2021 Update

Hello readers,

It has been a long time since my last update so I figured I should post something before 2021 comes to a close. Since the last time I wrote, Swampy has been starring in a monthly series appropriately titled The Swamp Thing, written by Ram V and illustrated by Mike Perkins. The series was going to conclude with issue #10 but has just been extended into 2022. Early images of next year’s issues suggest that Tefé Holland will make an appearance. Tefé is a favourite character who hasn’t shown up since mid-2006, when Joshua Dysart and Enrique Breccia were creating the fourth series of Swamp Thing. Wikipedia sums up Tefé’s complicated lineage in this way:

“Tefé was originally a floating spirit called the Sprout, who tried to find a body from a recently deceased person; she was eventually given a body through Abby Holland having a baby, which was conceived through the Swamp Thing possessing John Constantine and having sex with her. Due to Constantine having the demon Nergal’s blood in his veins at the time, Tefe is also part demon.”

Ram V and Perkins have done some great work this year, introducing a new Swamp Thing and bringing in a number of interesting guests characters while still maintaining a connection to the Alec Holland version of Swampy we know and love.

There will be a brief hiatus after issue #10, when Swamp Thing will appear in a three-part, prestige mini-series on DC’s Black Label imprint. The title is Swamp Thing: Green Hell and begins just after Christmas. This will be written by Jeff Lemire with artwork by Doug Mahnke, and I’m very excited for it.

That’s all I wanted to say for now. It has been another strange year but I will keep updating the site regularly as the world of Swamp Thing continues to grow.