JLD Series 2, and TV Show!

Hi all,

I’ve just returned after a month of overseas traveling and feel tired but also somewhat rejuvenated. I didn’t seek out too much Swamp Thing memorabilia while I was away but ended up finding some comics in Barcelona and picked up a couple of iconic issues from the Moore run: #47 (‘The Parliament of Trees’) & #60 (‘Loving The Alien’). Aside from these, I bought a couple of Spanish issues of Grant Morrison’s Animal Man; found a nicer copy of Moebius’ Arzach and visited his grave in Paris; got several cheap Tintin books in French; and the first four Adele Blanc-Sec adventures and a first edition of It Was The War of the Trenches – all in French and all by Jacques Tardi.

Anyway, a lot has happened in the world of Swamp Thing while I have been away. Firstly, there is a new series of Justice League Dark beginning in June. Swampy is part of a team led by Wonder Woman that will also include Zatanna, Constantine, Man-Bat, and Detective Chimp. It’s a bit of an eclectic mix of characters and I’m looking forward to it. Aside from this, Swampy is set to guest appear in many comics over the next couple of months. For more details, I would recommend keeping an eye on John Boylan’s website as he keeps good track of this.

In other big news, Swamp Thing will be getting a new live action television series! It will be Executive Produced by Australian James Wan, who co-created the Saw franchise of films. It will be released in probably 2019 on the new DC Comics streaming service, DC Universe, which I’m not sure will be available to fans here in Australia but I will find a way to watch it. I’ve created a new page within the Film & TV menu for news relating to this series. I will update this as I receive for info about characters, casting, and crew.


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