Justice League Dark (Vol. 2)

Covering issues #20-#29 of the second Justice League Dark series (2020-2021)…

A continuation of Vol 2. of the Justice League Dark series and related Swamp Thing appearances. Justice League Dark ceased being a standalone title with issue #29 and the team later appeared in back-up stories within Justice League beginning with issue #59.

Appearances that I consider to be fairly minor are indented, though I have treated as major any appearance where the JLD is a focus of the issue and Swamp Thing is a contributing member of the team. The below titles were published by DC Comics unless otherwise noted.

Justice League Dark #20
“The Parliaments Of Life Part 1”, April 2020
Ram V, James Tynion IV [w], Kyle Hotz [p], Guillem March [c]
Animal Man, Bobo and Wonder Woman try to prevent infected people from impulsively climbing up tall buildings, dying, and releasing fungal spores. Animal Man explains that all of the Parliaments are at war, and he becomes infected. At the Hall of Justice, Zatanna and Kent learn of other strange events happening throughout the world, while Nabu (in the Helmet of Fate) blames Khalid for breaking the rules of magic and allowing chaos to rule. Nabu instructs the JLD to convene the Parliaments of Life, which will involve the help of all the guardians. Constantine and Zatanna seek help from Woodrue, who is imprisoned beneath the Hall of Justice, but he demands to be released. Zatanna decides to find Abigail Arcane instead, but Constantine secretly makes a deal with Woodrue. Later, Woodrue is visited by a mysterious figure who he is covertly working with. Elsewhere, Abby appears as a young girl in a strange dreamlike place.
Swamp Thing only appears on the cover, but this issue sees the return of Abby Arcane, who had not appeared in continuity since the ‘Convergence’ event (mid-2015) and briefly in the 2016 miniseries. It also sees the return of Animal Man in his first major appearance since the end of the Justice League United series in Feb. 2016. Similar events occur in the ‘Threads’ story from Swamp Thing Annual #4 (Jan. 1989) when several people (including Batman) are infected by fungal spores and compelled to climb to great heights.

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen (2019) #9
May 2020
Matt Fraction [w], Steve Lieber [p]
While still on the run, Jimmy Olsen reports on Kandorland and the plight of the superhero Arm-Fall-Off-Boy and his family. The grandson of the Annihilator decides to break from family tradition and christens himself Porcadillo. Olsen takes promotional photos of Porcadillo and, grateful, the villain wants to save Jimmy from being murdered.  Jimmy encounters Lex Luthor at a party and learns that Jimmy’s brother Julian is behind the assassination plot.
Swamp Thing is seen helping fit the Fall-Off Family with harnesses to keep their bodies intact.

The Flash (2016) #750
“Flash Forward: Epilogue” (pp. 69-80), May 2020
Scott Lobdell [w], Brett Booth [p]
While flying through space atop the Mobius Chair, Wally West reminisces about his life. He witnesses events that occurred across times and universes, and notices inconsistencies in continuity, with the same events (such as the formation of the Teen Titans) occurring in the same Earth multiple times. He meets Tempus and explains that reality is broken, but Wally believes that he can fix it.
Swamp Thing appears on a panel with other superheroes as Wally considers the ‘Flashpoint’ and ‘Rebirth’ events.

Flash Forward TPB
“Flash Forward Epilogue: Generation Zero” (pp. 119-137), July 2020
Scott Lobdell [w], Brett Booth [p]
After a brief discussion with Tempus, Wally again examines events from the past but notices that the Batman Who Laughs is corrupting the Multiverse.
This is an extended version of the story from Flash (2016) #750 with an additional Swamp Thing appearance within the extra 7 pages. This version was going to be released on Free Comic Book Day 2020 on May 2, 2020 as part of Generation Zero: Gods Among Us, Special Edition #1, but FCBD was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The extended story is only available as part of the ‘Flash Forward‘ trade paperback.

Justice League Dark #21
“The Parliaments Of Life Part 2”, May 2020
Ram V, James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p], Nathan Fairbairn, Yanick Paquette [c]
Constantine and Zatanna travel to an abandoned sanatorium and locate the heart of the Rot. Constantine ingests part of a plant growing there in order to have a vision, while Zatanna fights off Rot creatures before being confronted by Anton Arcane. Abby relives the memories of her romance with Swamp Thing, and Constantine rescues her from drowning. Wonder Woman, Bobo and Animal Man continue to fight infected citizens, with Animal Man seeking out the powers of a flatworm.
One of the creatures from the Rot resembles Cranius, one of Arcane’s oldest Un-Men.

Justice League Dark #22
“The Parliaments Of Life Part 3”, July 2020
Ram V, James Tynion IV [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Amancay Nahuelpan [p], Nathan Fairbairn, Yanick Paquette [c]
Khalid meets the avatars of Stone, Flame, Waves and Vapors in a cave in Tanzania and urges them to reconvene the Parliaments of Life. The Avatars refuse to bring about Order, suggesting that the state of chaos may be natural, but Khalid reminds them that they would cease to exist in a world without humans’ stories. As a flatworm, Animal Man obtains help from Parliament of the Divided who allow bacteria to fight the infection in the possessed population. Animal Man is healed and the other infected collapse. Arcane traps Zatanna at the heart of the Rot but, before she is defeated, Zatanna manages to unleash a spell that writes her name in the sky, which draws the rest of the JLD to the Rot. Constantine explains to Abby that she is caught in her dreams and he asks her to embrace the Rot in order to break free. Abby, now as the Avatar of the Rot, confronts Arcane and is supported by other members of the JLD.
Swamp Thing only appears on the cover.

‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ crossover

A sequel to the ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ crossover of 2017, in which Swamp Thing appeared briefly.

Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020) #1
“An Anti-Crisis, Part I: It All Matters”, August 2020
Scott Snyder [w], Greg Capullo [p]
A decrepit Swamp Thing visits Wonder Woman in Hell (previously Themyscira) where she has been forced to manage a prison by the Earth’s ruler, the Batman Who Laughs. Wonder Woman is brought a new prisoner (Wally West) to send to the Tartarus Pits. BWL calls a meeting where he explains that Perpetua has destroyed all but eight universes. Batman attacks the meeting with support from undead revolutionary soldiers (named the Dead Bats) that he raised using a Black Lantern Ring. Wonder Woman descends into the pits to speak to Wally West and learns of the events that have led to this point. BWL appears and Wonder Woman kills him with a weapon she made called the Chainsaw of Truth. Learning of his death, the followers of BWL set the next stage of his plan in motion. Meanwhile, on the planet Ossex, Lobo finds the bunker of Sgt. Rock.

Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020) #2
“An Anti-Crisis, Part II: Be The Fern”, September 2020
Scott Snyder [w], Greg Capullo [p, c], Jonathan Glapion, FCO Plascencia [c]
Swamp Thing, Wally West and Wonder Woman travel to the Crypt of Heroes and find the Justice Society of America with Batman, who is planning to resurrect dead heroes. They enlist the help of Barry Allen and decide to rescue their friends who are being held on New Apokolips. They travel to New Apokolips via a giant ship created by the Toymaster. Meanwhile, the villains transport the brain of the Batman Who Laughs into a Dr. Manhattan-type Batman who calls himself the Darkest Knight. Perpetua announces that she has destroyed more worlds, and the Darkest Knight kills many of his followers with the exception of a Robin.

Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020) #3
“An Anti-Crisis, Part III: Pick Up Styx”, October 2020
Scott Snyder [w], Greg Capullo [p]
The heroes (including Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Swamp Thing) land on New Apokolips, defeat the Dark Knight Darkseid (AKA Darkfather), and free Superman, Mister Miracle and other heroes. Wonder Woman explains her plan, which involves redirecting some of Perpetua’s Crisis energy to Wally West while Jarro will psychically block the Dark Knights from knowing what the heroes are doing. The Robin King appears at the Crypt of Heroes, and the Flashes flee before the Darkest Knight can arrive. Lobo retrieves something from the 5th Dimension for Lex Luthor.

Dark Nights: Death Metal Guidebook (2020) #1
“The Fall of Earth” (pp. 3-18); “Seeds of Hope” (pp. 32-37), October 2020
Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV, Joshua Williamson, Vita Ayala [w], Doug Mahnke, Dan Panosian [p]
The Fall of Earth:
In his journal, Lex Luthor writes about the destruction of Earth. When the Justice League were battling Perpetua, the Earth was invaded by Batmen from the Dark Multiverse. Much of the U.S. was devastated upon the death of Captain Atom, while magical heroes failed to protect Themyscira from the Bat-Mage, who turned it into a portal of Hell and a prison for supervillains. Superman was enslaved and forced to power the Sun. Other heroes surrendered and were imprisoned in New Apokolips by Darkfather. To undo the damage he caused by freeing Perpetua, Luthor asks Lobo to collect pieces of Death Metal and decides to reform his Legion of Doom.
Seeds of Hope:
Wonder Woman fails to stop Poison Ivy from escaping the prison of Themyscira. Outside, Ivy learns that the Green has been destroyed. Ivy returns to her cell and Wonder Woman gives her a plant to care for.

In ‘The Fall of Earth’, Swampy can be seen fighting alongside the Justice League Dark on one page, and later as a gaoler in the prison of Themyscira. In ‘Seeds of Hope’, he is again seen in one panel at Themyscira. In the pages of Lex Luthor’s journal, which runs between the stories throughout the issue, it is mentioned that Bat-Mage destroyed the Green by keeping the Parliament of Trees imprisoned in flames (p. 31), and that Arcane’s Rot has spread out from Slaughter Swamp and taken over Blüdhaven (p. 19).

Dark Nights: Death Metal Trinity Crisis (2020) #1
“Trinity Crisis”, November 2020
Scott Snyder [w], Francis Manapul [p]
Heroes led by Wonder Woman attempt to resolve three Crises that are continuously occurring in the Dark Multiverse and are powering Perpetua. Swamp Thing inherits the remaining power of the Green and creates a tunnel into Castle Bat. After defeating some villains, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman continue alone, passing a captive Barbatos, and find and enter a portal to the Crisis Worlds. Batman enters the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Superman enters the Final Crisis, and Wonder Woman enters the Infinite Crisis but they find that events have changed, and the Anti-Monitor, Darkseid, and Superboy-Prime were victorious. Swamp Thing, Jonah Hex, Harley Quinn and Jarro are confronted by the Robin King, who infects Swamp Thing with Rot.

Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020) #4
“An Anti-Crisis, Part IV: Shot In The Dark”, December 2020
Scott Snyder [w], Greg Capullo [p]
On the Crisis worlds, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman face destruction by powerful villains. In the Infinite Crisis, Superboy-Prime is working with the Batman Who Laughs in order to save Earth-Prime, but Wonder Woman convinces him to try to save all worlds. Superboy-Prime destroys the antenna channeling the Crisis energy, and ends all three Crisis worlds. The Flashes struggle to outrun the Darkest Knight and Robin King executes Hex in front of Harley and Swamp Thing. Superboy-Prime brings the surviving heroes together and they learn that all of the Crisis power has been redirected to the Darkest Knight.

Dark Nights: Death Metal Robin King (2020) #1
“The Robin Who Would Be King”, December 2020
Peter J. Tomasi [w], Riley Rossmo [p]
On an alternate world, Bruce Wayne kills his parents in Crime Alley and devotes himself to destroying heroes and inspiring other young people as the villain Robin. He is approached by the Batman Who Laughs who shows Robin where he creates Dark Knights, and Groblins in the Robin Pit. Before the BWL forcefully converts him in the Pit, Robin takes a pill that preserves part of his mind and he later becomes the Robin King. In the present day, the Darkest Knight gloats about the Crisis energy he now possesses. Animal Man, Blue Beetle and Red Tornado appear and challenge Robin King, but they are executed. Robin assaults Wonder Woman, Batman and Superman but is stopped by the Darkest Knight. The Darkest Knight explains that the pill he took into the Robin Pit affected other Groblins who were transformed after him, and these Groblins now worship the Robin King.
Swamp Thing appears in a couple of panels when the Darkest Knight is gloating.

Justice League (2018) #57
“Doom Metal: Finale”, January 2021
Joshua Williamson [w], Xermánico [p]
After heroes are liberated from New Apokolips, Nightwing and others help to free Cheetah, Grodd and Sinestro from Perpetua’s throne. These Legion of Doom villains are angry at Lex Luthor for betraying them and the heroes are forced to protect Lex from their wrath. An Omega Knight appears and the heroes and villains must band together to defeat it. After the fight, Lex convinces the other members of the Legion to rejoin him, and rejects the Justice League’s offer to work together. Later, heroes fight Castle Bat (in the form of a giant, mechanical Batman) and the Legion of Doom arrive.
Swamp Thing appears in a few panels, and the end shows events from Dark Nights: Death Metal #5.

Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020) #5
“An Anti-Crisis, Part V: The Man Of No Tomorrow”, January 2021
Scott Snyder [w], Greg Capullo [p]
The Darkest Knight and Robin King leave to fight Perpetua, and the heroes (Harley, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman) struggle in the fight against Castle Bat. The Legion of Doom arrive, shrink and destroy Castle Bat, and take the heroes to the Hall of Doom where Lex explains his plan. Lobo has collected Metal X shards from different realities in order to build a machine that will reveal truths about the universe. This will in turn create a stream of Anti-Crisis energy they can use to fight the Darkest Knight. Wonder Woman and an army of Lobos travel to the World Forge to build the machine, while other heroes and villains (including Swamp Thing and Abby) work together to destabilise the Earth and cut off the Darkest Knight’s supply of Crisis energy. The Darkest Knight sends a number of alternate Earths towards the heroes.

Dark Nights: Death Metal The Last Stories Of The DC Universe (2021) #1
“Whale Fall” (pp. 41-50), February 2021
Christopher Sebela [w], Christopher Mooneyham [p]
Aquaman leaves a note for his daughter Andy. The letter explains that he made a deal with Bathomet to protect the seas and the Atlanteans, and it also reflects on the cycle of life and death.
Though the depiction is not clear, Swamp Thing is shown on a beach with other heroes as Aquaman watches on.

Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020) #6
“An Anti-Crisis, Part VI: The Truth Machine”, February 2021
Scott Snyder [w], Greg Capullo [p]
The Darkest Knight fights Perpetua and imprisons her in debris from the Source Wall. He then amasses an army of the worst nightmares of the heroes (including a group of swamp creatures) and attacks the army of Earth’s heroes and villains. Lobo and Wonder Woman are nearing the World Forge when they are attacked by their fear of the Darkest Night. Wonder Woman loses the journal that contains instructions for building the machine, and the Lobos are killed. Wonder Woman meets Darkseid who explains that the Forge is cooling. Wonder Woman devises a new plan to reveal the truth and to draw Anti-Crisis energy into herself. She binds herself to her lasso and appears on the battlefield in gold and armed with the Chainsaw of Truth.
Swamp Thing and Abby (as the avatar of Rot) fight on the side of the heroes.

Dark Nights: Death Metal The Secret Origin (2021) #1
“Secret Origin”, February 2021
Scott Snyder, Geoff Johns [w], Ryan Benjamin, Richard Friend [p]
Superboy-Prime becomes an outcast after his world is destroyed during the Crisis of Infinite Earths and he tries to bring it back during Infinite Crisis. After he defeats evil Supermen, he sees that he can affect positive change in the Multiverse and seeks out the Darkest Knight. The Darkest Knight tries to offer Prime a reality where he will be loved, but Prime refuses and both are killed. Clark awakens as a teen on Earth Prime, where he reads about these events in a comic book. Later, he saves a child by lifting a car.
Swamp Thing can be seen in one panel when Superboy-Prime fights the Darkest Knight.

Dark Nights: Death Metal The Last 52: War Of The Multiverses (2021) #1
“Fight!” (pp. 1-16); “Armageddon Blues” (pp. 65-72); “Reign of the Swamp King” (pp. 73-80), February 2021
Joshua Williamson, Scott Snyder, Matthew Rosenberg, Justin Jordan [w], Dexter Soy, Scott Koblish, Rob Guillory, Mike Henderson [p], Don Mora [c]
Wonder Woman fights the Darkest Knight in the Hellscape. She tries to show him truth but he argues that the villains from the dark Multiverses are the true versions. The two armies fight, and Wonder Woman refuses to accept death.
Armageddon Blues:
In the Hellscape, Constantine fights an alternate, dark-magic version of himself. Before he is killed, Constantine invites his evil self to drink and talk in a bar. Dark Constantine tries to get Constantine to join the forces of the Darkest Knight, but the Dark Constantine is killed when the ice in his drink is poisoned using a spell.
Reign of the Swamp King:
The Dark version of Swamp Thing became crazed when Abby was killed by Jason Woodrue. He later took over the Parliaments of Rot and the Red and destroyed the Parliament of Trees to become the Swamp King. Aided by Frankenstein, Clayface, Solomon Grundy, Brimstone and Arcane (who all die), Swamp Thing faces the Swamp King. Swampy explains that he has Alec Holland’s soul, and since the Swamp King is just an empty vessel with Holland’s memories, there is no way for the Swamp King to win.

In ‘Fight!’, the Darkest Knight’s army of swamp creatures can be seen in several panels.  In ‘Armageddon Blues’, Swamp Thing is seen in a couple of panels on the Hellscape battlefield.

Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020) #7
“An Anti-Crisis, Part VII: A Slap In The Face”, March 2021
Scott Snyder [w], Greg Capullo, Yanick Paquette [p]
Wonder Woman and the Darkest Knight fight and travel through time as the other armies battle on Earth. Batman uses the Black Lantern Ring to control all of the heroes and Groblins killed in the fight, while Lex kills a Dark Superman using a black hole. The Darkest Knight argues that, even if the heroes were to win, Perpetua and her kind (the Hands) will undo the Universe. The Darkest Knight offers to stop the Hands if Wonder Woman surrenders, but she refuses and pushes the Darkest Knight into the dying sun at the end of time. Wonder Woman then speaks with one of the Hands (who assumes the appearance of Wonder Woman) and the Hand explains that the Multiverse will be restored but will be different than before. On Earth, Wonder Woman is missing but the other heroes celebrate their victory and the world appears as it was before BWL’s attack. Wally West and Barry Allen travel to the Totality: a new watchtower of a league whose membership includes both heroes and villains. The League explains that there are now two energy sources at the centre of the Multiverse, with one being referred to as the Elseworld. Elsewhere, Sgt. Rock and the JSA have been returned to 1943 and fight in World War II.
Swamp Thing and Abby appear throughout, both during the battle and the victory celebrations.

Justice League Dark #23
“The Parliaments Of Life Part 4”, August 2020
Ram V, James Tynion IV [w], Kyle Hotz [p]
Arcane escapes the JLD and they tend to Zatanna, with Constantine removing the Rot from her body. Constantine threatens Woodrue, knowing that he was responsible for trapping Abby in her dreams. Khalid brings together the Parliaments of Life in a ritual where the guardians must give up their power. Woodrue and Animal Man do so, but Abby destroys the Parliament of Flowers, and Constantine rescues a seed in the confusion. Constantine travels to Houma, meets Arcane, and regrows Swamp Thing using the seed. Constantine realises that Arcane was working with the Upside-Down Man, and Swampy traps Arcane in a tree. Swampy calms the Parliaments and is reunited with Abby. Meanwhile, an unconscious Zatanna dreams of the Upside-Down Man.

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen (2019) #11
August 2020
Matt Fraction [w], Steve Lieber [p]
To protect his wife Jix from an alien and an army of robots, Jimmy Olsen appeals to the Scrubb alien race for assistance. Olsen returns to Earth with the Scrubb and, with help from other heroes, defeats the invaders. Jimmy and his friends then decide to return to Metropolis. Porcadillo tells Detective Corrigan about Julian Olsen’s plot to kill Jimmy, but Corrigan’s colleague Jones tips off Lex Luthor. Detective Jones is then confronted by Superman. Lex meets with Julian and photographs him with a small replica of the Monarch statue.
Swamp Thing joins the fight between heroes and alien invaders and appears in two panels.

Superman (2018) #23-#24
#23: “Chaos Part One”, September 2020
#24: “Chaos Part Two”, October 2020
Brian Michael Bendis [w], Kevin Maguire, John Timms [p]
In #23, Agent Veronica Bissette of the Department of Extranormal Operations is possessed by Xanadoth (a Lord of Chaos), who was trapped inside an amulet. Veronica/Xanadoth visits Madame Xanadu and inquires about the Breastplate of Hoku. Superman and Khalid (Doctor Fate) converse in the Tower of Fate. Khalid gives Superman a mystical health checkup, and they discuss Superman’s recent life changes and family stresses that lead Superman to reveal himself to the world as Clark Kent. Xanadoth forces its way past the Justice League Dark and confronts Khalid for the Helmet of Fate.  In #24, Superman tries to prevent Xanadoth from taking the Helmet, but Xanadoth summons creatures and creates chaos on Earth. Nabu (in the Helmet of Fate) explains that Xanadoth was one of the first Lord of Chaos and its hunger for power was feared, but it was defeated when the other Lords of Chaos and Order banded together to oppose it. Now Xanadoth has gathered various magical weapons and tools and only needs the Helmet to become all-powerful. The heroes come up with a plan, and the JLD arrives to help separate Xanadoth from Veronica. The world seemingly returns to normal and Veronica lies in hospital to recover from her ordeal, but Xanadoth may still be present within her.
Swamp Thing appears in a few panels with the Justice League Dark in the Hall of Justice in both stories.

DCeased: Dead Planet miniseries

DCeased: Dead Planet is a sequel to DCeased (2019) in which the majority of the world’s population are infected by the Anti-Life Equation and become violent and uncontrollable like zombies.

DCeased: Dead Planet (2020) #1
“The Return”, September 2020
Tom Taylor [w], Trevor Hairsine [p], David Finch, Dave Stewart [c]
Five years after the events of ‘DCeased’, the Justice League have established a new home planet in a different solar system. They receive a signal emanating from Cyborg’s disembodied head on Earth and decide to retrieve him, but Green Arrow becomes infected by the Anti-Life Wonder Woman in the process. Cyborg tries to explain that there is a cure for the infection but Dinah impales the infected Wonder Woman and, accidentally, Jon Kent (the new Superman).
Swamp Thing only appears on the cover.

DCeased: Dead Planet (2020) #2
October 2020
Tom Taylor [w], Trevor Hairsine [p]
Arsenal is killed by an Anti-Life version of the hero Fire, but an augmented Shadowpact team (lead by John Constantine) appears and defeats her. Swamp Thing tells Constantine that there is a garden sanctuary in Australia that needs their help. Shadowpact find that the Australian bunker is surrounded by Hellfire, and the group are attacked by Plastic Man when they try to enter. Dinah brings the injured Jon Kent to Ivy’s garden sanctuary in Gotham, and other Justice League heroes arrive, with the exception of the infected Green Arrow.

DCeased: Dead Planet (2020) #3
November 2020
Tom Taylor [w], Trevor Hairsine [p]
Zatanna uses the Hellfire to destroy Plastic Man after Blue Devil and Ragman are killed. The survivors (Zatanna, Constantine, Swamp Thing and Bobo) enter the bunker to find that it is full of rich villains. Jason Blood/Etrigan explains to Constantine that Hell is annoyed that souls are trapped within the anti-living, and Trigon is coming to destroy Earth. The rest of the Justice League Dark learn that Jason Woodrue is being held captive in the bunker and tortured to produce food for the survivors. In anger, Swamp Thing kills Maxwell Lord, so the other villains attack using an army of Amazos until the JLD flee. Elsewhere, Jon Kent has recovered, and Constantine approaches Mister Miracle for help to find a cure.

DCeased: Dead Planet (2020) #5
January 2021
Tom Taylor [w], Trevor Hairsine [p]
In the Tower of Fate, Constantine and Swamp Thing meet with Etrigan and learn that Trigon will arrive in three days. A team of heroes led by Constantine travel to Nanda Parbat where they fight the undead League of Assassins before entering the city and being greeted by Deadman. Rama Kushna does not allow Constantine to take the Spear of Destiny so he stabs her with it and then traps Deadman in Ragman’s cloak. They then travel to the Rock of Eternity and recover the Wizard Shazam’s staff, but Red Hood is killed by Anti-Life Captain Marvel Jr.  Upon returning to Ivy’s garden, Constantine is approached by the Spectre.

DCeased: Dead Planet (2020) #6
February 2021
Tom Taylor [w], Trevor Hairsine [p]
The combined intellect of several heroes is brought together using the Green and they discover how to synthesise a cure. The cure is successfully tested on Big Barda before mass production begins. However, in the Australian bunker, Professor Ivo unleashes an army of Amazos to destroy all of the unliving. Constantine, now working with Etrigan and the Phantom Stranger, brings Fate to the secret room within the Tower where he has stored the magical artifacts. Constantine stabs Fate and seizes his helm and amulet.
Swamp Thing mentions once having a brother, which may be the first time Edward has been referenced since Swamp Thing #24 (Nov. 1976).

DCeased: Dead Planet (2020) #7
March 2021
Tom Taylor [w], Trevor Hairsine [p]
Zatanna and Phantom Stranger confront Trigon while other heroes fight the Amazos. Damien Wayne and Jon Kent travel to the Australian bunker seeking information to stop the Amazos, but Constantine arrives and traps the villains’ souls within Ragman’s cloak before he leaves to face Trigon.  Superman and Flash cure many of the unliving, while Cyborg creates a virus that disables the Amazos.  Armed with the magical artifacts, Constantine fights Trigon but is killed and becomes a disembodied soul like Deadman. Constantine possesses Trigon and kills himself with the Spear of Destiny. With their enemies defeated, the heroes continue to cure the unliving around the world.
Swamp Thing is in the room with Cyborg and Batman when they unleash the virus that stops the Amazos.

Justice League Dark #24
“As Above, So Below”, September 2020
Ram V [w], Amancay Nahuelpan [p], Nathan Fairbairn, Yanick Paquette [c]
Man-Bat discovers that Swamp Thing is being aided by the other Parliaments, and that he is visiting places from his past for some unknown purpose. Kent tells Khalid that he has decided to leave the team and does not want to possess the Helmet of Fate any longer. Bobo and Wonder Woman help Zatanna open a portal to the Other Place where her father Zatara is held captive.
Swamp Thing visits Rosewood and Kennescook, which were last seen during the American Gothic arc (issues Vol. 2 #39 & #40 respectively).

Batman: Gotham Nights (2020) #17
“Harvest of Fear (pp. 1-8)”, August 2020.  Digital only.
John Layman [w], Denys Cowan [p]
Batman travels to swampland outside of Gotham to investigate an ingredient used in Scarecrow’s new fear toxin. Batman is incapacitated by Scarecrow and left for dead, but is rescued by Swamp Thing. They work together and Batman confronts Scarecrow wearing a monstrous suit of plants.

Justice League Dark #25
“A Battle of Realities”, October 2020
Ram V [w], Amancay Nahuelpan [p], Nathan Fairbairn, Yanick Paquette [c]
Zatanna and Wonder Woman face the Upside-Down Man in the Other Place. Swamp Thing works with Man-Bat on creating a serum out of Swamp Thing’s tissue. Swampy then connects to the Green in the Other Place, changing its reality and temporarily disabling the Upside-Down Man. Bobo travels to London and finds John Constantine imprisoned by a magical spell.

Detective Comics (1937) #1027
“As Always” (pp. 107-118), November 2020
Scott Snyder [w], Ivan Reis [p]
Jim Gordon stands at the Bat Signal waiting for the night to end, but learns that the Sun has disappeared. The Justice League investigate.
The JLD are shown in one panel, trying to devise a solution to replace the Sun.

Justice League Dark #26
“Belief”, November 2020
Ram V [w], Amancay Nahuelpan [p], Nathan Fairbairn, Yanick Paquette [c]
Madame Xanadu frees Constantine from her spell, and he and Bobo ask for help to defeat the Upside-Down Man. Constantine, Bobo, Khalid and Man-Bat (armed with his new serum) enter the Other Place. The JLD convene and face the Upside-Down Man, emboldened by their shared belief. Constantine is fatally wounded.

Legend Of The Swamp Thing Halloween Spectacular (2020) #1
“At the Heart of Trees”; “Ring of Stones”; “Sleeping Giant”; “No Sign of the Enemy”; “Age of Discovery”; “At the Heart of Man”, December 2020
Ram V, Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Vita Ayala, Julian Lytle, James Tynion IV [w], Domo Stanton, Emma Rios, John Timms, Christian Ward [p], Mike Perkins [p, c]
At the Heart of Trees: Police search a Virginian swamp for a missing boy (David) in the same area that the sheriff’s son went missing several years earlier. Swamp Thing finds David unconscious and held captive by a willow tree that is trying to protect the boy. Swampy finds corpses of other missing children and realises that the willow’s consciousness has been poisoned by the children’s fears. The willow lets David go, and Swamp Thing tells the tree stories of past avatars.
Ring of Stones: In 54 BCE, Julius Caesar has conquered Britannia and meets the sole survivor of a company of troops who were stationed among the Atrebates tribe. The survivor explains that the Roman leader Commius was corrupted by the culture of the Atrebates and, during a ceremony, a Guardian of the Green appeared and slaughtered all of the Romans.
Sleeping Giant: In 1948 in Puerto Rico, a young woman fears for her sister Esperanza, who has disappeared after going to work in a mill for a recently arrived Christian known as the Big Man. The woman finds human remains in the mill and, fearing the worst, summons Yúcahu to avenge her sister. Before he is killed, the Big Man reveals that Esperanza is still alive. Esperanza is freed from her dungeon and the two sisters leave the mill before it is destroyed by Yúcahu.
No Sign of the Enemy: A Japanese soldier named Joji is stationed in the South Pacific in 1945 and lives in isolation after his company is killed. His companion is Oniisan, a plant that lives in an old boot, who suggests that Joji leaves the island. Joji discovers some pamphlets that announce Japan’s surrender, but Joji doubts their veracity. Years pass and Joji loses his grip on reality, eventually dying when he blows up the jungle.
Age of Discovery: In the 15th Century, Diego recounts sailing from Europe to the New World and coming across an island made entirely of plants. The crew becomes trapped on the island and they are each killed until there is only Diego and “the great explorer” left. The explorer regrets his life of colonisation and exploitation and commits suicide. Realising that he too will soon die, Diego climbs a tree and sees the immense head of a plant elemental jutting out of the island.
At the Heart of Man: Years after being saved by Swamp Thing, David camps with his son and grandchildren in the same Virginia swamp. He is approached by an elemental and David tells the creature about his life, explaining that he has always wanted to meet Swamp Thing again and ask the purpose of his survival and existence. However, the elemental is new to his role and is confused and unable to help. David dies from a heart attack and is absorbed by the willow.

DC The Doomed And The Damned (2020) #1
“From Humble Roots” (pp. 41-48), December 2020
Amedeo Turturro [w], Max Fiumara [p]
Superman and Swamp Thing investigate Clement Lisk, who is growing and selling fruit that seems to be causing illness and deformities in a small town. When he is confronted, Lisk reveals that he is actually Clayface and has been feeding the townsfolk parts of himself. Clayface takes control of the infected villagers to attack the heroes. Swamp Thing begins to destroy Clayface, frustrated that the villain has squandered his powers in this way, but Superman convinces Swampy to give Clayface a chance to resolve the situation. Some of the surviving villagers are healed, and Swamp Thing provides the town with healthy crops.

Swamp Thing: Twin Branches GN
October 2020
Maggie Stiefvater [w], Morgan Beem [p]
Twin high school students Alec and Walker Holland stay with their cousins in Virginia. Alec is working on an experiment to transfer consciousness between plants but he loses some of his samples in a swamp and the rest are eaten by pet dogs soon after arriving in Virginia. He later learns that the dogs have become plant-like and share the same aversion to fire as his original plant subject. Other animals in the swamp are similarly transformed. When testing the solution on himself, Alec finds he can perceive the thoughts of plants. Alec meets Abby Arcane, who is writing a local history based around an ancient tree named Fancy Sam. Fancy Sam is destroyed during a party by some local bullies, the Everett brothers, to the horror of Alec and Abby. They leave the party together, which causes conflict with Walker. Alec decides to record Fancy Sam’s memories and apply them to another plant but first he and Abby use the serum on themselves. They learn the true fate of a missing local woman, and also learn how upset Walker is. Walker tells the police what happened to Fancy Sam, so the Everetts beat him up. To prevent further attacks on his brother, Alec drinks the formula, transforms into a monstrous plant and stops the Everetts. The plant creature meets with Abby one more time before disappearing.
Swamp Thing doesn’t strictly appear but the story follows the adventures (and transformation) of a teenager named Alec Holland and a girl named Abby Arcane. Alec’s brother here is named Walker, while the comics briefly featured an Edward Holland in some stories that are now considered non-canon.

Justice League Dark #27
“The Cost Part 1”, December 2020
Ram V [w], Amancay Nahuelpan [p], Nathan Fairbairn, Yanick Paquette [c]
Wonder Woman calls upon Circe for Hecate’s power, promising to free her from the mirror she is trapped in. Swamp Thing and Man-Bat again warp reality in the Other Place using the serum, but Swamp Thing is sacrificed. Khalid doubts himself, so Kent Nelson wields the Helmet of Fate and is destroyed during a final attack on Upside-Down Man, but the enemy still stands. Zatanna decides to merge with the Upside-Down Man to the horror of the rest of the JLD.

Justice League Dark #28
“The Cost Part 2”, January 2021
Ram V [w], Amancay Nahuelpan [p], Kyle Hotz, Dan Brown [c]
After inhabiting the Upside-Down Man’s body, Zatanna calls forth a memory that demonstrates magic has a cost. After experiencing this reality through Zatanna, the Upside-Down Man is defeated. Wonder Woman banishes him using Hecate’s magic, which also frees her from Hecate’s mark. Bobo finds the Nightmaster’s Sword in the Other Place and rechristens the land New Myrra. Man-Bat discovers that Swamp Thing still exists somewhere within the Green. Zatara sacrifices himself to bring Constantine back to life. Later, Bobo and Khalid talk in the oblivion bar, and Khalid explains that he can no longer hear Nabu in the Helmet of Fate. A mysterious man appears and transforms into black birds.
After being destroyed in the previous issue, Swamp Thing is only referenced in a couple of panels.

Endless Winter crossover

A 10th Century version of Swamp Thing appears in a team alongside Hippolyta, Black Adam, and the Viking Prince.

Justice League: Endless Winter (2021) #1
“Endless Winter Chapter 1”, February 2021
Andy Lanning, Ron Marz [w], Marco Santucci [p]
In Greenland, Stagg Industries researchers led by Sebastian Stagg are excavating Kryptonian crystals leftover from the destroyed Fortress of Solitude. The Justice League are called to the Arctic when the researchers are set upon by creatures made out of ice. The Frost King emerges from a crater in the ice and then vanishes after a brief fight. Superman realises that the Frost King may have absorbed some of the Kryptonian energy in the ice. The world is beset by winter storms. In 10th Century Egypt, Swamp Thing, Hippolyta and Viking Prince approach Black Adam for help.

The Flash (2016) #767
“Endless Winter Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes”, February 2021
Andy Lanning, Ron Marz [w], Marco Santucci [p]
In the 10th Century, Hippolyta, Viking Prince, and Swamp Thing (also referred to as Jörð’s Champion) meet Black Adam in a tavern. Swamp Thing is concerned that the Parliament of Trees is losing its connection to Europe due to the freezing temperatures in the region. In the present day, the Justice League fight creatures made of ice around the world. In Kahndaq, The Flash is attacked by ice creatures and rescued by Black Adam and some superpowered refugees.

Aquaman (2016) #66
“Endless Winter Chapter 4”, February 2021
Andy Lanning, Ron Marz [w], Marco Santucci [p]
After the death of his son, an enraged Edwald Olaffsson causes winter storms across Europe in the 10th Century. Superheroes attack the Frost King but Swamp Thing is killed. In the present day, Atlantis is besieged by ice creatures, and Aquaman and Mera help refugees inside the city’s walls. Aquaman travels to the Earth’s core to seek help from Fire Trolls. Aquaman is attacked by the trolls but Mera arrives and drives them back. Impressed by Mera, the trolls help the Atlanteans drive back the ice creatures.

Justice League Dark #29
“Endless Winter Chapter 7”, February 2021
Andy Lanning, Ron Marz [w], Amancay Nahuelpan [p], Kyle Hotz, Dan Brown [c]
In the 10th Century, the Viking Prince is stabbed by the Frost King. Both fall off the edge of a glacier as the Frost King begins transforming back into Edwald. In the present day, Hippolyta finishes telling her story to the JLD and the Flash in the Oblivion Bar. Zatanna and Wonder Woman travel to New Myrra to seek out Swamp Thing, who explains that the Elementals are laying dormant through the winter. Swampy is reluctant to leave New Myrra in case it reverts back to being the Other Place. Hippolyta summons the ghost of the Viking Prince. When Zatanna and Wonder Woman return, they use part of Swamp Thing to give the Viking Prince a body and he becomes the champion of the Green.

Black Adam: Endless Winter Special (2021) #1
“Endless Winter Chapter 8”, February 2021
Andy Lanning, Ron Marz [w], Marco Santucci [p], Dale Eaglesham, Mike Atiyeh [c]
In the 10th Century, the ice creatures and the storm disappears when Edwald falls into the crevice and Black Adam seals it shut. Swamp Thing returns and Hippolyta feels guilt for the deaths of the Viking Prince, the Frost King, and Edwald’s family. At Stagg Industries in Gotham, scientists uncover Edwald’s family trapped in the ice. A team of villains lead by Black Adam attack, and Adam confronts Sebastian Stagg. The Frost King appears and Black Adam lets Multiplex die at his hands. Staggatron, a robot powered by Kryptonian crystals, attacks the Frost King but the Kryptonian energy only makes the Frost King stronger. He seizes Black Adam as the Justice League arrive.

Justice League: Endless Winter (2021) #2
“Endless Winter Finale”, February 2021
Andy Lanning, Ron Marz [w], Carmine Di Giandomenico, Howard Porter, Marco Santucci [p]
The Justice League and Black Adam follow the Frost King as he flees to the Arctic with his frozen family. The Viking Prince/Swamp Thing elemental appears and fights an avatar of the Frost King, while Batman and Hippolyta find the real Edwald frozen in ice. Black Adam arrives intending to kill Edwald but he is prevented from doing so by Superman, and Aquaman and the Fire Trolls join the battle. Edwald notices that Wonder Woman is wearing the sigil of his clan and agrees to stop the destruction. The Viking King’s spirit leaves Swamp Thing’s body and returns to Valhalla, while Black Adam still blames the Justice League for the series of events. In the rebuilt Fortress of Solitude, Edwald agrees to be re-frozen until there is a way for him to be reunited with his family. In the 10th Century, an enraged Black Adam is sealed back in his tomb by the wizard Shazam.

DC’s Very Merry Multiverse (2021) #1
“Night Of The Magi” (pp. 41-48), February 2021
Sholly Fisch [w], Vanesa Del Rey [p]
In Ancient Egypt on Earth-13, a slave named Ya’akov escapes captivity by disguising himself as a guard named Amun. His father later recognises him, but Amun ignores his pleas for help. When the Pharoah dies, Amun is selected to join him in the afterlife. In the Realm of the Dead, the mummified Amun begs Osiris and Anubis to be let into Paradise, but they force him to serve on Earth as the hero Ragman where each bandage will represent one of his sins. In the present day, Mother Destruction and the Lord of Misrule celebrate Saturnalia by enchanting the League of Shadows and forcing them to attack each other. Ragman breaks the spell and stop the villains. By saving lives, one of his bandages disappears.
Swamp-Man, the Swamp Thing from Earth-13, is a member of the League of Shadows.

Batman Black & White (2021) #1
“First Flight” (pp. 20-27), January 2021
Paul Dini [w], Andy Kubert [p]
In the Batcave, Batman is attacked by ninja Man-Bat hybrids created by Talia al Ghul. Talia explains that these creatures were her first crude attempt at Man-Bats and that they escaped from her. Batman sends them to live with Swamp Thing, who trains the Man-Bats to protect the rainforest from intruders.

Batman/Superman (2019) #15
“Snow Fight”, February 2021
Joshua Williamson [w], Andrei Bressan [p]
Batman and Superman visit Arkham Asylum where Solomon Grundy’s body has become unstable and threatens to explode and destroy the United States. Poison Ivy recommends returning Grundy to Slaughter Swamp, which would neutralise him. On the way to the swamp, Batman and Superman must fight villains who wish to steal Grundy and use him as a weapon, but Grundy becomes too volatile and the villains flee. The heroes meet Swamp Thing, who welcomes Grundy into the swamp to die and be reborn.

[w] denotes writer, [p] denotes penciller, but I have included both penciller and inker if both are credited equally as artists. [c] denotes cover artist, but I have mostly only included the last in instances where Swampy is illustrated by someone other than the inside penciller.