Television Series (1990-1993)

This series ran for 72 episodes over 3 seasons.  Swamp Thing and Anton Arcane return as the stars, supported by a number of original characters.  There are also appearances by some of the comic book characters (or, at least, approximations of them), including General Sunderland, Alec Holland, and Abigail (here as a synthetic human who has escaped from the lab).  Dr. Woodrue is mentioned a few times but does not  appear visually. In this series, Linda is Swampy’s deceased wife, not sister as she was in the 1982 film.

Dick Durock as Swamp Thing
Mark Lindsay Chapman as Dr. Anton Arcane
Patrick Neil Quinn/Lonnie Smith as Dr. Alec Holland
Kari Wuhrer as Abigail
Jacob Witkin as General Sunderland
Martha Smith as Linda Holland

The series follows Swamp Thing’s adventures in the Louisiana swamp as he meets and helps locals and foils the evil plans of Dr. Arcane.  For a more detailed episode guide, see CultTVman’s Swamp Thing Episode Guide.

Four episodes were released on VHS in 1990, but this was otherwise unavailable until the comprehensive DVD releases detailed below.

v1Swamp Thing : The Series.
4x DVD (540 min.), Shout! Factory, 2008. Region 1, NTSC (USA/CA).

Collects all of Seasons 1 & 2 (22 episodes), presented chronologically. Includes interviews with Dick Durock and Len Wein.
ISBN: 1603990321
v2Swamp Thing : The Series, Volume Two.
4x DVD (540 min.), Shout! Factory, 2008. Region 1, NTSC (USA/CA).

Collects the first 26 episodes of Season 3, presented in order of original broadcast date.
ISBN: 1603990763
v3Swamp Thing : The Series, Volume Three.
4x DVD (510 min.), Shout Factory, 2010. Region 1, NTSC (USA/CA).

Collects the final 24 episodes of Season 3, presented in order of original broadcast date.
ISBN: 1603994858
legendSwamp Thing : The Series, The Legend Continues.
DVD (154 min.), Shout Factory, 2010. Region 1, NTSC (USA/CA).

Contains 7 episodes selected from various seasons of the show.
ISBN: 1603995048

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Further Links:
Wikipedia provides a good overview of the release history and reception.
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Arcane Knowledge provides a detailed episode guide and biographies of cast and crew.  There is also document created by series writer Tom Greene detailing some of his plans for the series and characters, but I have had trouble accessing the file properly.
CultTVman’s Swamp Thing Page provides synopsis and production information for the television episodes, and a few pages about the films and cartoon.