Episode 10: “Loose Ends”

Episode 10 – “Loose Ends”
First aired August 2, 2019.
This episode shares its title with The Saga of Swamp Thing #20 (Jan. 1984).  This was the first issue written by new writer Alan Moore, and the story was Moore’s attempt at tying up the “loose ends” of the unresolved plot threads of the previous writer, Martin Pasko.  In this issue of the comic, Swamp Thing is captured by Sunderland’s mercenaries, which occurs in Episode 9 of the TV show.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 1: Swamp Thing and Abby talk near Alec’s corpse.  Abby insists that Swampy is still Alec because he possesses Alec’s mind and memories, and she still sees him as Alec despite his outward appearance.  Swampy is alerted to the presence of men who are angry for revenge. Abby wants to help. Roots drag Alec’s corpse back into the water.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 2: Jason straps Caroline, who is now immobile and mute, to a chair.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 3: At the Roadhouse, Abby tells Liz that she is upset because she couldn’t cure Swamp Thing.  They want to know who is behind the activities of Avery and Jason. Liz informs Abby that Maria has been locked up, and Abby leaves to talk to her.  Liz leaves too after looking at a Blue Devil comic on her tablet.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 4: Jason informs Caroline that she’s experiencing “locked-in syndrome” and can only communicate by blinking.  Jason is going to cure her using Swampy’s organs, which he took from the mobile lab.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 5: Ellery’s mercenaries make preparations to hunt Swamp Thing and Ellery gives them permission to kill Swampy.  Avery arrives and requests that Swamp Thing be captured alive. Ellery angrily says that Avery let them down after nearly getting killed in the swamp, and claims that Lucilia is out to get him.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 6: Lucilia arrives at the hospital to check on Matt. The doctor tells her that Matt’s crash was caused by drink-driving but that he is going to be fine.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 7: Liz arrives at the video store and notices a script for the Blue Devil movie and several Blue Devil comics.  Cassidy is packing to leave and says he keeps hearing the Blue Devil’s voice in his head. He believes that Abby is special and was brought back to Marais for a purpose, and Cassidy thinks that he has a larger destiny too and wants to leave Marais to find his path.  He asks Liz to look after the video store.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 8: Cassidy successfully leaves Marais in his car.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 9: In her cell at the Barclay institute, Maria is upset at having been confined and drugged.  She hears voices, and arms burst out of the walls to grab her. She awakens in her bed and sees Xanadu, who explains that Maria tapped into a dark power in order to see Shawna again.  Now Maria has been corrupted by demons. Xanadu offers to give her peace.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 10: Ellery and his soldiers track Swamp Thing.  Another soldier, Romero, works alone with the purpose of driving Swamp Thing towards the larger group. Swamp Thing appears and grows shoulder armour before attacking Romero.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 11: Abby visits the hospital and discovers Maria and Xanadu.  Maria is having pleasant delusions of Shawna, and Xanadu tells Abby that Maria can’t help her anymore. When Xanadu and Abby leave, Shawna promises to be with Maria forever.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 12: Avery drinks at the Roadhouse and is served by Delroy. Avery realises that he doesn’t have any friends left in Marais and Delroy tells him to go home.  Avery acts nervously when a customer enters the Roadhouse. Delroy tells him that Matt was in an accident and that Lucilia is probably at the hospital.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 13: Jason cooks up Swamp Thing’s organs and tries to feed the heart to Caroline.  He tastes the heart himself and begins convulsing on the ground.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 14: The other soldiers find Romero bound by plants in the treetops.  Ellery is afraid and wants to leave, but the path has been covered up with vegetation.  They realise that they are in a trap. The swamp closes in around them and they tried to fend it off with machetes.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 15: Jason regains consciousness and can feel the power of the Green.  Abby arrives at the Woodrues’ and wants to take Caroline to the hospital, but Jason physically prevents Abby from calling emergency services.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 16: Lucilia sits next to Matt in the hospital. Avery arrives and talks with Lucilia outside the room.  Avery says he forgives Matt for trying to kill him. He also says he will be getting divorced from Maria soon and can be with Lucilia.  Lucilia tells Avery to stay away from them.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 17: Jason talks to Abby, and Abby tries to stop Jason from feeding Caroline.  Jason pushes Abby against the wall, but police appear and taser him.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 18: Ellery and his mercenaries fire blindly into the swamp.  Swamp Thing appears and begins killing them.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 19: Caroline is taken in an ambulance and Jason is taken away by police, while Abby talks to Liz outside of the Woodrue house.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 20: Matt wakes up and guesses that Avery has returned, and Matt is glad that he’s not responsible for Avery’s death.  Lucilia expresses shame for what she has done. Lucilia leaves and tells the police guard not to let anyone into Matt’s room.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 21: Lucilia goes to her police car and is stabbed in the back by Avery, who is hiding in the back seat.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 22: Avery watches on as Lucilia’s car rolls into the swamp, with Lucilia still alive and screaming but trapped in the car boot as it fills with water.  Avery goes back to his own car and violently coughs up some plant matter.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 23: Ellery pleads with Swamp Thing, arguing that Swamp Thing can help people, but Swampy replies that people have only harmed him.  He lets Ellery leave on the condition that he tells others to leave Swampy alone. When Ellery flees, Alec appears to Swampy in a vision.  Swamp Thing thinks that he should retreat into the Green, but Alec argues that Abby still sees him as human and that they shouldn’t lose the connection to her.  Alec asks Swampy who he wants to be, and Swamp Thing ponders this.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 24: Abby enters Alec’s lab to check on Swamp Thing.  Swampy asks her why she is there, given that she now knows he has no chance to be Alec again.  Abby says she still cares about him even in his current form. Abby says she wants to experience the Green some more.  Swampy says he was going to leave but doesn’t want to lose Abby. He mentions that the darkness is still fighting to come out, and Abby says they will face it together.

EPISODE 10, SCENE 25 [Post-Credits]: Matt goes into the police station, which is dark and deserted.  He notices that it is overgrown with plants, and that there is a plant attached to the dead body of Tyler.  He soon finds a plant creature who says that he used to be Jason Woodrue. The creature attacks and Matt screams and fires his gun.
NOTES: Jason Woodrue is finally transformed into his villainous alter-ego, the Floronic Man, who has the ability to manipulate plants.  His appearance here is similar to what he looks like in the ‘New 52’.