Hi all,
Just a brief update today.

I have finished my summaries of issues #1-50 of the second series and I am going to move on to #51-100 soon, which includes some of my favourite issues.  I’m looking forward to rereading the Greening of Gotham arc, and Swampy’s adventures through space, and trying again to understand Rick Veitch’s run.

Other pages are always being updated: there are a few more Collected Editions out now, and I’m still whittling down the backlog of items I need to add to the Bibliography.  I’m about to move house so, when that’s out of the way, I might have some more time to add content.  Spring has now sprung in Australia and the extra sunshine is a good motivator too.

I should also mention the passing of film director Wes Craven, who directed the first Swamp Thing feature film.  I’ve listed a few Swampy/Craven-related resources on the relevant webpage, which include interviews with Craven and some analyses of the film.  I would recommend a WorldCat search for details on how to obtain these materials in your area.

Thanks for reading,

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