Break Continued

Hello loyal readers,
I’m back from my European vacation but still will not have time to really work on the site for another week at least, but there are many more references that I am excited to add, and some more readings I am keen to track down. The holiday was great. Aside from all of the usual adventuring, sightseeing and eating, I think I got a good sense of how respected comics are in Europe (particularly evidenced by the number of stores in central Paris); I managed to see copies of the newest series of Swamp Thing translated into German, Czech and French; plus I picked up a couple of old issues of Spectral that included Swamp Thing reprints in French from the helpful people at Aaapoum Bapoum.I leave you with a photo of the only piece of Green Man architecture I came across. Some more information about it here.

More updates as soon as I have a couple of days free.


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