2019 Year In Review

Hello Swamp-friends,

It has been a big year for Swamp Thing and his fans so I thought I’d better post something before 2019 is over.

This year, Swamp Thing featured in a short, seven-issue series in a ‘Giant’ format that appeared exclusively in Walmart stores in the U.S. (and was difficult to get here in Australia).  Since that finished up, there has been another ‘Giant’ series that is thankfully coming out in comic stores here.

Swamp Thing also appeared throughout the year as part of the new Justice League Dark team, and there are hints that Abby might make a return so I’m pretty interested to see what transpires there.  Perhaps due to his newfound access to the Hall of Justice (or at least its basement), Swampy has been making brief appearances in many other titles and seems to be taking part in every major DC superhero  battle.

However, the biggest news of the year was that Swamp Thing finally got a new TV show, albeit only for 10 episodes.  There were aspects of the show I enjoyed and some I didn’t, but I think it did a good job of introducing new viewers to the characters and themes, and hopefully Swampy picked up a few new fans who will check out the comics.  I hope to write a more in-depth episode guide to the series soon.

The bibliography is progressing and it’s relatively up to date.  The page is getting a bit unwieldy so I might have to have a think about how to reorganise the info in a useful way.  For now, you can see the new entries by checking out the ‘New ‘References’ list in the column to the right on the home page.

I hope you all got some enjoyment out of Swamp Thing’s stories this year.

Thanks for reading,