Overdue Update

Hello again friends,

I’ve been extremely busy with work and neglecting the website a bit lately, but have finally completed an update that I was procrastinating about so I can hopefully start adding some more info to the site soon.  I’ve moved all of my references over from EndNote to Mendeley, which makes them slightly more accessible to everyone else.  Please see my Mendeley Guide for details (a link to this page can also now be found from the Bibliography).  I still have plenty of articles to read and references to add (lots from Comic Book Creator #6 – the Swamp Men issue), and annotations for the first book of the Alan Moore run are ready to go so I’ll put them up soon.

Also, for those who haven’t heard, actor Louis Jourdan (perhaps better known as Arcane from the two Swamp Thing films) has passed away aged 93 after a successful career and adventure filled life.  There is a nice obituary in The Guardian that mentions the Swampy films (though not in a very positive light).


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