Updates and Break

Hi again,
I’ve added a few more entries to the Bibliography, including two references from Rough Stuff #4, which contains some interesting interviews and artwork from Bissette and Totleben. I was alerted to this magazine from the epic list at the Roots Of The Swamp Thing page, which I heartily recommend you checking out.  I’ve also added some soundtrack information to the 1982 Film page.  Some more references from Fangoria #15-17 will hopefully be added before I go on holiday.  Which brings me to…

I’m going on holiday!  I’ll be travelling in Europe for a month but will get some readings done and keep trying to work on the site a bit while I’m over there.  I might not have a lot of time as I’m also going to be starting an online course titled Comic Books and Graphic Novels, which I’m quite excited about.

Finally, I’ve been trying to write my references using the MLA style guide, but it’s not a referencing style I’ve ever really used before and it starts getting a bit tricky when I get to referencing fanzines and theses.  So please let me know if something is not right (a fullstop out of place or whatever) so I can correct things and learn.

Until next time,


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