Volume 2

Covering issues #51-100 (1986-1990)…

Alan Moore (now accompanied by Rick Veitch as the chief artist) continued to win comic industry awards for the remainder of his issues.  Rich Veitch took over as writer from issue #65, ending his run with a long arc where Swamp Thing travels back in time.  Veitch was due to be replaced by the creative team of Neil Gaiman and Jamie Delano, but the censorship of Swamp Thing #88 (where Swamp Thing was to meet Jesus Christ) caused Veitch to leave the series prematurely, and Gaiman and Delano to pull out in solidarity.  Doug Wheeler then took over the series for the next 20 issues, with Pat Broderick as artist, and Totleben contributing covers until #100.  This creative team would oversee the birth of Swamp Thing and Abby’s daughter Tefé, who would go on to be the star of the series in future years.

Jack Kirby Awards:

  • 1987 Best Continuing Series.

Eagle Awards:

  • 1987 Favourite Writer (both American & British Sections) – Alan Moore.
  • 1988 Favourite Writer (American Section) – Alan Moore.
  • 1988 Favourite Supporting Character (American Section) – Abigail Arcane Cable, Swamp Thing.

Appearances that I consider to be fairly minor are indented. The below titles were published by DC Comics unless otherwise noted.

Swamp Thing #51
“Home Free”, August 1986
Alan Moore [w], Rick Veitch [p], Stephen Bissette [c]
As Swamp Thing returns from his battle in Hell, Abby is charged with ‘crimes against nature’.  She is bailed out of jail by her employers but is subsequently fired.  After being harassed by the local community and media, she flees to Gotham but is found and arrested again.  Swampy learns of these events and is enraged.

DC Challenge (1985) #11
“How Can You be in Two Places at Once When You’re Not Anywhere at All?”, September 1986
Marv Wolfman, Cary Bates [w], Keith Giffen [p]
With Earth and Rann set to collide, a number of superheroes try to save the planets from destruction.  The Spectre channels his power, and the energy of several of Earth’s heroes, through Dr. Fate, who is able to separate and heal the planets.  However, the alien Bork and his master Darkseid exploit the opening of these channels in their quest to obtain the Anti-Life Equation.
The DC Challenge series was an experiment in collaborative writing that is set outside of the regular DC continuity.  Swamp Thing appears in a small panel as one of the heroes from whom The Spectre drains energy.

Swamp Thing #52
“Natural Consequences”, September 1986
Alan Moore [w], Rick Veitch [p], Stephen Bissette [c]
Dwight Wicker of the DDI wants wants to kill Swamp Thing for his role in the death of General Sunderland (in #21, Feb. 1984) and enlists the help of Lex Luthor as a consultant.  Swamp Thing travels to Gotham, visiting Woodue in Arkham Asylum and forgiving him for his earlier attack on humanity.  When the authorities refuse to release Abby, Swamp Thing causes Gotham to become overgrown with vegetation, drawing the attention of Batman.

Swamp Thing #53
“The Garden Of Earthly Delights”, October 1986
Alan Moore [w], John Totleben [p], Stephen Bissette [c]
Gotham’s population have varied reactions to the ‘greening of Gotham’, including some who sympathise with Swampy’s cause and worship him.  Chester and Wallace Monroe (last seen #36, May 1985) travel to Gotham to meet Swampy, and Monroe reveals that his unborn child had died and his wife is terminally ill following their exposure to Nukeface.  Batman attacks Swampy with defoliant but is swiftly defeated.  Swamp Thing demands that the Gotham authorities let Abby go or their city will be destroyed.  Batman successfully argues with the mayor that the law is unjust and that many other non-human superheroes would be guilty of the same crimes that Swampy and Abby have been charged with.  Abby is released but just as she is reunited with Swampy, Lex Luthor’s plan is carried out by Wicker and the DDI.  First Swampy is shot with a frequency scrambler, which prevents him for entering the Green, and then his body is destroyed by napalm.

Swamp Thing #54
“The Flowers Of Romance”, November 1986
Alan Moore [w], Rick Veitch [p], Stephen Bissette [c]
Abby mourns Swamp Thing as Chester, Batman and others offer their condolences.  Liz Tremayne is trapped in an abusive relationship with Dennis Barclay (both last seen in #20, Jan. 1984), who has made Liz believe that the Sunderland Corporation is still pursuing them.  Liz sees Abby on the news and summons up the courage to travel to Houma to visit her.  She is tracked by Dennis who attacks Liz and Abby, but the women flee into the swamp and Dennis is killed by alligators.

Swamp Thing #55
“Earth To Earth”, December 1986
Alan Moore [w], Rick Veitch [p], Stephen Bissette [c]
Abby attends the funeral of Swamp Thing and the unveiling of a memorial in Gotham, and reminisces about the time she spent with him.  Meanwhile, Swamp Thing grows a new body an a blue, alien planet.

Swamp Thing #56
“My Blue Heaven”, January 1987
Alan Moore [w], Rick Veitch [p], Stephen Bissette [c]
Trapped and lonely on the blue planet, Swamp Thing first crafts a likeness of Abby out of the local vegetation, and then recreates the entire town of Houma.  As the illusion begins to wear off, Swampy becomes frustrated and destroys his creations.  He decides to risk leaving the planet by sending his consciousness out into space before he loses his sanity.
The blue planet and Swamp Thing’s discarded body later appear in Starman #48-49 (Dec.-Jan. 1999). See that entry for further details.

Swamp Thing #57
“Mysteries In Space”, February 1987
Alan Moore [w], Rick Veitch [p], Stephen Bissette [c]
Adam Strange collides with Swamp Thing’s consciousness while travelling on the Zeta Beam to Rann.  On Rann, Swampy learns that Strange is from Earth and follows him.  Strange misunderstands Swampy’s intentions and attacks and defeats him.  Meanwhile, the Rannian scientist Sardath explains that the planet’s plant life is dying and the population is starving.  Two Thanagarians offer to help in exchange for information about the Zeta Beam technology.
Reprinted as a ‘Dollar Comics’ edition (May 2020).

Swamp Thing #58
“Exiles”, March 1987
Alan Moore [w], Rick Veitch [p], Stephen Bissette [c]
Swampy regenerates and meets with Strange again, offering to restore Rann’s vegetation.  The Thanagarians, who were presumably after the Zeta Beam technology to aid their invasion of Earth, are unhappy that their offer was rejected. They attack Swampy and are repelled by Strange, but not before suggesting that Strange was  originally brought to Rann by Sardarth to help it’s population with an infertility problem.  After Swamp Thing restores the plant life of Rann, Strange directs him to a planet with a vegetable civilisation who may be able to help Swampy return to Earth.  Finally, Strange’s Rannian partner Alanna reveals that she is pregnant.
The aftermath of these events is explored in the mini-series Adam Strange: The Man Of Two Worlds (Mar.-May 1990). See that entry for further details.

Swamp Thing #59
“Reunion”, April 1987
John Totleben, Alan Moore [w], Rick Veitch [w, p], Bill Sienkiewicz, Stephen Bissette [c]
Gregori Arcane (the Patchwork Man) searches for his daughter Abby, who is now working in a nursing home.  Chester and Abby investigate reports that a monster has been spotted in a Texas swamp.  Abby is reunited with her father just before his body finally falls apart.  Meanwhile, Anton gleefully witnesses these painful scenes while having a break from punishment in Hell.
The first non-flashback appearance of the Patchwork Man since House of Secrets #140 (Feb./Mar. 1976), and also his final appearance.

The Spectre (1987) #1
“Vessels”, April 1987
Doug Moench [w], Gene Colan, Steve Mitchell [p]
The Spectre is dead following his failure to avert the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but he is brought back to the world as an avenging spirit, bound to Jim Corrigan and with his power diminished. Kim Liang is compelled to quit her job and deliver to Madame Xanadu a large urn that contains Corrigan’s body. The Spectre suddenly inhabits the body and Xanadu reveals that Kim is destined to be Corrigan’s new assistant. Elsewhere, the Cult of the Blood Red Moon becomes aware of the Spectre’s return. Detective Louis Petrocci is investigating the disappearance of Corrigan when he is taken over by an unseen force and compelled to construct a cocoon within Corrigan’s bathroom.
In a flashback, Swamp Thing is shown in Hell with Deadman – a reference to Swamp Thing #50.

Swamp Thing #60
“Loving The Alien”, May 1987
Alan Moore [w], John Totleben [p]
An immense living machine awaits a mate while floating in space.  Swamp Thing lands on her and grows a new body.  He tries to escape the strange world but is captured.  Information is extracted from his body and used for reproductive purposes, before Swampy is allowed to go on his way.
The living machine planet and Swampy’s offspring later appear in New Titans #103-7 (Nov. 93-Jan. 94). See that entry for further details.

Swamp Thing #61
“All Flesh Is Grass”, June 1987
Alan Moore [w], Rick Veitch, Bill Sienkiewicz, Walter Simonson [p], Stephen Bissette [c]
Swamp Thing appears on planet J586, which is populated by sentient plants.  He unwittingly forms a body out of conscious beings and then wreaks havoc in the confusion that ensues.  The planet’s Green Lantern, Medphyll, puts Swampy in a sort of trance and dismantles his new body until only Swampy Thing’s consciousness remains.  Medphyll agrees to assist Swampy to get back to Earth and allows him to inhabit the body of Medphyll’s deceased mentor Jothra.  Swamp Thing eventually learns to modify his frequency and departs for Earth.  Meanwhile, Adam Strange delivers Swampy’s message to Abby and Chester but they don’t believe his story.

Infinity Inc. (1984) #39
“The Saga of Solomon Grundy”, June 1987
Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas [w], Michael Bair [p]
While staying with Infinity Inc. at Stellar Studios, Solomon Grundy reminisces about his origins and his criminal past, including his ongoing feud with the Green Lantern Alan Scott. Even though she is the daughter of his greatest adversary, Grundy decides to protect Jade because she has helped him on several occasions.
Grundy is shown fighting Swamp Thing in a flashback of their meeting from DC Comics Presents #8 (Apr. 1979). On the title page, the text ‘The Saga of…’ in the issue name uses the same font as that used on the covers of The Saga of Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing #62
“Wavelength”, July 1987
Rick Veitch [w, p], Stephen Bissette [c]
Metron finds a Motherbox in space while contemplating the Source.  His Mobius chair breaks down and Swamp Thing emerges from the Motherbox, which has brought Swampy and Metron together on purpose.  Becoming a replacement for the chair, Swampy adjusts his frequency to take Metron through the Source Wall.  There they bear witness to a great number of events across time and space.  After Swampy departs for Earth again, Metron describes his experience to Darkseid, but Darkseid explains that they had not entered the Source but had merely reached an Aleph.  Darkseid uses the Motherbox to witness Swampy’s experiences of the event (which focus mainly on Abby) and uses this information to further his quest for the Anti-Life Equation.
From the Aleph, Swampy witnesses events from both past and future issues of Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing #63
“Loose Ends (Reprise)”, August 1987
Alan Moore [w], Rick Veitch [p], Stephen Bissette, Bill Sienkiewicz [c]
Swamp Thing returns to Earth and begins killing those responsible for his exile, including Dwight Wicker.  Abby visits the comatose Matt Cable in hospital, while Chester meets Liz and runs into Wallace Monroe just as Monroe’s wife is pronounced dead.  While Abby and Chester have a walk through the swamp, they are reunited with Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing #64
“Return Of The Good Gumbo”, September 1987
Alan Moore [w], Tom Yeates, Rick Veitch, Stephen Bissette [p], John Totleben [c]
As Swamp Thing and Abby hang out in the swamp, Swampy realises that he could solve all of the world’s ecological problems but he decides not to meddle.  He builds a house for Abby and himself and the couple says goodbye to Chester and Liz, who have also decided to live together.  Meanwhile, local Cajun Gene LaBostrie sees that the environment is flourishing again and knows that the Swamp Thing has returned.

Swamp Thing #65
“(We Could Be) Diving For Pearls”, October 1987
Rick Veitch [w, p], John Totleben [c]
Abby eats a tuber in an attempt to locate Swamp Thing, who has gone to visit the Parliament of Trees to inform them that he has returned to Earth.  The Parliament explain that they thought he was dead and so started preparing for the birth of a new plant elemental.  As two plant elementals cannot exist at once, Swampy is advised to kill the seedling, but Swamp Thing refuses and would rather retire with Abby and pass his responsibilities on to the new elemental.  Constantine pays Swamp Thing and Abby a visit, but Swampy refuses to help him.

Swamp Thing Annual #3
“Distant Cousins”, October 1987
Rick Veitch [w, p], Stan Woch, Shawn McManus, Jim Fern [p], Brian Bolland [c]
The gorilla leader Solovar has been keeping Grodd imprisoned using a mind control machine, but Grodd finds a way to resist its effects.  Grodd taps into the Mind Force that keeps Gorilla City hidden from humans and uses it to control the minds of other apes.  Sam Simeon, Monsieur Mallah, Gorilla Boss, and B’wana Beast’s companion Djuba all travel to Gorilla City.  Congo Bill meets with TV presenter Roy Raymond and his partner Lipchitz, who want Congorilla’s help in tracking down Swamp Thing for an episode of “Impossible But True”.  But Congorilla switches minds with Congo Bill and both make their way to Gorilla City too.  Swamp Thing’s mind is also affected, with Swampy suddenly visiting the Hollands’ laboratory and re-enacting the death of Alec in front of a confused Abby, before retreating to the swamp.  Eventually, Swampy and all of the apes converge on Gorilla City, attacking it and Solovar.  The freed Grodd drinks B’wana Beast’s elixir in an attempt to grow more powerful, but it fries his brain and disrupts the mind control.  Everybody (including Swamp Thing) returns to their normal lives, with the exception of Congo Bill and Congorilla who decide to remain in the jungle.

Swamp Thing #66
“One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”, November 1987
Rick Veitch [w, p, c], Tom Yeates [c]
Swamp Thing allows Abby an out-of-body experience by manipulating her brain physiology.  While Swamp Thing experiences the world through Abby’s senses, Abby travels to other planes of existence.  She meets Alec Holland in Heaven just as Linda is leaving to be reincarnated on Earth.  Alec guides Abby around and she sees Wicker and other D.D.I agents in Hell.  Alec almost convinces her to stay, but they are interrupted by the new elemental spirit and Abby remembers that she must return to her life.  Back in the swamp, Swampy and Abby see that the elemental spirit has arrived on Earth and is awaiting its birth.  Meanwhile, Constantine visits Woodrue in Arkham Asylum and offers him a tuber and a connection to the Green in exchange for information about what he experiences.  They are caught by the guards and Dr. Roger Huntoon, who has a personal vendetta against Constantine.  But Constantine manages to escape when Huntoon is distracted by Batman and Killer Croc.

Swamp Thing #67
“The Wisdom of Solomon”, December 1987
Rick Veitch [w, p, c], Tom Yeates [c]
Solomon Grundy, partly possessed by the elemental spirit (or ‘Sprout’), is lead back to his birthplace, Slaughter Swamp.  The Sprout believes that fire is the missing ingredient that will turn turn Grundy into the new plant elemental.  Swamp Thing arrives and the Sprout expresses its appreciation for Swampy’s help, but Grundy wrests control over his mind again and attacks the temporarily powerless Swamp Thing.  Grundy finally expels the Sprout by jumping into a vat of toxic chemicals.  Constantine arrives and explains to Swampy that it is the Parliament who is interfering with his powers. Meanwhile, Abby hitches a ride to Houma with Gene LaBostrie.
Grundy’s story is continued from Infinity Inc. #44 (Nov. 1987), when he turns green and is summoned by voices to Slaughter Swamp.

Swamp Thing #68
“Reflections in a Golden Eye”, January 1988
Rick Veitch [w, p], John Totleben [c]
Swamp Thing confronts the Parliament, conversing with the Alex Olsen Swamp Thing, and a ‘Committee of Four’ consisting of Bog Venus, Kettle Hole Devil, Saint Columba and Ghost Hiding In The Rushes, who try to convince Swampy to retire.  Elsewhere, the Sunderland Corporation organises a carbomb attack on Morgan Edge and Galaxy Communications for refusing Sunderland’s offer of a buy-out.  The disturbed, would-be terrorist Alan Bolland aborts the attack at the last minute but his car still explodes.  Bolland, aflame, runs into a nearby waterway as Swampy and the Committee witness the creation of the new plant elemental.  Meanwhile, Abby discovers that she has been receiving disability cheques from the D.D.I as a result of Matt’s injuries, and this triggers painful memories.  She decides to donate the money to Liz and Chester.  Chester is approached by Roy Raymond and Lipchitz, who are still trying to locate Swamp Thing, but Chester feigns ignorance.

Swamp Thing #69
“Wild Thing”, February 1988
Rick Veitch [w, p, c], Tom Yeates [c]
The new elemental is born but is mentally disturbed and goes on a violent rampage.  Swampy resists absorption into the Parliament, causing the destruction of the Committee and expelling the Sprout from the Alan Bolland swamp monster (Wild Thing).  Roy Raymond and Lipchitz mistake Wild Thing for Swampy and pick him up in their limousine.

Infinity Inc. (1984) #46
“Swamped!”, January 1988
Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas [w], Vince Argondezzi [p]
Marcie Cooper reveals that she has become the new Harlequin, and tries to blackmail Todd Rice (Obsidian) into joining the Manhunters with her.  She also attacks Dan Richards (Manhunter) and Molly Mayne (the original Harlequin) and they crash their car trying to escape.  Infinity Inc. are discussing a search for the escaped Solomon Grundy when they are visited by Nadia and Herupa from Oa.  The Oans ask Infinity Inc. to capture Woodrue, who is one of “the chosen” and has been freed from Arkham Asylum by a Manhunter android Dr. Weston.  The team finds Woodrue and Weston in the Louisiana swamps and destroy the android, but Woodrue attacks Jade.  Solomon Grundy appears and saves Jade, but both he and Woodrue are soon captured by Infinity Inc.
Swamp Thing appears on the last page, watching as the heroes leave the swamp.  Part of the ‘Millennium’ crossover.

Secret Origins (1986) #23
“Shine on you Crazy Diamond” (pp.1-17), February 1988
Rick Veitch [w], Brett Ewins [p]
Woodrue tells his life story to Killer Croc, who is paralysed (presumably from the nerve gas attack in Swamp Thing #66) and a fellow inmate in Arkham Asylum.  Woodrue details his banishment from Floria to Earth; his battles with The Atom as the Plant-Master; his transformation into the Floronic Man and capture by Green Lantern; his membership in the Society of Super Villains; and his fight with Swamp Thing.  Woodrue then escapes the asylum.
Woodrue’s origin story features a few pages about his confrontation with Swamp Thing from #21-#24 (1984).

Millennium (1988) #8
“The Rising and Advancing of Ten Spirits”, February 1988
Steve Englehart [w], Joe Staton [p]
Herupa and Nadia of Oa have chosen seven people of Earth to be New Guardians and, as their final act, begin to grant powers to each of them.  The Parliament of Trees recognise Woodrue as being part of the Green, and so he does not require any further powers.  Tom Kalmaku declines the Oans’ offer and his place is instead offered to Harbinger.
The final issue of the 8-part ‘Millennium’ mini-series, which leads into the short-lived New Guardians series and sees Woodrue (as Floro) briefly aligned to a team of ‘good guys’. Swamp Thing does not appear, but the Parliament of Trees do.

Swamp Thing #70
“The Secret Life of Plants”, March 1988
Rick Veitch [w, p, c], Brett Ewins [p]
Constantine meets with a number of his associates and learns about the problems in the Green that have resulted from Swampy’s refusal to kill the Sprout.  He also believes a plane is going to crash into Slaughter Swamp and that one of the passengers will become the new plant elemental.  Constantine explains what he knows to Swamp Thing and Abby, but Swampy won’t tell him where the Sprout is hidden.  Meanwhile, Chester gives Liz a typewriter in the hope that writing will improve her mental health.

Swamp Thing #71
“Fear of Flying”, April 1988
Rick Veitch [w, p], Dave McKean [c]
Constantine boards the doomed Monarch Airlines flight to warn passenger Gary Holland that the plane will crash and to give him a mutated carrot as a signal to help the Sprout find the next plant elemental.  Swamp Thing retrieves the Sprout from its hiding place in some lichen attached to equipment on the Moon.  On his way back to Earth, Swampy encounters the souls of the plane crash victims and helps them find their way to Heaven, unwittingly sabotaging the creation of the new elemental.  Constantine has survived the plane crash by barricading himself in the toilet with seat cushions.  Meanwhile, Roy Raymond and Lipchitz are still trapped in the limo with Wild Thing.

Swamp Thing #72
“Gargles in the Rat Race Choir”, May 1988
Rick Veitch [w, p, c], Tom Yeates [c]
Swamp Thing is concerned that the false starts in the creation of a new elemental have had a detrimental effect on the Sprout.  Constantine visits his magical associates again, who predict that Abby will have a child.  Alden Hollandaise, a Sunderland employee, is approached by Constantine and dies when his lighter explodes and he is smothered by a pile of fertiliser.  Constantine knows that the ecologically immoral Hollandaise is an inappropriate candidate to be the next elemental and so discards the mutated carrot signifier before Swampy and the Sprout arrive.  Swamp Thing instead finds the cryogenically stored corpse of General Sunderland.  Meanwhile, the Parliament sets free the spirit of a prehistoric elemental called the Swamp Knucker.

Swamp Thing #73
“The Fire Next Door”, June 1988
Rick Veitch [w, p], John T. Totleben [c]
The dinosaur-like Swamp Knucker attacks Swamp Thing while they are in astral form and grabs the Sprout.  Chester has a number of close calls involving fire, and Abby and Constantine warn him that he is targeted to be the next elemental.  Swamp Knucker appears and tries to convert Chester with fire, but Swamp Thing arrives and controls the Swamp Knucker.  Swampy passes the Sprout onto Abby to look after and she flees the area.

Captain Atom (1987) #16-#17
“The Big Blowout”, June 1988
“Battle Beyond the Green”, July 1988
Greg Weisman, Cary Bates [w], Pat Broderick [p, c]
In #16, Red Tornado, now an Air Elemental, creates a large hurricane and threatens to “cleanse the Earth” of humans.  The Justice League call for assistance and Captain Atom, still bruised from a fight with Major Force, arrives to help.  He creates a counter-hurricane that deflects Tornado’s storm away from human population and toward swampland, but Swamp Thing is not happy about the intrusion.  In #17, Swamp Thing attacks the intruders, leaving Captain Atom in a coma.  As the Justice League try to help the dying Captain, Swamp Thing converses with the consciousnesses of Captain Atom and Red Tornado on the astral plane, sharing his story and explaining that Tornado must control his fury and use his elemental powers constructively.  The three are attacked by the Black Racer but manage to leave the the astral plane and return to the physical world with the help of Brainwave, who the Justice League have called for assistance.  Captain Atom recovers and Red Tornado ceases his assault.
Swamp Thing only appears on the last panel of #16, but gets full guest star status in #17.

Swamp Thing #74
“Center of the Cyclone”, July 1988
Rick Veitch [w, p], Mike Kaluta [c]
Swamp Thing takes the Swamp Knucker to Mars and sets him free, before returning to Earth and finding the broken body of Constantine (who fell from a moving train in Hellblazer #7 [July 1988]).  Wild Thing crashes the limousine, narrowly missing Abby and killing Lipchitz.  Swamp Thing arrives in time to save Abby from Wild Thing.  The destruction of Wild Thing releases the Committee of Four who have been bound to Wild Thing since issue #69.  Swampy helps the Committee (now free of the Parliament group mind) to journey into space.  Roy Raymond has survived the limo crash and is rescued by police.

Hellblazer (1988) #8
“Intensive Care”, August 1988
Jamie Delano [w], John Ridgway, Alfredo Alcala [p]
Constantine wakes up in hospital to be greeted by Nergal, the demon in charge of the Damnation Army.  Nergal explains that the events surrounding the Brujería and the ‘Crisis…’ (circa Swamp Thing #50 [July 1986]) plunged Hell into civil war, while Heaven’s Resurrection Crusade have since emerged in order to help fulfil a prophecy that predicts that a woman will give birth to a god on Earth.  Constantine agrees to help Nergal, partly because the Resurrection Crusade killed his friend Ray Monde and have kidnapped his lover Zed, but also because Nergal is threatening to kill babies.  Nergal helps Constantine recover from his injuries by injecting him with some of his demon blood.
Swamp Thing’s silhouette appears in one panel as Constantine recalls how he ended up in hospital.

Swamp Thing #75
“The Thinker”, August 1988
Rick Veitch [w, p]
Instead of killing the Sprout, Swamp Thing instead tries to think of an alternative solution to his problem, eventually realising that the next plant elemental could be created in Abby’s womb and be made of flesh.  Swamp Thing tells Abby of his idea.

Hellblazer (1988) #9
“Shot to Hell”, September 1988
Jamie Delano [w], John Ridgway [p]
Constantine, feeling helpless and miserable, wanders the streets trying to ignore the ghosts of his friends and avoid Swamp Thing.  Eventually he meets with Zed, who is being held by the Resurrection Crusaders because they believe she has been fated to give birth to a god.  Zed and Constantine have sex, with Constantine knowing that the demonic blood within him will taint Zed and make her unsuitable to fulfil the Crusaders’ prophecy.  Constantine returns home and begins to formulate an idea of how Swamp Thing could be involved in fulfilling the prophecy and ending the current conflict between Heaven and Hell.  Swamp Thing arrives with his own plan.

Swamp Thing #76
“L’Adoration De La Terre”, September 1988
Rick Veitch [w, p], John Totleben [c]
Swamp Thing possesses Constantine and gives him a tattoo as a prank on his way back to the Louisiana swamps. Liz’s mental state has improved and she commences a romantic relationship with Chester and writes a book. Abby visits the comatose Matt in hospital and tells him of her plan to have a child with Swamp Thing. Swampy/Constantine returns to Abby so that they can create the new elemental. Swampy checks Constantine’s blood for STDs but instead only find something mystical and unidentifiable. Watching on, Etrigan and the Phantom Stranger express concern that Constantine’s blood is tainted by the demon Nergal, and that Nergal will become stronger by playing a part in the creation of the next plant elemental. The Stranger decides to stop Abby and Swampy from having sex, but is prevented by Etrigan. After some trepidation, Abby and Swampy/Constantine attempt to create a baby to be a host for the Sprout. Meanwhile, from Hell, Anton Arcane is upset to learn that Abby is happy.
Constantine later finds out about his new tattoo in Hellblazer #14 (Dec. 1988).

Hellblazer (1988) #10
“Sex and Death”, October 1988
Jamie Delano [w], Richard Piers Rayner [p]
While Swamp Thing possesses his body, Constantine’s spirit wanders the Earth.  He witnesses the Resurrection Crusaders offer Zed to the angels as the mother who will give birth to a god.  The angels are repelled by Zed because of her contact with demon blood and, angered, the angels destroy the Resurrection Crusaders.  Nergal is briefly pleased with this outcome but then learns that Constantine has fulfilled the prophecy through Swamp Thing.  Constantine’s spirit flees Nergal, escaping to the Green and returning to his body suddenly, angering Abby.  Swamp Thing and Nergal choose not to fight, and Constantine returns to London fearing Nergals’ revenge only to find that the other tenants in his apartment have been brutally murdered.

Swamp Thing Annual #4
“Threads”; “Traiteur”, January 1989
Stephen Bissette [w], Pat Broderick, Mike Hoffman [p], John Totleben [c]
Threads: Swamp Thing encounters a strange fungus-like substance in the Green, while Batman investigates the mysterious deaths of several people who have been compelled to climb to great heights before disintegrating into a cloud of white spores.  Batman himself becomes infected by the spores and heads to the swamp, becoming increasingly desperate and threatening families in order to learn Swampy’s whereabouts.  Eventually Swampy heals Batman and explains what he knows about the contagious fungus: that it cannot be eradicated but it only causes a few fatalities periodically and can be controlled.  Finally, Swamp Thing has a dream about a monster called Matango.
Traiteur: Gene “Labo” LaBostrie is a medicine man with an apprentice Etienne, both of who have direct contact with Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing #77
“Infernal Triangles”, October 1988
Jamie Delano [w], Tom Mandrake [p], Dave McKean [c]
Abby feels uncomfortable with Constantine’s involvement in the conception of her baby and prepares to leave town, but after having a drunken night with Constantine in Houma, she decides to go back to the swamp to be with Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing #78
“To Sow One’s Seed in the Wind”, November 1988
Stephen Bissette [w], Tom Mandrake [p], Dave McKean [c]
Swamp Thing checks on the progress of the baby in Abby’s womb, while Abby’s spirit travels to Heaven and meets Alec Holland in time for them to witness the reincarnation of Linda Holland.  Abby returns to her body and Swampy grows a new form, but this time his body is female and pregnant in appearance.  Swamp Thing then gives birth to himself, thereby redefining his origin: no longer a monster born out of pain, but an organism born out of a love for Abby.

Swamp Thing #79
“Waiting for God (Oh!)”, December 1988
Rick Veitch [w, p, c], Tom Yeates [c]
Swamp Thing infiltrates a DDI database and learns about Lex Luthor’s involvement in his attempted murder in Gotham (issue #53 [Oct. 1986]).  He travels to Metropolis to get his revenge where Superman is due to give a press conference (with Liz, Chester, Lois and Roger Huntoon in attendance).  Swampy’s attempts to attack Luthor are repeatedly foiled by Superman, and Superman convinces Swamp Thing to abandon his plans for vengeance.

Swamp Thing #80
“The Longest Day”, December 1988
Rick Veitch [w, p], John Totleben [c]
After furnishing their house, Swamp Thing visits the Parliament of Trees where the Alex Olsen Swamp Thing warns him of an imminent alien invasion of Earth.  In space, the Committee of Four encounter planets where the vegetation resembles machinery that is focused upon Earth.  An alien race called the Dominators refer to this as a matrix disruptor network, and they use this to drastically heighten Swamp Thing’s awareness of Earth’s vegetation. In pain, Swamp Thing leaves the Earth and is neutralised by the Dominators, leaving the planet unprotected from invasion.  Abby returns home to find their plant-based house is dying.

Black Orchid (1988) #1-3
“One Thing Is Certain…”, November 1988
“Going Down…”, December 1988
“Yes…”, January 1989
Neil Gaiman [w], Dave McKean [p]
A superpowered human-plant hybrid (Black Orchid), partially cloned from murdered woman Susan Linden, awakens after another hybrid is exposed and killed while working undercover at a shady Lex Luthor business.  Linden’s murderer Carl Thorne is released from jail and kills the hybrid’s inventor Philip Sylvain and most of the other plantwomen in his greenhouse.  The surviving hybrids (Black Orchid and a younger hybrid named Suzy) go in search for answers, tracking down some of Sylvain’s college friends and eventually learning information from Swamp Thing.  They are tracked to Brazil by Thorne and Luthor’s men, who end up shooting each other and letting the hybrids go.
Swamp Thing appears briefly in #1, when Sylvain reminisces about his college days and his friendship with the Hollands.  Swampy has a bigger part to play in #3.

Hellblazer (1988) #15
“Shepherd’s Warning”, January 1989
Jamie Delano [w], Richard Piers Rayner, Mark Buckingham [p]
After Constantine is blamed for the murders of other tenants in his apartment, he hides amongst a group of travelling hippies. A woman named Myra recognises him from the newspapers so he uses a memory spell on her. As revenge she gives him some mushroom tea and he has a strong psychedelic reaction.
Swamp Thing appears in a couple of images while Constantine is hallucinating from the psychoactive tea.

Swamp Thing #81
“Widowsweed”, January 1989
Rick Veitch [w, p]
Roy Raymond recovers from surgery and learns that Australia is under alien attack.  While investigating her home, Abby is captured by a female alien named Widowsweed.  Widowsweed receives instructions from the Dominators to kill Abby and the unborn elemental inside her but, being a mother herself, Widowsweed refuses.  The alien discovers another spacecraft near the site of the Holland laboratory and recovers the body of her lost mate (Swamp Thing #9, Mar./Apr. 1974), which was the real reason she came to Earth.  Widowsweed frees Abby and tells her that Swamp Thing is dead, but Abby doesn’t believe her.  Green Lantern Guy Gardner appears looking for Swamp Thing and shoots down the alien spacecraft as it is leaving.
Part of the ‘Invasion!’ crossover.

Invasion (1988) #1-3
December 1988
Bill Mantlo [w], Keith Giffen [w, p], Todd McFarlane [p], Bart Sears [p]
An alliance of aliens (led by the Dominators) attack Earth to gain further information about superheroes and the metagene that grants them powers.  The alliance are repelled by Earth’s heroes and forced to surrender but a rogue Dominator sets off a gene-bomb that disrupts many of the heroes’ powers and causes them to become ill.  A group of unaffected heroes seek out an antidote and save most of those affected.
‘Invasion!’ was a crossover event and a 3-part miniseries.  Swamp Thing is just visible in a crowd scene in Invasion! #2, when a number of heroes assemble at Norad Mountain.  Swamp Thing #81 is an official part of the crossover.

Suicide Squad (1987) #23
“Weird War Tales”, January 1989
John Ostrander, Kim Yale [w], Luke McDonnell [p]
Members of the Suicide Squad recall their roles in fighting off the alien invasion in Russia and Australia.  Amanda Waller takes a drive through Louisiana to contemplate recent troubling events that included Rick Flag leaving the team, a Senator being killed, and the Squad being exposed in the media.
Swamp Thing’s silhouette is seen on the first page as Waller passes by a swamp.  Part of the ‘Invasion!’ crossover.

Swamp Thing #82
“Brothers in Arms, Part Two”, January 1989
Rick Veitch [w, p], John Totleben [c]
Swamp Thing finds himself in the body of Alexander Holland, a soldier in WWII who has been found by Sgt. Rock’s Easy Company and the Unknown Soldier.  Swampy recalls that, as he was being attacked by the Dominators, he followed the trail of a soul back to a recently deceased body, but is unsure why he has arrived in the past.  Elsewhere, a Nazi soldier investigates the destroyed castle of Hans Von Hammer (aka Enemy Ace) and finds the occult relic the Claw of Aelkhünd in a dungeon next to a skeleton.  The Nazi then travels to a slaughterhouse to obtain the last occult item (the blood of a special bull) from General Anton Arcane to help Germany win the war.  Arcane reveals that he has been conducting experiments and creating Un-Men out of body parts.  Holland and Easy Company call an air strike on the slaughterhouse, and Swampy turns into his plant form to confront Arcane.  Arcane recognises Swampy as the plant elemental he met at Von Hammer’s in the past and expels him using the Claw of Aelkhünd before the slaughterhouse is bombed.  Meanwhile, in the present day, Woodrue finds Abby and tells her that there is no trace of Swamp Thing in the Green.

Swamp Thing #83
“Brothers in Arms, Part One”, February 1989
Rick Veitch [w, c], Tom Mandrake [p]
Anaïs Arcane (Abby’s paternal grandmother) is staying at the home of Hans Von Hammer during WWI. Von Hammer shoots down a plane and Swamp Thing is reborn as the pilot, whom Von Hammer rescues.  After her son Anton Arcane is expelled from medical school, Anaïs finds him on the battlefield conducting experiments and asks him to take care of the pilot at Von Hammer’s. Anaïs finds Anton torturing Swampy and attempts to stop him, but Anton attacks her and is shot by Von Hammer. Swampy asks to see the Claw of Aelkhünd and is again transported. Meanwhile, the Phantom Stranger tells Abby that Swamp Thing is nowhere to be found in the afterlife, and Abby learns that she is about to stop receiving government cheques.

Adam Strange: The Man of Two Worlds (1989) #1-3
March 1989-May 1989
Richard Bruning [w], Andy Kubert [p]
Adam Strange is ready to move permanently to Rann using a newly developed Mega Zeta Beam so that he can be with his heavily pregnant wife, Alanna. He has a brief romantic fling with a doctor (Eve) before making the final trip to Rann. However, the Mega Zeta Beam causes Strange to hallucinate and attack Sardath. Strange goes into hiding and discovers a lush valley populated by exiled Ranagarians (including Alanna’s mother, Bantteir) who worship Swamp Thing (or ‘Smalsh-Yegger’) among other deities. With Sardath incapacitated and Strange absent, the Ranagar Council disintegrates and the capital is thrown into chaos. Alanna goes into labour and Eve (who has accidentally been transported to Rann while searching for Strange) helps to deliver the baby, but Alanna dies during childbirth. Sardath, now conscious but quite insane, launches Ranagar into space to avoid an attack by Zaredians.
Swamp Thing’s likeness appears on a rock face and on a fruit/vegetable in issue #2, and he is mentioned in #3. The events of the whole mini-series (except for the birth of Aleea) are removed from continuity by JLA #20-21 (1998).

Swamp Thing #84
“Final Payment”, March 1989
Rick Veitch [w], Tom Mandrake [p], John Totleben [c]
Abby visits Matt in hospital and the administration informs her that she owes nearly three million dollars in medical bills as there is now no trace of the DDI nor Matt’s insurance.  Abby tries unsuccessfully to contact the DDI and tells Chester and Liz the story of her baby’s conception. Abby visits Matt and learns that the hospital is already harvesting his organs. Matt’s soul meets Dream of the Endless who convinces him to let go of his physical body to let Abby get on with her life. Abby decides to unplug Matt’s life support but he awakens and unplugs himself before dying. Constantine meets Abby and they learn that the DDI files have been erased (as mentioned in Swamp Thing #79).  Adam Strange tells Abby that he hasn’t encountered Swampy in space.
This is the last appearance of Matthew Cable in his human form.  After his death, he next appears as Matthew the Raven in Sandman #11 (Dec. 1989).

Swamp Thing #85
“My Name is Nobody”, April 1989
Rick Veitch [w, c], Tom Mandrake [p]
In 1870s America, Johnny Thunder, Bat Lash, Madame .44 and Super Chief have been paid by two Germans (Jason Blood and Otto Von Hammer) to investigate strange occurrences at Lazarus Lane’s house.  There, Wise Owl uses elemental forces to kill a platoon of soldiers and turn Black Bison into a tree, but Black Bison is freed by Hawk and Firehair using the Claw of Elk Hound. Johnny Thunder is captured by El Diablo (Lazarus Lane) and brought to Wise Owl.  Wise Owl explains that many years ago he encountered an elemental spirit trapped in quartz but it was freed by Hawk’s father Tomahawk. Now Wise Owl has enslaved the spirit once more and is using Swamp Thing’s power. Wise Owl asks Thunder to retrieve the Claw from Hawk, but Thunder’s friends arrive to shoot Wise Owl and free Swampy. Swampy has a photo taken with his saviours in case Abby will see it in the future and is then shown the Claw of Elk Hound to continue on his journey through time.  Meanwhile, in the present day, Liz reads Hawk’s published memoirs and sees the photograph, while the police come searching for Abby after suspecting that she turned off Matt’s life support.

Swamp Thing #86
“Heroes of the Revolution”, May 1989
Rick Veitch [w], Tom Yeates [p]
Swamp Thing collides with Rip Hunter’s Time Sphere while travelling in the time stream and is sent further back into the past.  Wise Owl and his sister Moon Fawn attempt to fulfil the prophecies of The Visitor (Swamp Thing) who believes that Tomahawk (Tom Haukins) will inherit the Claw of Elk Hound on New Years Eve 1799.  Gerald Shilling (disguised as Tomahawk’s friend Stovepipe) leads Tomahawk to a slave ship commandeered by Jason Blood, who is also aware of the prophecy and wants the piece of amber that will free Swamp Thing.  Wise Owl and Moon Fawn deliver a piece of quartz to Tomahawk, who uncovers Shilling’s disguise and the two fight in a small boat.  Swampy animates the boat using some of his power that resides in the quartz, and he transports the pair to an underground cave where they find the prophesied amber tied around the neck of a giant bat.  The amber falls into lava and Shilling attempts to retrieve it, resulting in the loss of his arm.  Wise Owl, Moon Fawn and Tomahawk carry the arm, still clutching the amber, to a faraway valley where Swampy is encased in quartz.  They show Swampy the Claw and he continues on his journey through time.  In the present,  Chester and Liz are still being harassed by police while Abby hides in the swamps.  Abby reads Hawk’s memoirs and learns about Swamp Thing’s adventures in the 19th century.
In Time Masters #5 (June 1990), Rip Hunter finds some slime on the Time Sphere from its collision with Swampy. The Time Masters miniseries also heavily features the Holy Grail (which will appear in Swamp Thing #87 and the unpublished #88), and sees Rip Hunter and friends visiting many of the time periods and characters featured in these Swamp Thing time-travel stories.

Firestorm, the Nuclear Man (1986) #85
“Soul of Fire”, May 1989
John Ostrander [w], Tom Grindberg [p]
At his house, Rasputin meets with Ronald Raymond, telepaths Dmitri and Serafina, and Serafina’s uncle Mikhail Arkadin (the superhero Pozhar). Rasputin explains that the new Firestorm is the clone Svarozhich combined with the spirit of fire into a new fire elemental. While these elementals usually include a human component to temper the destructive tendencies of the spirit, this Firestorm is dangerous because Svarozhich does not have true human feelings. The group confront the Svarozhich Firestorm, who has surveyed the world and decided to cleanse it with fire. While Dmitri and Serafina distract it telepathically, Mikhail and Raymond fuse together to become Firestorm once more, and the other being reverts back to Svarozhich. Rasputin instructs Firestorm to let the elemental side of him take over, and Firestorm absorbs Svarozhich to become a true fire elemental. Afterwards, Serafina can no longer find any psychological trace of her uncle in the new Firestorm.
Swamp Thing is visible in one panel when Rasputin is explaining the concept of elementals.

Swamp Thing #87
“Fall of the House of Pendragon”, June 1989
Rick Veitch [w, c], Tom Yeates [p, c]
Swamp Thing travels back to medieval times where he meets Sir Justin (aka Shining Knight) and Merlin of Camelot, which is under attack by the forces of Morgaine le Fay. Swamp Thing grows giant legs to transport the whole castle out of reach of the opposing army. King Arthur Pendragon desires the Holy Grail, which Sir Justin recovers from the fallen Knights Of The Round Table. Sir Justin, who is able to travel through time, agrees to take Swampy back to the 20th century, but King Arthur opens up the Holy Grail to reveal the amber and Swamp Thing is again transported into the past. No longer supported by Swampy’s giant legs, Camelot falls to the ground and is destroyed. Le Fay’s army loots the ruins and a soldier finds the amber and ties it to the neck of a giant bat. Etrigan, who was fighting on the side of Camelot, uses a page from Merlin’s Eternity Book to find a human host in which to hide, taking the form of Jason Blood. In the present, Shining Knight visits Abby to tell her that Swamp Thing is still alive, and agrees to help reunite the couple.
It is revealed that Swamp Thing, like most other DC characters, cannot remember the events of the ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ (1985-86).

Swamp Thing #88 [Unpublished]
“Morning of the Magician”, July 1989
Rick Veitch [w], Michael Zulli [p]
Swamp Thing sees all of the worlds of the multiverse converge at a single point in the future (‘The Crisis…’) but decides to travel further back into the past where the universes form in a mandala pattern.  Here he finds himself in Roman times in the age of Jesus Christ.  Three sorcerers (previously known as the Wise Men present at Christ’s birth) summon Belial to aid them destroy Jesus.  After Marcus (aka Golden Gladiator) leaves the company of Mary Magdelene, he is attacked by Belial who infects him with a demon seed.  Marcus begins turning into a rhyming demon when he meets his fellow Roman soldiers and goes to arrest Jesus on the orders of Pontius Pilate.  Swamp Thing appears in an olive grove where Jesus and some of his apostles are meeting.  Swampy inspects Jesus’ Grail but it does not yet contain the amber, so he instead deposits some juice as a gift to Jesus.  Jesus and the apostles are attacked by Roman soldiers, but Jesus exorcises the demon from Marcus causing him to vomit up the infant Etrigan.  Jesus drinks the juice from the grail and Swampy again disappears into the time stream.  Jesus is arrested and crucified, with Joseph of Arimathia catching some of his blood in the Grail, and also placing a piece of amber inside.
This next issue was to continue the story arc. Guest illustrator Michael Zulli had pencilled most of the pages when DC informed the team that the issue would not be published as it could offend some readers. Veitch and Zulli quit in protest, and Neil Gaiman and Jamie Delano (who would be taking over from Veitch from issue #92) also left the series in solidarity with Veitch.  The full script and some of the art has since appeared online.

Swamp Thing Annual #5
“Brothers” ; “Shaggy God Stories”, October 1989
Neil Gaiman [w], Pat Broderick, Mike Mignola, Richard Piers Rayner, Mike Hoffman [p], John Totleben [c]
Brothers: Sarge Steel and Firestorm are unable to prevent a satellite carrying Brother Power The Geek from crashing into Tampa. Brother Power unwittingly terrorises the population by growing into an enormous size and animating various objects. A government agent who calls himself Gideon Endor (code named Triangle) threatens Abby, Liz and Chester into helping rid Tampa of the Brother Power. Abby, like Firestorm, has difficulty approaching Brother Power, and Jack In The Green explains that it is because both Brother Power and Abby’s unborn child are elementals. Chester meets Brother Power and explains to him that it is no longer the 1960s and that he must leave the city in peace, which he does. Chester also expresses his fears that Liz will leave him when she is more mentally stable.
Shaggy God Stories: Woodrue speaks to a potted plant called Milton, pondering what roles a plant elemental may have played in mythological and religious stories. He meets Maya, a dryad (wood fairy), in the forest before reaching the Parliament of Trees and asking them what effect the time travelling Holland Swamp Thing has had on world history. The Parliament warns him about corrupting forces in the Green, and of Matango.

Includes a Who’s Who encyclopedia update.  Chester’s meeting with Brother Power appears as a flashback on p. 18 of the one-shot Vertigo Visions – The Geek (Jun. 1993), which sees The Geek save his friend Cindy from the evil ringmaster, Dr. Cull.

Swamp Thing #88
“Survival of the Fittest”, September 1989
Doug Wheeler [w], Tom Yeates [p], John Totleben [c]
Constantine offers to help Abby by locating find the Claw of Elk Hound.  Abby learns that the charges against her have been dropped, and her medical bills paid for, for her role in ridding Tampa of Brother Power.  Swamp Thing travels back to prehistoric times and is welcomed by a tribe of Neanderthals.  A shaman, Rheelai, tells Swamp Thing that the tribe has forged a golden grail from the magic contained in a piece of amber, in which an elemental is trapped.  The gift is for the tribe’s successors, and Rheelai senses that they now approach.  The Neanderthals are attacked by a group of Homo Sapiens fleeing the spirit of their chief Yahc-Kow.  Rheelai is killed and the amber seized, and the new tribe use it to make Swampy disappear before placing it in the Grail.
Replacement writer Doug Wheeler finished off Veitch’s story arc over the next few issues, extensively rewriting issue #88.  Issues #89-91 had also been plotted by Vietch and Neil Gaiman, and would have seen the redemption and transformation of Arcane.

Swamp Thing #89
“Founding Fathers”, November 1989
Doug Wheeler [w], Tom Yeates [p], John Totleben [c]
Swamp Thing travels further into prehistory and meets three giant elementals: Eyam, who is the first to take the shape of an animal in order to learn from them; Tuuru (known as Sarga to the Neanderthals) who distributes omens and information to shamans throughout history; and Yggdrasil, the first of the Parliament, and who is able to show Swampy his past and future.  This grove will later be known as the Garden of Eden, with Tuuru described as the tree of knowledge, and Yggdrasil the tree of life.  The trinity show Swampy the amber deposit, and he travels even further back in time where he finds himself alone.  Wanting to return to his time but concerned about the lack of a Parliament, Swamp Thing plants a seed that he has brought from his time with the Neanderthals.  The seed grows into Yggdrasil, and Swampy transfers his memories to it to guide it and ensure the future will remain unaltered.  However, a volcano erupts before Swampy can find his way back to the 20th century.  In the present, Constantine is still seeking the Claw, while Abby is at the home of LaBostrie when her contractions begin.

Swamp Thing #90
“Journeys”, December 1989
Doug Wheeler [w], Pat Broderick [p], John Totleben [c]
Swamp Thing is covered with lava and becomes encased in amber, witnessing millennia pass while trapped inside. In the present, the founders of the Parliament address its members in preparation for the new elemental that Abby is about to birth, while Arcane fails to escape Hell. Constantine realises that the name ‘Elk Hound’ is a reference to ‘Alec Holland’. He finds the Claw in an Austrian museum and shatters the amber to release Swamp Thing. They are attacked by Matango in the form of fungus strands but they manage to escape. Swampy returns to Abby in time for the birth of their daughter, whom they name Tefé.
While trapped in amber, Swampy briefly sees the cross of Jesus, allowing for the possibility that the events of both versions of issue #88 occurred.

Déjà Vu #1-3 [Unpublished]
Early 1990
Len Wein [w], Bernie Wrightson [p]
In issue #1, Swamp Thing travels through the molecular structure of a plant and finds himself in the Jurassic Age. He returns to the present and excitedly explains his discovery to Abby before continuing to explore time travel. Swamp Thing encounters Alec Holland’s mother as she goes into labor, then witnesses Alec being threatened by The Conclave (Swamp Thing #1, Oct./Nov. 1972). Swamp Thing kills Holland’s would-be attackers, preventing Holland’s death and transformation. Swamp Thing returns to the present time only to find that he and Abby’s treehouse is gone and the swamp appears different. Issues #2-3 were not fully scripted, but would have seen Alec and Linda Holland continue with their lives and developing the biorestorative formula. However, a fault with the formula begins to turn vegetation into the ‘Gray’ and all life is threatened. Alec decides to become a swamp monster and travels back in time to stop Swamp Thing from saving Alec.
Len Wein plotted a three-part prestige-format mini series, which was advertised and scheduled for release in early 1990. Bernie Wrightson pencilled the first issue but then pulled out of the project and it was never completed. The first issue, accompanied by many notes that explain the narrative, has appeared online.

Swamp Thing #91
“Augurs and Offerings”, January 1990
Doug Wheeler [w], Pat Broderick [p], John Totleben [c]
Swamp Thing repairs the house in the swamp and learns that Abby is suffering postpartum depression.  Accessing the memories stored in Abby’s plant-based ring, Swampy learns of the trials she went through while he was absent.  Woodrue travels to the swamp to woo Abby, not knowing that Swampy has returned.  On the way, Woodrue meets two other men who have come from afar to meet Tefé: an astronomer named Mamadou Ngom, and an Inuit shaman.  The men offer gifts and appear as like the Three Wise Men. The shaman warns Swampy and Abby that a great evil is awakening.

Swamp Thing #92
“La Terre Qui Disparait”, February 1990
Doug Wheeler [w], Pat Broderick [p], John Totleben [c]
Swamp Thing and Abby visit Matt’s cremated remains in a local cemetery.  Adras, an old traiteur, learns that his wife Dorisca has died and he reminisces about old times when the local community and environment was doing well, and he used to be in contact with the Alex Olsen Swamp Thing. Adras uses magic in an attempt to restore the region to its former glory, raising the dead to dismantle local industry, and forcing the water level to drop.  Swampy and Abby witness bodies rising from old French graves, and Swampy feels compelled to visit Adras’ house.  A reanimated Dorisca tells Adras that he must let her go, so they break the spell together and things return to normal.

Firestorm, the Nuclear Man (1986) #90-#93
“Force of Nature, The Elemental War Part 1”, October 1989
“Confrontation, The Elemental War Part 2”, November 1989
“Vision, The Elemental War Part 3”, December 1989
“Storm Front, The Elemental War Part 4”, January 1990
John Ostrander [w], Tom Mandrake [p]
In #90, environmental activist Mai Miyazaki is turned into the Water Elemental Naiad and wages war on polluters.  Firestorm makes the decision to help humanity and tries to stop Naiad.  In #91, Red Tornado (the Air Elemental) joins the fight.   He takes Naiad’s side and they work together to trap Firestorm at the bottom of the ocean.  In #92, while underwater Firestorm has a vision of Maya, the spirit of the Earth, who explains that the Elementals are extensions of herself who are meant to inspire humankind.  She also reveals further details about Red Tornado’s origin, and says that Martin Stein should have been the Fire Elemental.  Swamp Thing saves Firestorm and brings him to the valley of Eden in Africa, which has become deformed since Firestorm affected it with his transmuting power.  Swamp Thing asks him to cleanse the valley with fire before the two set out to find the other Elementals who are attacking Japan.  In #93, Swamp Thing protects a Japanese city while Firestorm reasons with the other Elementals, eventually persuading them to call off the attack.  Firestorm creates a new android body for Red Tornado using his powers.
Swamp Thing appears only briefly in parts 1 & 2 but has a bigger part to play in 3 & 4.

Captain Atom (1987) #38
“Haunted”, February 1990
Greg Weisman, Cary Bates [w], Rafael Kayanan [p]
Captain Atom admits to the Justice League that he was a spy created by the government, but the team is not concerned. Atom meets with Red Tornado who asks him to construct him a more permanent body than the one created by Firestorm. They both travel to Chester King’s house, who has been entrusted to care for the alien Silver Shield. Atom has been haunted by the presence of the Black Racer. Chester’s pregnant wife Bonnie collapses and is close to death, so Atom uses the opportunity to confront and defeat the the Black Racer. Bonnie and her child are saved at the hospital with the help of Red Tornado.
Swamp Thing appears in a flashback referencing the events of Captain Atom #17 (July 1988), when Swampy met Atom, Tornado and the Black Racer.

Swamp Thing #93
“Capturing the Moments of Your Life”, March 1990
Doug Wheeler [w], Pat Broderick [p], John Totleben [c]
Abby goes into Houma and senses hostility from the townspeople who believe she killed her husband Matt.  She visits Spanish Acres, where she was employed briefly when Swampy was in space, and gets her old job back.  She also runs into Paul from Elysium Laws (#25-27, 1984).  Howard Fleck (the photographer from #47 [Apr. 1986]) and his cousin Ichabod Snip are led by local Mary Milner into the swamp to find Swamp Thing.  They find discarded husks and explore and photograph Swampy and Abby’s home before they are discovered.  Tefé displays the ability to control insects.

Swamp Thing #94
“The Mysterious Axman’s Jazz”, April 1990
Doug Wheeler [w], Kelley Jones [p], John Totleben [c]
A axe-murdering serial killer arrives in Houma and Swamp Thing arrives too late to prevent the death of another victim. Swampy talks to Abby about the Parliament, who he believes will no longer exert as much control over their lives because the memories he imparted to Yggdrasil at the Parliament’s inception have all come to pass. Swampy and Abby decide to go to the Mardi Gras to see Cocodrie, a jazz band that Chester met in Gotham during Swampy’s rampage (#52-53, 1986). Jimi from the band has been acting strangely since Cocodrie added a new song to their set. A year previously, Jimi met a mysterious man (the axman) who presented him with a piece of music and a bloody axe with which to play it. The axman ‘tunes’ the axe by committing murders, just as the generations before him have done so beginning with his great-grandfather. These murderers are controlled by a demonic worm-like entity who enjoys the mix of murder and jazz. At the Mardis Gras, the band begins to play the song but Tefé can sense the demon and begins crying. Abby moves the infant away to quieten her, and is attacked by the axman. Swampy foils the attack and confronts the demonic worm in its realm, the Field of the Living. Similar creatures reprimand the worm for his obsession with humans and for drawing Swamp Thing to their plane. Swamp Thing punishes Jimi for his role in the events by attacking him with splinters.
Abby mentions a movie about Swamp Thing that Swampy apparently hated and which featured a man in a rubber suit. Presumably this a reference to one of the two real-life feature films.

Animal Man (1988) #22
“Time In A Bottle”, April 1990
Grant Morrison [w], Paris Cullins, Steve Montano [p]
Buddy Baker (Animal Man) wishes to travel back in time to prevent the deaths of his family. He obtains a time machine from the Time Masters after lying about its purpose. Buddy travels to scenes from his past but he struggles to have any influence on his environment. Dejected, he is approached by the Phantom Stranger. In Arkham Asylum, Psycho-Pirate manifests a copy of The Flash #123 (Sept. 1961) and warns James Highwater about an approaching danger. Highwater is then visited by the two aliens from Animal Man’s origin.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel when Buddy Baker is traveling through the timestream.

Swamp Thing #95
“Toxic Wonderland”, May 1990
Doug Wheeler [w], Pat Broderick [p], John Totleben [c]
Swampy and Abby are concerned that Tefé is attempting to use some of her elemental powers.  Chester’s eco-group meets and decides to picket a Sunderland plant that is polluting the swamp.  During the protests, Wallace Monroe (last seen #63 [Aug. 1987]) is hit by a truck and killed, and Chester is taken to hospital.  Tefé encounters small plant creatures (who appear like infant versions of Swamp Thing) that have grown from Swampy’s discarded tubers because of the pollutants in the swamp.  Swamp Thing learns about the events of the protests and destroys the Sunderland factory.  He gathers the swamp’s toxins into his body to reduce their harm, while the tiny swamp creatures die from the pollutants that spawned them.

Swamp Thing #96
“Hell to Pay”, June 1990
Doug Wheeler [w], Pat Broderick [p], John Totleben [c]
Nergal has escaped heaven and is brought before Beelzebub, one of the triumvirate rulers of Hell, and a few aliens who were involved in the invasion of Earth.  They are gathered for the initiation of new demons, including Arcane who passes the test by growing a new insectoid body.  To the shock of Abby and Swampy, Tefé follows Swamp Thing into the Green, leaving behind just a skeleton.  She is found playing with a flower at Hell’s gates (placed there during Annual #2 [Jan. 1985]) and is captured by the Spider Guild.  Part of her soul is presented to Beelzebub and Nergal realises that the child has his blood and that of Constantine, so must be the new plant elemental.  While searching for Tefé in the Green and afterlife, Swamp Thing encounters Bartle (who died in #32 [Jan. 1985]) and the alien Widowsweed with her mate and child (last seen #81).

Swamp Thing #97
“Scattered Houses”, July 1990
Doug Wheeler [w], Pat Broderick [p], John Totleben [c]
Swamp Thing and Bartle search for Tefé and encounter aliens: a Daxamite named Kel Gand, and Abin Sur, who explains that there are many aliens in the afterlife due to the Invasion.  Beelzebub wants to use Tefé to become more powerful than the other rulers of Hell, Lucifer and Belial.  Arcane interjects that he is a relative of Tefé but he is dismissed.  Nergal travels to the Fate-Mother, the ruler of the spiders, to negotiate for Tefé and learns that he must enter a bidding war against Azazel.  Swampy and his group meet Lisquinelle (who was seemingly killed in battle in Hell in #50 [July 1986]) and Etrigan at the gates of hell, and learns that Tefé has the blood of a demon.

Swamp Thing #98
“Family Reunion”, August 1990
Doug Wheeler [w], Tom Sutton [p], John Totleben [c]
Arcane attempts to create a pathway to Earth using Tefé’s blood but he is stopped by Nergal.  Nergal instead uses Tefé’s blood to help irrigate his plants and increase his power.  Lisquinelle leaves Swamp Thing, Abin Sur, and Bartle near the city of Mashkan-Shapir in Hell.  Swamp Thing confronts Nergal (they last met in Hellblazer #10 [Oct. 1988]) who cuts Abin Sur in half and disables Swampy.  Arcane decides to overthrow Nergal by helping Tefé escape and explains to Bartle how to open a small gate to Earth to escape through.  However, because of Tefé’s ties to the irrigation system, a large pathway is created and the whole city is teleported to Earth and destroyed.  Abin Sur becomes whole again and decides to venture to find the afterlife of his species.  Swamp Thing returns home to Abby with Tefé’s spirit.

Swamp Thing #99
“Leaves In A Tempest”, September 1990
Doug Wheeler [w], Pat Broderick [p], John Totleben [c]
A creature from Nergal’s garden with branch-like appendages now finds itself on Earth and gathers other former inhabitants of Hell to worship Matango.  Swamp Thing and Abby are concerned that Tefé won’t be able to reconstruct her body, so Swampy visits Constantine to seek advice and to confront him about Tefé being infected with Nergal’s blood.  Constantine recommends Swampy speaks to his acquaintance Brenda who uses entrails for divination.  The shaman Najagarjuk (from #91) visits Swampy and Abby after learning what has happened to Tefé.  He advises that Tefé drinks from a spring that will allow her to understand all speech, so that he can then teach her how to reconstruct her body.

Swamp Thing #100
“Tales of Eden”, October 1990
Doug Wheeler [w], Kelley Jones, Pat Broderick [p], John Totleben [c]
Swamp Thing travels to the Parliament to ask Tuuru the whereabouts of the spring.  Swampy is taken to the inner house of the Parliament, where the founders are located, by the messenger Bifa.  Swampy expresses concern that nature will be out of balance while Tefé is without a body, just as it was when she was the Sprout.  But Yggdrasil (whose body is half-infected by fungus) explains that there were never any problems caused by multiple plant elementals: the founders had lied to the outer house of the Parliament and Swamp Thing, and had caused the strange environmental phenomena to happen.  They also explain that the creation of Tefé, a human elemental, is an attempt to bring humans and nature closer together again, and this has stirred Matango into action.  Swampy learns that Eyam’s spirit was left behind during the Battle of Eden, which was waged between the Green and Grey (fungi).  Bifa takes Swampy to the Garden of Bereavement where there are the physical bodies of other elementals captured during the Battle.  Swamp Thing travels to Antarctica, the location of the first Parliament, and finds a frozen piece of the spring.  He also locates the spirit of Eyam and helps him to grow a new body, before they escape the angels who defend Eden.

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[w] denotes writer, [p] denotes penciller, but I have included both penciller and inker if both are credited equally as artists. [c] denotes cover artist, but I have mostly only included the last in instances where Swampy is illustrated by someone other than the inside penciller.