and fears of all humans. Realising that every human has potential (even Arcane, who helps Maggie to a hospital), Swamp Thing no longer wants to destroy them. The spirit of Alec Holland, who has guided Swamp Thing to this point, leaves him and Swampy realises that it was only his human ego that assigned him the role of being the world’s protector. Everything in the universe achieves a united consciousness and illumination for a split second, which gives the human race a new perspective on life. In Manhattan, Maggie gives birth to the Star-Child who will unite the world. Maggie names the baby Alec, and it receives gifts representing the Earth’s elements (the Ruby, sword, River Run book, and the wishing matches). Swamp Thing returns to the swamps and is visited by many people, including Abby and Cajuns. Woodrue, who was destroyed by Tefé when she escaped her prison, is planted and begins to grow again. Arcane apologises to Abby, and Swamp Thing restores the sparrow he killed (in #168), but Tefé is still upset over her parents’ betrayals.
The ‘Bayou-Rhythms’ letters column here consists of some statements by the creative team, and a letters column never again appears in an issue of Swamp Thing.

Batman: Shadow Of The Bat (1992) #57
“Leaves of Grass, Part 2: Reefer Madness”, December 1996. DC Comics.
Alan Grant [w], Dave Taylor [p]
Woodrue breaks Poison Ivy out of Arkham Asylum with the help of his assistants Holly and Eva. He explains that he was beheaded by Tefé (in Swamp Thing #170), and then regrown in S.T.A.R. Labs near a crop of marijuana plants. Woodrue now plans to solve the world’s problems using weed, and pays Ivy for some blood samples to help him create a new strain. Batman is investigating Ivy’s escape when he is set upon by Woodrue’s thugs and incapacitated by Holly and Eva. Elsewhere, Tim Drake is late to see a movie with his friend Norris, and Norris freaks out after trying pot.
Woodrue briefly summarises his role in the “Trial By Fire” story arc (Swamp Thing #166-171). Swamp Thing appears only as the giant structure he has transformed into in this period, as seen in Swamp Thing #166.

Green Lantern (1990) #81
“Funeral for a Hero”, December 1996. DC Comics.
Ron Marz [w], Darryl Banks [p]
The superhero community attends the funeral of Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.
Swamp Thing briefly converses with Constantine at the funeral, and later creates a memorial of plants on the site of the destroyed Coast City.

Aquaman (1994) #32
“Sea of Green”, May 1997. DC Comics.
Peter David [w], Jim Calafiore [p], John Totleben [c]
Aquaman and Swamp Thing investigate a strange death and a threatening blackmail letter sent to the local government.  The government decides to pay the killers to prevent further murders, but Aquaman and Swampy discover that lifeguard Patti Matson and Mayor Isaac Fisher are behind the deaths.  Fisher has the ability to control and destroy plants, and poisons Swamp Thing, but Swampy and Aquaman overcome the villains.  Afterwards, Swamp Thing explains that the animals of the sea are afraid of Aquaman because he has a darkness inside him that he inherited from his ancestors.

Aquaman (1994) #33
“Vision Quest”, June 1997. DC Comics.
Peter David [w], Jim Calafiore [p]
Following Swamp Thing’s advice, Aquaman travels to the desert to face his fears and find out why his appearance has changed.  He has a vision of his father Atlan, and suddenly find himself underwater and in the past.  He meets his ancestor, Orin I, amongst other figures of Atlantean history.  Aquaman also witnesses a famous battle between the Poseidonians and the Tritonians, and sees the exile of the vanquished Kordax.  Aquaman awakens in the desert and finds that his appearance has mostly returned to normal, though his hand remains webbed.
Swamp Thing speaks to Aquaman and his face appears in a sand dune on on p. 6.

Swamp Thing: Roots (1998) one-shot
January 1998
Jon J. Muth [w, p]
In 1943 Indiana, Te Burnett cares for a man hiding in his cellar who seems to be injured and entwined in the roots of a tree.  Katie, Ray and their mother have moved to Indiana away from their abusive father Aaron Hayley.  When Te saves Ray’s mother during a storm, he becomes a friend of the family, to the displeasure of Owen Butchie and some local racists who abuse Te for being African-American.  Meanwhile, Aaron Hayley is killed while flying over Japan and a mysterious Japanese man helps his spirit return to the USA.  Taking the appearance of a scarecrow, Aaron saves Ray’s life when his son is nearly killed by some farm machinery.  Aaron meets the man in Te’s cellar, who wants Aaron to release him but seems to have malicious intentions.  When Butchie and a local mob begin to lynch Te, Aaron rises out of the ground and snaps the hanging rope.  Aaron is swiftly killed, but the racists are disconcerted enough to leave without causing any further violence.  Ray later finds his father’s wedding ring amongst the scarecrow’s clothes.
Possibly about a 1940s pre-Alec Holland plant elemental, but the story’s relationship to the main Swamp Thing continuity is ambiguous.

The Spectre (1992) #62
“Final Rites”, February 1998. DC Comics.
John Ostrander [w], Tom Mandrake [p]
Reverend Craemer asks for Nate Kane’s help in finding the bones of his ex-partner Jim Corrigan so that Corrigan can cease being The Spectre.  Kane locates Corrigan’s remains in an evidence room, and the Spectre steals them and brings them to Craemer.  As they are preparing for a small funeral, several of Spectre/Corrigan’s friends arrive to pay their respects.  After the Reverend has said a prayer, Jim Corrigan and The Spectre disappear.
Swamp Thing appears on pp. 13-15 at the funeral.

The Dreaming (1996) #22-24
“The Unkindness of One: Part One”, March 1998
“The Unkindness of One: Part Two”, April 1998
“The Unkindness of One: Part Three”, May 1998
Caitlin Kiernan [w], Paul Lee [p]
In #22, Arcane, appearing as a mass of insects, encourages Echo to summon the Corinthian.  Echo only succeeds in making a black rock appear so Arcane departs, but the summoning has caused Matthew The Raven to disappear from Eve’s cave in The Dreaming.  Matt finds himself as a naked human on Earth, is arrested, and calls Abby.  In #23, Lucien finds Eve distraught in her cave and transforms himself into a raven to help her find Matt.  On Earth, Eve asks all of the birds to help and they descend on Echo’s house, while Abby visits Matt in a psychiatric hospital.  In #24, Eve and Lucien continue their search for Matt, calling on the spirits of previous Ravens for help.  When Abby is about to leave the hospital, a strange substance claiming to be Anton Arcane attacks Abby and Matt.  Lucien and the other Ravens arrive and explain to Matt that this ‘Arcane’ is only a physical manifestation caused by his imagination, and the attack stops.  Matt uses the rock to return to The Dreaming as a Raven.
Swamp Thing does not appear. It follows the story of Matthew (Cable) the Raven, and Abby and possibly Arcane appear.

JLA: The Nail (1998) #3
November 1998. DC Comics.
Alan Davis [w, p]
Wonder Woman travels to meet the president but the White House explodes. She is attacked by reprogrammed Metal Men, and knocked unconscious by one of Mayor Lex Luthor’s new super-robots, the Liberators. Other members of the Justice League are captured by the Liberators, but not before Green Lantern discovers that they are actually cloned Kryptonians. Lois speaks to Deputy Mayor Jimmy Olsen, who explains that Luthor discovered a Kryptonian space ship in Smallville and then attempted to graft Kryptonian DNA to a human subject. The tests were successful on Olsen (because he was once Elastic Lad) and he was granted the power and psychology of a Kryptonian. Olsen now wants to rebuild Krypton on Earth by turning humans into Kryptonians. Batman, Selina Kyle and others free the imprisoned JLA, and a Lantern-assisted Batman fights Olsen. They find themselves on a remote Amish farm, where one of the farmers stops Olsen. Olsen recognises the farmer as the original Kryptonian, Kal-El, and kills Kal’s adopted Amish parents. After a fight with Kal, Olsen disintegrates because he is molecularly unstable like the Liberators. The Kents, who have been sheltering persecuted metahumans, take care of Kal-El and he joins the JLA as Superman.
‘The Nail’ was an Elseworlds miniseries set in a reality where the infant Superman was never discovered by the Kents. On this world, Presidential advisor Alec Holland and Matt and Abigail Cable meet Wonder Woman, and Alec is conducting research involving alien DNA. They are presumably killed when the White House explodes.

Starman (1994) #48-#49
“Stars My Destination, Part 1: Starman Blues”, December 1998. DC Comics.
“Fighting With Grundy; Talking With David ’99”, January 1999. DC Comics.
James Robinson, David Goyer [w], Steve Yeowell [p]
In #48, Jack Knight and Mikaal Tomas travel to another galaxy in search of Will Payton, a previous Starman.  They are aided by a Mother Box that resembles Jack’s father Ted.  Mikaal has a nightmare and damages the ship, so the group lands on a blue planet.  They are attacked by Solomon Grundy, who initially disguises himself as Swamp Thing.  In #49, Grundy disables Mikaal and recounts being sent into space by the Justice League in the 1960s.  Upon landing on the blue planet, he learned about Swampy’s visit (Swamp Thing #56, Jan. 1987) and gained the ability to manipulate the local vegetation.  Grundy attacks Jack by creating versions of the Justice League out of plants, but the Mother Box uses the spaceship to shoot Grundy.  The injured Mikaal has a vision of Jack’s brother David Knight, who tells him he must begin acting like a hero.  Mikaal awakens to find the ship repaired and group continuing on their journey.  The ship travels through some strange mist before encountering 30th century hero Star Boy.
Solomon Grundy appears in one of Swamp Thing’s discarded bodies, and several of Swampy’s husks and constructs remain from his earlier visit to the blue planet.

Legends of the DC Universe: Crisis On Infinite Earths (1999)
“The Untold Story”, February 1999. DC Comics.
Marv Wolfman [w], Paul Ryan [p]
Barry Allen learns that 30th century Earth-One is under attack and decides to travel into the past, but finds himself on Earth-D with Pariah and Lady Quark who have fled the destroyed Earth-Six.  They enlist the help of the Justice Alliance of Earth-D and Earth-One’s Justice League.  All of the heroes, including a recently appointed Green Lantern, fight the Anti-Monitor’s Shadow Demons but many are killed by the shadows or the wave of antimatter.  The heroes attempt to transport the remaining human population to another universe using the cosmic treadmill, but the surviving Earth-D heroes stay behind and are destroyed with their world.  The Anti-Monitor captures Barry Allen, while Alexander Luthor brings the heroes of many worlds to the Monitor’s spaceship to explain his idea to merge and strengthen the remaining universes.
Set during or just after Crisis On Infinite Earths #4 (July 1985), Swamp Thing only appears on the last page amongst the heroes amassed on the Monitor’s ship, recreating the scene from Crisis On Infinite Earths #5 (Aug. 1985).  For more information about the 1980s crossover, see the entry for Crisis On Infinite Earths #1-12 (April 1985-March 1986).

Neil Gaiman’s Midnight Days TPB
“Jack In The Green”, 1999
Neil Gaiman [w], Stephen Bissette, John Totleben [p]
Jack-In-The-Green comforts his plague-ridden friend Simon, telling him of his travels as a plant elemental.  After Jack buries Simon, he finds that all the residents of Purchester are dead and so sets the village on fire.
This trade paperback is a compilation of Neil Gaiman comics. Apart from this previously unpublished story, the book also includes the two stories from Swamp Thing Annual #5 (Oct. 1989).

Martian Manhunter (1998) #11
“Pilgrims”, October 1999. DC Comics.
John Ostrander [w], Bryan Hitch [p]
In the 853rd century, three aliens seek shelter together in a Martian crater.  A cutting of the Hssfsstss explains that Swamp Thing once visited their planet and gave its plant life sentience.  When the planet’s vegetation began to be destroyed by an alien culture, J’onn J’onnzz the Martian Manhunter fought to defend the Hssfsstss.  The Martian also spread cuttings around the galaxy so that the Hssfsstss could interact with other lifeforms.  Valeesha the Wind Dancer recalls J’onnzz warning their planet of approaching danger, and convincing the dominant Blodgir population to built spaceships for the Wind Dancers.  The Crystalknight of Deimiar recalls J’onnzz urging the Deimiarians to be strong, which inspired them to make crystal armour and become feared throughout their sector.  The Crystalknight later travelled to Mars and met the spirit of J’onnzz, who was angry that the Deimiarians used their technology to create fear, not for defence.  The three aliens in the crater reveal that they have each actually travelled to Mars on a journey of self-discovery.  The Crystalknight sheds its armour and Deimarians are revealed to be small delicate winged creatures.  Seeing this inspires the other two aliens to dance.
Swamp Thing appears on a couple of pages when he lands on the Hssfsstss planet while trying to find his way back to Earth. So presumably this tale is set sometime around Swamp Thing #53-#62 (Oct. 1986-July 1987).

Planetary (1999) #7
“To Be in England, in the Summertime”, January 2000. WildStorm.
Warren Ellis [w], John Cassaday [p]
Jakita, The Drummer and Elijah Snow attend the funeral of Jack Carter.  Jakita tells a story, recounting a time when Jack Carter prevented a spirit employed by the Thatcher government from killing a pregnant prostitute.  After Carter’s funeral, the group learn that Carter used magic to fake his own death and escape the wrath of an angry superhero.  Carter then appears and kills his attempted murderer.
Many of the characters in this are parodies of Vertigo characters. A Swamp Thing analogue appears in a few panels while in attendance at the funeral, and is seemingly fused with a Poison Ivy-type character. At the time of publication, WildStorm was an imprint of DC Comics. After the events of the 52 limited series (2006), and before the events of Flashpoint (2011), the WildStorm Universe was designated as Earth-50 of the DC Multiverse. 

Totems (2000) one-shot
February 2000
Tom Peyer [w], Dean Ormston, Richard Case [p], Duncan Fegredo [p, c]
Conspiracy-theorist Bernie breaks into the home of his ex-wife Sara and her partner, holding them at gunpoint while recounting the events of his night.  Bernie had met a number of superheroes while working as a waiter at a New Year’s party hosted by John Constantine.  He convinces several heroes to link their powers together and this causes the world outside to change, with the past, present, and future merging together.  Venturing into the strange world, Swamp Thing becomes sick, but is healed by Black Orchid and Animal Man who then realise that Bernie’s strong desire for change and his involvement in the power link caused the reality shift.  With the help of Shade The Changing Man, the heroes restore the world to normal.  In the present, Bernie tells Sara that he wants his family back, but she rejects him and he decides to get on with his life.

JLA: Created Equal (2000) #1
“Book One: The Fall”, March 2000. DC Comics.
Fabian Nicieza [w], Kevin Maguire [p]
A cosmic storm kills all males on Earth except Superman in an event thereafter known as ‘The Fall’.  A new Justice League is formed and Earth is governed by the United Nations on the unveiled Paradise Island.  Lois becomes pregnant to Superman but they are unsure if a male human/Kryptonian will survive the irradiated atmosphere.  Lex Luthor, who has survived by staying in his armoured suit, is unhappy that Earth will be repopulated with Superman’s children.  Scientists working for Luthor leak information to the Justice League about the cosmic storm, and Barbara Gordon is chosen to be the new Green Lantern and sent to find the source of the storm.  One year after ‘The Fall’, Luthor reveals his research, explaining that Superman has absorbed the solar radiation and is unwittingly magnifying its effects.  This will cause the death of his child and Earth’s remaining population.  Superman exiles himself from Earth and misses the birth of his son, but leaves behind his DNA to help repopulate the planet..
Swamp Thing (who has seemingly survived the catastrophe) briefly appears on p. 22 as the survivors look to find ways to perpetuate the human race.  This two-part miniseries is not in regular DC continuity.

[w] denotes writer, [p] denotes penciller, but I have included both penciller and inker if both are credited equally as artists. [c] denotes cover artist, but I have mostly only included the last in instances where Swampy is illustrated by someone other than the inside penciller.