Hi all,

As promised, I added some more references to the Bibliography and Film & TV pages last week.  The next step will be adding in some references from the Alan Moore biographies on my bookshelf, and also visiting the State Library during my holidays to track down some more articles.  While searching through the Twomorrows website, I see that Comic Book Creator #6 focuses on ‘Swampmen’ and will be released in the next couple of days.  It looks like it will include a lot of information on the first couple of Swamp Thing series.  You can view a preview on ISSUU.

In sadder news, the newest DC solicits reveal that the current series of Swamp Thing will be wrapping up with issue #40, when Charles Soule finishes at DC.  The series had been running since 2011, making it the second longest run in the character’s history.  In my opinion, this fifth series included some of the most exciting issues and best artwork since the 1980s.  Once Soule’s run ends, there will be a Len Wein (!!) written Swamp Thing miniseries as part of the April/May Convergence crossover.  I’m not sure of the details of that yet, but it looks like the series will focus on a pre-Flashpoint (if not pre-Crisis) version of Swampy.

Also, I finally received my result from my online course about comics, finishing with a Distinction, which was my goal.   Here’s the proof! I learned a lot about reading comics, discovered a few new titles, got to do some peer-reviewed critical writing, and even made my first comic, so it was definitely worth the time and effort.  I’m sure the course will run again, so keep an eye on the course page and sign up when it’s available.


Bits and Pieces

Hello friends,

I’ve been updating pages a little bit here and there and will continue doing so over the next few days, with hopefully several more of the simpler bibliographic references being added within the next week.  I have some Swampy-related theses and some denser articles to read and summarise, so they might take a bit longer.

I’ve just come across another fan page that is fairly regularly updated: Blog From The Bog.  It looks like it’s been around for a while but I hadn’t seen it until now.  I also received an electronic ‘hello’ from Marco, who is helping to keep the Swamp Thing information at Comic Vine updated.  It’s great to hear from other fans.  Keep the muck-encrusted messages coming!

The main thing I’ve been working on is the appearance list with synopses.  So far I only have the first series up, but am confident that I’ll have the Pasko run online before Christmas.  It’s been fun reading all of the issues again, but ‘The Anatomy Lesson‘ is where it really starts to get interesting so I can’t wait!

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