This website is intended as a reference guide to fans of the Swamp Thing comics, those interested in learning more about the character, and to researchers looking to write academically about Swamp Thing or comics in general.

I started this website as a Swamp Thing fan and collector who has been obsessively amassing articles about my favourite muck-monster. Aside from being an avid reader and comic fan, I am a librarian by profession and often have access to scholarly resources, and am a good researcher with an academic background in Information Management. I have also completed an online course on the history of American comics, which gave me some skills in critically analysing the comic page. However, despite my fandom for the character and my skill set, writing my own book on the history of Swamp Thing is something too intimidating for me to undertake at this time. My hope is that the collection of bibliographic references I have presented here might aid others to write the books and articles that I do not have the motivation and patience to write myself.

The bibliography presented here tends towards print resources, including book chapters, short articles, interviews and news items.  As much of this is unavailable on the internet, I wanted to provide a summary of this material so that fans/researchers would only have to spend the time and effort tracking down the material that may be actually relevant to them. The electronic resources I have included are selective and tend to be scholarly, peer-reviewed, or otherwise interesting to me.  It is not possible to include every blog post ever written by a fan about ‘The Anatomy Lesson’, nor every YouTube interview with Alan Moore about his time at DC, and this sort of material is readily Googleable anyway.

Aside from the bibliographic information, I have collected data about issues and other Swampy-related media from a number of sources including, but not limited to, Comic Book DB, Wikipedia, & WorldCat, and to these free, collaborative websites I give thanks and credit.

If anybody feels as though I have included anything on this site that I should not have, for copyright or other reasons, please contact me and let me know and I will do my best to do the right and legal things.  Please note that this website is for reference purposes only (and to fulfill some of my obsessive-compulsive tendencies) and I do not hope to make any money from this.

Lastly, and most importantly, this is a work in progress and content will continue to be added and information re-sorted as I have new ideas.  That said, please contact me if there are mistakes or omissions, and especially with news about recently published articles, which I will do my best to promote here.

Thank you for visiting,