Volume 5

Covering the fifth series (2011-2015)…

The events of 2011’s Flashpoint brought some Vertigo characters (including Swamp Thing) back into the regular DC Universe. It also allowed DC to reset the numbering and continuity of all of its ongoing titles and characters with a relaunch titled The New 52. The fifth Swamp Thing series was one of the titles in the first wave and picked up where the Brightest Day series (published slightly before Flashpoint) left off. A resurrected Alec Holland appears for several issues until he is transformed into Swamp Thing at the end of the issue #7. The first major arc for the new Swampy was the ‘Rotworld’ crossover, which ran through issues #12-18 of both the Swamp Thing and Animal Man series. Swamp Thing also joined the Justice League Dark during the ‘Forever Evil’ event (see here for Swampy’s JLD appearances).

The creative team of Scott Snyder and Yanick Paquette handled the series up until the end of the ‘Rotworld’ crossover, with Charles Soule and (primarily) Jesus Saiz taking over subsequent issues.  The series was cancelled leading into the ‘Convergence’ event of 2015, after 40 regular and 4 special issues.

Appearances that I consider to be fairly minor are indented.  The below titles were published by DC Comics unless otherwise noted.

Swamp Thing #1
“Raise Dem Bones”, November 2011
Scott Snyder [w], Yanick Paquette [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn [c]
When a number of animals die mysteriously, Superman visits Alec Holland who now works on a construction site. Superman urges Holland to continue his work on the biorestorative formula but Holland retains Swamp Thing’s memories and is reluctant to work with plants again. Later, Holland wakes from a nightmare and decides to destroy his sole batch of biorestorative formula but is stopped by a plant elemental. Meanwhile, three archaeologists discover that their dig has been disturbed and a fossilised mammoth is missing. They come across a creature made out of animal carcasses and are attacked by flies. The flies cause the men to become possessed and their heads to turn backwards.

Swamp Thing #2
“When it Comes A’Knockin'”, December 2011
Scott Snyder [w], Yanick Paquette [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn [c]
The plant elemental explains that he is Calbraith Rodgers: a pilot whose became an elemental after his plane was shot down in 1942.  Rodgers explains that Sethe, the lord of death and decay, is amassing an army and plans to assault the Green, and the Parliament again needs its champion. The previous elemental was the Parliament’s flawed attempt to create an Alec Holland Swamp Thing using only Holland’s consciousness after Holland’s death ruined their plans. But the complete Alec Holland has the potential to be the Green’s greatest protector. After delivering this message, Rodgers dies due to his separation from the Parliament of Trees, but in his last moments he manages to warn Holland to stay away from the white-haired woman of his memories (Abby). Holland is attacked by Rot-infected humans but is saved by Abby, who then threatens him with a gun.
Rodgers’ origin story seems to be the same as that of Albert Höllerer (Swamp Thing #47, April 1986), who in turn is based on The Heap (Air Fighters #3, Dec. 1942). Rodgers’ middle initials are A.H. so it’s also possible that they are the same character.

Swamp Thing #3
“Come Hither, Child”, January 2012
Scott Snyder [w], Victor Ibanez, Yanick Paquette [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Abby wants proof of Alec’s identity so threatens him until he reveals some of his powers over plants. Abby wants Alec’s help to save a boy named William, who has the power to control dead matter and is sought by the Rot to become its champion. As an Arcane, the Rot also calls to Abby but her proximity to Swamp Thing has shielded her until now. In a hospital, William lives in a plastic bubble, isolated from the environment due to an allergy to chlorophyl. During the night, some other children threaten to attack him but William is coaxed by a voice into killing the kids. He then forces his doctor to give him some scuba gear so that William is able to leave the facility on foot while still being shielded from the atmosphere. Abby and Swampy arrive at the hospital too late, and Abby reveals that William is her half-brother.

Swamp Thing #4
“Desert Five O’Clock”, February 2012
Scott Snyder [w], Marco Rudy [p], Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Alec and Abby continue to track William, who has killed a diner full of people by manipulating dead regions in their bodies.  Alec dreams of the Parliament, who explains that the Rot is a force in opposition to life, which is protected by the Green (plant kingdom) and the Red (animal kingdom). Despite the Parliament’s urging, Holland refuses to become an elemental and to kill Abby.  Abby and Alec unwittingly follow William towards a large slaughterhouse.
The ‘New 52’ continuity restores the Parliament of Trees, which was previously destroyed in Swamp Thing #167 (June 1996).

Swamp Thing #5
“Dead Meat”, March 2012
Scott Snyder [w], Yanick Paquette [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Alec and Abby try to intercept William before he reaches the Deadlands, where the Green is weak and Sethe has built his kingdom. They are attacked by William and some reanimated animal carcasses. Alec controls the Green in order to defeat the creatures and traps William in a tree, before Alec and Abby kiss. Meanwhile, a Rot-infected man is guided to the indigenous Terena people, the guardians of the Parliament of Trees. After infecting the Terena, the group begins setting fire to the Parliament.

Swamp Thing #6
“The Black Queen”, April 2012
Scott Snyder [w], Marco Rudy [p], Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Alec realises that something is wrong in the Green. William escapes and imprisons Abby in a cocoon, before revealing that it was actually Abby that the Rot wanted as its champion. Alec is attacked by the Rot’s creatures but manages to escape to the swamp, while Abby is taken to the Bone Kingdom. Alec asks the Green to turn him into Swamp Thing again but it explains that he is too late and he has already failed. Holland is then set upon by more Rot-infected people and mortally wounded by a chainsaw.

Animal Man (2011) #7
“Animal Vs. Man, part one”, May 2012
Jeff Lemire [w], Steve Pugh, Travel Foreman [p]
Buddy Baker and his family travel through Utah in a motorhome and discuss seeking out Alec Holland.  At night, Buddy has a dream that the Rot has taken over the world and, when he awakens, he finds that some Rot-infected animals are outside and ready to attack.
In Buddy’s premonition, Swamp Thing appears on a couple of pages battling the Rot alongside an adolescent Maxine Baker.

Swamp Thing #7
“Swamp Thing”, May 2012
Scott Snyder [w], Yanick Paquette [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Alec continues to be savagely attacked by infected humans wielding sharp weapons. The Green protects him as he is dying, but only to prolong Alec’s pain a little longer as punishment for his failure. Alec again asks to become Swamp Thing but the Parliament argues that he is too weak before Alec reveals that he still has the bio-restorative formula in his bag. The Green breaks the vial of formula, and Alec is transformed into a winged Swamp Thing to kill his attackers. Meanwhile, Abby begins to emerge from her cocoon as Queen of the Rot.

Swamp Thing #8
“Eye of the Storm”, June 2012
Scott Snyder [w], Marco Rudy, Yanick Paquette [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn [c]
The Rot attacks human populations across the American West. Swamp Thing travels to confront Sethe and the Rot at the Bone Kingdom. He fights his way to Abby only to find she has been transformed into something monstrous.
While the mid-sentence ellipses were a fairly consistent feature of previous versions of Swamp Thing, this Holland-Swampy no longer seems to have any problems with his speech.

Swamp Thing #9
“Broken Bones”, July 2012
Scott Snyder [w], Marco Rudy, Yanick Paquette [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Swamp Thing reluctantly fights Abby, defeating her by manipulating an orchid seed that he secretly fed her before she was transformed. The Rot is forced to let go of Abby and then focusses its attack on Swampy. Abby, back in her normal human form, uses the power of the Rot that she has been resisting her whole life. Abby destroys Sethe and then flees with the injured Swamp Thing. William, still loyal to the Rot, celebrates as Anton Arcane (last seen in Swamp Thing #12, Apr. 2005) rises to continue the fight.

Animal Man (2011) Annual #1
“Endless Rot”, July 2012
Jeff Lemire [w], Timothy Green II [p], Travel Foreman [c]
Socks tells Maxine about another time the Avatars of the Green and Red joined forces to fight the Rot. In 1894, the Rot poisoned crops and livestock at Stone Lake, Manitoba.  A group of Mounties and farmers, including Jacob Mullin, decide to investigate some nearby woods for a solution.  While camping, Jacob begins bleeding from the eyes and one of the Mounties becomes infected and attacks the group.  Jacob, the lone survivor, is recognised by the Rot as the Avatar of the Red, before Swamp Thing intercedes and saves him.  Swampy takes Jacob to his home and explains that he was once Jack Crow but was killed by the Rot and became an elemental.  Jacob has a vision of the future devastated by the Rot, and receives a warning from Buddy Baker. Jacob rushes home to find that the Rot has infected most of the town, but finds his son Henry among a few survivors. Swampy and Jacob kill many of the infected, as well as a pair of powerful Rotlings named the Hunters Two.

DC Super Pets GN
“Swamp Thing Vs The Zombie Pets”, August 2012, Picture Window Books.
John Sazaklis [w], Art Baltazar [p]
Swamp Thing and Batman fight a nearby fire while the Down Home Critter Gang and Ace the Bat-Hound stay behind.  Solomon Grundy and his Undead Pet Club, displaced by the fire, try to take over the Critter Gang’s territory and a fight ensues.  Grundy attempts to make the world’s undead pets rise from their graves but is delayed by Ace and ultimately stopped upon the return of Swampy.
Non-continuity: a children’s book featuring Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing #10
“Arcane’s Lullaby”, August 2012
Scott Snyder [w], Francesco Francavilla [p], Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Abby and Swamp Thing travel to Abby’s old house where Swampy is attempting to re-grow the Parliament of Trees. Swamp Thing lies in the swamp to rejuvenate and is found by Arcane. Arcane recounts that Abby, as a baby, accidentally killed her mother using powers of the Rot.
As far as I can recall, Abby’s former home (which reappears several times in this series) does not resemble any of the many houses that we have seen Abby live in previously.

Swamp Thing #11
“Family Reunion”, September 2012
Scott Snyder [w], Marco Rudy [p], Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Anton Arcane and his Un-Men kidnap Abby. Though Arcane attempts to kill Swamp Thing while he is unconscious in the swamp, Alec is pulled into the Green by the young Parliament of Trees and saved. Swampy and Abby fight Arcane, but he escapes through a portal into the Rot. Abby looks into the portal and sees a future where cities have been destroyed and heroes killed. Buddy Baker (Animal Man) and his family arrive and explain that they must enter the portal.

Animal Man (2011) #12
“Rotworld: Prologue Part One”, October 2012
Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire [w], Steve Pugh [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn, Yanick Paquette [c]
Cliff Baker lies injured in a motel after being attacked by the Hunters Three, while the rest of Baker family try to find Swamp Thing. They find Swampy and Abby by a portal into the Rot, and explain that Maxine is the new Avatar of the Red. Buddy and Swampy decide to enter the portal and attack the Rot to save Cliff. Meanwhile, Mary Baker finds that Cliff has disappeared from the motel room.
Front cover joins with Swamp Thing #12.

Swamp Thing #12
“Rotworld Prologue: Part 2”, October 2012
Scott Snyder, Jeff Lemire [w], Marco Rudy [p], Steve Pugh, Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Swamp Thing and Animal Man explore the Rot, while Abby and the Bakers are attacked by Rotlings until Abby seals the portal closed. Arcane severs the vine that tethers Swamp Thing to the outside world, and explains that the resurrection of the Holland-Swamp Thing has allowed his resurrection too. Abby decides to attack the Parliament of Decay, while Swampy and Buddy find themselves one year into the future in a world destroyed by the Rot.
Front cover joins with Animal Man #12.

Swamp Thing #0
“To Monsters”, November 2012
Scott Snyder [w], Jose Angel Cano Lopez [p], Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn [c]
In 1897, the Jack Crow Swamp Thing (from Animal Man Annual #1) aids a girl found in the snow, but she is later revealed to be Anton Arcane and Jack is killed. Arcane fondly reminisces about other Avatars he has killed, even those who were still infants. In the more recent past, Arcane watches as Alec Holland celebrates the successful invention of bio-restorative formula. Disguised as Alec’s friend, Arcane travels to the Hollands’ home and then kills and assumes Linda’s form before setting Alec’s lab on fire. Arcane gloats as Alec’s body is too damaged by chemicals to be transformed into Swamp Thing, but the Parliament of Trees is patient and five years later Alec Holland is reborn.
This issue reimagines Swamp Thing’s origin story with Arcane (rather than The Conclave) being the cause of Holland’s death and transformation.

Swamp Thing #13
“Rotworld: The Green Kingdom, Part One”, December 2012
Scott Snyder [w], Yanick Paquette [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn [c]
In the Rotworld future, Swamp Thing has become separated from Animal Man and is discovered by Poison Ivy and Deadman, who are initially sceptical about Swampy’s identity. They lead Swampy to what remains of the Parliament of Trees, who explain that the world has been destroyed by the Rot. The Parliament is attacked by infected members of the Teen Titans, but Swampy and his allies fight them. The Parliament debate whether to tell Swamp Thing that Abby is dead. In the present day, Abby is travelling to the Carpathian Mountains when her plane is attacked by the Rot and crashes.

Swamp Thing Annual #1
“Rotworld: Secrets of the Dead: The Hidden”, December 2012
Scott Tuft, Scott Snyder [w], Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger [p], Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Swamp Thing refuses to believe that Abby is dead as he can still sense her presence in Rotworld. The Parliament of Trees explain that Alec, as a student, was once summoned to the Carpathians by Arcane, ostensibly to help re-green a radioactive region. After setting up his lab in Arcane’s castle, Alec discovers a strange flower that grows in the area. He also meets Abby, who gives him a tour of the village and seems to suffer from memory loss. After analysing the strange flowers, Alec explains to Arcane that the plant-like objects may have a venom that affects human memory and cognitive functions. Arcane manipulates the Rot flower to leave Alec unconscious, but he is rescued by a member of the Parliament who grows from some foxglove that Alec has planted. Alec is brought to a young Jason Woodrue, a servant of the Green, who helps him back to America, but Alec does not recall any of his trip to Europe on account of the Rot flower’s affect on his mind. Back in Rotworld, and after hearing this story related to him by the Parliament, Swampy vows to kill Arcane.

Swamp Thing #14
“Rotworld: The Green Kingdom, Part Two”, January 2013
Scott Snyder [w], Yanick Paquette [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Swamp Thing, made powerful by his proximity to the Parliament of Trees, grows into a giant and destroys the Teen Titans. He leaves the Parliament with Deadman, travelling by river towards Gotham where there is rumoured to be a weapon capable of defeating Arcane and the Rot. However, they are attacked by William Arcane. In the present day, Abby survives the plane crash and continues to Blastemat to prevent the Rot from attacking the world. She sneaks into the castle and is met by Anton Arcane.

Swamp Thing #15
“Rotworld: The Green Kingdom, Part Three”, February 2013
Scott Snyder [w], Marco Rudy [p], Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Swamp Thing and Deadman are swallowed by Starro but it is killed when they escape. Deadman then possesses William Arcane, causing both of their deaths. Swamp Thing continues to Gotham and is attacked by an infected Batman who is imprisoned in the Batcave. Swampy is saved by Barbara Gordon who resembles Man-Bat. In the present, Arcane captures Abby and reveals that he has cloned her. He tries to make her forget what she has seen but she resists, disabling Arcane and destroying the clones. Abby then finds a door in the castle that she remembers from her past.
This original printing of this issue was pulped due to one of Arcane’s tentacles resembling a penis. Scott Snyder recounted the story in a series of tweets on April 15 2015, and the whole story is presented, with images, here: https://bleedingcool.com/comics/when-scott-snyders-swamp-thing-15-was-pulped-over-a-rogue-tentacle/

Swamp Thing #16
“Rotworld: The Green Kingdom Part Four”, March 2013
Scott Snyder [w], Yanick Paquette [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Barbara Gordon explains that the Mat-Bat serum gives her resistance to the Rot. She takes Swamp Thing to Arkham Asylum, now a refuge for Gotham’s survivors, and shows Swampy the bio-restorative formula that Batman was working on. Arkham is attacked by Giganta and some Rotlings, but Swampy and the Gothamites survive and proceed to Arcane’s stronghold, accompanied by a huge walking robot (dubbed the Bat-Bot) that is full of bio-restorative formula. In the present, Abby finds the Parliament of Decay within the castle and offers to be their Avatar, but she is beheaded by Arcane.

Animal Man (2011) #17
“Rotworld: War Of The Rot Part One”, April 2013
Jeff Lemire [w], Steve Pugh, Timothy Green II [p], Steve Pugh, Lovern Kindzierski [c]
Animal Man and his allies (which include Black Orchid, Beast Boy, Medphyll, Frankenstein and Steel) arrive at Arcane’s castle where they believe Maxine is imprisoned. They fight various Rotlings and infected heroes, aided by Shepherd and an army from The Red, but Medphyll is killed and Frankenstein becomes the new Green Lantern. On the other side of the castle, Swamp Thing (who wears Bane’s venom delivery system to supply him with bio-restorative formula) defeats an infected Superman using the power of the Sun. Swampy wants to use the Bat-Bot as a cloud seeder by detonating it in the sky, but he is weakened when his formula delivery system is damaged. Arcane appears and unleashes a hideously deformed Maxine and a number of monstrous, brainless Abby clones to attack the heroes.
Front cover joins with Swamp Thing #17.

Swamp Thing #17
“Rotworld: War Of The Rot Part Two”, April 2013
Jeff Lemire, Scott Snyder [w], Andy Belanger [p], Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn, Steve Pugh [c]
Buddy kills the evil Maxine, and Steel is killed after launching the Bat-Bot. Arcane attempts to disable the Bat-Bot mid-flight, but Swamp Thing carries the robot higher into the sky while Animal Man drains Beast Boy’s power in order to fight Arcane. The Bat-Bot explodes, killing many of the Rotlings, but Arcane escapes into his castle and through a portal into the past. The Parliament of Decay, unhappy with what Arcane has done to the world, help Swampy and Buddy by reopening the portal so that they can pursue Arcane.
Front cover joins with Animal Man #17.

Animal Man (2011) #18
“Rotworld: The Red Kingdom Epilogue”, May 2013
Jeff Lemire [w], Steve Pugh [p]
Buddy Baker journeys back to the present to prevent the Rot from taking over the world.  He tracks his family to a barn where the surviving Hunters Three and William Arcane are attempting to coerce Maxine into joining with the Rot.  Buddy stops them just in time, but William is knocked unconscious by the Hunters Three before Maxine manages to suck the Rot out of their bodies and return them to their original human states.  Just when the Bakers believe the Rot has been defeated, William awakens and, with his final act, attacks Buddy.  Cliff Baker intervenes just in time and is fatally stabbed.
Swamp Thing only appears on the first page, as he and Animal Man leave the Rot-controlled future to go back to the present day.

Swamp Thing #18
“Lay Down Them Bones”, May 2013
Scott Snyder [w], Yanick Paquette [p, c], Nathan Fairbairn [c]
Swamp Thing travels back in time and prevents Arcane from killing Abby. Before Arcane can recover, Abby explains that she can take Arcane’s place as Avatar of the Rot but Swamp Thing must kill her. The Arcane from Rotworld also appears and, too late to prevent Abby from becoming the Rot’s champion, kills the human Alec Holland body that exists within Swamp Thing. Arcane loses his powers and is handed over to the Parliament of Decay for punishment. Swamp Thing reawakens in the grove of the Parliament of Trees to find that he is now completely a plant. He is ready to take his place in the Parliament but they tell him he can continue his role as Avatar as his replacement is not yet ready. Swampy is visited by the Rot Avatar Abby, who brings the human bodies of Alec and Abby so they can be buried together. Swampy and Abby kiss but their proximity to each other is dangerous so they part ways.

Swamp Thing #19
“Urban Jungle”, June 2013
Charles Soule [w], Jose Angel Cano Lopez [p], Mike Wilson, Andy Brase [c]
Swamp Thing investigates and destroys an oasis in the middle of a desert that locals tell him was created by The Seeder. Swamp Thing is forced to undo The Seeder’s work on several occasions because it is damaging the Green, even though it is helping human populations. Faced with this ethical dilemma, Swampy seeks out Superman for advice. At a botanic garden, Swamp Thing interrupts Scarecrow who is stealing an ingredient for his fear gas. Scarecrow uses a carbon dioxide based fear gas to knock Swampy unconscious, but this causes plants to grow wild all over the city.

Swamp Thing #20
“This Green Hell”, July 2013
Charles Soule [w], Jose Angel Cano Lopez [p], Andy Brase [c]
Swamp Thing has a dream that he meets Alec and Abby’s daughter and accidentally turns her into a plant before Alec invites Swampy into his home and chastises him for giving up his humanity. Superman helps emergency services deal with the plant problem in Metropolis before coming across an unresponsive Swamp Thing and setting him on fire, nullifying the effects of the toxin. Superman suggests that Swampy should leave the city if he can’t control his powers, but first offers him the advice that he should try to connect with some humans. Upon returning to Louisiana, Swamp Thing is met by a woman who needs his help.
Swamp Thing’s dream is reminiscent of ‘The Burial’ (The Saga of Swamp Thing #28, Sept. 1984), in which he also questions his identity.

Swamp Thing #21
“The Murder Poet”, August 2013
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p], Mark Simpson [c]
A woman named Capucine invokes the “Sanctuary of the Green Leaf” to seek Swamp Thing’s protection, who she believes she met 800 years ago. Two men appear and try to kill Capucine, believing that doing so will increase their lifespan. They shoot Swamp Thing, but Capucine kills them. Swampy asks the Parliament about Capucine, and he receives a vision of a previous, monk-like elemental who saved humans from death by the Inquisition in 13th Century France. The monk explains that he created the Sanctuary to protect those who were being persecuted for worshipping nature, but the current Swamp Thing is not obliged to help. The monk is then destroyed when a force (The Seeder) saps energy from the Green, but Swampy escapes by returning to the surface. Swamp Thing wants to know more about Capucine before committing to protect her, and leaves to confront The Seeder in Scotland.

Swamp Thing #22
“The Whisky Tree Part 1 of 2”, September 2013
Charles Soule [w], Jose Angel Cano Lopez [p], Tomeu Morey, Guillem March [c]
The Seeder asks some locals in a Scottish village what their town would wish for, and they suggest that the distillery should reopen, so The Seeder creates a tree that drips with whisky. Swamp Thing investigates and finds the townsfolk intoxicated and happy. Swampy meets Constantine and initially suspects him of being The Seeder. Constantine tries to talk Swamp Thing out of destroying the tree, but then the townspeople become violent. Constantine reveals that he has been drinking the whisky too, and uses magic to sever Swampy’s ties with the Green before encouraging the townspeople to attack Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing #23
“The Whisky Tree Part 2 of 2”, October 2013
Charles Soule [w], Jose Angel Cano Lopez, David Lapham [p], Guillem March, Tomeu Morey [c]
After the remaining townsfolk are rounded up and forced to drink whisky, Constantine visits a weakened Swamp Thing in the local jail and explains that the town are going to spread the tree’s seeds throughout the world. Swampy manages to escape but some villagers find him and set him alight. With his remaining strength, Swamp Thing turns into a poppy and knocks Constantine unconscious, allowing Swampy to utilise the power of the Green again. Swamp Thing hears voices that encourage him to kill everyone in the town, but he instead destroys the tree, stops the distribution of seeds, and knocks everyone in the town unconscious. Swamp Thing returns to the swamp to find that Capucine has been attacked by The Seeder, who has left the message “It’s Time Professor”.

Swamp Thing #23.1
“The Patchwork History”, November 2013
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
Anton Arcane’s punishment by the Parliament of Decay involves being imprisoned in a place where nothing rots. Abigail, the Rot Avatar, visits Arcane to learn about her mother Ilse, who she is now beginning to remember. Arcane explains that after he became Avatar of the Rot he began investigating whether there could be rot and decay without death. As an experiment, he infected Ilse with a flesh-eating bacteria, but she received a skin graft to repair the damage. Arcane continued to infect Ilse until her body was covered in skin grafts from donors. Abby was sent to France to live with Ilse’s family, but Arcane retrieved her. Upon returning to the Castle, he found that Ilse had left. However, Arcane clarifies that Ilse was not Abby’s mother, and explains that Abby had killed her birth mother as a toddler (as we discovered in Swamp Thing #10). When Abigail leaves Arcane’s prison to go back to the living world, Arcane manages to pluck his own eye out and throw it through the portal with her.
Also referred to as Arcane #1 on the cover, this was released in a lenticular cover variation as part of ‘Villains Month’ and a lead-in to the ‘Forever Evil’ crossover.  Ilse’s multiple skin grafts give her the appearance of Abby’s father The Patchwork Man, whose story is related in Swamp Thing #3 (Feb./Mar. 1973).

Swamp Thing #24
“Seeder”, December 2013
Charles Soule [w], Andrei Bressan [p], Travel Foreman, Matthew Wilson [c]
Swamp Thing invites Capucine to stay in Abby’s old house. The Seeder confronts the Parliament of Trees, asking why they have given him the ability to control plants if he is not to be their Avatar. Swampy arrives and learns that The Seeder is Jason Woodrue, who was granted powers after saving Alec Holland’s life (in Annual #1). Woodrue wants to make the world a paradise but Swampy explains that the world needs balance, and that when Woodrue is manipulating the Green to feed starving people in one region, it is robbing another region of food. Swampy asks the Parliament to strip Woodrue of his powers but it does not, and Woodrue attacks Swamp Thing until Capucine intercedes and breaks Woodrue’s arm. The Parliament advises that both Swamp Thing and Woodrue will have a chance to master their abilities and then must do battle to decide who will be Avatar.
Woodrue’s arms is also broken in The Saga of Swamp Thing #24 (May 1984), the first battle between Woodrue and Swampy.

Swamp Thing Annual #2
“Lessons Learned”, December 2013
Charles Soule [w], Javier Pina, Jose Angel Cano Lopez [p], Travel Foreman, Matthew Wilson [c]
In the Green, Swamp Thing receives instruction from a previous elemental known as The Wolf. Swampy learns that Avatars have existed since plants had to defend themselves from animals, and the Parliament of Trees was formed as a repository of knowledge when humans became dangerously intelligent. The Parliament are also responsible for finding and training new Avatars, but it isn’t always unified in its decisions. The Wolf wants Swampy to continue being the Avatar, and sends him to Lady Weeds for further training. Lady Weeds destroys Swamp Thing in battle and shows him that he does not need to be confined to a body during combat. Lady Weeds also explains that she caused the Great Potato Famine in Ireland to prove to the Parliament that she was the strongest candidate of her time, and stop them from sending more challengers. As a test, Lady Weeds tells Swamp Thing that he is not allowed to leave her cave, but he is freed when he realises that he is her cave. Finally, Swampy meets the classic pre-‘New 52’ Swamp Thing, who lives in a replica of Houma made of out of plants. The current Swamp Thing destroys “Houma”, blaming his predecessor for his current predicament. He immediately apologises and asks how the previous Swamp Thing managed to stay true to himself in spite of the pressures. From this conversation, the current Avatar learns the power of saying ‘No’.
This is a re-telling of the history of the Parliament which, in the old continuity, was created when Swamp Thing travelled into the past (Swamp Thing #89, Nov. 1989). The pre-‘New 52’ Swamp Thing that the current Swampy encounters takes his appearance from the ‘My Blue Heaven’ story (Swamp Thing #56, Jan. 1987).

Swamp Thing #25
“Two Enter…One Leaves!”, January 2014
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
Swamp Thing and Woodrue fight for the role of Avatar. Swampy grows multiple bodies, but Seeder destroys them (and much of the arena) with poison. Seeder then blinds Swamp Thing with his final seed and shoves him through a portal to the Moon. But Swampy returns to Earth, growing on Woodrue’s head. The Parliament urges Swamp Thing to kill the failed challenger, but he refuses, so the Green crowns Woodrue as their Avatar.

All Star Western (2011) #25-26
#25: “Blood, Sex & Magic”, January 2014
Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti [w], Moritat [p]
#26: “What is and What Will Never Be”, February 2014
Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti [w], Jeff Johnson, Moritat [p]
In #25, Jonah Hex, Gina Green and John Constantine fend off hordes of demons at the Burning Man festival and eventually meet and kill their leader.  Constantine explains that to help Jonah get back to his own time, he would need access to the House of Secrets, which would necessitate the summoning of Swamp Thing.  Swamp Thing appears but senses an alien presence in the desert before he is attacked by a purple plant (Black Mercy).  In #26, Jonah finds himself in the Old West about to marry Tallulah Black but realises that he must be dreaming. This breaks the spell of the parasitic Black Mercy flower, which grants its host dreams of a perfect life. Jonah then finds himself in the present and removes the alien plant from himself and Gina, then gets Constantine to remove it from Swampy.  Jonah and Gina then travel to Metropolis.
While Swamp Thing is barely a guest in these two issues, they are interesting in that Swampy interacts with one of Alan Moore’s earliest original creations for DC, Black Mercy (first appearing in Superman Annual #11, 1985). Unfortunately, we never learn what Swampy’s “heart’s desire” is.

Swamp Thing #26
“Victor: Spoiled”, February 2014
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
As a retired Avatar in the Green, Swamp Thing has access to Woodrue’s thoughts and memories. Several years earlier, Woodrue sought to become the Green’s Avatar and travels to the Parliament of Trees. They do not converse with him then, but later seek his help in retrieving Alec Holland from Europe (Annual #1), for which he is rewarded with the power to alter seeds. Woodrue then sought help from various magicians to become more powerful. In the present day, and with the combined knowledge of all previous Avatars at his disposal, Woodrue attacks Capucine and Animal Man in an attempt to prove himself to the Green. Animal Man tries to reason with Woodrue, explaining that he is not the Avatar of the Red. Woodrue attempts to kill every animal in the vicinity to weaken Animal Man, but Animal Man defeats Woodrue by dropping him from a great height. Woodrue then travels to Peru and destroys a large sawmill.

Swamp Thing #27
“My Green Heaven”, March 2014
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
Swamp Thing talks to The Wolf and Lady Weeds about escaping the Green and stopping Woodrue. Lady Weeds severs the ties between the Grove and the Avatars who make up the Parliament of Trees. Angered, the Parliament attack Weeds and Swampy but the Parliament is destroyed. Swamp Thing tries to escape the Green without Lady Weeds but she weakens Swampy when he makes it to the surface. Swampy calls to Woodrue, pretending he is a member of the Parliament, and taps into Woodrue’s power when he is close. Swamp Thing covers the oceans in algae, increasing the world’s oxygen levels and threatening to kill all animal life, and then asks the Green to be their Avatar again. The Green agrees, stripping Woodrue of his powers so that he becomes a mortally-wounded human again, and Swamp Thing lays him to rest in The Green. Swamp Thing also severs the connection between the Green’s previous Avatars and the world so that they are not able to form a new Parliament, but Swampy first saves those Avatars who have helped him.

Swamp Thing #28
“Salting the Earth”, April 2014
Charles Soule [w], Javier Pina [p]
Swamp Thing talks to The Wolf, Brother Jonah (the monk Avatar), and Lady Weeds, who Swampy (either intentionally or accidentally) brought into the world and who are now in their powerless, human forms. Swampy takes them to Mardi Gras before instructing them to stay in Abby’s old house. Swampy tracks down Capucine who is hiding in a salt lake in the desert after her fight with Seeder. She tries to kill Swamp Thing until he convinces her that he is the Avatar again and Seeder is gone. Capucine finally relates her life story: she was born in the 12th Century in a Monastery on an island. The island was fought over by several countries so the occupants of the Abbey sought protection from a stranger. The stranger trained three youths as warriors and gave them the gift of 1000 years’ life. However, in exchange for this power, Capucine will become the property of the stranger (Etrigan The Demon) upon her death. Swamp Thing agrees to help protect Capucine from Etrigan. They return to Abby’s house where they are greeted by a group of hooded people who call themselves the Sureen.

Animal Man (2011) #29
“…Goodnight, Animal Man”, May 2014
Jeff Lemire [w, p] Travel Foreman [p]
Buddy Baker makes an agreement with Shepherd and Socks to continue to be Earth’s avatar of the Red, as long as Maxine is no longer involved.  Shepherd and Socks become the new totems of the Red.  Buddy returns home and Maxine tells him a bedtime story that recounts the events of the Animal Man series.
Swamp Thing appears on a page as the ‘Rotworld’ arc is recounted.

Aquaman (2011) #29
“Olympian”, May 2014
Jeff Parker [w], Paul Pelletier [p]
Dr. Daniel Evans uses Aquaman’s trident to try to open up a pathway to Atlantis, but instead opens the door to Hell.  Various beasts emerge and Aquaman arrives and battles them, but is eventually overcome by Hercules.  Meanwhile, Mera attends an Atlantean Council meeting in Aquaman’s absence and learns that a massive algae bloom threatens life on Earth.
Swampy appears on one panel and is identified to the reader as the cause of the algae bloom (in Swamp Thing #27).

Swamp Thing #29
“The Gift of the Sureen Part 1 of 3”, May 2014
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
Lady Weeds and The Wolf travel back to New Orleans in an attempt to regain some of The Wolf’s power and fortune, and Weeds gets a tattoo. Swamp Thing notices that they are missing and sends Jonah and Capucine (who are old friends) to find them. Knot, a member of the Sureen, explains that they are a holy organisation who traditionally serve the Green’s Avatar. In exchange for their services, Swamp Thing grows special fruit to allow the Sureen to connect with the Green. Knot also explains that the Sureen can perform a ritual known as the Locum, which allows Swamp Thing’s consciousness to enter the body of one of the Sureen to temporarily become human again. They perform the ritual and Swamp Thing becomes a man named Pistil. However, the Sureen then take Swamp Thing’s body away, and when Swampy/Pistil awakes he is violently ill and Abby’s house has been set on fire.

Swamp Thing #30
“The Gift of the Sureen Part 2 of 3”, June 2014
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz, Javier Pina [p]
The resurrected Avatars and Capucine return to find Abby’s home partially destroyed. They revive the poisoned Pistil, who explains that he is actually Alec. Alec’s friends explain that Pistil’s body will die in a few days if Alec does not return to the Avatar body. They seek help from Capucine’s friend Vandal Savage who, after a friendly spar with Capucine, agrees to take them to the Sureen in India. Capucine and Pistil find the last of the Sureen (Gaurav) who explains that the other worshippers Swampy met were frauds and tries to help them with the aid of his colleague Miki. At night Miki enters Pistil’s room and reveals she is an Avatar of fungus who also undertook the Locum ritual. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing’s body is taken to Germany and experimented on by a company in the hope the they can control the Green using the special fruit that Swampy produces.

Swamp Thing #31
“The Gift of the Sureen Part 3 of 3”, July 2014
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz, Javier Pina [p]
Miki explains that she was once an Avatar of the Grey (fungus) but, after moving between many hosts over several centuries, she is now able to occupy a human body for a long time. Pistil is privately disgusted that Miki is using and killing humans in this way, but asks to see Miki’s Avatar body. Guarav performs the ritual to send Alec into the fungus body, and Pistil’s regains his consciousness, explaining who he works for and his real name (Hans). In Germany, the company manage to use Swamp Thing’s powers to destroy a competitor’s crops. Alec travels to Germany through the Grey as the fungus Avatar and recovers the Swamp Thing body. Back in India, Alec must transition back into the Swamp Thing body via a human host, so he restrains Miki while Guarav performs the ritual. At the end of the process, Alec is Swamp Thing, Miki’s human body has been destroyed, and Miki has returned to the fungus body (and is angry). In Louisiana, The Wolf has Abby’s house repaired, and reveals that he is behind the experiments in Germany. A furious Aquaman then arrives looking for Swamp Thing.
Swamp Thing has never heard of the Grey before, but Swampy fought the Grey throughout much of the Doug Wheeler run (roughly issues #90-109; Dec. 1989-July 1991). That encounter is seemingly not within the ‘New 52’ continuity.

Aquaman (2011) #31
“In the Muck”, July 2014
Jeff Parker [w], Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p], Paul Pelletier [p, c], Wil Quintana, Sean Parsons [c]
Aquaman continues to search for Swamp Thing in Louisiana with the help of Ya’wara. Swamp Thing disarms a pair of hunters but is then attacked by Aquaman and Ya’wara and has to explain why he covered the oceans with algae (in Swamp Thing #27). Aquaman alerts Swamp Thing to a mass of plant life that is destroying the Apo Reef in the South Pacific, and Swamp Thing investigates. Meanwhile, Mera travels to Atlantis with Tula and Koah seeking those who tried to have her killed. They enter the Underrealm and find the locals hostile. Eslewehere in an underwater base, scientists representing the Triton Directorate attempt to create and control a powerful creature.

Tiny Titans: Return to the Treehouse (2014) #1
August 2014
Franco Aureliani [w], Art Baltazar [w, p]
Psimon and Brainiac 5 shrink the Tiny Titans’ treehouse in order to join a club. Supergirl and Superboy enlist Robin to help find it, encountering many other heroes during their quest.  When they finally catch up with the Brainiacs, the thieves manage to escape in a Brainiac spacecraft.
Swamp Thing appears on a page when he is mistaken for the missing treehouse. Non-continuity, this is closer to DC’s animated universe for children.

Swamp Thing #32
“Blue/Green”, August 2014
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
In the ocean, Swamp Thing encounters the large plant mass, which is killing local animal life, but it does not respond to him. Swampy’s advisors have explained that this may be a Kreuzblütler: an offshoot consciousness. Aquaman attacks Swampy again, but is not able to defeat the Kreuzblütler by himself. Swamp Thing enters the Kreuzblütler (Crossblossom) and finds that it is another Green that has split from the main plant consciousness. Swampy fights and defeats the Kreuzblütler’s Avatar just before Aquaman and Neol were about to destroy it and Swampy. Back in Louisiana, Swamp Thing asks for the support and knowledge of the previous Avatars, but Lady Weeds stabs him to illustrate that they are not friends.

Superman/Wonder Woman (2013) Annual #1
“[Superdoom] Chapter 3: The Promise”, September 2014
Charles Soule [w], Cliff Richards, Jack Herbert, Tony Daniel, Ed Benes, Pascual Alixe [p]
The world’s superheroes defend Earth from a fleet of Brainiac’s ships.  Superman grapples with the effects of a Doomsday infection but, once Batman manages to clear the atmosphere of Kryptonite, he begins to return to normal.  Steel and Lana Lang fight a Cyborg Superman in space.  Finally, a huge mothership enters the solar system via a portal in space.
Swamp Thing appears in 1 panel, battling Brainiac’s robots in the Louisiana swamps.

Swamp Thing #33
“The Wolf and the Lady, Part One”, September 2014
Charles Soule [w], Javier Pina [p], Jesus Saiz [c]
Swamp Thing threatens to send Lady Weeds back into the Green but the Wolf convinces him otherwise. Swamp Thing connects with the Green and finds the world’s plant life under threat. He instructs the other Avatars to stay at the house, and leaves a small version of himself next to the Grove pool to keep an eye on the Green. The Wolf and Lady Weeds plot to become the new Parliament of Trees and Avatar respectively. The Wolf gives Weeds a serum that she can use to transform herself and kill Capucine, and explains how he has been behind every recent crisis that Swamp Thing has faced. Finally, The Wolf sends demons to fight Swamp Thing but they are all defeated. Frustrated, Lady Weeds injects The Wolf with the serum. Brother Jonah investigates a noise coming from their room and is attacked.

Swamp Thing #34
“The Wolf and the Lady, Part Two”, October 2014
Charles Soule [w], Javier Pina [p], Jesus Saiz [c]
The now-monstrous Wolf and Lady Weeds flee while the fatally wounded Jonah is tended to by Guarav, Capucine and Swamp Thing. Jonah is placed in the Grove pool so that he can assist Swamp Thing from within the Green, and his lover Capucine mourns. Lady Weeds sets fire to a hospital in New Orleans, while The Wolf goes on a homicidal rampage. While Swampy is distracted fighting the Wolf, Lady Weeds forces Guarav to help her. Finally, The Wolf and Lady Weeds take hostages to force Swamp Thing to surrender his body. Swampy refuses, but the Wolf commits suicide rather than kill the hostages. Lady Weeds tries to escape but Capucine finds and paralyses her. Swamp Thing is then visited by a being known as A Calculus.

The Multiversity (2014) #1
“House Of Heroes”, October 2014
Grant Morrison [w], Ivan Reis [p]
Nix Uotan (the last of the Monitors) and his partner Mr. Stubbs respond to an S.O.S. on Earth-7 where they find that Thunderer is the last survivor of an attack by a group of beings known as the Gentry. Thunderer flees on the ship the Ultima Thule and gathers heroes from across the Multiverse, including President Superman from Earth-23. At the House of Heroes, Harbinger explains to those gathered that the Multiverse is under threat. The heroes also discover that comic books from their worlds contain stories about real heroes from parallel universes. Superheroes travel to Earth-8 and find that Nix Uotan has been corrupted by the Gentry.
A Swamp Thing-like creature appears at the House of Heroes (the watchtower at the centre of the Multiverse) but it is more likely to be Spore. The heroes of Earth-41 resemble characters from Image Comics, and Spore is a cross between Swamp Thing and Spawn.

Swamp Thing: Futures End (2014) #1
“The Zeugma”, November 2014
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
Five years into the future, Swamp Thing attempts to gain the support of the other Kingdoms (including the Red and Grey) ahead of his attack on the Rot. Swampy obtains the support of the Grey after providing its Avatar with a photo of a woman it once loved. Swamp Thing captures a bear-like creature from the Red and offers it to the Bacteria Avatar in the Kingdom of the Divided. Finally, Swamp Thing gains the support of the Machine Avatar in the Kingdom of Metal. Swamp Thing travels into the Rot to confront Anton Arcane, who has captured and fused with Abby. Anton explains that the Avatars from each Kingdom were disconnected from the world by the Spectre following a large war between Gods and heroes. Anton refuses to release Abby so Swamp Thing threatens him with a White Lantern ring, as well as the head of the pre-‘New 52’ Swamp Thing who is capable of wielding the ring. Abby frees herself from Anton, and Swamp Thing attempts to destroy the Rot entirely, whose duties to the planet can be taken over by the other Kingdoms. At the end of the story, it is unclear if Swampy’s attempt has been successful.
Released in a lenticular cover variant that depicts both Swamp Thing and the Machine Avatar. This story is set five years in the future as a part of the ‘Futures End’ event. The world of ‘Futures End’ is set soon after a global war has taken place, and the planet is filled with a large number of refugees from Earth-2. A Batman (Terry McGinnis) from the distant future travels back in time to prevent Brother Eye from taking over the world.

Swamp Thing #35
“Configuration”, December 2014
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
A Calculus explains that it is a representative of Machines and the Kingdom of Metal. It clears the city of its inhabitants by warning the population about an approaching (non-existent) hurricane. A Calculus offers to run the Green more efficiently for Swamp Thing, but Swampy refuses. Swamp Thing visits the Grove and speaks with Jonah (who is again a plant) about the conflict that arises when new Kingdoms appear on the planet. Jonah urges Swamp Thing to destroy the Machines. Swamp Thing finds the Machines’ base in the Arctic but decides not to destroy it, unaware that the Machines are preparing to attack the Grove.

Superman/Wonder Woman (2013) #12
“Superman Doomed [Aftermath]: Metaphormorphosis”, December 2014
Charles Soule [w], Jack Herbert [p]
Superman gives Wonder Woman a Kryptonian flower that she forgets to feed, which causes it to transform into a rampaging monster.  Wonder Woman discovers that it is Strife who is causing her and Superman to bicker.  Superman consults Swamp Thing to help them get rid of the monster, and Superman and WW make up.

Swamp Thing Annual #3
“All Stories End, My Friend”, December 2014
Charles Soule [w], Javier Pina, Carmen Carnero, Ryan Browne, Dave Bullock, Yanick Paquette [p], Jesus Saiz [c]
Swamp Thing and Capucine are fighting demons in the swamp when Capucine, nearing the end of her life, becomes ill. To comfort her, Swamp Thing tells her an amusing story about a time he tried to watch a film in a cinema after growing from a kernel of popcorn. Capucine wants protection from Etrigan after her death, and Guarav tells Swamp Thing about the demon. Guarav performs the Locum, and Capucine (in the Avatar body) attacks Etrigan. While fighting Capucine, Etrigan communicates with Alec (who is in Capucine’s body), trying to convince him that Capucine is not a good person and that it was her plan all along to inhabit the Avatar body. Capucine manages to defeat Etrigan, conceding that she was a murderer until she met Alec and reformed. Capucine and Etrigan strike a deal for peace, and Capucine and Swamp Thing return to their usual bodies. Swamp Thing lays Capucine’s body to rest in the Green where she is reunited with Jonah.
Swamp Thing is unfamiliar with Etrigan, but the pair have previously met on numerous occasions, most recently in Swamp Thing #97 (July 1990).

Harley Quinn (2014) Annual #1
December 2014
Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner [w], Kelley Jones, Ben Caldwell, Joe Quinones, Stjepan Sejic, John Timms [p]
Harley Quinn attempts to break Poison Ivy out of Arkham Asylum, accidentally letting loose a powerful hallucinogen and causing everyone in the room to have strange visions.  When the group come to their senses, they find that the hallucinogen was the plan of a floating egg named Edgar Yeung, who just wanted others to like him.
Released in a scratch-and-sniff variant. Swamp Thing appears on a couple of pages in Poison Ivy’s hallucination.

‘Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three’ miniseries

This series ties into the related videogame rather than the regular DC Universe.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three (2014) #3
“Xanadu”, January 2015
Tom Taylor [w], Bruno Redondo, Mike S. Miller, Alejandro Germanico Benito [p]
Superman turns the other way as Sinestro tortures Officer Sprague, before the Spectre visits them and offers his allegiance.  Batman and Constantine visit Madame Xanadu, who is angered over the death of Jason Blood and agrees to help them take down the Spectre.  She then has a premonition and urges Constantine to give up the fight.
Collects chapters 5 and 6 of the comic originally released digitally. Swamp Thing appears in one panel, when Madame Xanadu has a premonition.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three (2014) #5
“Dead Man Walking”, February 2015
Tom Taylor [w], Bruno Redondo, Mike S. Miller, Juan Albarran [p], Rex Lokus, Neil Googe [c]
Superman and his allies transport the captured Constantine to the Hall of Justice, but Deadman (Boston Brand) helps him escape.  Deadman is fatally injured by the Spectre, and travels to Nanda Parbat to select Dick Grayson as his successor.  Constantine summons Swamp Thing but he has already chosen to fight on the side of Superman.
Collects chapters 9 and 10 of the comic originally released digitally.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three (2014) #10
“Mysteries and Secrets”, April 2015
Brian Buccellato [w], Pete Woods, Mike S. Miller [p], Neil Googe, Rex Lokus [c]
Mxyzptlk reveals that he has been posing as the Spectre and fighting for Superman.  As Mxyzptlk battles Trigon, Batman and his allies beat up the weakened Superman team, but Swamp Thing intervenes and evens the fight.
Collects chapters 19 and 20 of the comic originally released digitally.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three (2014) #11
“Hellfire and Damnation”, May 2015
Brian Buccellato [w], Bruno Redondo, Mike S. Miller [p]
Dick Grayson (as Deadman) brings Poison Ivy to the fight to distract Swamp Thing, but the two decide to work together in order to protect the Green.  The magical fight between Trigon and Mxyzptlk begins to distort reality, threatening to pull everyone to Hell.  The Flash is released and manages to get most of the heroes to the safety of the Houses of Secrets and Mystery, but he is too late to save Swamp Thing.
Collects chapters 21 and 22 of the comic originally released digitally.

Swamp Thing #36
“Calibration”, January 2015
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
At the Grove, the Machines burn Jonah’s plant body, but Capucine prevents the flames from harming Jonah in the Green. Swamp Thing arrives and destroys all of the Machines, but keeps the Grove pool sealed to protect the Green. Swampy visits Abby to warn her about the Machines and learns that Anton Arcane has escaped his prison. In the Arctic, the four Calculus (A, B, C, and Omega) of the Kingdom of Metal agree to select a human Avatar in an attempt to defeat the other Kingdoms. They consider a number of superheroes but finally decide on the paralysed Lady Weeds.

Wonder Woman (2011) #36
“War-Torn”, January 2015
Meredith Finch [w], David Finch [p]
The Justice League investigates a spate of environmental catastrophes that have left many dead.  Wonder Woman finds Swamp Thing in Thailand near the site of a devastated village and, believing him to be responsible, attacks him.  After Swamp Thing subdues Wonder Woman, he explains that he was brought to the area after sensing a disturbance in the Green, and that he is not the cause.

Swamp Thing #37
“Upgrades”, February 2015
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
Lady Weeds is transformed into an Avatar for the Kingdom of Metal and dubs herself the Machine Queen and the four Calculus ‘The Rithm’. The Machine Queen finds the Fungus Avatar, who is seeking a way to become human again, and they form an alliance. She then seeks out Anton Arcane to be a General for her army, and he reveals that he has recovered the corpse of Alec Holland from the swamp. Swamp Thing trains for the upcoming battle and receives a visit from Constantine, who tells Swampy about the Machine Queen.

Secret Origins (2014) #8
“Animal Man” (pp. 10-20), February 2015
Jeff Lemire, Duffy Boudreau [w], Travel Foreman [p]
Shepherd and Socks explain Animal Man’s origin.  Their story recounts Buddy Baker’s selection as temporary avatar of the Red, his battles against the Rot and Brother Blood, the death of his son, and his joining the Justice League United.
Swamp Thing appears in a few pages as the ‘Rotworld’ storyline is recounted.

Swamp Thing #38
“Decompilation”, March 2015
Charles Soule [w], Javier Pina [p], Jesus Saiz [c]
The Machines attack Swamp Thing and Abby at various locations around the world, while Alec Holland’s corpse is brought to the base in the Arctic Circle (known as the Servus). The Machine Queen, Arcane and Miki combine their powers to turn Holland into a monster of Metal, Rot and Fungus. They all visit Guarav who tries to keep them away, but Miki controls him using a fungus and then they destroy Abby’s old house. Swamp Thing and Abby go to attack the Servus but Swampy is distracted by the attack on Guarav and the house. Swampy fights the Holland monster, leaving Abby alone to face a giant robot in the Arctic. While Swamp Thing is distracted, Guarav un-seals the Grove, allowing Miki and Arcane to enter the Green. Arcane is granted power by the Rot and uses this to infect the Green, which in turn harms Swamp Thing.

Secret Origins (2014) #9
“The Secret Origin of Swamp Thing” (pp. 1-12), March 2015
Charles Soule [w], Alessandro Vitti [p], Alex Sinclair, Bryan Hitch [c]
Guarav writes a history of the Alec Holland Swamp Thing. Alec Holland was picked as the Green’s next Avatar, but Arcane destroyed Alec’s body before the Green could transform it (as recounted in Swamp Thing #0, Nov. 2012). Instead, a completely plant-based Avatar was created that possessed Holland’s consciousness (first explained in The Saga of Swamp Thing #21, Feb. 1984). Eventually, Holland was resurrected (Brightest Day #23, June 2011) and reluctantly became the Avatar he was destined to be (Swamp Thing #7, May 2012) in order to defeat the Rot, but Abby and Alec’s human forms were both destroyed in the process (#18, May 2013).

The Multiversity: Guidebook (2015) #1
March 2015
Grant Morrison [w], Jae Lee [p]
On Earth-51, a team led by Kamandi are looking for Flower when they find an empty tomb, from which Darkseid has recently been freed by the corrupted Nix Uotan. Kamandi’s ally Biomac finds a comic book that explains the history of the Multiverse. On a ship in the Bleed Space between universes, Sivana forms a Legion with versions of himself from across the Multiverse. Batman, the Atomic Knight from Earth-17, arrives on Earth-42 and saves what is left of the Li’l League, and Li’l Batman finds a map and guidebook to the Multiverse. As Silvana’s robots arrive, Li’l Batman flees to Earth-17, while Atomic Knight Batman appears in the House of Heroes just as Hellmachine of the Gentry attacks. Li’l Batman learns that he is a robot, and the rest of the Li’l League are revived and controlled by the being known as The Empty Hand.
The guidebook that Li’l Batman finds contains the first depiction of Earth-13’s League of Shadows. The League are a group of monstrous, magical heroes lead by Superdemon (a version of Etrigan) and featuring Swamp-Man. Spore can also be seen on the page in the guidebook that describes the heroes of Earth-41.

The New 52: Futures End (2014) #42
April 2015
Brian Azzarello, Keith Giffen, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire [w], Scot Eaton [p]
Batman confronts Mister Terrific, as Terry McGinnis tries to escape from a Batman/Joker cyborg, and Superman and Shazam do battle with a giant Braniac who is attacking New York City.  As Cyborg fights Braniac’s ship, the Atom shrinks down and travels through it in order to locate and rescue The Engineer.
Older incarnations of Swamp Thing appear in a couple of panels as the Atom travels through Braniac’s ship.

Swamp Thing #39
“Failure Modes”, April 2015
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
The Machine Queen reveals to Swamp Thing that she was once Lady Weeds, then returns to Servus with the Holland monster. The Rithm are unhappy with the Machine Queen’s attempted destruction of the other Kingdoms, as they had instead hoped to unify and control the Kingdoms. The Rithm try to take away the Machine Queen’s role as Avatar but she destroys them. An injured Swamp Thing crawls to the Grove only to find it poisoned by the Rot. Abby finds Swampy and realises that she has lost much of her power over the Rot so they visit Constantine for help. Constantine helps Swamp Thing regrow his body, but Swampy is still disconnected from the Green. Back at the Grove, Abby tries to remove some of the Rot, while Swamp Thing faces Arcane in the poisoned Green. Swampy explains that he hid some of the Green to protect it from harm, before revealing an army of former Avatars.
This is apparently Constantine’s first meeting with Abigail Arcane in the ‘New 52’ continuity, though the pair have a complex relationship in previous volumes (see especially Swamp Thing #76, Sept. 1988).

Swamp Thing #40
“Reboot”, May 2015
Charles Soule [w], Jesus Saiz [p]
Arcane manages to escape to the Arctic, and Jonah and Capucine reveal that they have survived the attack on the Green. Swamp Thing orders some of the former Avatars to clean up the Green, and gathers volunteers (including Seeder) to leave and fight the Machine Queen. The Green army comes across the Holland monster (who kills itself), before fighting the armies of the Rot, Grey and Metal. Swampy retreats to give the Green more time to heal, and the pre-‘New 52’ Swamp Thing is beheaded by the Machine Queen. Swamp Thing is pursued but hides in the form of a book in a library. Swamp Thing then meets some sort of Avatar of creativity, who offers Swamp Thing the chance to stay in that Kingdom. Swampy decides to return to the battle but is gifted with the ability to finish the story however he chooses. Etrigan and an army of demons join the battle, Seeder and Miki are killed, and Arcane flees. Finally Swampy destroys the Machine Queen. Later, the remains of the Kingdom of Metal are turned into a toy robot dog, and Swamp Thing reads “One Hundred Years of Solitude” to fulfil a promise to Brother Jonah.
The Machine Queen is next seen briefly in Cyborg #1 (Nov. 2016).

The Multiversity (2014) #2
“Superjudge”, June 2015
Grant Morrison [w], Ivan Reis [p]
On Earth-13, the League of Shadows overpower the invading Blood League of Earth-43: vampiric versions of the Justice League who have been hypnotised by a Silvana. The remaining Silvanas flee the Marvel family and are killed by the Western heroes of Earth-18. At the House of Heroes, it is discovered that the Li’l League are robot spies of The Empty Hand. Many heroes fight Superjudge Nix Uotan on Earth-8 until Red Racer (Earth-36) recruits speedsters from across the Multiverse to punch Superjudge, thus restoring Nix to his usual self. The Gentry are defeated and The Empty Hand is confronted, but he allows the heroes to live and transports them back to the House of Heroes.
Swamp-Man appears with the League of Shadows, and Spore appears at the House of Heroes.

[w] denotes writer, [p] denotes penciller, but I have included both penciller and inker if both are credited equally as artists. [c] denotes cover artist, but I have mostly only included the last in instances where Swampy is illustrated by someone other than the inside penciller.