A Few Changes

Hi again,

I’ve finished my online comic course and have started getting back into the site by adding a few more references to the Bibliography.  I am also about to embark on rereading and annotating the 2nd series. I’ve also changed the menu around a little to make the Collected Editions page a bit easier to find and to give the Bibliography more prominence. I’ve also created a page titled (for the moment) Encyclopedia Entries which (for now) contains details about Swamp Thing-related entries in various DC/Vertigo reference books, as I had collected some of this information and wasn’t sure where to put it.

In other news, I’ve been splurging a bit on comics and Swamp Thing related material as of late. Amongst other things, I’ve managed to collect most of the Moore run as individual issues, ordered the Ray Winninger RPG sourcebook, the novelisations of the two films, as well as a couple of other appearances I was missing.

Even less muck-related but exciting: just today I also received two enormous volumes of Little Nemo In Slumberland from Sunday Press.  These are some beautiful comics from almost 100 years ago, and can also be viewed online.  So enjoy!

Again, please feel free to comment with suggestions/corrections.
Thanks for visiting,

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