Volume 6

Covering the ‘Convergence’ crossover and 2016 miniseries…

The ‘Convergence’ crossover of 2015 brought back several timelines and universes, allowing for the possibility of stories to be written about pre-‘Flashpoint’ and even pre-‘Crisis…’ characters and continuities.  This event was followed by a six issue Swamp Thing miniseries, one of the final works by Swamp Thing co-creator Len Wein.  A seventh issue, only partially completed at the time of Wein’s death, was later released as a part of a Winter Special.  The ‘Rebirth’ relaunch of 2016 then saw the return of some pre-‘New 52’ characters and some titles reverted to the issue numbering that the ‘New 52’ reboot had previously reset.  Swamp Thing made many guest appearances during this period, and was featured in a few short stories within anthology collections.

Swamp Thing’s manner of speaking is inconsistent during this period.  His speech patterns are stilted during the ‘Convergence’ issues and the six-part miniseries, which all draw upon the pre-‘New 52’ version of the character, but other issues from 2015-2017 depict him speaking normally.  From mid-2017, Swampy’s speech tends to become stilted more consistently.

Appearances that I consider to be fairly minor are indented.  The below titles were published by DC Comics unless otherwise noted.

‘Convergence’ crossover

The events of Earth 2: Worlds End (2014/15) sees the destruction of Earth 2, but not before some its heroes are brought to the planet Telos where Brainiac has stored many cities from across the history of the Multiverse. While awaiting Brainiac’s return, the living embodiment of the planet (also named Telos) hatches a plan to have many of the heroes and villains from the Multiverse fight each other.

Convergence: Swamp Thing (2015) #1
“It’s Not Easy Being Green!”, June 2015
Len Wein [w], Kelley Jones [p]
Alec Holland is involved in an explosion and runs aflame into the swamp, only to re-emerge as Swamp Thing (Swamp Thing #1, Oct./Nov. 1972). After his friends Abigail and Matt Cable are married, Swamp Thing is captured by the Sunderland Corporation and learns that he is a plant (The Saga of Swamp Thing #21, Feb. 1984). Accompanied by Abby, Swamp Thing finally buries Alec’s bones (#28, Sept. 1984). Several months later, Swamp Thing and Abby visit Gotham seeking an explanation for the skies being red. Suddenly, a dome covers the city and Swamp Thing cannot access the Green. As the weeks pass, Swampy becomes weaker until one day, a year after the dome appeared, the people of Gotham hear the voice of Telos urging them to fight. The dome disappears and Swamp Thing and Abby are transported to an alternate Gotham. Swamp Thing finds that he has his powers back and the pair are set upon by a group of vampires.
This version of Swamp Thing picks up after Alec is buried (#28, Sept. 1984) but before Abby realises that Matt has been possessed by her uncle Arcane (#29, Oct. 1984). Swamp Thing and Abby are depicted (sometimes unusually) in many other June 2015 issues of this crossover, appearing in the dome wall at the point Telos makes its announcement. The issues (and artists/pencillers) include:

  • Action Comics #1 (Claude St.-Aubin)
  • Aquaman #1 (Cliff Richards)
  • Catwoman #1 (Ron Randall)
  • Green Arrow #1 (Rags Morales)
  • Green Lantern/Parallax #1 (Ron Wagner)
  • Justice League #1 (Vicente Cifuentes)
  • Justice League International #1 (Mike Manley)
  • Plastic Man And The Freedom Fighters #1 (John McCrea)
  • Suicide Squad #1 (Tom Mandrake)
  • Supergirl: Matrix #1 (Timothy Green II)
  • Superman: Man Of Steel #1 (June Brigman)
  • World’s Finest #1 (Jim Fern)

Convergence: Swamp Thing (2015) #2
“The Night Has A Thousand Eyes!”, July 2015
Len Wein [w], Kelley Jones [p, c], Michelle Madsen [c]
Swamp Thing and Abby receive assistance from a vampiric Batman until all of the vampires are destroyed. Instead of fighting against each other as Telos demands, Batman decides to sacrifice himself and his vampire-infested city if Swamp Thing will first help him kill as many vampires as possible. Swamp Thing assists Batman in finding and killing the queen vampire, which transforms many of Gotham’s citizens back to their human forms, except Batman who had been infected by Dracula himself. Batman chooses to end his life by watching the sun rise, after which Swamp Thing and Abby are teleported back to their own Gotham.
Here Swamp Thing encounters the Batman and Gotham of the Elseworlds graphic novel ‘Red Rain’, originally published in 1991.

Convergence (2015) #8
“Last Stand”, July 2015
Scott Lobdell, Jeff King [w], Ethan Van Sciver, Stephen Segovia, Eduardo Pansica, Carlo Pagulayan [p]
After Deimos is killed by Parallax, the power Deimos stole from the Time Masters is released and returns to the planet Telos, which threatens to ignite and destroy the Multiverse. Waverider frees Braniac, who uses the power of the Time Masters to send everyone back to their respective Universes. Some heroes are sent back to the ‘Crisis On Infinite Worlds’ to prevent the Multiverse from collapsing, and their mission is successful. The survivors of Earth-2 stay on Telos and it becomes their home, and they signal to other survivors to join them.
Swamp Thing appears in the background on a couple of pages on the planet Telos. The crossover sees the end of the ‘New 52’ branding and allowed some characters to revert to their pre-‘New 52’ continuity.

Bizarro (2015) #2
“Bizarro America: Part 5: LEX mart / King Tut’s Slightly Used Car Oasis”, September 2015
Heath Corson [w], Gustavo Duarte [p]
Bizarro fights the villain King Tut, who has hypnotised the citizens of Smallville. Bizarro frees the town, then he and Jimmy Olsen visit several other locations. They realise they are being followed and hide in a ghost town where they meet Chastity Hex. 
Bizarro and Jimmy briefly visit Swamp Thing in Louisiana.

Bizarro (2015) #4
“Bizarro America: Part 3: Do You Believe in Cigam?”, November 2015
Heath Corson [w], Gustavo Duarte, Darwyn Cooke [p]
Bizarro and Jimmy Olsen attend a magic performance by Zatanna where Bizarro learns that he can perform backwards magic. After using magic to teleport through several locations, Bizarro swaps powers with Jimmy. With “Bizotto” and Zatanna powerless, “Jimzarro” begins rearranging the city for a photo shoot until he is stopped by Deadman. Zatanna then restores Bizarro’s powers. Bizarro and Jimmy are approached by A.R.G.U.S. for help.
Swamp Thing does not appear but Bizarro passes the Parliament of Trees when he is teleporting.

Justice League United (2014) #11
“The Island of No Return”, September 2015
Jeff Parker [w], Travel Foreman [p]
Adam Strange is trapped in the Zeta beam where he gives instructions to the Justice League United on how to defeat Breakers, which are anomalies that distort reality. The JLU recruit Mera, Swamp Thing, Poison Ivy and Jason Blood and, accompanied by Equinox, these heroes travel to a living island in Lake Erie in the shape of a large pyramid. When Jason Blood (now as Etrigan) attacks the creature, the team are cut off from the world and Swamp Thing is absorbed into the pyramid.

Justice League United (2014) #12
“The Island of No Return Pt 2”, October 2015
Jeff Parker [w], Travel Foreman [p], Tony Harris [c]
Ivy communicates with the trapped Swamp Thing with the help of Equinox. Swampy explains that the island is consuming methane from under the lake and it soon begins rising into the air. Mera creates a protective shield while Etrigan destroys the creature with fire. The team reunites after the explosion with the exception of Swamp Thing, though Ivy senses that he is still alive. Upset, Ivy leaves with the intent of resurrecting Swampy. Meanwhile the JLU begin recruiting heroes (including Steel, Robotman, and Batgirl) for the next mission.

Secret Six (2015) #7
“There’s Something at the Door, Darling”, December 2015
Gail Simone [w], Thomas Derenick, Dale Eaglesham [p]
In a fortress in Tibet called the House of Strangers, several magical heroes meet to discuss Lori Zechlin: a teenage girl who is draining their magical powers and putting the world at risk. Some of the heroes confront Lori in hospital but she is defended by Big Shot, before Lori assumes a monstrous appearance and challenges the attackers herself. Meanwhile, the rest of the Secret Six are visited by Etrigan, who warns them of the attack on Lori.
Swamp Thing appears in a couple of panels at the meeting of magical heroes.

DC Comics: Bombshells (2015) #5
“Combat Part 2 of 3”, January 2016
Marguerite Bennett [w], Bilquis Evely [p]
In 1940, Kate Kane (Batwoman) travels to Berlin and meets Alexander Luthor who escorts her to a party hosted by Selina Digatti. At the party, Kate and Selina witness Brother Night resurrect a dead soldier, who becomes a “tenebrae” and pledges its loyalty to Hitler. Meanwhile, Harley Quinn flies over the English Channel to France and meets the smuggler Poison Ivy. Harley fends off Nazis before the couple flee towards Germany. Sisters Supergirl and Stargirl talk to the survivors of a Soviet Prison camp and learn that they have been used in propaganda campaigns by the Soviets. They help the survivors to safety and then find their parents, who have been held hostage by General Anton Arkayn. Arkayn wants to experiment on the superheroines but is stopped by a Swamp Thing. While attempting to escape, their father is re-captured by the Soviet airforce, but Stargirl, Supergirl and their mother manage to fly away.
The ‘Bombshells’ series is set around the time of WWII and depicts alternative versions of DC characters. Collects chapters 13-15 of the comic originally released digitally.

DC Comics: Bombshells (2015) #6
“Combat Part 3 of 3”, February 2016
Marguerite Bennett [w], Sandy Jarrell [p]
Aquawoman destroys a German submarine, before attacking Supergirl and Stargirl who she initially mistakes for enemies. The sisters explain their story and agree to join Big Barda and Dr. Hoshi as part of Amanda Waller’s Bombshells team. Meanwhile, Batwoman meets Helena (Huntress) and together they fight off tenebrae. Batwoman leaves with Selina and Lex, who reveals that he has kryptonite, while Helena hides in the trunk of their car. The car is stopped by Brother Night who demands Batwoman go with him. Elsewhere, Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor break out of prison in Greece; Harley and Ivy continue towards Germany; and Zatanna works in a cabaret club with a talking rabbit named John (Constantine).
Collects chapters 16-18 of the comic originally released digitally. Swamp Thing appears as Stargirl recounts her escape from the Soviets.

Constantine: The Hellblazer (2015) #7
“Twisted Anatomy”, February 2016
James Tynion IV, Ming Doyle [w], Brian Level [p], Riley Rossmo [p, c]
Swamp Thing informs Constantine that several people in Central Park have been killed by trees and that Swampy can no longer access the Green there. Swampy asks Constantine to help him re-connect to the area by spreading seeds around the park. At the park, Constantine is attacked by nymphs. Swamp Thing retrieves the nymph mother who subdues the nymphs and explains that a dark force is channeling magic into New York. Swamp Thing leaves but first warns Constantine that he is putting his lover Oliver at risk. Constantine returns home and finds that Oliver has been kidnapped by Papa Midnite.

Secret Six (2015) #9
“The White Gate, the Black Sun”, February 2016
Gail Simone [w], Thomas Derenick [p]
The magical heroes continue to be weakened by Lori, who is also known as Alice. Etrigan and Jeanette help the Secret Six to destroy an alabaster column under the ocean in an attempt to destroy the White Gate and save Lori. The team then travel to Perdition to destroy another column and the townspeople direct them towards a mine. There they meet M’nagalah, who encourages them to destroy the column, but a weakened Swamp Thing appears and tries to dissuade them. The Secret Six destroy the column, before wounding M’nagalah and leaving the creature for the townspeople to kill. Meanwhile, Lori is being cared for by Ragdoll and Scandal Savage when she summons winged lions in her sleep. When Lori awakens, Scandal explains that the Secret Six are destroying the White Gate to save her, but are risking the future of the world. Lori asks Scandal to kill her.
M’nagalah and the town of Perdition first appeared in Swamp Thing #8 (Jan./Feb. 1974).

Secret Six (2015) #10
“Watch a Yellow Sun Fade”, March 2016
Gail Simone [w], Thomas Derenick [p], Dale Eaglesham [p, c], Jason Wright [c]
With two columns of the White Gate destroyed, the Dark Giant named Thrumm approaches Earth. Zatanna asks Superman to protect the final two columns, which are located in Metropolis. The Secret Six find the columns and overpower Superman but Big Shot convinces the rest of the team to spare him. Elsewhere, Scandal attempts to kill Lori/Alice but finds that she has been possessed by a god-like being. The being explains that Lori was in a fatal car crash but summoned Pagan deities before she died. The Lori/Alice being threatens to destroy Scandal and Ragman if they reveal Lori’s secret. Alice then rejoins the Secret Six, now fully recovered and no longer a threat to the world’s magical heroes. The columns are restored and Thrumm eats its disciples before returning to its dimension.
Swamp Thing appears on the cover, and also briefly in the House of Strangers as the magical heroes prepare for war.

Swamp Thing #1
“The Dead Don’t Sleep!”, March 2016
Len Wein [w], Kelley Jones [p, c], Chris Sotomayor [c]
Swamp Thing lives a solitary life in the swamp and has avoided communing with the Parliament of Trees when he receives a warning from the Phantom Stranger. Swampy saves Frank Wormwood from quicksand after he and his wife Grace enter the swamp seeking Swamp Thing’s help to find their son Lazlo. They explain that Lazlo was at college and volunteered for an experiment run by Professor Crisp but died during the procedure. Lazlo later returned from the dead to kill Crisp and haunt the college. Swamp Thing tracks down the zombie Lazlo, who has just killed two students, and Lazlo rips Swampy in half.

Swamp Thing #2
“A Walk Among the Tombstones!”, April 2016
Len Wein [w], Kelley Jones [p, c], Chris Sotomayor [c]
Swamp Thing recovers and visits Shade for advice on how to kill Lazlo. Shade explains that Lazlo had terminal cancer when he volunteered for the experiment and that after Lazlo had died his parents brought him back from the dead. He instructs Swampy to fill the zombie’s mouth with salt and to sew it shut. Lazlo attempts to kill his parents but Swamp Thing stops him using the method suggested by Shade. The Wormwoods leave to bury Lazlo but they are stopped by Deputy Arlo and Sheriff Darcy Fox who have been investigating the murders at Crowley College. Meanwhile, Matt Cable checks in to a hotel in Houma.

Swamp Thing #3
“Fateful Reunion!”, May 2016
Len Wein [w], Kelley Jones [p, c], Chris Sotomayor [c]
Matt Cable visits Swamp Thing and explains that he is retired and has been searching for a cure for Swampy’s condition. Matt stole the magical Hand of Fatima from Nanda Parbat and they both visit Zatanna for advice on how to use it to transform Swampy. Zatanna performs the irreversible spell and Swampy becomes Alec Holland again, but the spell has caused Matt to be transformed into Swamp Thing. Meanwhile, the police officers inspect Lazlo’s body.

Swamp Thing #4
“Be Careful What You Wish For!”, June 2016
Len Wein [w], Kelley Jones [p, c], Chris Sotomayor [c]
Despite initial reservations, Alec and Matt are both happy in their new bodies but Alec insists on teaching Matt about his new powers. Alec becomes concerned when Matt kills a poacher in the swamp. They travel to Houma where Matt reveals that he was actually fired from his job and has been bitter about his life and now wants to control the planet. Matt kills a local, imprisons the local police, and buries Alec, then awaits the attention of the media.

Swamp Thing #5
“Emerald Apocalypse!”, July 2016
Len Wein [w], Kelley Jones [p, c], Chris Sotomayor [c]
Via a television broadcast, Matt threatens to destroy the world if he is not obeyed. Sheriff Fox persuades Matt to be his spokesperson but while on television she urges the government to destroy Matt and Houma. While buried underground, Alec is helped by the Parliament of Trees. The Phantom Stranger then brings Alec to Nanda Parbat where Deadman shows him the powerless Hand of Fatima. Alec then travels to Gotham with the Hand to seek the help of Jim Corrigan (The Spectre).

Constantine: The Hellblazer (2015) #12
“Dealmakers and Dealbreakers”, July 2016
James Tynion IV, Ming Doyle [w], Eryk Donovan [p]
Constantine talks to Neron in Papa Midnite’s club, asking the demon to release the souls of Oliver’s two daughters. Because Constantine reneged on a previous deal, Blythe casts a binding spell on Constantine that makes him powerless to stop Neron and Blythe from taking over New York. Constantine returns to Oliver, who rejects him. Zatanna, Deadman and Swamp Thing fail to think of a way to stop Neron, but Constantine approaches them with an idea. Meanwhile, Papa Midnite expresses concern that Constantine will find a way out of his predicament.

Constantine: The Hellblazer (2015) #13
“Worthless”, August 2016
James Tynion IV, Ming Doyle [w], Eryk Donovan [p]
Several magicians work together to alter the city, and Papa Midnite and Neron confront Constantine. Constantine explains that he has made the city boring so the souls that Neron has collected have lost their value. Lady Alexandriel offers to buy the city from Neron, and Neron accepts in order to get out of debt. When Neron leaves, Constantine explains to Alexandriel that the spell was only temporary and that the citizens of New York will soon return to normal. In exchange for his services, Alexandriel gives Constantine the souls of Oliver’s daughters. Constantine tells Oliver the news, but learns that Oliver has already made a deal with Blythe to save his daughters, and Oliver is dragged to Hell.
Swamp Thing takes part in the spell to transform New York.

Swamp Thing #6
“Dark Destiny!”, August 2016
Len Wein [w], Kelley Jones [p, c], Chris Sotomayor [c]
Alec confronts Matt who admits that Matt was caught in an avalanche while descending from Nanda Parbat and was possessed by Anton Arcane. Phantom Stranger, the Spectre, and Zatanna appear and reverse the spell, with Alec again becoming Swamp Thing and fighting Arcane. Spectre separates Arcane from the comatose Matt and Arcane is dragged to Hell. With Houma restored to normal, Steve Trevor and Etta Candy at A.R.G.U.S. headquarters call off a nuclear strike at the last minute. Later, Matt awakens after being visited by Abby in hospital.
This series establishes a new continuity for Swamp Thing that seems to incorporate many elements of the pre-‘New 52’ continuity with the difference that Matt was possessed by Arcane in a different manner and was possibly never romantically involved with Abby.

Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death (2016) #6
“Chapter Six: The Conclusion”, August 2016
Amy Chu [w], Cliff Richards, Al Barrionuevo [p]
A creature called Grim attacks Poison Ivy and explains that he was once a scientist named Dr. Grimley. Grimley injected himself with stem cells from Ivy’s genetically modified plants in an attempt to beat cancer and become immortal. Transformed into a monster, he now needs access to Ivy’s “sporelings” to continue his treatment. Darshan and the sporelings (Hazel, Rose and Thorn) arrive and defeat Grim, with the assistance of Swamp Thing. The sporelings then leave town on a bus.

‘Rebirth’ crossover

DC Universe: Rebirth (2016) #1
“The Clock is Ticking Across the DC Universe!”, July 2016
Geoff Johns [w], Gary Frank, Phil Jimenez [p]
The pre-Flashpoint Wally West is trapped in the Speed Force and approaches several people for help (including Batman, Johnny Thunder, and his partner Linda Park) but nobody remembers him. Finally, he visits Barry Allen to say goodbye, and Barry saves Wally by remembering him at the last moment. Wally explains that Barry’s timeline tampering (see Flashpoint) did not result in the creation of a new Universe (Prime Earth), but rather this was caused by another being (Doctor Manhattan). Additionally, the heroes of Prime Earth have regressed ten years and forgotten much of their history (explaining why many ‘New 52’ versions of characters are younger). Meanwhile, Batman finds the Comedian’s smiley face button in the Batcave.
Swamp Thing and Constantine appear when Wally hurtles through the Speed Force trying to find someone who will remember him.

The Hellblazer: Rebirth (2016) #1
September 2016
Simon Oliver [w], Moritat [p]
Constantine avoids having his soul taken by a demon but is instead banished to New York. He later returns to London and is again confronted by the demon but uses some of its blood to complete a spell and deflect the curse onto everyone in London. Wonder Woman and Shazam come to investigate but Swamp Thing urges them to give Constantine some more time. Constantine tries to convince the demon to undo the curse or else he will have too many souls to deal with, but the demon offers Constantine the chance to save Astrid: a young girl Constantine once condemned to Hell. Mercury, a psychic acquaintance of Constantine, arrives and utters the demon’s name, allowing Constantine to lift the curse.

The Hellblazer (2016) #1
“The Poison Truth Part 1”, October 2016
Simon Oliver [w], Moritat [p]
In 1914, Marid tries to prevent the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, but is stopped by his brother Adnan who doesn’t want to attract attention from “The Creator”. In present-day Paris, Marid visits Adnan and, after arguing that their inaction caused 100 years of human brutality, Marid kills his brother. Meanwhile, as repayment for his help (in The Hellblazer: Rebirth #1), Swamp Thing asks Constantine to locate Abby, who is no longer in the Rot. Constantine introduced Swampy to his psychic acquaintance, Mercury.
Constantine displays the tattoo that Swamp Thing gave him back in Swamp Thing #76 (Sept. 1988).

The Hellblazer (2016) #2
“The Poison Truth Part 2”, November 2016
Simon Oliver [w], Moritat [p]
Chas and his wife Renee want Constantine to move out, and Constantine asks Chas to bet on a horse race for him. Constantine wonders why local magicians haven’t approached him after his stunt with the demon (in The Hellblazer: Rebirth #1). He visits the Tate Club and talks to Clarice Sackville, who reveals that someone (Marid) wants to thank him for banishing the demon Nybbas. Constantine refuses the invitation and leaves. Marid talks to Clarice and explains that he wants to find Swamp Thing. Constantine is followed by some people from the Tate Club and he falls into an abyss trying to lose them. Meanwhile, Mercury and Swamp Thing discuss their lives and Constantine, before agreeing to travel to the Rot.

The Hellblazer (2016) #3
“The Poison Truth Part 3”, December 2016
Simon Oliver [w], Moritat [p]
Constantine’s fall into the portal brings him to Map, who had been expecting Constantine. Map recounts the warning he received from Clarice. The Djinn and humans once co-existed until God decreed that humans would inherit the Earth and ordered the banishment of the Djinn. Now the remaining Djinn (including Marid) are seeking Swamp Thing. At the Tate Club, Marid kills magician Albert Case and threatens Clarice until she offers Marid information about Chas. Chas arouses suspicions when he wins a lot of money on the horses and Constantine returns to Chas’ house to find him tied up and threatened by three men. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing and Mercury enter the Rot but they encounter a wormhole that only Mercury can enter.

Superman (2016) Annual #1
“Tangled Up In Green”, January 2017
Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason [w], Jorge Jimenez [p, c], Alejandro Sanchez [c]
The pre-‘Flashpoint’ Superman investigates the unusual disappearance of water from the environment in Hamilton County. He encounters Swamp Thing, who blames Superman for a disturbance in the Green. Superman tries to calm Swampy but his touch causes Swamp Thing to glow a blue colour and speak ancient Kryptonian. To heal him, Superman takes Swampy into the Green. In return, Swamp Thing tries to help Superman, but Superman resists and the two fight until Swamp Thing swallows Superman. Swampy explains that Superman’s frequency in not attuned to that of the Earth and he is taking more power from the sun than his successor/predecessor, the ‘New 52’, Prime Earth Superman. Swamp Thing heals Superman by adjusting his vibrational frequency and urging Superman to let go of his past, which causes the environment of the area to return to normal.
Swamp Thing gives Superman a plant, which Superman keeps in a pot until planting it in the ground in Superman #45 (June 2018).

The Hellblazer (2016) #4
“The Poison Truth Part 4”, January 2017
Simon Oliver [w], Moritat [p], John Cassaday, Paul Mounts [c]
Chas and Constantine are tied up and threatened by skinheads who want Constantine to reveal his gambling secrets. Constantine delays them until the Djinn arrive and kill the skinheads, allowing Constantine and Chas to escape. In the Rot, Swamp Thing is attacked but manages to escape. When he awakens, he learns from Mercury and Constantine that Abby could not be found.

The Hellblazer (2016) #5
“The Poison Truth Part 5”, February 2017
Simon Oliver [w], Pia Guerra [p]
Constantine, Swamp Thing and Mercury believe Abby has been taken by the Djinn, who require an elemental avatar for an unknown purpose. Swamp Thing is too weak to go with them and retreats to the Green. Swampy passes this information to the Parliament of Trees, who disapprove of his association with Constantine. Mercury takes Constantine to visit an asylum to meet Marj (Mercury’s mother and Constantine’s ex-lover) in an attempt to illicit a genuine response from him. Meanwhile, Marid punishes Clarice after learning that Constantine has escaped, but asks Clarice to stand by his side as an example to other humans.

Batman (2016) #23
“The Brave and the Mold”, July 2017
Tom King [w], Mitch Gerads [p]
Batman is investigating the murder of Lloyd McGinn when he is visited by Swamp Thing who explains that the murdered man was his biological father (Alec’s surname ‘Holland’ being inherited from his stepfather). Swamp Thing does not seem upset and explains that death is just a change of state They find the murderer (Headhunter) who explains that he met McGinn in a bar, learned McGinn was the father of Swamp Thing, and killed him out of hatred for the superhero community. Swamp Thing becomes upset at never being able to communicate with his father again and kills Headhunter, and Batman becomes angry because the comforting words that Swamp Thing spoke earlier did not truly express his feelings about death.
This is the first time we have heard about any of Alec Holland’s family, aside from Edward (Swamp Thing #23, July 1976) who was quickly written out of continuity.

DC Comics: Bombshells (2015) #30
“Winter is Coming”, September 2017
Marguerite Bennett [w], Aneke [p]
At Harley’s Circus in Leningrad, Supergirl shows Power Girl, Superman and Dr. October a piece of Kryptonite that was given to her by Luthor.  Hugo Strange tells Killer Frost that the three Kryptonians have escaped and she orders him to notify the General, Faora Hu-Ul. Killer Frost and her army arrive in Leningrad and are attacked by Constantine and Zatanna. The heroes are fought back but meet Abigel Kholland and a Swamp Thing.
Collects chapters 88-90 of the comic originally released digitally. The ‘Bombshells’ versions of Swamp Thing and Abby appear in the third part.

DC Comics: Bombshells (2015) #31
“L’Inconnue”, September 2017
Marguerite Bennett [w], Carmen Carnero [p]
Killer Frost reminisces about the murder of her mother and her rescue by the Joker’s Daughter. After killing her father, Frost left Joker’s Daughter, who later takes on Raven and then Zatanna as protégés. In the present day, Hugo Strange and a fleet of giant octopi join the battle in Leningrad. Faora also appears and pretends to defeat Killer Frost in order to gain Supergirl’s trust, then talks with Supergirl about her origins. Supergirl’s parents were two Kryptonian women who sought Faora’s help to conceive a child. After learning Faora’s violent nature, the couple banished her and sent their child Kara (later Supergirl) to Earth. When Kara reached Earth, Faora took some of the child’s blood samples and used these to clone Power Girl and Superman. Now Faora wants to splice Supergirl’s genes with those of Frost’s supernatural army. Kara’s adopted mother appears and flies a plane at Faora.
Collects chapters 92-94 of the comic originally released digitally. Swamp Thing appears briefly in the first part, standing alongside Zatanna, Constantine and Abby.

DC Comics: Bombshells (2015) #32
“Free for All”, October 2017
Marguerite Bennett [w], Mirka Andolfo [p]
Kara’s adoptive parents and Samuel Whitmore (Stargirl’s father) crash the plane into Faora and are reunited with Kara (Supergirl). Harley and Ivy defeat Hugo Strange and the octopi. Abigel (Abby) calls upon the creatures of myth (including Swamp Thing) to fight Frost’s soldiers. Raven encounters her father Trigon and takes him to another dimension to confront him for abandoning her, but they eventually made amends. Faora recovers and kills Trigon, causing Raven to lose control.
Collects chapters 95-97 of the comic originally released digitally. Swamp Thing and Abby appear in one panel each in the first part.

DC Comics: Bombshells (2015) #33
“The Star”, October 2017
Marguerite Bennett [w], Mirka Andolfo, Laura Braga, Sandy Jarrell [p]
Hugo Strange is killed by the Reaper, who in turn is killed by Killer Frost, who is then imprisoned by Lois and a firebird. Faora extracts some of Raven’s magic and is transformed into Doomsday. Supergirl chooses not to kill Doomsday with a Kryptonite dagger. Instead, Swamp Thing swallows and imprisons Faora/Doomsday. The dagger is destroyed and the Kryptonite is used to reinforce Swamp Thing, who goes into hibernation. The three acolytes of the Joker’s Daughter take and share Faora’s magic but Kara’s adoptive parents and Whitmore must sacrifice their lives.
Collects chapters 98-100 of the comic originally released digitally.

Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Special (2017) #1
“Somewhere That’s Green” (pp. 24-31), November 2017
Daniel Kibblesmith [w], David Lafuente [p]
As Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy prepare for a hurricane, Ivy is approached by Swamp Thing for help to calm the Earth. Swamp Thing provides Ivy with a connection to the Green but this is accidentally transferred to Harley, who tries to fight Swampy. Instead, Swamp Thing enlists Harley’s help too and they stop the hurricane by hitting it with a large wooden mallet.

Batman And Harley Quinn (2017) #3
“Floronic Man: ‘The Judgment of the Green’”, November 2017
Matthew Dow Smith [w], Sandy Jarrell [p]
Woodrue is betrayed and set alight by Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. He is summoned by the Parliament of Trees and sentenced to death for attacking humans. Swamp Thing attempts to reason with the Parliament but Woodrue flees. Later, Swamp Thing finds Woodrue and asks him to return to the Parliament, but Woodrue attacks him. The Green comes to Swampy’s defence and plants pull Woodrue under the swamp.
This story follows a scene from the Batman And Harley Quinn animated film released in 2017. The comic was originally released digitally but later reprinted within the Batman and Harley Quinn (2018) trade paperback.

‘Dark Nights: Metal’ crossover

The events of Dark Nights: Metal add to the cosmology of the DC Universe by introducing the the concept of the World Forge where the worlds of the Multiverse were created. While stable worlds were added to the known Multiverse, unstable worlds were destroyed by the forge master’s dragon, Barbatos. Barbatos eventually killed its master and now wants to destroy the Multiverse with the help of evil versions of Batman known as the Dark Knights.

Dark Nights: Metal (2017) #2
November 2017
Scott Snyder [w], Greg Capullo [p]
When a number of bat-like symbols begin appearing around the world, the Justice League track and capture decoy Batmen in the Amazon. The decoys are carrying a defoliant, which draws the attention of an enraged Swamp Thing. Clayface explains to Superman that Barbatos’ followers have been infecting Batman with a number of special metals, which will cause Batman to open a doorway to let Barbatos into the world. Kendra meets with Vandal Savage and other immortals to discuss a plan to destroy the Dark Multiverse. Wonder Woman and Superman confront the real Batman at what they believe is the tomb of Prince Khufu but they are ambushed by Barbatos’ priests, the Strigydae. Batman is used as a doorway by Barbatos, which allows the Dark Knights to travel to Earth while Batman is transported into the Dark Multiverse.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel.

Dark Knights Rising: The Wild Hunt (2018) #1
“Riders on the Razor”, April 2018
Joshua Williamson, James Tynion IV, Scott Snyder, Grant Morrison [w], Howard Porter, Doug Mahnke, Jorge Jimenez [p]
Detective Chimp recalls escaping from the circus and becoming super intelligent. On Blackhawk Island, he attempts to communicate with Flash, Cyborg and Raven, who are aboard the Ultima Thule and looking for the House of Heroes. The Dark Knights attack the heroes but Flash frees the baby universe that powers the Knights’ ship, the Carrier. The release of positive energy alters the Red Death (the Dark Multiverse Flash) and he fights on the side of the heroes until he is killed by the Dark Knights. Detective Chimp awakens Red Tornado, who explains that the Ultima Thule is infected with dark energy. Before the Ultima Thule crashes into the House of Heroes, they receive a message from the ape-heroes of Earth 53.
Swamp Thing appears in one panel, saving Detective Chimp from an alligator.

Dark Nights: Metal (2017) #6
May 2018
Scott Snyder, James Tynion IV [w], Greg Capullo, Mikel Janin, Alvaro Martinez Bueno [p]
Wonder Woman and Kendra fight Barbatos’ armies with the aid of heroes from Earth 53 and Batmen from across the Multiverse. They descend into a portal and find Carter Hall, who is now the Dragon of the World Forge, but manage to turn him against Barbatos. Wonder Woman saves Batman and Superman and they arm themselves with Tenth Metal from the Forge. The Batman Who Laughs attempts to destroy everything but is stopped by Batman and the Joker. Together the metal-wearing heroes raise the world out of the darkness, rebuild the planet, and capture Barbatos. The Source Wall of the Multiverse is broken, leaving the Multiverse open to further attacks. Batman later holds a party to celebrate their victory.
Swamp Thing appears in a panel at Batman’s party.

The Hellblazer (2016) #15
“The Inspiration Game Part 3: The War Against Reality”, December 2017
Tim Seeley [w], Jesus Merino [p]
Pursuing Detective Margaret Ames, Constantine enters a cadaver and finds himself in the realm of the Svartlafar brothers. There he discovers Margaret captive in a bar and tells the two Svartlafar dwarves that he will drink the Mead of Poetry for their amusement if they will let Margaret go. Drinking the Mead allows Constantine to alter reality and he finds that he is a successful rock star. Constantine is then confronted by Swamp Thing, Zatanna, and the Justice League but manages to fight them off. He encounters Margaret, who is now a jobless alcoholic, and destroys the dwarves with his god-like powers. Before the heroes can again attack Constantine, he directs Margaret to drink the Mead, which changes reality back to normal. In Margaret’s reality, she and Constantine are again romantically involved, but he explains why he originally left her and walks out again.

DC Holiday Special 2017 #1
“The Echo Of The Abyss” (pp. 66-72), February 2018
Scott Bryan Wilson [w], Nic Klein [p]
The crew of a beleaguered space station nervously watch a news broadcast from Earth, which is in the midst of its own crisis. A crew member named Ciampo begins to panic, but Swamp Thing appears out of some mistletoe and calms him down, replenishes the crew’s food stocks, and grows a Christmas tree.

Swamp Thing Winter Special (2018) #1
“The Talk Of The Saints”; “Spring Awakenings”, March 2018
Tom King, Len Wein [w], Kelley Jones [p], Jason Fabok [p, c]
The Talk Of The Saints: Swamp Thing carries a small child through the snow, protecting him from the elements, an avalanche, a bear, and a man who attacks them. The boy keeps mentioning that they are fleeing a snow monster, but Swamp Thing is confused by the cold and does not remember ever encountering the creature. After much travelling, Swamp Thing collapses from exhaustion. He realises that he been travelling for years and that he must kill the boy for spring to return. After doing so, the boy melts away with the snow, and Swamp Thing returns to the swamp.
Spring Awakenings: Cedrick Gold encounters Solomon Grundy kidnapping his infant daughter Cecilia. Later, Grundy is escaping with the child on a freight train when he is surprised that Cecilia’s grip turns his finger to dust. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing visits Matt Cable in hospital. Matt informs Swampy, and later Deputy Arlo and Sheriff Fox, that he has decided to stay in Houma and become a private investigator. Swamp Thing is pursuing some poachers when he is destroyed by an airboat propellor. He regrows in time to witness Batman destroy the boats and tie up the culprits.

‘Spring Awakenings’ was intended to be issue #7 of the sixth series but Len Wein died before it could be lettered. This story is presented without text and is followed by Len’s script. The issue ends with a collection of Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson tribute pages that had previously run in several DC comic issues.  ‘Spring Awakenings’ later appeared in the trade paperback collection The DC Universe By Len Wein (2019) and ‘The Talk of the Saints’ appeared in the DC Holiday Nightmares (2019) collection.

Green Lanterns (2016) #40
“Superhuman Trafficking Part One”, April 2018
Tim Seeley [w], Barnaby Bagenda [p]
Green Lanterns Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are helping citizens after a hurricane when they are approached by Bulleteer who is worried about the disappearance of her friend Night Pilot. Cyborg investigates and finds that a number of other heroes have gone missing around the country after signing up to a dating app for superheroes called Caper. The Lanterns visit the business headquarters of Caper where they are attacked by a wanted alien criminal named Scrapps. Elsewhere in the universe, Night Pilot and the other missing heroes are held in cells and being used for forced labour.
Swamp Thing appears on a screen in the Justice League Watchtower, fighting Woodrue alongside Batman.

Young Monsters in Love (2018) #1
“Heart-Shaped Box” (pp. 41-48), April 2018
Mark Russell [w], Frazer Irving [p], Kelley Jones, Michelle Madsen [c]
In Houma, Swamp Thing gives a Valentine’s Day card to a botanist named Terri who he has fallen in love with. The couple are attacked by hitmen hired by the Aggro company to capture Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing overpowers them and traps them in a maze he creates within the swamp. Swampy realises that he must leave Terri to keep her safe.
Reprinted as part of the collection ‘A Very DC Valentine’s Day’ (2019).

Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye: Swamp Thing Special (2018) #1
“Milk Wars Part Four”, April 2018
Jon Rivera [w], Langdon Foss [p], Rian Hughes [c]
Cave Carson is working in an office with his daughter Chloe and Jack Wheeler, who is employed as a security guard. While on a lunch break, Cave’s cybernetic eye bursts out of a milk carton and Cave compulsively begins gorging on salad until he vomits up plant-like beings that attack the other workers. Swamp Thing also appears and expels the mind-controlling milk from Cave, Chloe and Jack, reminding them that they have gone undercover in a mysterious building to locate the ‘Dreamers’ who are being locked inside. Chloe and Cave are attacked, first by Pop figures, and then by Jack/Wild Dog who is being controlled by the company Retconn until he is freed by Swamp Thing. They all travel to Human Resources and free the spirits of the Dreamers, then use the Dreamers’ bodies to make a fertiliser bomb and damage the Retconn building. While the others escape, Cave surrenders himself to his attackers.

Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico (2018) one-shot
Metaphorphosis” (pp. 20-22) ; “Verde Luz” (pp. 35-37), May 2018. Somos Arte.
Shannon Eric Denton, Rob M. Worley, Roberto Cruz [w], Lucas Werneck, Francisco Javier Rodriguez [p]
Metamorphosis: La Borinqueña and Metamorpho investigate the disappearance of a medical team in a swamp. They are confronted by Solomon Grundy but are not able to fight due to the proximity of some endangered frogs. Instead, La Borinqueña directs the high-methane swamp gas towards Metamorpho, who transforms it into knock-out gas to subdue Grundy. They call Swamp Thing to transport Grundy elsewhere, while the medical team synthesise a medical cure using the frogs.
Verde Luz: Swamp Thing watches sympathetically as La Borinqueña surveys the destruction of a rainforest caused by Hurricane Maria. Swampy comforts her by growing flowers.

Characters appear with the permission of DC Comics.

The Hellblazer (2016) #22
“The Good Old Days Part 4”, July 2018
Tim Seeley [w], Davide Fabbri [p]
Constantine and Huntress find the vampire Sips, who has been tortured by Camel and his gang. Constantine makes the vampire mortal by injecting him with consecrated blood, and Sips then attacks the gang. Meanwhile, Nergal shows Burke Day a vision of why he, and the other demons of Hell, hate Constantine, and explains how he was able to corrupt Constantine’s ex-girlfriend Detective Chief Inspector Margaret Ames. Nergal reunites Burke with his brother Lucas, before Adam Day, Lucas Day (in the body of Joey Bruv) and Burke (in the body of Margaret Ames) meet other crime bosses at The Bears Arms pub.
Swamp Thing is depicted fighting an Invunche (from circa Swamp Thing #48, May 1986) when Nergal is detailing the ways in which Constantine has wronged the demons of Hell.

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[w] denotes writer, [p] denotes penciller, but I have included both penciller and inker if both are credited equally as artists. [c] denotes cover artist, but I have mostly only included the last in instances where Swampy is illustrated by someone other than the inside penciller.