Episode 6: “The Price You Pay”

Episode 6 – “The Price You Pay”
First aired July 5, 2019.
This episode is named after the Bruce Springsteen song from from his 1980 album The River.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 1: Swamp Thing’s leg is caught in a trap and he is shot by two hunters with tranquiliser darts.  Swamp Thing breaks free and temporarily disables his attackers by firing splinters of wood at them but they escape on a boat.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 2: In the hospital laboratory, Jason injects an experimental serum into an I.V. bag.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 3: Cassidy is in a coma in hospital.  Abby tells Liz that the ventilator is keeping him alive but his brain activity is minimal.  Liz feels responsible because she made herself a target for Avery, and explains that she can’t go to the police because they are corrupt.  Liz wants to give up the story she is writing, but Abby wants justice and goes to find Avery elsewhere in the hospital.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 4: While unconscious, Cassidy remembers meeting the Phantom Stranger on a film set.  Cassidy was a stuntman and thought that the Stranger was someone from a film studio.  Cassidy mentioned that he’d like a starring role in a film, and Stranger agreed to help in exchange for a favour.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 5: Avery is talking with a doctor about Maria when he is confronted by Abby.  She accuses him of threatening the Tremaynes. She wonders whether one day he will attack her when she becomes an inconvenience to him.  She asks him outright if he was responsible for the attack on Cassidy, and he doesn’t deny it. Abby is not afraid of his threats.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 6: In the hospital, Liz and Abby see the two hunters who are complaining of being attacked by Swamp Thing.  Abby leaves to seek an explanation for why Swampy injured them.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 7: At the police station, Lucilia talks to Matt, expressing regret for killing Remy.  She tells him that the killing wasn’t in self-defence as reported, but that it was to protect Matt.  She confronts Matt about killing Alec. She says that they can still cover it up, but asks why Avery picked Matt to do his dirty work.  Matt explains that Avery has a file of evidence of Lucilia’s corrupt practices, and he threatened to expose Lucilia if Matt didn’t help him.  Matt says he is thinking of transferring to another town. They are interrupted by another cop who informs them about the two hunters in the hospital.  Lucilia orders Matt to investigate.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 8: The I.V. bag containing Jason’s serum is administered to Cassidy while Liz sleeps nearby.  Cassidy continues to dream about his meeting with the Stranger. The Stranger said he needs someone in Marais to play a role for him, but he doesn’t have all the details.  He tells Cassidy that he will learn more from a woman who is coming to Marais soon. The two shake hands and immediately Cassidy is asked to take over from the main actor on the current production, the ‘Blue Devil’ film.  In the present, the liquid enters Cassidy’s bloodstream, and he immediately wakes up and complains about burning. His skin turns blue and burns Liz when she touches it. Jason enters the room and tells Liz to get a nurse.  Cassidy leaves the hospital by the time Liz returns, and Jason threatens to call the police, but Liz says that she will look for Cassidy.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 9: Abby goes into the swamp.  Swamp Thing regrets hurting the hunters but Abby is forgiving.  He says he feels a strong connection to the Green and is having doubts that he is Alec anymore.  Another boat approaches and Swamp Thing leaves.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 10: Avery visits Jason at his home after being summoned.  Jason says he brought Cassidy out of a coma even though Jason had a severe brain injury.  Jason explains that he synthesised Abby’s sample and gave it to Cassidy, which resulted in his brain regenerating.  Avery is happy with the results and the fame it will bring, and asks Jason to prepare a report on the findings immediately.  Jason mentions that he wants further cooperation from Abby who is reluctant to share information. Avery says he will help.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 11: Matt and police officer Tyler investigate the area where the hunters were attacked.  Matt finds giant footprints and follows them.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 12: Matt finds the tranquilizer darts and is startled by Abby.  Swamp Thing runs at Matt and knocks the gun out of his hands.  Abby stops Swampy from assaulting Matt. Abby explains that Swamp Thing is Alec transformed by the swamp.  Matt asks Swampy if he remembers details of his death. Swamp Thing suddenly remembers Matt, but only from his help on the bridge, not from his involvement in Alec’s murder.  After Abby pleads with him, Matt radios Tyler to tell him that he didn’t find anything.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 13: Jason is writing the report for Avery when Caroline tells him that she wants to leave.  She is unhappy after overhearing that Jason used an untested drug on Cassidy. Jason insists that he can’t leave Marais right now.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 14: Liz goes to the video store looking for Cassidy.  Cassidy arrives and he is still burning up so he decides to find Jason, who he suspects is responsible.   Cassidy leaves and Liz dials 911.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 15: Cassidy arrives where the Woodrues are staying and wakes up Caroline.  Jason meets him outside and Cassidy asks for help and begins glowing blue.  Avery arrives with a shotgun and threatens Cassidy. Caroline injects Cassidy with something that instantly sedates him.  Given the dramatic side effects, Jason wants to do some more testing of the serum but Avery wants to proceed with the meeting with investors.  Caroline watches the conversation with disgust as the police arrive.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 16: Abby tells Matt that she wants to help Swamp Thing, and that Swampy has warned her of an approaching darkness.  Matt says he won’t tell anyone about Swampy. Abby chooses to stay in the swamp and help Swamp Thing rather than leave with Matt.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 17: Matt arrives back at the station and tells Lucilia that they need to talk.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 18: Xanadu visits Cassidy who is back in a hospital bed unconscious.  She says that his mission in Marais is still incomplete. Because she likes him, she uses her healing gifts to relieve some of his pain.

EPISODE 6, SCENE 19: Abby meets Swamp Thing in his old lab.  Swampy is not sure he can be cured. He tells her of his meeting with the Stranger, and fears looking further into the Green because he may lose his humanity, and Abby.  Swampy involuntary grows a flower out of his hand that spreads spores around the room. Suddenly, Abby sees him as the human Alec again.