Happy New Year everyone.

Over the Christmas holidays I kept busy re-reading old issues of Swamp Thing and have now finished summarising Series 2. The list of Series 3-era appearances are now available and I look forward to re-reading the adventures of Tefé Holland. Before this, however, I am going to try and add several new items to the Bibliography, which I have been neglecting lately. I will also probably have plenty to write about the first issue of the International Swamp Thing fanzine, which should be released very soon.

Now that I have seen the film, I have also updated the Justice League Dark film page. Please be aware there are spoilers.  I will add some further information to that page when I receive the Blu-ray, which contains a few bonus features.

In other news, Swampy has been appearing fairly regularly in The Hellblazer but I have not heard about any plans for a solo ongoing series.  The latest news on the Justice League Dark/Dark Universe live-action film is that Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, Bourne Identity) has signed on as director, but that was several months ago and there hasn’t been any news since.


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