Volume 7

‘Future State’ and Volume 7

The ‘Future State’ event was a direct sequel to ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ and is set in a possible future.  A new Swamp Thing series then follows on from the Infinite Frontier #0 one-shot.

Appearances that I consider to be fairly minor are indented.  The below titles were published by DC Comics unless otherwise noted.

Future State: Swamp Thing (2021) #1
“Obsidian Sun”, March 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], June Chung [c]
Swamp Thing (referred to as Green Father) lives with a number of plant creatures amongst the ruins of the world, and tells Calla about the fall of civilisation. Swampy is challenged by Indigo, who questions why he continues to search for humans if they are so destructive. A third creature, Heather, saves others plant people from a burning building. The group travel north and find a human who seeks help to stop the Undying Man from building the Obsidian Sun within S.T.A.R. Fortress where other human survivors have gathered.

Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman (2021) #1
“Future State”, March 2021
Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad [w], Jen Bartel [p]
In the distant future, Wonder Woman visits the Batcave and converses with the spirit of Batman before taking a utility belt. She visits Themyscira, where Swamp Thing and the Green are struggling to survive. Wonder Woman wants to find a new home in the universe but the other Amazons have decided to stay and fight the coming threat. Apokolips (along with Big Barda and Metron) is destroyed by the Undoing. Darkseid escapes to Earth but meets Superman along the way. Wonder Woman tries to protect Superman from Darkseid but the Amazons are killed and Swamp Thing also dies.

The Other History Of The DC Universe (2020) #2
“1970-1989: Karen Beecher-Duncan & Mal Duncan”, January 2021.  DC Black Label.
John Ridley [w], Giuseppe Camuncoli [p]
This issue tells the stories of Mal Duncan (also known as Guardian and Hornblower) and Karen Beecher-Duncan (Bumblebee) and their involvement with the Teen Titans through the 1970s and 80s.
Swamp Thing appears in the background when the events of the ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ storyline (1985-86) are depicted.

Future State: Swamp Thing (2021) #2
“Obsidian Sun Part Two”, April 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], June Chung [c]
In S.T.A.R. Fortress, Jason Woodrue (now referred to as the Undying Man) has trapped the superhero Obsidian and plans to use him to cover the world in darkness and destroy the Green. Swamp Thing and the plant creatures arrive and Woodrue reveals that he has replaced his human flesh with plant matter. He sets his machine in motion and forces Swamp Thing to kill him. Swamp Thing chooses to sacrifice himself to save the humans, some of whom helped to build the Obsidian Sun, because the humans have souls and can transcend themselves. The plant creatures, on the other hand, were limited to representing Swampy’s innocence (Calla), doubt (Indigo) and ambition (Heather). Swamp Thing destroys his creations, then stretches his body above the darkness and into the atmosphere to create an environment for humans to survive in. After many years, Woodrue’s machine stops working, the darkness dissipates, and a plant grows once again.

Flash Facts GN
“The Facts Of Life” (pp. 36-48); “Human Extremes” (pp. 125-138), February 2021
Amy Chu [w], Kirk Scroggs [w, p], Ile Gonzalez [p]
The Facts of Life: Poison Ivy explains DNA to Rose, Hazel and Thorn. Hazel and Thorn wander off and are stopped by a security guard but are rescued by Swamp Thing. The children continue to ask Swampy questions about DNA.
Human Extremes: After running training, Charlotte explains lactate to Russell (Swamp Kid) and they notice that a strange cloud is affecting the temperature in the area. Russell later discovers that the source of the cloud is a ship owned by Anton Arcane, and he is approached by Swamp Thing for help. They travel underwater and Swamp Thing explains how people with large spleens can hold their breath for longer. Russell then uses his vines to enter and sink Arcane’s ship.

Swamp Kid previously appeared in the children’s book The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid (Oct. 2019).

Infinite Frontier (2021) #0
May 2021
Joshua Williamson [w], John Timms [p]
Wonder Woman witnesses the creation of a new Multiverse and is asked by the Quintessence to join their ranks. She is accompanied by the Spectre as she investigates what the “great cost” for restarting the Multiverse could be. Wonder Woman sees many changes in the Multiverse so decides to decline the offer of joining the Quintessence. Later, the Quintessence travel to Earth Omega where Darkseid is imprisoned, but Darkseid kills them and escapes.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel in the framing story.

The Swamp Thing #1
“Becoming Part 1”, May 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Levi Kamei returns to the US after witnessing protests in India and seeing his father die. He stays with his friend Jennifer in New York and has dreams about transforming into a swamp creature. Elsewhere, Police investigate a corpse in the desert and recount the tale of the Pale Wanderer – a civil war soldier who attacks people in the Sonoran desert. Later, the sheriffs are attacked by the spirit but Levi appears as a Swamp Thing. The Pale Wanderer explains that he is the personification of the desert and will teach Levi who he is. The Wanderer destroys the swamp creature and Levi appears back in New York.

The Other History Of The DC Universe (2020) #3
“1983-1996: 山城 達”, May 2021
John Ridley [w], Giuseppe Camuncoli [p]
This issue tells the story of Katana: from her beginnings as an assassin; to her time with Batman and the Outsiders; and her near-death at the hands of Lady Shiva.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel during Superman’s funeral that recreates the poster that accompanied Superman #75 (Jan. 1993).

The Swamp Thing #2
“Becoming Part 1”, June 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c]
Each night, Levi continues to appear in the desert as Swamp Thing to witness the Pale Wanderer kill another person. In New York, Levi expresses guilt about the death of his father. In Arizona, Dom the Sheriff reenters the desert to fight the Pale Wanderer but Swamp Thing intervenes. The spirit is destroyed and Swamp Thing grows an enormous Indian Banyan in the desert. The tree attracts media attention, and the news is watched by both Batman and Mr. Pilgrim at Prescot Industries, who has been spying on Levi.

Dear DC Super-Villains GN
“Dear Black Manta” (pp. 118-130), April 2021
Michael Northrop [w], Gustavo Duarte [p]
Black Manta reads an email from Aquaman (posing as a fan of the villain) and reveals his secret, nefarious plans.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel in the swamp outside the Hall of Doom.

The Swamp Thing #3
“My Green Amaranthine”, July 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Levi and Jennifer run some tests at their place of employment, Prescot Industries, in an attempt to understand what is happening to Levi. Levi and Jennifer accidentally enter the Green but are separated and Jennifer is saved by Woodrue from an enormous creature called the Wodewos. While looking for Jennifer, Levi (now as Swamp Thing) meets an innocent aspect of Poison Ivy, who takes him to see the arrogant and villainous side of Ivy. Levi becomes enraged but is comforted by Alec Holland, who offers to explain the nature of the Green and mentions a contagion spreading through it.

DC Festival Of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration (2021) #1
July 2021
Francis Manapul, Mike Perkins [p]
A collection of stories with a focus on Asian superheroes.
This issue includes a full page artwork of Swamp Thing and Levi Kamei, and a short character biography.

The Swamp Thing #4
“My Green Amaranthine Part 2”, August 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
(The Green’s projection of) Alec Holland explains that the Green is the shared memory of all plants. There is a red contagion (resembling amaranth flowers) that is spreading through the Green and warping its memories with negative feelings towards humans. Levi is encouraged to confront the first avatar, Wodewos, whose power is capable of resisting the contagion. With Ivy’s help, Levi reaches out to Wodewos and absorbs some of the Green’s memories, including some relating to his own origin. In this memory, Levi’s brother Jacob seeks and fails to obtain power in the swamp and, in anger, curses the Green and Levi, thereby causing the contagion. Elsewhere, Jennifer becomes distrustful of Woodrue and tries to find her own way out of the Green. She encounters Levi as Swamp Thing and faints, before both are transported back to New York. Later, Mr. Pilgrim attempts to recover evidence at Prescot Industries before contacting Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad.

Man-Bat (2021) #5
“The Promise of Compromise”, August 2021
Dave Wielgosz [w], Sumit Kumar [p]
Man-Bat (Kirk Langstrom) is affected by the venom toxin and fights Batman, who has been made more violent due to exposure to Scarecrow’s behaviour-altering subliminal frequencies. Kirk’s wife Francine tries to stop Scarecrow from controlling the people of Gotham using a sonic cannon, but she is attacked by crazed Gothamites. Man-Bat manages to control his impulses and undoes the damage caused by Scarecrow. Man-Bat is arrested and he splits up with Francine. Later, he is visited in prison by Wonder Woman who asks him to join the Justice League Dark.
This story takes places just before the second Justice League Dark series of 2018. Swamp Thing is depicted with this version of the JLD in the final panel.

The Swamp Thing #5
“Survivor Bomb”, September 2021
Ram V [w], John McCrea [p], Mike Perkins, Mike Spicer [c]
In London, Sierra Kirre summons John Constantine to help her circumvent some fascists who have taken over her apartment building. Sierra and Constantine travel to the basement where they find Swamp Thing and Sierra’s friend Nigel. Nigel has been fused with the building’s plumbing and altered by the fascist ideas being disseminated by an unexploded WWII Nazi bomb, which has also psychologically infected the other residents of the building. Swamp Thing removes the bomb and takes it to a desolate island. Constantine inhales a magical powder and enters Nigel’s consciousness to free him from the memories of WWII and bring him back to the present day. In India, Amanda Waller and Peacemaker drop a device in a forest in India to draw Swamp Thing’s attention.

The Swamp Thing #6
“In My Infancy”, October 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
The Suicide Squad release a bio-agent over a forest in India, cutting part of the forest off from the Green and drawing the attention of Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing struggles to regenerate and is attacked by Heat Wave. Swampy flees underwater while the Squad converge on his location. Swampy recalls being Levi and returning to India to visit his brother Jacob and his father, and to help negotiate a land deal for Prescot Industries.

The Swamp Thing #7
“In My Infancy Part 2”, November 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Peacemaker and Asa find Heatwave, who has been severely beaten by Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing tries to find the device dropped by the Suicide Squad but is temporarily bewitched by Asa, who appears as Jennifer. Asa reaches into his memories, and Levi recalls his father rejecting the offer from Prescot Industries. Levi’s insistence on behalf of his employers leads to mass demonstrations and the shooting of his father. Asa offers to remove these guilty memories, which would free Levi from the mantle of Swamp Thing, but Levi refuses. Chemo arrives and the two fight.

The Swamp Thing #8
“In My Infancy Part 3”, December 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Swamp Thing defeats Chemo before he is attacked by Parasite, who has metabolised some of the power of the Green. Absorbing the Green has caused Parasite to be flooded with memories of his own origin, while Levi recalls the death of his father in hospital. As Levi argues with Parasite to let his humanity take control, Parasite is crippled by Jacob Kamei, who calls himself Hedera. Jacob explains that both he and Levi were anointed as protectors of the forest when they were children, and Jacob can also manipulate plant life. Jacob is bitter that Levi became the avatar of the Green, and has demonstrated to the Green the destructive nature of humans. After Jacob leaves, Swamp Thing finds the Suicide Squad’s device in the forest and learns that it was created by Prescot Industries. Peacemaker arrives to fight Swamp Thing, but Swampy removes Amanda Waller’s implant from Peacemaker, which allows him to leave the Squad. Swampy then sets his sights on Prescot. Jacob arrives in New York, while the management at Prescot decide to capture Jennifer.

Suicide Squad (2021) #8
“Hell & Back”, December 2021
Robbie Thompson [w], Eduardo Pansica [p]
Talon joins a mission after successfully convincing Amanda Waller that he is insane. In Hell, the Suicide Squad fights the Hell Squad, composed of spirits of former Suicide Squad members. Major Force arrives and defeats the Hell Squad by killing Mindwarp before resurrecting all of the dead Hell Squad members, who Waller wants to coerce back into the Suicide Squad. Ambush Bug obtains a piece of the Rock of Eternity’s shield and gives it to Waller, who plans to use it to protect Earth-3 from inter-dimensional invasion. After Swamp Thing removes his implant, Peacemaker leaves the Suicide Squad and is approached by Rick Flag and his team.
Ambush Bug summarises the events of The Swamp Thing #6-8 in the first few pages. Swamp Thing is also mentioned (but not depicted) in Suicide Squad issues #5-7.

Deathstroke Inc. (2021) #2
“I Hate Space!”, December 2021
Joshua Williamson [w], Howard Porter [p]
Slade Wilson, Black Canary and Hiro Okamura are on a mission to protect a research space station, which has been taken over by Cyborg Superman. Cyborg Superman has attached The Weird to the space station and plans to kill everyone in the Multiverse. Hiro hacks into Cyborg Superman, and The Weird and human hostages are saved. Back at headquarters, the heroes discover that the station is managed by the T.R.U.S.T. organisation and has been transmitting a strange message. The team learns that their next mission is to apprehend Cheetah.
Swamp Thing is show fighting Parasite (from The Swamp Thing #8) in one panel when The Weird is freed and his cosmic energy suddenly courses through the Multiverse.

The Swamp Thing #9
“Conduit Part 1”, January 2022
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Jennifer is taken to see Harper Pilgrim at Prescot Industries who explains that Levi is part of a lineage of Swamp Things, and that all of the technological developments made by the company have come about through the examination of a previous avatar’s corpse. Harper wants Jennifer to help him capture Swamp Thing for further experimentation, but they are attacked by Jacob. Levi fights Jacob while the humans escape.

Batman Secret Files: The Gardener (2022) #1
“The Gardener”, January 2022
James Tynion IV [w], Christian Ward [p]
Batman is investigating the attempted murder of a rich industrialist when he is approached by Bella Garten, who wants to discuss Poison Ivy. Garten explains that she began a relationship with Pamela Isley while they were both studying under Jason Woodrue. After Garten left Woodrue’s program to further develop predatory plant species, Isley was transformed into Poison Ivy, becoming superhuman at the expense of her mental stability. Garten pleads with Batman to help Ivy instead of fighting her. Garten leaves the city and tends to a seed she has developed to include the best aspects of Ivy, in case Ivy is destroyed during her next attack on humans.
Alec and Linda Holland are shown in a flashback.

The Swamp Thing #10
“Conduit Part 2”, February 2022
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
As Levi and Jacob fight, the Prescot facility is flooded with liquid nitrogen. Levi manages to protect Jacob and, later, both leave the destroyed building alive. Elsewhere, Pilgrim fires Jennifer and meets with Dr. Woodrue. They dissect the body of the Pale Wanderer and discover that it may not be an avatar of the desert at all.

Justice League Incarnate (2022) #2-#4
#2: “Worlds Gone Mad!”, February 2022
Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver [w], Kyle Hotz [p]
#3: “Lost In The Worlds”, March 2022
Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver [w], Ariel Olivetti [p]
#4: “Worlds Collide”, March 2022
Joshua Williamson, Dennis Culver [w], Chris Burnham [p]
In #2, members of Justice League Incarnate travel to Earth-13 to locate the crack in the Multiverse before Darkseid can use it to access the energy on the other side.  They enter the Tavern of Mystery and meet with the League of Shadows, who transport them to the edge of the Multiverse where they are attacked by the Batwoman Who Laughs (a corrupted Kathy Kane from Earth-11).  Doctor Multiverse transports her to the House of Heroes to be imprisoned, but the rest of the team are also dispersed across the Multiverse.  The House of Heroes is attacked by parademons and the craft is set to self-destruct before it can be overrun. In #3, some of the JLI reconvene on Earth-41 where Captain Carrot is fighting Annihilator alongside the Nimrod Squad.  Doctor Multiverse seizes the crack to defeat Annihilator but realises that they need to let Darkseid win.  Superheroes and villains who survived the destruction of the House of Heroes find themselves on a desolate Earth-7 before realising that the whole planet is the Oblivion Machine constructed by the Gentry. In #4, Justice League Incarnate convene on Earth-Omega and Doctor Multiverse explains the history of Crises leading up to this point. Darkseid learns of the Oblivion Machine and offers to join forces with the JLI. Thomas Wayne becomes infected with the Darkness and is killed. On Earth-7, Darkseid loses his battle and the Empty Hand obtains the crack. Some of the JLI arrive and begin searching for the rest of the team.
In #2, Swamp-Man (the Swamp Thing of Earth-13) appears with the League of Shadows.  In #3, Spore is the leader of the Nimrod Squad of Earth-41, where the heroes resemble characters from Image Comics. Spore is a cross between Swamp Thing and Spawn.  Here he explains his origin story, which is similar to Swampy’s.  In #4, Swamp Thing is shown when the events of the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ are recounted, specifically his role in Swamp Thing #50 (July, 1986).  The opening four pages of #4 (which includes Swamp Thing’s appearance) were later reprinted with slightly altered text in the section ‘The History of the DC Multiverse’ within Dark Crisis FCBD Special Edition #0 (June, 2022).

‘Swamp Thing: Green Hell’ miniseries

Swamp Thing: Green Hell (2022) #1
“Book One”, February 2022
Jeff Lemire [w], Doug Mahnke [p, c]
In a flooded, post-apocalyptic future, the Parliaments of the Green, Red and Rot are forced to co-exist underwater due to air pollution and decide that the Green should destroy the surviving humans so that new lifeforms can emerge. Donnie and his daughter Ronnie live in a colony on a mountaintop that has become an island due to rising sea levels. The village is raided by Donnie’s brother-in-law and others who live on a derelict oil rig. Some of Donnie’s villagers later retaliate violently and the brother-in-law falls into the ocean, where he is adopted by the Parliaments as a monstrous new avatar. The swamp monster kills everyone on the oil rig before attacking the mountain village. Ronnie and another villager, George, escape to a lighthouse where an elderly Constantine lives. Constantine summons the Alec Holland Swamp Thing to help protect them from the monstrous avatar.

Swamp Thing: Green Hell (2022) #2
“Book Two”, April 2023
Jeff Lemire [w], Doug Mahnke [p, c]
Swamp Thing has retired into a metaphysical paradise, accompanied by the souls of Abby and Tefé, until he is summoned by Constantine.  He is forced to help the humans if he hopes to return to his family. Swampy begins to fight the creature but is brought in front of the Parliament of Trees. After refusing to side with the Parliament, Swampy’s connection to the Green is severed, but he still manages to defeat the monster. The Parliaments then raise an army of monsters from the seafloor to attack the village. Constantine astral- travels with Deadman to Nanda Parbat to seek help from Maxine Baker, who has become the Red’s avatar after the death of her father Buddy (Animal Man).
Issue 2 of the miniseries was delayed by a year due to artist Doug Mahnke taking some time off.

Swamp Thing: Green Hell (2022) #3
“Book Three”, May 2023
Jeff Lemire [w], Shawn Moll [p], Doug Mahnke [p, c]
A weakened Swamp Thing continues to help the villagers fend off waves of monsters, and George is killed protecting the children. Animal Woman, who still retains the power of the Red, joins the battle with her army. Constantine commits suicide to make a deal with the denizens of Hell to empower Swamp Thing, and Swampy is able to destroy the monsters. Swampy and Maxine then dismantle their respective Parliaments and Swamp Thing returns to his afterlife with his family. Ronnie later finds that she has the power of the Green.

Justice League (2018) #71
March 2022
Brian Michael Bendis, Ram V [w], Phil Hester, Sumit Kumar [p]
The Biggest Score Ever: Conclusion: The Royal Flush Gang open extra-dimensional portals in the Fortress of Solitude to create a diversion while they attempt to steal alien technologies capable of capturing a passing meteor. The Gang are apprehended by the Justice League. Afterwards, at the Hall of Justice, Checkmate decide to let Daemon Rose into their team. The League thanks Oliver Queen for his recent funding.

Swamp Thing is shown in one panel fighting the inter-dimensional threats in the Fortress of Solitude.
Wolves At The Door: Khalid writes a letter to Kent Nelson expressing his concerns about the future, and speaks to each member of the Justice League Dark to prepare them for the trials to come.
In the Justice League Dark backup story, Swamp Thing is shown in one panel when Khalid is writing about John Constantine.

Justice League (2018) #73-#74
#73: “Leagues of Chaos Part 2”, April 2022
Brian Michael Bendis [w], Szymon Kudranski, Emanuela Lupacchino, Wade Von Grawbadger, Scott Hanna [p]
#74: “Leagues of Chaos Part Three”, May 2022
Brian Michael Bendis [w], Szymon Kudranski, Emanuela Lupacchino, Wade Von Grawbadger [p]
In #73, Black Adam is possessed by Xanadoth, who had been trapped for a million years after the Lords of Chaos and Order banded together to defeat her. Xanadoth fights the Justice League Dark and flees with Xanadu and the Helm of Fate when the Justice League appear. Underneath the Hall of Justice, the JLD summon Nabu, who argues with the group before leaving with Naomi McDuffie.  In #74, Xanadu summons other heroes to help her against Xanadoth in Kahndaq and they manage to free Black Adam from her possession. Naomi appears and punches Xanadoth and learns that her powers magnify magic. Khalid and Nabu merge and the heroes defeat Xanadoth. Afterwards, the Justice League help to repair Black Adam’s castle.
Swamp Thing appears with the Justice League Dark.

The Swamp Thing #11
“Jericho’s Rose Part 1”, May 2022
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
In the Green, Swamp Thing tries to prevent the destruction of a rose by Hedera’s contagion. Jennifer approaches Tefé Holland for help in finding Levi. After initially refusing, Tefé takes Jennifer into the Green because Jennifer is in love with Levi. Jason Woodrue and a team of Prescot doctors perform an operation to fuse parts of Harper Pilgrim with the body of the Pale Wanderer. Pilgrim awakens from surgery as a monstrous creature and its presence is felt throughout the world. Meanwhile, Jack Hawksmoor visits Detroit.
Tefé Holland’s first appearance since 2006.

DC Vs. Vampires (2021) #6
May 2022
James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg [w], Otto Schmidt, Simone Di Meo, Danielle Di Nicuolo, Rex Lokus [p]
Some of the Bat Family convene in Gotham Harbor where they are attacked by vampiric versions of Wonder Woman and Hal Jordan. Wonder Woman is bound with her lasso and Hal is killed by Green Arrow. Harley, Deadshot and Batgirl kill the rest of the Suicide Squad and learn that Joker is not the king of the vampires as they had been led to believe. Batgirl warns Batman but he is double-crossed and gravely injured by the true vampire leader, Nightwing. Nightwing reveals that he used some of Starfire’s blood to allow him to appear to be human, and he kills more of the Bat Family while Green Arrow escapes. Later, the vampires Superman and Firestorm burn the Earth’s forests in order to plunge the world into darkness.
Swamp Thing and other mystical heroes look on as vampiric superheroes blacken the Earth’s skies.  The DC Vs. Vampires series and its spin-offs are set on Earth 63.  Anton Arcane also appears in the first two pages of DC Vs. Vampires #2 (Jan. 2022) before he is killed by the vampire Hal Jordan.

Suicide Squad: Blaze (2022) #2
“Book Two”, June 2022. DC Black Label.
Simon Spurrier [w], Aaron Campbell [p]
Superman is severely injured during a confrontation with the cannibalistic Monster in Eastern Europe, so the Suicide Squad travel to the scene. During the mission, Captain Boomerang is abducted by the creature. Xavi’s body begins to self-destruct so King Shark eats him to absorb the Blaze. Later, the Squad learn that the Monster is a superpowered alien who landed on Earth as an infant with his sister, and is also infected with the Blaze parasite. The Monster establishes a new base in Iceland where he defeats the Justice League. The Suicide Squad successfully obtain some of the Monster’s DNA but Lucille is killed.
Swamp Thing is shown fighting the Monster alongside the Justice League in one panel.

The Swamp Thing #12
“Jericho’s Rose Part 1”, June 2022
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
The Harper Pilgrim/Pale Wanderer hybrid announces that he was not the spirit of the desert after all, but the idea of human industry. He decides to build a Parliament of Gears and rechristens himself the Pale Pilgrim. In the Green, Swamp Thing remains fixated on the rose, which represents Levi’s hope and his memories of Jacob. Tefé transforms the flower into a Rose of Jericho, which can survive for years without sustenance. Swampy is freed and the group battle their way out of the Green. The city of Detroit leads Hawksmoor to learn that some humans have been consumed by the new Parliament. He is rescued by Swamp Thing before he can be absorbed. In New Mexico, waste from early nuclear tests gains sentience and takes the form of a human woman who names herself Trinity.

Flashpoint Beyond (2022) #1
“The Clockwork Killer: Chapter One”, July 2022
Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams, Tim Sheridan [w], Xermanico [p]
Batman (Thomas Wayne) wants to understand why his world (of 2011’s Flashpoint series) has returned into existence. He leaves Dexter Dent, the son of the murdered Judge Harvey Dent, in the care of the Penguin. Wayne believes that Aquaman has killed Barry Allen to prevent the timeline from being altered again but, after freeing Wonder Woman and using her lasso, Batman learns that Aquaman wasn’t behind the assassination. Wonder Woman appears and kills her enemy Aquaman with his own trident. On Earth Prime, Flash searches for Reverse-Flash in the Batcave, while Corky Baxter of the Time Masters warns Bruce Wayne that he should stop what he’s doing.
Swamp Thing appears on a computer monitor in the Batcave.

DC’s Round Robin (2021) #2
“Suicide Squad: Dark Vs. Superboy: The Man Of Tomorrow”, May 2022. Digital only.
Zac Thompson [w], Garry Brown [p]
The Suicide Squad: Dark travel to Earth-13 to kill the League of Shadows. Swamp-Man kills Matter-Eater Lad, but is then subdued by Spore of the Suicide Squad who overcomes Swamp-Man with fungus. The Earth-13 versions of Raven, Zatanna and Grodd are imprisoned until Amanda Waller frees them in exchange for joining her Task Force.
In this story, Spore is a member of Suicide Squad: Dark and it’s revealed that he is an avatar of The Grey. DC launched its second Round Robin tournament in March 2022. The tournament began with 16 titles and fans voted online on which of these titles they would like to see turned into a series. The final 2 titles in the tournament were Suicide Squad: Dark and Superboy: The Man Of Tomorrow, and a 10-page preview of each was available to subscribers of the DC Universe Infinite App.

The Swamp Thing #13
“Machination”, July 2022
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Swampy and Jack Hawksmoor inspect the Factory: an abandoned area of the city claimed by the Parliament of Gears. Hawksmoor cuts off the supply of power to the Factory but they meet resistance from a mechanical monster. Swampy then approaches the Parliament of Trees, who announce that they have chosen Jacob as their new avatar in this time of war, though one member of the Parliament confides that she still supports Levi. Levi is later visited by Hal Jordan, who explains that there are botanical spaceships approaching the Earth. Trinity is found and cared for by an old man named Rodrigo, but the next day he is dead from radiation poisoning. Trinity travels into town with Rodrigo’s body and she is run off by frightened townsfolk.
Trinity’s unintentional toxicity to those who come into contact with her is reminiscent of the character Nukeface (from The Saga of Swamp Thing #35-36, April-May 1985).

‘Dark Crisis’ crossover

The main series was originally titled Dark Crisis but was re-titled Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths from issue #4.

Dark Crisis (2022) #1
“Chapter One: The Justice League Is Dead”, August 2022
Joshua Williamson [w], Daniel Sampere [p]
After the disappearance of the Justice League, the world is under frequent attack from doomsday cults. Hal Jordan returns to Earth and doubts Black Adam’s version of the Justice League’s final battle. Jon Kent decides to put together a new Justice League and assembles a motley group of heroes that Black Adam criticises. An army of villains led by Deathstroke attack Titans Tower and shoot Beast Boy. On Multiverse-2, Pariah plots to destroy the Multiverse.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel, refusing to join Jon Kent’s new Justice League.

Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths (2022) #4
“Chapter Four: Crossovers”, October 2022
Joshua Williamson [w], Daniel Sampere [p]
Barry Allen rescues Hal Jordan from the pocket world that has been constructed to imprison John Stewart. Together, they travel to Batman’s world. Nightwing and Alan Grant visit Beast Boy in hospital, then visit the Justice League Dark, who are grieving Zatanna. The Alec Holland and Levi Kamei Swamp Things believe that the Great Darkness has been corrupted, as it wouldn’t naturally have any desire to take control of Pariah and others. Black Adam tries to enlist the Legion of Doom to help, but they are attacked by Deathstroke’s army who are possessed by the Great Darkness. Lex Luthor fights Deathstroke but Pariah’s worlds form a new multiverse and this causes the Legion of Doom to become possessed too.

Dark Crisis: The Deadly Green (2022) #1
“Dark Crisis: The Deadly Green”, December 2022
Ram V, Alex Paknadel, Dan Watters [w], Daniel Bayliss, Tom Derenick, George Kambadais, Brent Peeples [p], Goni Moñtes [c]
Jade and Obsidian meet with magical heroes beneath the Hall of Justice. A team is assembled (both Holland and Kamei Swamp Things, Raven, Constantine, and Jon Kent) and Obsidian enables them to travel into Alan Grant’s ring. Alec Holland is immediately absorbed into the Kamei Swamp Thing, while Constantine is separated and meets with the Great Darkness (appearing first as the Upside-Down Man, then Trigon). Swamp Thing and Jon Kent become affected by the Darkness and take their paranoia and frustrations out on Raven. She leads them to a column of darkness, which they are unable to approach until Swampy and Superman merge. From the column, they extract Pariah’s Anti-matter machine, which was corrupting the Great Darkness. The heroes and the machine are ejected from Alan Grant’s ring.

Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths (2022) #5-#7
#5: “Chapter Five: Together”, December 2022
#6: “Chapter Six: Legacy War”, January 2023
Joshua Williamson [w], Daniel Sampere [p]
#7: “Dawn of DC”, February 2023
Joshua Williamson [w], Daniel Sampere, Jack Herbert, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith, Rafa Sandoval [p]
In #5, the heroes on Earth-0 decide to split up to both contain the Darkness and fight Deathstroke. The magical heroes arrive with Pariah’s Anti-matter machine before the Hall is invaded by Deathstroke’s army. Hal and Barry free Batman from his world, and then the rest of the Justice League. They confront Pariah, who has recreated a multiverse of Infinite Earths believing that it will free him from his curse. He is drawn to Earth-0 with his Dark Army. In #6, superheroes convene on Earth-0 and join the battle. Pariah believes the Great Darkness is talking to him and refuses to see the truth. Terrific and Jace Fox use Pariah’s own Anti-matter cannon to trap him, and the power of the Great Darkness is transferred to Deathstroke. In #7, Black Adam transfers his power to the rest of the heroes and frees Deathstroke from the Darkness. Dr. Light works with the Flashes to stabilise the Multiverse, while retaining the Infinite Earths created by Pariah. The Dark Army disappears, and a homicidal Deathstroke is eventually subdued by his daughter Ravager and Nightwing. Later, Batman explains to Nightwing that the Justice League have disbanded. Amanda Waller appeals to the Council of Light who give her permission to eradicate metahumans.
In #5, Swamp Thing appears with the magical heroes that have returned from their adventures of Dark Crisis: The Deadly Green #1. Swampy later has small appearances in the battle against Deathstroke’s army in issues #5, #6, and #7.

Nubia: Queen Of The Amazons (2022) #1
“New Beginnings”, August 2022
Stephanie Williams [w], Alitha Martinez [p]
Nubia has succeeded Hippolyta as Queen of the Amazons and gives a press conference in support of indigenous peoples in Brazil who are resisting deforestation. A masked figure named Neser sees the press conference and covets Nubia’s amulet, which is half of a larger piece. Nubia is invited by Diana to the Hall of Justice, and her royal court meets other superheroes. Nubia spars with Hawkgirl and doesn’t realise that her amulet bestows her with magical powers. Nubia gives another speech in Brazil, and Neser’s agents trigger a landslide that threatens the crowd. Nubia is hit by a tree.
Swamp Thing can be seen in the background in the Hall of Justice in one panel.

The Swamp Thing #14
“The Alien Idea”, August 2022
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
The Pale Pilgrim boasts to Woodrue that his new parliament will consume the world and subjugate the other parliaments. Levi explains that the botanical ships were summoned by Jacob and the Green to fight the Parliament of Gears and end humanity. Levi amalgamates with the ship and offers an alternative viewpoint to the alien consciousness, which calls itself Z’etar. Levi explains that the concepts of continuity and memory stem from humanity, so the Green will also cease to exist without humans. The plant-ship experiences Levi’s memories and begins to doubt its mission, splitting from the group mind and calling itself Endeavor. This ship crashes into Earth near Trinity and the Factory, where Jacob is battling the Parliament of Gears. Endeavor tries to spread its doubt to the rest of the alien fleet but the ship and Swampy have been severely wounded by the crash. Hal revives them by bestowing the power of the Green Lantern onto Swamp Thing.

Flashpoint Beyond (2022) #3
“The Clockwork Killer: Chapter Three: The Secret of the Super-Man”, September 2022
Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams, Tim Sheridan [w], Xermanico [p]
In the Flashpoint Universe, the infant Super-Man’s capsule crashed into and devastated Metropolis. In the present day, he approaches Batman (Thomas Wayne) for help. When Thomas refuses, Batman is knocked unconscious and taken to the Oasis – a version of the Fortress of Solitude made out of plants by the Green’s avatar, Jason Woodrue. Woodrue transmits a message from a Kryptonian crystal directing Super-Man to prepare Earth for an invasion by Kryptonians. Super-Man and Poison Ivy want Batman’s help to stop the invasion happening in 5 days, but Batman still refuses, In Arkham Asylum, Gilda Dent (who has disfigured half of her face) is visited by an unseen figure. Elsewhere, Reverse-Flash becomes another victim of the Clockwork Killer, and Timemasters Jeff and Bonnie travel through an unstable Hypertime in the Time Sphere.
Jason Woodrue is the Swamp Thing of the Flashpoint Universe. The contraption used to translate the message on the Kryptonian crystal appears again in Flashpoint Beyond #6 (Dec. 2022), but it’s difficult to tell whether this is another Swamp Thing appearance.

The Swamp Thing #15
“Armageddon Part 1”, September 2022
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
The Lantern-powered Swamp Thing fights the Parliament of Gears, with assistance from Trinity, while Levi’s supporter in the Parliament of Trees uses the Rose of Jericho to disseminate hope throughout the Green. Levi and Jacob reconcile. Swampy stops the gears of the Factory and convinces the Parliament of Gears to listen to what Trinity has to say.

The Swamp Thing #16
“Armageddon Part 2”, October 2022
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Trinity has learned about the history of the world and of Swamp Thing when she came into contact with the crashed spacecraft Endeavor. She believes it’s the ability to make choices that makes humans special, and this is what Parliaments must also do. The Parliament of Gears are asked to choose between the Pale Pilgrim or Trinity as their avatar, which is a choice between using technology to destroy and consume, or to improve life. Swamp Thing imprisons the Pilgrim under a giant tree.

Black Adam (2022) McFarlane Special Edition
“Heart of Decay”, October 2022
Cavan Scott [w], Tyler Kirkham [p]
Black Adam fights creatures of the Rot alongside the Justice League. Adam is summoned back to Kahndaq to find the desert overrun by plants and learns that General Badawi has been captured by Swamp Thing. Adam attacks Swampy until stopped by the Justice League. John Constantine explains that Badawi used the Heart of Decay to summon the Rot and create a crisis that would draw Adam back to Kahndaq. Adam seizes the magical charm, freeing Badawi from the Rot’s control. Swamp Thing also leaves and Kahndaq reverts to a desert.
Comic accompanies McFarlane Toys’ 7″ Page Punchers figurines.

Batman Vs. Robin (2022) #1
“Chapter One: Reunion”, November 2022
Mark Waid [w], Mahmud Asrar [p]
Bruce returns to Wayne Manor where he is visited by Alfred who remembers nothing of his death at the hands of Bane. They descend into the Batcave where they are attacked by Damian Wayne, Tim Hunter, and Jakeem Thunder. Batman and Alfred escape to Zatanna’s home where they find her trapped in a noose. Zatanna explains that the rest of the Justice League Dark have been similarly immobilised, and that Damian is responsible for poisoning magic. Damian returns to the Tower of Fate where it is revealed he is working for Mother Soul and The Devil Nezha.
Swamp Thing appears intertwined with John Constantine in one panel, which renders both of them incapacitated.

DC Vs. Vampires: All-Out War (2022) #3
“All-Out War Part 3”, November 2022
Alex Paknadel, Matthew Rosenberg [w], Pasquale Qualano [p]
The surviving heroes discover that Swamp Thing is being used to feed the human captives in the vampire’s blood farm. Mary Shazam, Booster Gold and Midnighter attempt to extract Weather Wizard (a vampire) from the farm in order to clear the ash storm that has plunged the world into darkness. The heroes also meet Batwoman (also a vampire), who claims to be working for Damian Wayne and can control her thirst for blood. She wants to free Starfire who is being forced to feed starlight to Baron Cinder. Batwoman joins Bane, Deadshot and Azrael who fight their way through the farm to extract Starfire. Bane is bitten by Mirage, but he is possessed and killed by Deadman before he can be transformed. Mirage is killed by Azrael, but not before imploring him to join forces with the vampire king Gray Sun (Nightwing). Starfire is located and leaves with Batwoman.
Swamp Thing (or one of his bodies) appears in one panel.

Deadman Tells The Spooky Tales TPB
“Inattentive Blindness” (pp.131-140), October 2022
Franco [w], Isaac Goodhart [p]
A group of children attend the screening of a horror film but one of them, Dante, is being pessimistic. A mysterious staff member at the theatre instructs Dante to pay attention. During the screening a ghost appears only to Dante, who was not paying attention to the movie. Dante is abducted by the ghost.
An anthology of short horror stories for kids. Swamp Thing appears with Deadman on the cinema screen in one panel.

DC’s Terrors Through Time (2022) #1
“Half-Life” (pp.31-40), December 2022
Zac Thompson [w], Andy MacDonald [p], John McCrea, Mike Spicer [c]
In a post-apocalyptic future, a father and daughter scavenge for food in the swamp but find that the berries are too contaminated to eat. Swamp Thing protects them from a radioactive, partly mechanical, mutant alligator called a Helios. When the daughter grows up, the berries are now safe to eat. Swamp Thing again saves her from the Helios, finally destroying it.

DC Vs. Vampires (2022) #10-#12
“Gotham Must Fall”, December 2022
“Our Final Hours”, January 2023
“Dawn”, February 2023
James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg [w], Otto Schmidt [p]
In #10, the vampire Damian Wayne leads a group of human heroes into Gotham where Starfire protects them from an attack by Black Adam. They enter the sewers and meet the vampire Punchline, who lets them live after Damian agrees to kill Two-Face. On a rooftop, they activate a number of UV-lit Batsignals around the city, which they use to kill vampires. At a human farm in Smallville, a captive Green Arrow works with Grifter to urinate on a plant and grow Swamp Thing. In #11, the heroes in Gotham fight their way to the tower of the vampire king, Nightwing. In Smallville, Swamp Thing creates weapons to help the captives break out of the human farm. In Australia, Steel, Jayna and a weakened Supergirl discover that aliens are being transported off of the planet so that other planets don’t become involved in the vampiric takeover of Earth. The heroes meet Lobo, who helps them fight Martian Manhunter and smuggle Supergirl onto a rocket. Supergirl attempts to rise above the ash clouds to regain her powers but the rocket is destroyed.  In #12, the heroes fight their way out of the human farm in Smallville but are confronted by the vampire Hawkman. Hawkman is impaled by wooden arrows, and Swamp Thing uses these to destroy him. Constantine, Captain Cold and Mary Shazam arrive in Australia to help but find Supergirl unconscious. Captain Cold uses his gun to freeze gaps in the ash clouds. Supergirl is healed by the sunlight and kills Martian Manhunter. In Gotham, Signal sacrifices himself, and vampire Wonder Woman brings Batgirl and Harley Quinn to Nightwing. Nightwing turns Batgirl into a vampire and they both begin to feed on Harley, but Nightwing is killed due to Quinn being injected with Luthor’s vampire-proof blood. Batgirl becomes the queen of the vampires.

Lazarus Planet: Alpha (2023) #1
“Lazarus Planet: Alpha”, March 2023
Mark Waid [w], Riccardo Federici [p]
Summary coming soon.

Superman: Space Age (2022) #3
“Book Three”, April 2023
Mark Russell [w], Mike Allred [p]
Summary coming soon.
Swamp Thing appears in several panels with other heroes in the Hall of Justice.

Batman Vs. Robin (2022) #5
“Finale”, April 2023
Mark Waid [w], Mahmud Asrar [p]
Summary coming soon.

DC’s Legion Of Bloom (2023) #1
“Monsters” (pp. 41-50), May 2023
Kenny Porter [w], Brian Level [p], Juan Gedeon [c]
The Flash asks for Swamp Thing’s assistance in investigating the disappearance of a family in a national park. The Green informs Swamp Thing that living shadows, which vibrate between worlds, have taken the family. They meet the leader of the shadow creatures and learn that the child, Marcy Miller, is still alive. Marcy asks specifically for Swampy’s help because her face is disfigured and she identifies with monsters. Flash uses his speed force lightning to make the shadow creatures solid and sends them back to their realm. Swamp Thing takes the orphaned child back to Central City while Flash tries to contact her living relatives.

[w] denotes writer, [p] denotes penciller, but I have included both penciller and inker if both are credited equally as artists. [c] denotes cover artist, but I have mostly only included the last in instances where Swampy is illustrated by someone other than the inside penciller.