Volume 7

‘Future State’ and Volume 7

The ‘Future State’ event was a direct sequel to ‘Dark Nights: Death Metal’ and is set in a possible future.  A new Swamp Thing series then follows on from the Infinite Frontier #0 one-shot.

Appearances that I consider to be fairly minor are indented.  The below titles were published by DC Comics unless otherwise noted.

Future State: Swamp Thing (2021) #1
“Obsidian Sun”, March 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], June Chung [c]
Swamp Thing (referred to as Green Father) lives with a number of plant creatures amongst the ruins of the world, and tells Calla about the fall of civilisation. Swampy is challenged by Indigo, who questions why he continues to search for humans if they are so destructive. A third creature, Heather, saves others plant people from a burning building. The group travel north and find a human who seeks help to stop the Undying Man from building the Obsidian Sun within S.T.A.R. Fortress where other human survivors have gathered.

Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman (2021) #1
“Future State”, March 2021
Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad [w], Jen Bartel [p]
In the distant future, Wonder Woman visits the Batcave and converses with the spirit of Batman before taking a utility belt. She visits Themyscira, where Swamp Thing and the Green are struggling to survive. Wonder Woman wants to find a new home in the universe but the other Amazons have decided to stay and fight the coming threat. Apokolips (along with Big Barda and Metron) is destroyed by the Undoing. Darkseid escapes to Earth but meets Superman along the way. Wonder Woman tries to protect Superman from Darkseid but the Amazons are killed and Swamp Thing also dies.

The Other History Of The DC Universe (2020) #2
“1970-1989: Karen Beecher-Duncan & Mal Duncan”, January 2021.  DC Black Label.
John Ridley [w], Giuseppe Camuncoli [p]
This issue tells the stories of Mal Duncan (also known as Guardian and Hornblower) and Karen Beecher-Duncan (Bumblebee) and their involvement with the Teen Titans through the 1970s and 80s.
Swamp Thing appears in the background when the events of the ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’ storyline (1985-86) are depicted.

Future State: Swamp Thing (2021) #2
“Obsidian Sun Part Two”, April 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], June Chung [c]
In S.T.A.R. Fortress, Jason Woodrue (now referred to as the Undying Man) has trapped the superhero Obsidian and plans to use him to cover the world in darkness and destroy the Green. Swamp Thing and the plant creatures arrive and Woodrue reveals that he has replaced his human flesh with plant matter. He sets his machine in motion and forces Swamp Thing to kill him. Swamp Thing chooses to sacrifice himself to save the humans, some of whom helped to build the Obsidian Sun, because the humans have souls and can transcend themselves. The plant creatures, on the other hand, were limited to representing Swampy’s innocence (Calla), doubt (Indigo) and ambition (Heather). Swamp Thing destroys his creations, then stretches his body above the darkness and into the atmosphere to create an environment for humans to survive in. After many years, Woodrue’s machine stops working, the darkness dissipates, and a plant grows once again.

Flash Facts
“The Facts Of Life” (pp. 36-48); “Human Extremes” (pp. 125-138), February 2021
Amy Chu [w], Kirk Scroggs [w, p], Ile Gonzalez [p]
The Facts of Life: Poison Ivy explains DNA to Rose, Hazel and Thorn. Hazel and Thorn wander off and are stopped by a security guard but are rescued by Swamp Thing. The children continue to ask Swampy questions about DNA.
Human Extremes: After running training, Charlotte explains lactate to Russell (Swamp Kid) and they notice that a strange cloud is affecting the temperature in the area. Russell later discovers that the source of the cloud is a ship owned by Anton Arcane, and he is approached by Swamp Thing for help. They travel underwater and Swamp Thing explains how people with large spleens can hold their breath for longer. Russell then uses his vines to enter and sink Arcane’s ship.

Swamp Kid previously appeared in the children’s book The Secret Spiral of Swamp Kid (Oct. 2019).

Infinite Frontier (2021) #0
May 2021
Joshua Williamson [w], John Timms [p]
Wonder Woman witnesses the creation of a new Multiverse and is asked by the Quintessence to join their ranks. She is accompanied by the Spectre as she investigates what the “great cost” for restarting the Multiverse could be. Wonder Woman sees many changes in the Multiverse so decides to decline the offer of joining the Quintessence. Later, the Quintessence travel to Earth Omega where Darkseid is imprisoned, but Darkseid kills them and escapes.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel in the framing story.

The Swamp Thing #1
“Becoming Part 1”, May 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Levi Kamei returns to the US after witnessing protests in India and seeing his father die. He stays with his friend Jennifer in New York and has dreams about transforming into a swamp creature. Elsewhere, Police investigate a corpse in the desert and recount the tale of the Pale Wanderer – a civil war soldier who attacks people in the Sonoran desert. Later, the sheriffs are attacked by the spirit but Levi appears as a Swamp Thing. The Pale Wanderer explains that he is the personification of the desert and will teach Levi who he is. The Wanderer destroys the swamp creature and Levi appears back in New York.

The Other History Of The DC Universe (2020) #3
“1983-1996: 山城 達”, May 2021
John Ridley [w], Giuseppe Camuncoli [p]
This issue tells the story of Katana: from her beginnings as an assassin; to her time with Batman and the Outsiders; and her near-death at the hands of Lady Shiva.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel during Superman’s funeral that recreates the poster that accompanied Superman #75 (Jan. 1993).

The Swamp Thing #2
“Becoming Part 1”, June 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c]
Each night, Levi continues to appear in the desert as Swamp Thing to witness the Pale Wanderer kill another person. In New York, Levi expresses guilt about the death of his father. In Arizona, Dom the Sheriff reenters the desert to fight the Pale Wanderer but Swamp Thing intervenes. The spirit is destroyed and Swamp Thing grows an enormous Indian Banyan in the desert. The tree attracts media attention, and the news is watched by both Batman and Mr. Pilgrim at Prescot Industries, who has been spying on Levi.

Dear Super-Villains TPB
“Dear Black Manta” (pp. 118-130), April 2021
Michael Northrop [w], Gustavo Duarte [p]
Black Manta reads an email from Aquaman (posing as a fan of the villain) and reveals his secret, nefarious plans.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel in the swamp outside the Hall of Doom.

The Swamp Thing #3
“My Green Amaranthine”, July 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Levi and Jennifer run some tests at their place of employment, Prescot Industries, in an attempt to understand what is happening to Levi. Levi and Jennifer accidentally enter the Green but are separated and Jennifer is saved by Woodrue from an enormous creature called the Wodewos. While looking for Jennifer, Levi (now as Swamp Thing) meets an innocent aspect of Poison Ivy, who takes him to see the arrogant and villainous side of Ivy. Levi becomes enraged but is comforted by Alec Holland, who offers to explain the nature of the Green and mentions a contagion spreading through it.

DC Festival Of Heroes: The Asian Superhero Celebration (2021) #1
July 2021
Francis Manapul, Mike Perkins [p]
A collection of stories with a focus on Asian superheroes.
This issue includes a full page artwork of Swamp Thing and Levi Kamei, and a short character biography.

The Swamp Thing #4
“My Green Amaranthine Part 2”, August 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
(The Green’s projection of) Alec Holland explains that the Green is the shared memory of all plants. There is a red contagion (resembling amaranth flowers) that is spreading through the Green and warping its memories with negative feelings towards humans. Levi is encouraged to confront the first avatar, Wodewos, whose power is capable of resisting the contagion. With Ivy’s help, Levi reaches out to Wodewos and absorbs some of the Green’s memories, including some relating to his own origin. In this memory, Levi’s brother Jacob seeks and fails to obtain power in the swamp and, in anger, curses the Green and Levi, thereby causing the contagion. Elsewhere, Jennifer becomes distrustful of Woodrue and tries to find her own way out of the Green. She encounters Levi as Swamp Thing and faints, before both are transported back to New York. Later, Mr. Pilgrim attempts to recover evidence at Prescot Industries before contacting Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad.

Man-Bat (2021) #5
“The Promise of Compromise”, August 2021
Dave Wielgosz [w], Sumit Kumar [p]
Man-Bat (Kirk Langstrom) is affected by the venom toxin and fights Batman, who has been made more violent due to exposure to Scarecrow’s behaviour-altering subliminal frequencies. Kirk’s wife Francine tries to stop Scarecrow from controlling the people of Gotham using a sonic cannon, but she is attacked by crazed Gothamites. Man-Bat manages to control his impulses and undoes the damage caused by Scarecrow. Man-Bat is arrested and he splits up with Francine. Later, he is visited in prison by Wonder Woman who asks him to join the Justice League Dark.
This story takes places just before the second Justice League Dark series of 2018. Swamp Thing is depicted with this version of the JLD in the final panel.

The Swamp Thing #5
“Survivor Bomb”, September 2021
Ram V [w], John McCrea [p], Mike Perkins, Mike Spicer [c]
Summary coming soon.

The Swamp Thing #6
“In My Infancy”, October 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Summary coming soon.

The Swamp Thing #7
“In My Infancy Part 2”, November 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Summary coming soon.

The Swamp Thing #8
“In My Infancy Part 3”, December 2021
Ram V [w], Mike Perkins [p, c], Mike Spicer [c]
Summary coming soon.

Suicide Squad (2021) #8
“Hell & Back”, December 2021
Robbie Thompson [w], Eduardo Pansica [p]
Summary coming soon.
Ambush Bug summarises the events of Swamp Thing #6-8 in the first few pages. Swamp Thing is also mentioned (but not depicted) in Suicide Squad issues #5-7.

[w] denotes writer, [p] denotes penciller, but I have included both penciller and inker if both are credited equally as artists. [c] denotes cover artist, but I have mostly only included the last in instances where Swampy is illustrated by someone other than the inside penciller.