Lockdown Continued

Hello readers,

The lockdown has continued here in Melbourne as we attempt to get the virus case numbers under control in our state. The restrictions on movement are quite strict but they seem to be having the desired effect and I’m hopeful that I’ll again be able to see friends and make music over our Australian summer, and that 2020 won’t be a complete write-off.

I was supposed be on an overseas holiday right now but I’ve settled instead for a week off work(ing online) to watch movies and read. I’ve used the first few days of my break to investigate Timeline JS, which had been on my to-do list for a few years. I’ve created something that presents the history of Swamp Thing (the publication and the character) and I’ve added a link to the timeline in the menu. It was pretty easy and fun to make.

In Swamp Thing news, the DC Universe TV series is about to be re-broadcast on The CW channel. The ‘Giant’ series ended abruptly but the Justice League Dark series continues and Swamp Thing’s role has been interesting. Swampy has also been playing a big part in the Dark Nights: Death Metal and DCeased: Dead Planet series that are currently running. The young adult graphic novel Swamp Thing: Twin Branches is due out in about 6 weeks and I like the look of the art so far. I’m continually updating the relevant webpage with new appearances.

I hope you are all staying healthy and sane,

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