JLD Animated Film

Hello all,

I’ve added a new page in the Film & TV section for news and rumours related to the upcoming Justice League Dark animated feature film.  I’ll continue to update the page as more info comes to light.

Otherwise, no big changes to the website:

  • I’m still doing my big Swamp Thing re-read/summaries and am now well into the Nancy Collins run.  I’m actually looking forward to getting past the 1990s and re-reading some of the big DC crossovers again.
  • I’m still trying to add a couple of new references to the Bibliography every month.  The last major publication I added was Back Issue #92, which featured interviews with Tom Yeates and Marty Pasko about their issues of Swamp Thing.  I’ve also recently finished scouring online versions of 80s UK fanzine Arken Sword for Swampy-related info.
  • I’ve been meaning to transcribe some episodes of Parlipod but it was pretty slow-going and my free time has lately been taken up by other activities.  I would like to finish the Nancy Collins interview at some point in the next couple of months.

Otherwise, I’m eagerly awaiting the  International Swamp Thing fanzine and the final 2 issues of Providence and considering when I’ll make on start on Alan Moore’s epic Jerusalem.