Happy Holidays

Hello reader(s),

Just a short Christmas Eve update. Since my last post, I’ve continued my big Swamp Thing re-read and have made it through all of the ‘New 52’ issues. The page for Volume 6 is progressing and should be visible and half-completed before I return to work next year, though I still have to get through re-reading all of the Justice League Dark appearances.

I picked up the Bernie Wrightson Artifact Edition when it was released and it is awesome. I’ve added some details about it to the Collected Editions page. Though it doesn’t include everything, it collects most of Wrightson’s Swamp Thing output in a beautiful, large format. I highly recommend it! I also picked up all of the single Wein/Wrightson Swamp Thing issues I was missing so there are not many Swampy appearances left for me to collect except the ever-elusive House of Secrets #92.

Finally: I’m now using Zotero to manage my Bibliography, which offers more of the functionality that I was looking for, including the ability for guests to filter the Bibliography by multiple subject tags from the Zotero group page. I may now finally get around to reading Holland Files #1 and creating entries for those articles, just in time for the release of Issue #2, which I am expecting in the new year.

Hope you all have a relaxing holiday break.