Volume 7

Covering the Walmart-exclusive ‘Giant-sized’ issues…

At the end of 2018, new Swamp Thing stories began appearing in a ‘Giant-sized’ anthology series available exclusively at Walmart stores in the U.S.  These stories so far form a separate continuity to the concurrent Justice League Dark series and other Swamp Thing appearances.

The below titles were published by DC Comics unless otherwise noted.

Swamp Thing Halloween Horror Giant (2018) #1
“Hollow” (pp.1-12), December 2018
Brian Azzarello [w], Greg Capullo [p, c]
A woman referred to as ‘Twiglet’ loses one of her eyes when she attempts to open a doorway to the underworld and needs to be rescued by Swamp Thing. On the night of Halloween, Twiglet encounters monsters who have kidnapped some children. Swamp Thing again rescues Twiglet and the children, explaining that people must fear him if he is to defeat The Barren.
This book also reprints the Swamp Thing origin story from House of Secrets #92 (June/July 1971).

Swamp Thing Giant (2019) #1
“Desert of Ash” (pp. 1-12), January 2019
Tim Seeley [w], Mike Perkins [p], Greg Capullo, Fco Plascencia [c]
Swamp Thing and the witch named Briar (previously referred to as Twiglet) encounter a man who can speak to flames who they call the Char Man. Swamp Thing and Char Man fight, with Swampy eventually defeating him by flooding the environment with carbon dioxide. Briar saves herself and other humans from the flames by making a deal with the fire elementals, promising them that Swamp Thing will defeat The Barren.
This book also reprints Swamp Thing #1 (Nov. 2011).

Swamp Thing Giant (2019) #2
“Bog of Blood Part One” (pp. 1-12), February 2019
Tim Seeley [w], Joëlle Jones [p], Greg Capullo, Fco Plascencia [c]
Two teenage campers begin relating horror stories to each other when they are interrupted by a woman who calls herself Ms. Ravenmocker. Swamp Thing and Briar attempt to find the students and Briar explains that she can see visions of the Barren through her missing eye. The heroes find themselves in a car junkyard and Briar is taken by Ravenmocker.
This book also reprints Swamp Thing #2 (Dec. 2011).

Swamp Thing Giant (2019) #3
“Bog of Blood Part Two” (pp. 1-12), March 2019
Tim Seeley [w], Joëlle Jones [p], Greg Capullo, Fco Plascencia [c]
Swamp Thing fights Ravenmocker in a crypt beneath the junkyard while Briar finds the missing college students. Briar explains to Swamp Thing that Ravenmocker is actually an immortal teenage girl named Astraea who has been guarding a magical, bleeding wound in the Earth for a century. When the wound recently reopened due to pressure from the Barren, Astraea misunderstood her family’s instructions and kidnapped a group of heart transplant survivors to make them immortal. Swamp Thing and Briar leave to commune with the force of death, reasoning that they have recently met the forces of fire (Char Man), evil (Bi’tal) and life (Astraea) who were all fleeing the Barren.
This book also reprints Swamp Thing #3 (Jan. 2012).

Swamp Thing Giant (2019) #4
“Dead Falls” (pp. 1-12), April 2019
Tim Seeley [w], Steve Pugh [p], Greg Capullo, Fco Plascencia [c]
A young man named George is kidnapped and forced into slavery by demonic sailors. George tries to escape through a labyrinth until Swamp Thing intervenes and destroys George’s demonic pursuers. Swampy explains that George’s soul has been running the maze for over a century and he encourages George to accept death. This act appeases the Confederation of Remains, from whom Swampy and Briar have sought advice. The Remains reveal cryptic information about the origin of the Barren.
Briar’s surname is revealed as Woodrue, indicating she is likely related to Jason Woodrue, the Floronic Man. This book also reprints Swamp Thing #4 (Feb. 2012).

[w] denotes writer, [p] denotes penciller, but I have included both penciller and inker if both are credited equally as artists. [c] denotes cover artist, but I have mostly only included the last in instances where Swampy is illustrated by someone other than the inside penciller.